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I met a man who wasn’t there.
He wasn’t there again today.
I wish that man would go away.”2 minutes agoTR2015-02-20 15:28:16http://gocomics.com/phoebe-and-her-unicorn/2015/02/20 OλS#K7S%3usheepdawg81ORipley's Believe It or NotripleysbelieveitornotI have no idea. They didn’t comment on that in the article. Its a great point and certainly would’ve been a simpler and timely solution to the problem.1 minute agoTR2015-02-20 15:28:16http://gocomics.com/ripleysbelieveitornot/2015/02/19 DD6λT)%#i%3aRobert Landers KJeff StahlerjeffstahlerGuns have absolutely NO business in any kind of “civilized” meeting, whether in government or private industry! I have seen private industry meetings where the varius people got mad enough to shoot each other, and some even walked out of the meetings. However, if their had been guns readily available….

And, I do not know if this was true in all private industry, but it certainly was true in aerospace where I had my own career. If you even got into a fight with another employee it was immdiate grounds for the dismissal of both employees, and the unions involved went right along with that rulling. Luckily, being a relatively peace loving individual myself, I did not ever have to experience that myself, but I did see it happen over the 37.5 years of my own employement!1 minute agoTR2015-02-20 15:28:16http://gocomics.com/jeffstahler/2015/02/20 M;IM3λX!'%U93cMcPheetersDFrog ApplausefrogapplauseI have all the excrement I can bear.less than a minute agoTR2015-02-20 15:28:16http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20=λW-+W93iJanCinLV FoxTrot ClassicsfoxtrotclassicsBSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis) was a very big deal when I was in Britain 20 years ago. Haven’t heard much about it since then.less than a minute agoTR2015-02-20 15:28:16http://gocomics.com/foxtrotclassics/2015/02/20lλV1/A%3mCoyoty]Basic InstructionsbasicinstructionsScott is actually making the client happy and cooperating with him! What sorcery is this?1 minute agoTR2015-02-20 15:28:16http://gocomics.com/basicinstructions/2015/02/20?λU#'%3Ucomicsssfan FrazzfrazzI’ll bet Frazz could ask that lady out on a date, she is so starstruck.1 minute agoTR2015-02-20 15:28:16http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/20 <,\λ[#!G'3_TaxThisLisa BensonlisabensonSo if Net Neutrality is such a carefully crafted law, why the secrecy? Why not trumpet from the rooftops so the world can see what a great law it is? Especially from the “Most transparent administration ever”?5 minutes agoTS2015-02-20 15:33:22http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20 λZ'%'3cr2varneyScott StantisscottstantisOdd how getting a job in one county will not stop radicalization.. and yet, in the slums of America it is the only thing that works.5 minutes agoTS2015-02-20 15:33:22http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20>λY#!y93]Vegas Viper Speed BumpspeedbumpBut where is Joan…Oh shes toasting marshmallows.less than a minute agoTR2015-02-20 15:28:16http://gocomics.com/speedbump/2015/02/20 --;λ]'3-S'3kNight-Gaunt49Tom the Dancing BugtomthedancingbugWhat a hybridization of two themes.4 minutes agoTS2015-02-20 15:33:22http://gocomics.com/tomthedancingbug/2015/02/20 λ\!)'3]avenger09LDick TracydicktracySnarky comments are one thing, but expressing such hatred is inexcusable.
?,, Wow David, I think that’s a real stretch on your part but since I know you’re from Texas and I have apparently offended you by my attempt at humor please accept my sincere apology. I will keep the post up so others may judge for themselves.
I wonder if John 8:7 applies here?5 minutes agoTS2015-02-20 15:33:22http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20 ZWZwλ`'3UCarl R]FrazzfrazzYoung people today probably know Randy Newman more for his movie soundtrack work, such as Toy Story, Bug’s like, Monsters Inc, etc.4 minutes agoTS2015-02-20 15:33:22http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/20λ_e'3Wbrightr1̕F MinusfminusShe likes her man big, but not made of foam.4 minutes agoTS2015-02-20 15:33:22http://gocomics.com/fminus/2015/02/20~λ^'3[Perkycat=Ten Catsten-catsI love tuna casserole. You would think Chesney would like anything with tuna in it.
Beviek – that video was really funny. Makes you think.
2old – funny pictures. I live in the Pacific Northwest and I think I’ve seen those flying around.
Happy – that tuna casserole is making me hungry.4 minutes agoTS2015-02-20 15:33:22http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20 vKvOλe-)'3gJazzlilyBiff & Rileybiff-and-rileyYou need to keep looking Biff, and I don’t mean for the pen.3 minutes agoTS2015-02-20 15:33:22http://gocomics.com/biff-and-riley/2015/02/20=λd#%%y'3ccomicsssfan Grand Avenuegrand-avenueAnd then when it gets full, please run the dishwasher.3 minutes agoTS2015-02-20 15:33:22http://gocomics.com/grand-avenue/2015/02/20.λb#))O'3ggonebirdingSunshine Statesunshine-stateMel do you have a problem there?3 minutes agoTS2015-02-20 15:33:22http://gocomics.com/sunshine-state/2015/02/208λa-!{'3_bbear SMaria's Daymarias-dayI remember when they used to put chains on the bus tires. Whatever happened to that? Now if there is three inches of snow, they cancel school. (sigh) — says the retired teacher.3 minutes agoTS2015-02-20 15:33:22http://gocomics.com/marias-day/2015/02/20 ~P~ λj!!''3_JazzlilySpeechlessspeechlessSweet….2 minutes agoTS2015-02-20 15:33:22http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/20=λi#-)i'3gVegas Viper In the BleachersinthebleachersIs that Jerry Tarkanian swimming around…2 minutes agoTS2015-02-20 15:33:22http://gocomics.com/inthebleachers/2015/02/20xλh#/!k'3_JPuzzleWhizkDaddy's HomedaddyshomeSavvy?

I’d like to think so.
*Second “Daddy’s Home” Question:

Is it quantity or quality with you?3 minutes agoTS2015-02-20 15:33:22http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/20*λg-!Y'3_Perkycat=That's Lifethats-lifeChild tested – child unapproved.3 minutes agoTS2015-02-20 15:33:22http://gocomics.com/thats-life/2015/02/20 [zλo#/!o'3_JPuzzleWhizkDaddy's Homedaddyshomewhat’s savvy?

Basically, it’s an expert understanding about a particular thing. For example, if you have an excellent head for business, you can be said to possess remarkable “business savvy”.5 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 15:38:28http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/20λn'-!-'3_PoodleGroomerBMaria's Daymarias-dayI wonder about how cars will handle in winter conditions when their ground clearance is so low you stuck if you haven’t raked your leaves.5 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 15:38:28http://gocomics.com/marias-day/2015/02/20λl)'=%3ePerkycat=The MiddletonsthemiddletonsSlip-slidin’ away.1 minute agoTS2015-02-20 15:33:22http://gocomics.com/themiddletons/2015/02/20λk+'A'3ebbear SThe Other CoasttheothercoastFunniest comic of the day!2 minutes agoTS2015-02-20 15:33:22http://gocomics.com/theothercoast/2015/02/20 HhHλr'%#1'3aNight-Gaunt49Bloom CountybloomcountyPres. GHWB originally meant, “…a thousand points of SMITE!”4 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 15:38:28http://gocomics.com/bloomcounty/2015/02/20/λq+)W'3galcors3Michael RamirezmichaelramirezWhere is Condi Rice when we need her?4 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 15:38:28http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/20]λp')'+'3ePoodleGroomerBGasoline AlleygasolinealleyChubby got $2000 with a car title loan. They have to win $10,000 to pay it off.5 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 15:38:28http://gocomics.com/gasolinealley/2015/02/20 Cλv3'3UsrmalonePLuannluannWho ever it is, let’s hope this storyline is suspended for at least 6 months.3 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 15:38:28http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20(λt)!!S'3_Bruno Zeigerts@Doonesburydoonesbury’Don’t worry, it’ll be the one where they find a way off the island and Gilligan ruins it.’
‘Oh sure, spoil the surprise!’3 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 15:38:28http://gocomics.com/doonesbury/2015/02/20rλs+A)'3JanCinLV Benitin y Eneasespanol/muttandjeffespanolGood morning, Vagabonds.

Arthur, I can relate to your post. The sun is shining and the temp is in the 50’s, though. Should get up to about 70 again.

Great news last night. Mike’s application for his new apartment was approved. Now all he has to do is furnish it. Thrift shops here we come.4 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 15:38:28http://gocomics.com/espanol/muttandjeffespanol/2015/02/20 jsλz!%#i'3acatzilla23=9Prickly CitypricklycityNow there’s an idea! Mercury & Pluto don’t have much of (if any) atmosphere, maybe that should be a qualification of the “I’m a planet” club. It’s an ok place but nobody goes there, no atmosphere.3 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 15:38:28http://gocomics.com/pricklycity/2015/02/20"λy%!O'3_katfromky!CWizard of Idwizardofid-13° Windchill -25° Central Ky.3 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 15:38:28http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20λxG'3]rgcviperAlley Oopalley-oopLarry’s “Oop” Story – Friday 2/20/15

It’s light now and Kluco and Ticλw#='3YVegas Viper PicklespicklesJust pull the plug Earl.3 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 15:38:28http://gocomics.com/pickles/2015/02/20a have been hiding for hours waiting for Corrigan to return. They thought he would have been back a long time ago. During the waiting, they have gone over it again and again and in the end, they decided to lay out a trap in order to disarm and kill him.
And here he comes.
Extremely weary after a night of chasing and then losing, two escaping Robots clumped together as one.
He’s walking back slowly, tired, frustrated, with his plasma ray gun dangling from his arm beside him.
He sees something and pauses. Stops.
What is this?
Way over to his left on the side of the road, is … a robot arm??
He goes over to examine it. Picks it up…yup, it’s a robotic arm.
But is it from his robots?
Maybe … maybe not.
Or maybe that’s why he never found them? They crashed or something or got run over or killed somehow? And then he sees something else …3 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 15:38:28http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/20 D8 DVλ})'%!'3cRobert Landers KScott StantisscottstantisSee, relative conservatives can indeed make good posts. Congradulations!!2 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 15:38:28http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20λ|I'%y'3cmartens misses all her friendsJerry HolbertjerryholbertFrom the Beirut Daily Star:
Confusing religion and criminality.

Rami Khouri is a reliable commentator IMHO. He certainly knows the situation on the ground there, although I do not believe he is himself Muslim.2 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 15:38:28http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20Bλ{)!!'3_That_Jedi_GirlPoptropicapoptropicaFig Newtons:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPD7u1QM5-s3 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 15:38:28http://gocomics.com/poptropica/2015/02/20 .%μ'#S%3aStella Su3One Big HappyonebighappyI was refering to the wooden spoon.1 minute agoTT2015-02-20 15:38:28http://gocomics.com/onebighappy/2015/02/19(μ#//5%3mJohn GlynnBreaking Cat Newsbreaking-cat-newsno they’re not1 minute agoTT2015-02-20 15:38:28http://gocomics.com/breaking-cat-news/2015/02/19μ''3Ypatsy62 @DrabbledrabbleGreat idea !!2 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 15:38:28http://gocomics.com/drabble/2015/02/20Eλ;3['3qJanCinLV For Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseKids have always claimed “no fair” when someone else does better than them on a test. The unfortunate thing is that these days the adults agree with them.2 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 15:38:28http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/20 jjμ#!-%3_denis1112 :Lisa BensonlisabensonYou mean like Obamacare?
A huge money maker for insurance companies.Cost saving for the feds.
Premiums went up,coverage went down.
Everyone has to buy insurance.Even those on medicare are required now to buy medicare supplement insurance.
Now there are deductibles and co-pays that weren’t there with lower premiums in the past.Why is that?
“We have to pass it to find out whats in it”said Nancy Pelosi.
I think the dems are still and always have been, counting on stupid voters.1 minute agoTT2015-02-20 15:38:28http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20 μ %#?'3atwclixSteve BensonstevebensonI really appreciate this background lonecat. You make a number of cogent points based on real experiences. As long as they don’t try to force themselves or their conception of the world on me, I have no animus against any religious people. I’m not a believer, but I think there have been many positive contributions by religious folks living their religious beliefs. In fact, and I’m being sincere here, not snide, the IS believes in state-sponsored free healthcare for its population. That’s because it is so decreed in their revelatory texts. So even in the depths of religious depravity, there can be positive elements to religious faith.4 minutes agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20 [μ S'3[pikseaÙZack HillzackhillDoesn’t that comparison have more to do with efficacy than how you feel after having done it?4 minutes agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/zackhill/2015/02/20μ 1)%y'3cseadog699 /ChopperDArlo and JanisarloandjanisI have no idea where this is going, to us they have identical looks, but yet they have not mention this to each other.4 minutes agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/20<μ I'%M'3cmartens misses all her friendsScott Stantisscottstantis Confusing religion and criminality.4 minutes agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20 o,o7μ=1I'3oterbos|Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaCreature from the Black Lagoon3 minutes agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 μ)#'3[Comic Minister `Zack HillzackhillAgreed Jan!3 minutes agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/zackhill/2015/02/20Dμ+1)k'3gwashingtoneagle CFrank & ErnestfrankandernestWhat channel is that? Or does one really exist?3 minutes agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/20tμ )w'3[QueenofAmerica2Ten Catsten-catsUpdate on Rory, the one who wen to the barn: Susan went over yesterday and saw her. She is queen of the barn and doing great! Gail, the owner, just calls her and she comes running! We are so very relieved and grateful to Gail for taking her.4 minutes agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20 .w[μc'3UDave.53.Luannluanntoo many complainers going on and on about the same thing. Evans will do things at his pace … constant whining about it serves no practical purpose. We’ll let you know when the Gunther arc is done and you can return if you want …2 minutes agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/201μ=1='3oterbos|Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaThe Cat from Outer Space2 minutes agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20@μ+){'3gCoyoty]Brewster RockitbrewsterrockitThe awards could be a ruse to get rid of the talkative.2 minutes agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/brewsterrockit/2015/02/20μ#'3[JPuzzleWhizkGil ThorpgilthorpI hope that’s what he’s doing here. If not, it means he caved in to Bacon’s demands, which will be very disappointing.3 minutes agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/20 ,=v#,qμ'!!g'3_Night-Gaunt49DoonesburydoonesburyBut they did escape the island then came back to it where they died, except for Ginger and Mary Ann are left.2 minutes agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/doonesbury/2015/02/20Mμ3)'3WCaptain SmokeblowerȔF MinusfminusI won’t be surprised if I see someone in one of these next season, and the cartoonist must take ALL the blame. You just DON’T give stupid ideas to American sports fans.2 minutes agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/fminus/2015/02/20Aμ'3[patsy62 @GarfieldgarfieldI got trapped in a night gown once. All the shoulder straps got tangled.2 minutes agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/garfield/2015/02/20=μ#!'3WVegas Viper The DuplexduplexExcellent… Love it. You can tell it’s Getz a mile away.2 minutes agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/duplex/2015/02/19 TPrTDμ'!!%3_Night-Gaunt49DoonesburydoonesburyVHS was around, I got my first in 1978.1 minute agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/doonesbury/2015/02/20"μ!]%3]goirish^Stone SoupstonesoupThis a job for Alix. She can handle it.1 minute agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/stonesoup/2015/02/20&μ+#!O%3_washingtoneagle CFred BassetfredbassetWhy isn’t Fred on the list?1 minute agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/fredbasset/2015/02/20Xμ!))%%3grealist666 7Peanuts Beginspeanuts-beginsI’m with you
the later peanuts strips were not funny at all to me1 minute agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/peanuts-begins/2015/02/20*μo%3]ECSegaroThatababythatababyDo the commercial jingles! I’m a pepper…1 minute agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/thatababy/2015/02/20 l}l#μ$#!O93WVegas Viper The DuplexduplexNobody can count that high…less than a minute agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/duplex/2015/02/20Vμ"#/)93gJPuzzleWhizkHeart of the CityheartofthecityHeart learned all her crab soccer skills from Lucy Van Pelt!less than a minute agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/heartofthecity/2015/02/20μ!393SCoyoty]BunibuniWhat a lady killer.less than a minute agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/buni/2015/02/20}μ #51Q%3ogrossvatterReal Life AdventuresreallifeadventuresI like this guy!!!! and I have been a plumber for 20 years. Easy to shut off the valve under the sink,and away goes the drip drip drip,and the nagging wife don’t see a thing. GI Joe Kung -Fu grip…….. get it??1 minute agoTV&2015-02-20 15:43:34http://gocomics.com/reallifeadventures/2015/02/20 J'Uμ2;3}'3qUSN1977. . . Now in the arctic northern China, in a city like Harbin in Manchuria, before Mao was in control, during the days when opium was prevalent, people would die like flies. But again, it was not really from the cold. They were zoned out on opium and the cold became dangerous for them in their weakened state. In the spring when the snow melted it would reveal numerous dead bodies here and there and everywhere. That’s according to my mother in law, who was born there.3 minutes agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/onaclaireday/2015/02/20 RCμ7-)}'3gyimhereIn the Bleachersinthebleacherssickest game of cut throat I’ve ever seen…..3 minutes agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/inthebleachers/2015/02/20μ6)%%#'3cComic Minister `Soup to Nutzsoup-to-nutzNot really.3 minutes agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/soup-to-nutz/2015/02/20nμ55-!G'3_Thomas Scott Roberts KMaria's Daymarias-dayI think it was decided that the chains were chewing up pavement. Same for studded snow tires.3 minutes agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/marias-day/2015/02/20μ3G'3]rgcviperOverboardoverboardPre-scrub (and pre-pre-scrub)—the most important parts …

This one made me smile.

Good Morning and Happy Friday, Crew.3 minutes agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/overboard/2015/02/20 HlLμ;5#! '3_cleokaya (THE FLASH)Citizen DogcitizendogYou must be right. Mel doesn’t exactly tower over Fergus.2 minutes agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/20+μ:'{'3UNight-Gaunt49AgnesagnesThey are quite delicate too. Be careful touching them.3 minutes agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/agnes/2015/02/20%μ9%#Q'3ar2varneyJeff StahlerjeffstahlerThe wisest man at the table, his ideas will survive on their merit.. the others will force .. right or wrong their ideas. Might makes Right.. has not worked well.3 minutes agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/jeffstahler/2015/02/202μ8#{'3[Rikkie Tavi 8Ten Catsten-catsGlad to hear Rory is doing well and having a good time.3 minutes agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20 !$3! μ@#?'3Uargy.bargy2LuannluannBrad and his crew are at the door. Because Gunther distracted his mother, she forgot about the dinner on the stove, and it’s now caught fire…2 minutes agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20Jμ?C'3UDat1guy+BlissblissThe entertaining thing to me is that there are two ways to take the comic. Either 1- he knows and is sarcastic or 2 – he thinks it’s his wife.

Trying to figure out which it is – is half the fun.2 minutes agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/bliss/2015/02/20μ>)'')'3eComic Minister `The Beaufortsthe-beaufortsGood question.2 minutes agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/the-beauforts/2015/02/20Vμ<!U'3UsylverdragZBettybettyInspiration coming up in 1, 2, annnnnd 3!

or is that just a wall with an inspirational poster?2 minutes agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/betty/2015/02/20 CHC μC)%#?%3aComic Minister `Ginger MeggsgingermeggsWhat do you think Ginger?1 minute agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/gingermeggs/2015/02/20YμB#[%3UJPuzzleWhizkLuannluannThe Berger Try Angle”
“Friends And Strangers”
“Building Bridges Before Dinner”
“Eye 2 Aye, Aye, Aye!”
“Balancing Act”
“You And I And The New Guy”
“1 To 1…. Plus One?”
“I’m Learning To Fly, But I Ain’t Got Wings” (♫)
“What’s Black And White And Gray All Over?”

How about:
“Ding Dong School”
“One More Bell To Answer”1 minute agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/202μA!y%3]BIGCHRONORob RogersrobrogersGrind up all politicos & use them as fossil fuels.1 minute agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/robrogers/2015/02/20 >μG#93UJPuzzleWhizkLuannluannWrong. Having Mr. Grey at the door would make it way too easy to move this story line along; I think it’s the pizza delivery boy

I hardly think so, since Mrs. Berger mentioned earlier this week that Mr. Gray was coming for dinner.less than a minute agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20μE)3%3QComic Minister `LiolioSorry to hear that.1 minute agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/lio/2015/02/205μD)'g%3ePerkycat=Ballard StreetballardstreetAt the moment, winter is over here in Northern Idaho but they are saying it is going to slap us in the face again soon. Hope not. The trees and plants are starting to bud.1 minute agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20 _)μJ)/)'93gComic Minister `Heart of the CityheartofthecityAgreed Heart.less than a minute agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/heartofthecity/2015/02/20#μI!%#793amidaswelby Steve BensonstevebensonWhat is the point of your question? Those people did not base their actions on any extremist Christian philosophy. Neither you nor this cartoon make any relevant point about Huckabee’s statement. I guess you would refute it if you could, or maybe if you understood it.less than a minute agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20rμH!--993kSteve D088 1Dilbert Classicsdilbert-classicsIt has joined the choir celestial, it is no more, it has passed on it is an EX-Saurus.less than a minute agoTWX2015-02-20 15:48:40http://gocomics.com/dilbert-classics/2015/02/20 '7}'&μUk'3[Dat1guy+CorneredcorneredI don’t think that one will break easily.4 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/cornered/2015/02/20$μT+!!K'3_Wet & Soggy ZSpeechlessspeechlessTodays speechless is priceless!4 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/204μS)99%'3wComic Minister `Phoebe and Her Unicornphoebe-and-her-unicornOr can they?4 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/phoebe-and-her-unicorn/2015/02/20KμQ)''3ePerkycat=Ballard Streetballardstreet2old – love your pictures of those outfits.5 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20rμP'o'3]Night-Gaunt49Alley Oopalley-oop[Something that would make his blood run cold if he had any…]
The tension is both tiring and electric.5 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/20 (qμY%!o'3_mfrasca|Wizard of IdwizardofidAs long as it had enough fuel, a dragon would work better than a flame-thrower:
http://what-if.xkcd.com/130/4 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20/μX!!o'3_r2varneyThe Creepsthe-creepsTo some.. a good bowel movement is… heaven.4 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/the-creeps/2015/02/20\μW#+%/'3ccomicsssfan On A Claire DayonaclairedayI was in a dorm with steam heat. We were on the bottom floor and the steam pipe was under the floor warming the floor and coming through the vents at the same time. We wore gym shorts and t-shirts in January.4 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/onaclaireday/2015/02/19RμV)='3WBruno Zeigerts@Ink Peninkpen‘Look… I hope I wasn’t out of line with that mangy crack…’4 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/inkpen/2015/02/20 66Zμ]#I'3[Rikkie Tavi 8Ten Catsten-catsI had a cat who was deaf and he loved this too because the noise didn’t bother him
3 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/208μ\#'#q'3aJPuzzleWhizkOne Big HappyonebighappyMeanwhile, Ruthie pleads innocent at creators.com.3 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/onebighappy/2015/02/20&μ['#!O'3_Hiram BinghamULLisa Bensonlisabenson^ Good grief, split hairs much?

If I were to say, " the man was killed from falling off a 10-story building," you’d be the troll screaming, “YOU’RE WRONG; YOU’RE IGNORANT OF PHYSICS, it wasn’t the fall that killed him, it was the sudden stop at the end.”

Yuh, ok dude.4 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/18 GL(μa)'Q'3eStormBallard StreetballardstreetWhat ya need is a stove pipe re-fitted so’s you can see out. It only takes 14 days 9 hours and 22 minutes to build………………2 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/206μ`'3UBrdshttLuannluann“Ding Dong” – Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?3 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/209μ_s#!)'3_ƹʅɗʘ "The whole Haul" Phil D. AlbertCitizen DogcitizendogThat’s an indecent, pro-active Crime Itself! Who appointed Them fashion Police?!? Would i have-to hide my Wattle to not offend?! Sheesh!3 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/203μ^'3[phritzghGraffitigraffitiThings aren’t that bad, they just knead more clients.3 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/graffiti/2015/02/20 6H60μe-+Q'3iKab BuchnFoxTrot ClassicsfoxtrotclassicsBest meal Peter has had long time.2 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/foxtrotclassics/2015/02/20μd!!!5'3_Steve D088 1DoonesburydoonesburyAmen. Forget Ginger.2 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/doonesbury/2015/02/20<μc'3WDat1guy+F MinusfminusI thought you meant the woman who was going to watch sports with her man.2 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/fminus/2015/02/202μb#+#a'3aJPuzzleWhizkMutt & JeffmuttandjeffBud Fisher misspelled stitches in Panel 3.2 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/muttandjeff/2015/02/20 =μg#'#}%3acomicsssfan One Big HappyonebighappyIn smaller towns there is plenty of parking at the mall.1 minute agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/onebighappy/2015/02/206μf!'3UwhisplickaSmithsmithHEY!!!! Who is that someone on my cat tower??? Stranger alert, stranger alert…Meow, meow…..hiss…hiss. Oh, it’s you, the neighbor cat,….2 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/smith/2015/02/20 kkμh'%%%3ctwclixJerry HolbertjerryholbertThis is certainly one interpretation. However, read the Qu’ran and then read the contemporary Islamic scholars. Then sit in coffee shops in Manama and Sharjah, and speak freely with those regular folks about Islam. Let them talk. Ask non-threatening questions. Listen to what they say. Take it in context. Don’t overreact one way or another. Now, how does that strike you? I’ve done these things. I’m a curious guy and I travel a lot on business. I read a lot. I encourage anyone to at least read, not only the papers from Lebanon, but from all over the Ummah. Read the entire Qu’ran. Read at least 10-12 books by modern Islamic scholars. This stuff is interesting and sometimes weird in the way only a religion can be weird. Do it. I’ll wait.1 minute agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20Robin. Any new character in Arlo & Janis is big news, believe me. That is, I hope she’ll be a new character. One never really knows about these things, and I’m not yanking your chain when I tell you, not even I know for sure whether Robin has legs. I hope she does. I’m badly in need of new foils.

There were a lot of comments yesterday, when she first appeared, about her physical similarity to Janis. She was supposed to have silvery hair, as above, but my instructions to the colorist were lost. It probably was my fault. Silver hair would have gone a long way toward eliminating any confusion. Already, by her second appearance today, she is taking on a more distinctive and permanent look. Many cartoonists when pondering a new character will spend months filling sketch books with studies and prototypes before introducing a winner. Not me! You get to see it happen at Arlo & Janis!1 minute agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/20 rr%μl!-))93gmggreen603Bound and Gaggedboundandgaggedboundandgaggedless than a minute agoTX2015-02-20 15:53:46http://gocomics.com/boundandgagged/2015/02/20Uμi')%!%3cNight-Gaunt49Arlo and JanisarloandjanisFrom the web site:

I have never been comfortable talking about my work. There was a time I simply refused to do it. I felt as if it were my job to put the work out there, and it would have to speak for itself. Then, along came the internet and the Web and email and forums and blogs and Facebook and on and on. I found myself almost obligated to interact at least a little bit. And you know what? It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. I sometimes even enjoy bloviating about my comic strip, although I still believe, ultimately, it must speak for itself. I say all this, because Arlo and Janis have a new neighbor this week, . i>\iSμ}#-!#'3_comicsssfan Maria's Daymarias-dayThe ground clearance is low on newer cars for less wind resistance so you get better gas mileage. Now they will close the roads with relatively little snow. My car is ancient and has a higher clearance.3 minutes agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/marias-day/2015/02/20μ{))''3eComic Minister `The MiddletonsthemiddletonsI see.3 minutes agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/themiddletons/2015/02/20\μz'O'3YruntennismathHBrevitybrevityCan someone please explain today’s strip? I assume there is a connection to H.P. Lovecraft?3 minutes agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/brevity/2015/02/20<μy'#!}'3_locoboilerguyLisa BensonlisabensonWhat could go wrong? The government will be in control.4 minutes agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20 1yQ7ν '3[phritzghLast KisslastkissMake it interesting, but first let me put you on speakerphone.2 minutes agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/lastkiss/2015/02/20ν)'3]Comic Minister `ThatababythatababyUh oh!3 minutes agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/thatababy/2015/02/20νY'3Uroyb0462&NancynancyShe looks great for beaning over 100 ,3 minutes agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/nancy/2015/02/202μ''3UNight-Gaunt49LuannluannSnagglepuss does exit stage left, first and second time even!3 minutes agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20Iμ~'#'3aKab BuchnOne Big HappyonebighappyThat prayer could also go for Ruthie’s time with a woman on AM.3 minutes agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/onebighappy/2015/02/20 aDν5'3UnosirromiBlissblissHe’s probably mistaking that little playful lick of his ear as being his wife.2 minutes agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/bliss/2015/02/20ν)3'3YPerkycat=Snow Sez . . .snowsezAnother fish story.2 minutes agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/snowsez/2015/02/20ν%)%%'3cmasterskrainGOT to introduce R.J. to Capt. Eddie from Non-Sequitur!
They have SO much in common this week…2 minutes agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/overthehedge/2015/02/20gν9//'3mThe Wolf In Your MidstBreaking Cat Newsbreaking-cat-newsReporting live from the faraway land of The Other Living-Room Window?2 minutes agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/breaking-cat-news/2015/02/19 jb'ν !e'3]Dat1guy+Free RangefreerangeHis brother the German film director mourns.2 minutes agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/freerange/2015/02/20'ν !e'3]Dat1guy+Free RangefreerangeHis brother the German film director mourns.2 minutes agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/freerange/2015/02/20ν )?'3UComic Minister `BaldobaldoSorry to hear that Baldo.2 minutes agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/baldo/2015/02/20Aν #3-c'3kJPuzzleWhizkTom the Dancing BugtomthedancingbugDidn’t Harper Lee recently pass away?2 minutes agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/tomthedancingbug/2015/02/20ν%S'3QPhilip KellyLiolio…and you have cancer. Sorry.2 minutes agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/lio/2015/02/20 H"ν#3-%%3kJPuzzleWhizkTom the Dancing Bugtomthedancingbug(And yes, I’m aware that this strip is prepared far in advance, so it’s possible that it could have been done before her death.)1 minute agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/tomthedancingbug/2015/02/209ν)C7+%3uComic Minister `Don't Pick the Flowersdont-pick-the-flowersAgreed Vincent.1 minute agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/dont-pick-the-flowers/2015/02/20!ν![%3[tiger2004GpU.S. Acresus-acresHe does look like he has a banana beak.1 minute agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/us-acres/1991/03/192ν ''3UNight-Gaunt49LuannluannConsiderer the “traditional” family was extended.2 minutes agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 R}/ν)3393qComic Minister `My Guardian Grandpamy-guardian-grandpaAw man!less than a minute agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/my-guardian-grandpa/2015/02/20Oν#93]phritzghLay Lineslay-linesI hope she still has both of her kidneys by the time she gets out of there.less than a minute agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/lay-lines/2015/02/20(ν)55%3sComic Minister `Suburban Fairy Talessuburban-fairy-talesAw man!1 minute agoTY2015-02-20 15:58:53http://gocomics.com/suburban-fairy-tales/2015/02/20 %%*ν%3//'3mmasterskrainI wonder if John 8:7 applies here?

No, John 8:7 doesn’t apply here, because he was not trying to stone you. He was calling you out because of your offensive comment. Come on, please. Making a “joke” that paints an entire state with one tainted brush? And it never occurred to you that this would offend people? Please, brother, please, please be more careful with your “humor” in this very public forum, especially when you reference Scripture.5 minutes agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20 5ν )%%''3cComic Minister `Gray Mattersgray-mattersGood job mam.3 minutes agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/gray-matters/2015/02/204ν!!}'3_ScyphiPoptropicapoptropicaSo I wasn’t the only one who was thinking of that.4 minutes agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/poptropica/2015/02/20ν)/!'3_Bruno Zeigerts@Jane's WorldjanesworldMaybe this is like that Cheers episode where they break down in the desert … just over the hill from a luxury resort.4 minutes agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/janesworld/2015/02/20~νs?'3[ƹʅɗʘ "The whole Haul" Phil D. AlbertAndy CappandycappI suspect on some level this Quest was an intentional distraction from seasonal-Massacre.4 minutes agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/20 Pν"))'3ghdhaleEcPeanuts Beginspeanuts-beginsIt seems like in these early ones that Snoopy spends more time being a dog and doing “dog things” and less time essentially being a “human in a dog suit,” if that makes sense.3 minutes agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/peanuts-begins/2015/02/20%ν!!s'3UReallyBad2Luannluanntoo many complainers going on and on about the same thing. Evans will do things at his pace … constant whining about it serves no practical purpose. We’ll let you know when the Gunther arc is done and you can return if you want …
And yet you continue to complain that other people complain, making you yourself a complainer. Should some of us let you know when we’re done and you can return if you want?3 minutes agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 ;D;Qν&#!1'3_sugie635Citizen DogcitizendogGood Morning Grog, Dry, Cleo, Happy, Shika, Stel & all CDers.2 minutes agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/20,ν%'+)C'3glocoboilerguyMichael RamirezmichaelramirezWhatever flavor ends up in office the only real loser will be the limited number of American citizens who still care about the country and not themselves.2 minutes agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/20ν$)//'3mComic Minister `Promises Promisespromises-promisesWhoa!2 minutes agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/promises-promises/2015/02/20ν#9//m'3mThe Wolf In Your MidstBreaking Cat Newsbreaking-cat-newsElvis’s put-upon expression in the second panel is hilarious. “Seriously? Him again?”3 minutes agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/breaking-cat-news/2015/02/19  ~ν)OO'3 ScyphiSaturday Morning Breakfast Cerealsaturday-morning-breakfast-cerealJust in case she gets a hankering for Taco Bell, I suppose.2 minutes agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/saturday-morning-breakfast-cereal/2015/02/20,ν(/a'3]nwdryad%YC'est la ViecestlavieWell, come on up to the Pacific Northwest! We got plenty of gray skies and rain, Mona. However, the people are wonderful and when it’s sunny, it’s gorgeous.2 minutes agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/cestlavie/2015/02/18oν';3/'3qLlywus425For Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseThat’s a Brian for you – we’re just naturally good test takers.2 minutes agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/20 KKEν+'+AE'3Montana LadySBenitin y Eneasespanol/muttandjeffespanolGood Morning, Vagabonds,

It’s 38, the wind blowin’, and a cold front moving in. Supposed to get 1 to 3 inches of snow overnight. Nothing like the East is experiencing.

Overdid the window washing thing………………..I’m experiencing some pretty bad pain in my right rib cage area………..those muscles are letting me know that I haven’t used them in a while.!!!

Jan, how happy you must be to have Mike so near to you! Good news!2 minutes agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/espanol/muttandjeffespanol/2015/02/20dν*=1!'3odkram=Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-trivia“The Mighty DUCKS
\\//_2 minutes agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 2U2ν/)!7%3]Comic Minister `Stone SoupstonesoupI’m afraid not.1 minute agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/stonesoup/2015/02/20ν.s]%3Uƹʅɗʘ "The whole Haul" Phil D. AlbertMontymontyThanks! I had already determined it wasn’t a blaupunkt but yer really nailed-It!1 minute agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/monty/2015/02/20zν-)%3UComic Minister `BettybettyOh no!1 minute agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/betty/2015/02/20%ν,'%#I'3aNight-Gaunt49Prickly CitypricklycityIt is a dwarf planet.2 minutes agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/pricklycity/2015/02/20  ν1--o93kPerkycat=Cleo and Companycleo-and-companyYou ARE funny SusanSunshine – you don’t have to hope for it.
Love this comic. My husband and I have conversations like this which end up with us both laughing uncontrollably.less than a minute agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/cleo-and-company/2015/02/20\ν0#;3%3qcomicsssfan For Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseI didn’t see tough exams till college. We actually never had a real exams all during my public school days. The test we had were just short gentle quizzes. It was nothing that would prepare you for college. And as a matter of fact, this is why American kids often have trouble adjusting to college level work.1 minute agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/20 ;ν8)'3]robb armstrong JumpStartjumpstartThank you Charlie rivers. I have a studio deal with 20th Century Fox, and we have a live-action pilot for a sitcom in hand. Hopefully a network deal will happen this Summer, Stay tooned4 minutes agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/jumpstart/2015/02/20tν6%#s'3aDGF999 &Ken CatalinokencatalinoIs AlGore holding a “Global Warming” summit somewhere? These things usually happen when he does…5 minutes agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/kencatalino/2015/02/20ν2=93[gzitver;Gil ThorpgilthorpIf the basketball thing doesn’t work out, there may be a future for Max in the music business, where nobody much cares what drugs you take.

less than a minute agoTZ2015-02-20 16:03:59http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/20 MM/ν; '3UPerkycat=SmithsmithWho is going to get SUCH a surprise??4 minutes agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/smith/2015/02/20mν:!))M'3gwhisplickaFrankie Comicsfrankie-comicsOne of my new adoptees did that, so I snuggled her under the covers with me after the 3rd night. She slept there for the rest of her life…would not sleep on top of the covers, unless is was a VERY warm summer night, then she curled against my side anyway….pure bliss…and to quote you, so totally worth it!!!4 minutes agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/frankie-comics/2015/02/20ν9'+'y'3eNight-Gaunt49The Other CoasttheothercoastThere is so much space junk up there that if it isn’t cleared soon we may not be able to put up anything at all.4 minutes agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/theothercoast/2015/02/20 .8.ν@'!!E'3_Montana LadySBirdbrainsbirdbrainsAye aye, Captain. Where to?3 minutes agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/birdbrains/2015/02/203ν?%1/C'3mTom Flapwell Basic InstructionsbasicinstructionsAnyone desperate for money.3 minutes agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/basicinstructions/2015/02/20&ν>'%#K'3aZin RosenblumStrange BrewstrangebrewWhere’s the Marlboro Man?3 minutes agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/strangebrew/2015/02/20Bν=)''3eNancyMike Luckovichmikeluckovichcurrent pres is so bad that all the others look like angels.3 minutes agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20 fνFs#'3Uƹʅɗʘ "The whole Haul" Phil D. AlbertMontymontySounds likely; I place a ‘goatKomix colour-Swatch’ in ‘Paint’ but odd there’s no other solid Yellow. also “different” having an Ellipsis in a swear word…..2 minutes agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/monty/2015/02/20 νC#5'3YChessPirate:Bo Nanasbonanas“Mo-om!”2 minutes agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/bonanas/2015/02/206νB3'c'3enwdryad%YThe Meaning of LilameaningoflilaAh, but can the same be said of her mother?2 minutes agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/meaningoflila/2015/02/20(νA#e'3[Rikkie Tavi 8Ten Catsten-catsThe new chef at Chez Warehouse
2 minutes agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20 J:J!νJ!!Y%3_nwdryad%YMythTicklemythtickleJustin, I see you have Pastis disease.1 minute agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/mythtickle/2015/02/20(νI%1/-%3mTom Flapwell Basic InstructionsbasicinstructionsIt’s not representative democracy if you don’t elect your representative. (“You” can be the plurality of a large group.)1 minute agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/basicinstructions/2015/02/20νH+)#'3gDGF999 &Michael RamirezmichaelramirezThus the reason Obama’s not being impeached right now… Joe Biden. It would be like having Dr. Strangelove as President…2 minutes agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/20@νG%#!'3_beenthere2405&Tiny SepukutinysepukuVery sound advice. The last panel is especially compelling.2 minutes agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/tinysepuku/2015/02/19 xSνL)##%%3aDavidHuieGreenSCandorvillecandorvilleNope.
Women never lie about such things.
(Said with straight face)1 minute agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/candorville/2015/02/19νK%!%3]janinabarnes Stone SoupstonesoupHonestly, if they leave it alone the pacifier is likely to become boring all on its own. After my youngest was born, my other daughter, aged 4 1/2, wanted a bottle a few times. We gave it to her without comment, knowing that what she really wanted was the attention the baby was getting. It didn’t take long before she decided that she preferred her milk in a cup. If it goes on for too long, that’s when you can go to insisting that people who suck on pacifiers also have to take naps or whatever.1 minute agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/stonesoup/2015/02/20 BkBνP!)'+%3elogicalonedMike LuckovichmikeluckovichYou are despicable. You are a bigot. Hateful of anyone that disagrees with you and your ilk. What the hell do his color or name have to do with anything? I derail Bush in the same post. Why is that not racist? You are a very low creature. Either very stupid or very evil.1 minute agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20&νO%#]%3aNancySteve Bensonstevebensonlonecat
very well stated thank you.1 minute agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20XνN'!;%3]Night-Gaunt49Speed BumpspeedbumpNot so funny when at night those locked in the stocks could be raped. Male and female.1 minute agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/speedbump/2015/02/20νM'=%3WMontana LadySBig TopbigtopSend for the snorkel!!!!1 minute agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/bigtop/2015/02/20 %%UνQ+++%3iOldestandWisest[Motley Classicsmotley-classicsHe’s been watching too many Obama press conferences….1 minute agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/motley-classics/2015/02/20 XX"νR3-)%3kseismic-2 NTom the Dancing Bugtomthedancingbug> Didn’t Harper Lee recently pass away?
Harper Lee’s older sister, who was the author’s lawyer and protector of her copyright, died recently. Soon thereafter, another lawyer in that same firm took over that responsibility, and the manuscript for “Set a Watchman” (the original version of the novel that after a year of editing and re-writing became “To Kill a Mockingbird”) somehow turned up, and it is now set to be published all these years after it had been rejected for publication in its original form. Harper Lee herself is infirm in a nursing home, apparently totally blind and nearly totally deaf. Allegedly she signs pretty much anything her lawyer gives her, as she did when her sister had that job.1 minute agoT\ 2015-02-20 16:09:04http://gocomics.com/tomthedancingbug/2015/02/20 *kMν`);;Q'3yBruno Zeigerts@The Martian Confederacythe-martian-confederacy‘Give the man a hand!’4 minutes agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/the-martian-confederacy/2015/02/20Hν_11q'3oPerkycat=Learn to Speak Catlearn-to-speak-catWould love to see ‘what happens next’.4 minutes agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/learn-to-speak-cat/2015/02/209ν^'##s'3aPoodleGroomerBYenny Lopezyenny-lopezDoes anyone else smell bacon frying in coconut oil?4 minutes agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/yenny-lopez/2015/02/20Pν]%'#'3aTom Flapwell One Big HappyonebighappyThink twice before you punish grouches. It’ll make them grouchier.4 minutes agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/onebighappy/2015/02/20 />G/νd#9'3[Rikkie Tavi 8Ten Catsten-catsThis is what Chesney expects
3 minutes agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20Wνc#'%+'3cHarleyquinnJerry HolbertjerryholbertThen put on the jewish hat and try to ask the same questions or walk in the no go zones in say France.
http://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2015/02/17/pkg-foster-france-walking-streets-of-paris-as-a-jew.cnn3 minutes agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20νb)'''3eComic Minister `Ordinary Billordinary-billMe too.4 minutes agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/ordinary-bill/2015/02/20<νa''3UNight-Gaunt49NancynancyShe goes back to the time of the Flappers. So she was willow reed thin.4 minutes agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/nancy/2015/02/20 Y/νi'k'3]Night-Gaunt49JumpStartjumpstartI will and if it makes it, I’ll watch it.2 minutes agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/jumpstart/2015/02/20[νh%C'3]francisrossiThatababythatababyWho’s Been Sleeping in my Bed? is his best track. A surprisingly funky disco stomper.2 minutes agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/thatababy/2015/02/20Jνg)) '3gPerkycat=Frankie Comicsfrankie-comicsAnd then the cat sleeps all day…..while you have to work.2 minutes agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/frankie-comics/2015/02/20Tνf)##%'3aDavidHuieGreenSCandorvillecandorvillePuts a dent in my theory that he has realized that Susan is the one for him.3 minutes agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/candorville/2015/02/20!νe]'3]nwdryad%YPinkertonpinkertonYeah, what happened at the Waffle House?3 minutes agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/pinkerton/2015/02/20 uNνn%)) %3gfrancisrossiPeanuts Beginspeanuts-beginsI’m pretty sure someone falling and getting hurt is funny.1 minute agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/peanuts-begins/2015/02/20_νm!!S%3_Coyoty]DoonesburydoonesburyWhenever I somehow find the channel on Gilligan’s Island, it’s always the same episode.1 minute agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/doonesbury/2015/02/20bνl!]%3[whisplickaPluggerspluggersSounds like a date on a Social Security budget…has to be sortta cheap in order to have the date!!!1 minute agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/pluggers/2015/02/20νk!%3]avenger09LDick Tracydicktracydicktracy1 minute agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20 n">nJνr)II!%3Comic Minister `Little Fried Chicken and Sushilittle-fried-chicken-and-sushiSorry mam.1 minute agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/little-fried-chicken-and-sushi/2015/02/20Vνq'1+%3iNight-Gaunt49Views of the WorldviewsoftheworldYou wouldn’t know it if it had if it gets little reporting.1 minute agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/viewsoftheworld/2015/02/20νpC%3Odzw3030B.C.bcOLD STALE PEPPER?” Yep, just like you buy at the store.1 minute agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/20Xνo)Y%3SLameRandomName6ShoeshoeWomen don’t live longer…

Men die SOONER… to escape!1 minute agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/shoe/2015/02/20 ?d\νu%K7Y93uTom Flapwell Ripley's Believe It or NotripleysbelieveitornotThat’s one way to fight the fat.less than a minute agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/ripleysbelieveitornot/2015/02/20Uνt#'%93cHarleyquinnScott StantisscottstantisThe difference is Obama is addressing the root cause of the problem,
quick look over there, I Obama not a failure.. right root cause is Obama! If he had not bugged out ISIS would not even be a JV team but a little league team. But Obama did bug out and now our once Ally are paying the cost.less than a minute agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20;νs%))i%3gfrancisrossiPeanuts Beginspeanuts-beginsWell, so long as it’s not properly hurt.1 minute agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/peanuts-begins/2015/02/20 `ν{)!!1'3_DavidHuieGreenSDoonesburydoonesbury“Even back then, hardly anyone scheduled life around Gilligan”
Those of us who had proper priorities did.4 minutes agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/doonesbury/2015/02/20νz)!!3'3_Bruno Zeigerts@MythTicklemythtickleA whale of a strip.4 minutes agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/mythtickle/2015/02/20Hνx'!'3[PoodleGroomerBPluggerspluggers… and the kids living in the basement have gone out for the evening.5 minutes agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/pluggers/2015/02/20νvS93WRickBeardobeardoAlways play on quarter beer nights.less than a minute agoT]R2015-02-20 16:14:10http://gocomics.com/beardo/2015/02/19 iEν~#1'3Upointspread[LuannluannLets hope so. If Gunther was getting some Rosa again he might not be so irritable.4 minutes agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/200ν}'3UredbackyBettybettythe splat that will remain on the wall will be very inspirational4 minutes agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/betty/2015/02/20[ν|3;3q'3qThree Fighting Fish (For Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseYou are correct. “The hardest test I ever wrote” conveys that he works as a teacher and made the test. Like the British, Canadians misspell a lot of words “honor”, “color”, and so forth, but at least they know about auto safety. They drive on the right side of the road!4 minutes agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/19 EcEξ!#!;'3_nighthawksLoose Partsloosepartsbetter to get the invisible fence system. the tough part is fitting the collar over their fishy little heads so it doesn’t block the gill action3 minutes agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/looseparts/2015/02/20ν)-!''3_Comic Minister `Maria's Daymarias-dayAgreed Maria.4 minutes agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/marias-day/2015/02/20 \n\ ξI'3UlocakeLuannluannThis is the only woman he is really comfortable touching,
kind of sweet, but kind of sick that he will never love another woman like he loves his mommy.3 minutes agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 ξ!)'3]avenger09LDick TracydicktracyKenny I respect your opinion. My post was a reply to Morrow’s post. I suppose he and I have an understanding and just as I don’t mind his NYC bashing or “Living under a bridge” comments I am certain he wouldn’t have a problem with my post. Having said that I will remove the post.
I believe the verse applies. Name calling (hatred is a strong term, does David know what was in my heart when I commented?) is a form of verbal stoning and slander. We can agree to disagree and move on.3 minutes agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20 ξ+!!'3_leftwingpatriotVDoonesburydoonesburyTrue, but it doesn’t mean the gang at Walden has one. My family got its first VCR in 1984.2 minutes agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/doonesbury/2015/02/20 mmξ)%%'3cComic Minister `Sunny Streetsunny-streetAw man!2 minutes agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/sunny-street/2015/02/20vξ#'%i'3cHarleyquinnScott Stantisscottstantiswhen you throw in lack of opportunity you just fuel the fire even more. What is more appealing, sitting at home with no job and no way to support your family or going off to fight and "
empty argument, there are a lot who dropped the job they once had to go fight. Plus ISIS has a billion dollar war chest to use. French converts wanted to go home becuase they were doing meanless jobs in the name of ISIS
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/islamic-state/11268208/Jihadists-in-Syria-write-home-to-France-My-iPod-is-broken.-I-want-to-come-back.html2 minutes agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20 ++ξA'3QCoyoty]Eek!eekIncluding parts and labor.2 minutes agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/eek/2015/02/20Gξ!#!'3_CrosspatchzLisa BensonlisabensonLest you forget they also monopolized and usurped our rights doing what they did.
What happens to the Freedom of the Press laws that now apply?
From 1955
The internet is now our link to a free democracy and is subject to the anti-trust laws that protect our free speech and 1st amendment rights, giving control or priorities of the Internet to any special interests conficts with these laws.
Since our Internet access pales in comparison to the rest of the world why arent we allowing the developement of the Internet as infrastructure instead of a privatized and private controlled monopoly?2 minutes agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20 .ξ %3WDr Fogg BewleybewleyFirst installment of “The Work and the Glory” :-)1 minute agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/bewley/2015/02/20oξ  '3Udzw3030BaldobaldoThe auto correct on my smart phone is a pain. I learned how to teach it new words and now it swears in both English and Spanish.2 minutes agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/baldo/2015/02/20nξ '3Wshibler2- HermanhermanWell when my kids were 5 and 6 they asked me what Dinosaurs were like! I asked them if they wanted to live to see 6 and 7!!2 minutes agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/herman/2015/02/20@ξ% '3]maverick1usaEAlley Oopalley-oopI hope you are right as it is dragging out way to l-o-n-g! Besides, we knew she suggested it when she first came into sight because she told Bertram $50K was too much when she only needed $5K!2 minutes agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/20 m2%m2ξm93[peggykb98Get FuzzygetfuzzyHug-ups and buddy crunches. I love the Chubster!less than a minute agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/getfuzzy/2015/02/20ξ!+%3]carlmiISIS is giving them jobs..

In a series of letters seen by Le Figaro newspaper, some of the 376 French currently fighting in Syria have begged for advice on how to return. Others have complained that, rather than participating in a noble battle, they have been acting as jihadi dogsbodies.
“I’ve basically done nothing except hand out clothes and food,” wrote one, who wants to return from Aleppo. “I also help clean weapons and transport dead bodies from the front. Winter’s arrived here. It’s begun to get really hard.”
Another writes: “I’m fed up. They make me do the washing up.”
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/islamic-state/11268208/Jihadists-in-Syria-write-home-to-France-My-iPod-is-broken.-I-want-to-come-back.htmlless than a minute agoT^2015-02-20 16:19:15http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20 5ξ'3]nwdryad%YLay Lineslay-linesSteve’s eating it, though. Maybe he has an antidote.4 minutes agoT_2015-02-20 16:24:21http://gocomics.com/lay-lines/2015/02/20oξ??'3}warjoski Courageous Man Adventurescourageous-man-adventuresStedfast is quickly proving to be the heart and soul of this strip.4 minutes agoT_2015-02-20 16:24:21http://gocomics.com/courageous-man-adventures/2015/02/20iξ+e'3Ysphinx wormwoodBrevitybrevityIts another strip, ‘love is’ with a team [DAN] twist.

Its not a door, Dan, its a cloud formation from the sierra wave..a phenomenon that steve fosset and others used for thermal glider flight.5 minutes agoT_2015-02-20 16:24:21http://gocomics.com/brevity/2015/02/20YOnes were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be. Not in the spaces we know, but between them, they walk serene and primal, undimensioned and to us unseen. Yog-Sothoth knows the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the gate. Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian of the gate. Past, present, future, all are one in Yog-Sothoth. He knows where the Old Ones broke through of old, and where They shall break through again. He knows where They had trod earth’s fields, and where They still tread them, and why no one can behold Them as They tread. By Their smell can men sometimes know Them near, but of Their semblance can no man know, saving only in the features of those They have begotten on mankind; and of those are there many sorts, differing in likeness from man’s truest eidolon to that shape without sight or substance which is Them. They walk unseen and foul in lonely places where the Words have been spoken and the Rites howled through at their Seasons. The wind gibbers with Their voices, and the earth mutters with Their consciousness. They bend the forest and crush the city, yet may not forest or city behold the hand that smites. Kadath in the cold waste hath known Them, and what man knows Kadath? The ice desert of the South and the sunken isles of Ocean hold stones whereon Their seal is engraver, but who hath seen the deep frozen city or the sealed tower long garlanded with seaweed and barnacles? Great Cthulhu is Their cousin, yet can he spy Them only dimly. Iä! Shub-Niggurath! As a foulness shall ye know Them. Their hand is at your throats, yet ye see Them not; and Their habitation is even one with your guarded threshold. Yog-Sothoth is the key to the gate, whereby the spheres meet. Man rules now where They ruled once; They shall soon rule where man rules now. After summer is winter, after winter summer. They wait patient and potent, for here shall They reign again.”
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necronomicon3 minutes agoT_2015-02-20 16:24:21http://gocomics.com/brevity/2015/02/20 dcd)ξ'3Unasa35LuannluannI haven’t followed for awhile, what happened to Rosa?3 minutes agoT_2015-02-20 16:24:21http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20Jξ#+)'3gHarleyquinnMichael RamirezmichaelramirezPDA eeewww,
man that guy is fun to have around. About the only one more clueless then Obama, but he sure is willing to share just how much he does not know.3 minutes agoT_2015-02-20 16:24:21http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/20 ξ'-'3YNight-Gaunt49BrevitybrevityCan’t you look it up? Simple to do, you have his name and the name of that creature, Cthulhu.
A quote from “The Dunwich Horror”
“Nor is it to be thought…that man is either the oldest or the last of earth’s masters, or that the common bulk of life and substance walks alone. The Old X &t.ξ#;3''3qcomicsssfan For Better or For Worseforbetterorforworse. . . So, anyway, I went off to Big State U, transferred in from a junior college. One time I \,ξ%))G'3gTom Flapwell Ozy and Millieozy-and-millieAIUI, Oscar Wilde was charged just for fraternizing with the wrong crowd. That way, they didn’t have to talk about you-know-what.

I was still surprised that this comic used an uncensored swear word, however rare in the cartoonist’s homeland.3 minutes agoT_2015-02-20 16:24:21http://gocomics.com/ozy-and-millie/2015/02/20TξA'3]nwdryad%YLay Lineslay-linesLOL – trite but that’s what your comment made me do.3 minutes agoT_2015-02-20 16:24:21http://gocomics.com/lay-lines/2015/02/20was studying downstairs in the dorm where there were classrooms. There was another kid in the room with me furiously studying away. It was very late at night, like around 2:00 AM. Suddenly his girlfriend sashays into the room and takes off her coat revealing that she had on only a t-shirt and quite obviously no bra, and you could see the outline of her bikini panties through the thin t-shirt. She attacked him, grabbing him and trying to drag him away, all the while begging him to go back to the room with her, that she needed him now. He pleaded, “No, no! I have to study for this test!” My eyes nearly fell out of my head! She was gorgeous! I was willing to volunteer my services, let me tell you.
. . . Anyway, my impression at the time was that college was so difficult this was the kind of dedication that was needed to do well. But now that I’m wiser, I’m wondering about that dude.3 minutes agoT_2015-02-20 16:24:21http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/20 EE7ξ!'3UhippogriffiFrazzfrazzGorgoloChick: Or more precisely, you write lyrics and compose music.2 minutes agoT_2015-02-20 16:24:21http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/20xξ'3[Doughfoot+Tom Tolestomtoles“… theories are revised to suit the most trendy scientist …”

No, theories are revised to reflect newer and better data. It’s called learning. It’s what science is all about.

Show me someone who hasn’t changed his mind in twenty years, and I’ll show you someone who stopped learning long ago.

3 minutes agoT_2015-02-20 16:24:21http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20 Rξ!!!!1%3_Josh LyonsyfMythTicklemythtickleCue The Price Is Right “Loser Horns” please.1 minute agoT_2015-02-20 16:24:21http://gocomics.com/mythtickle/2015/02/20uξ ##w'3anwdryad%YYenny Lopezyenny-lopezStop, I haven’t had breakfast yet… now I’ll have to run to the store and buy bacon and coconut oil.2 minutes agoT_2015-02-20 16:24:21http://gocomics.com/yenny-lopez/2015/02/202ξ!!!o'3_whisplickaSpeechlessspeechlessLen
Fantastic strip today.. Didn’t know you had a book out yet. Where do I go to get it??? To me it’s a must have for the great grands..all 7 of them…2 minutes agoT_2015-02-20 16:24:21http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/20 Hξ$)%# %3aBruno Zeigerts@Non SequiturnonsequiturYes, of course, chauvinistic comments are acceptable if they’re directed at men.
Of course, it is a character’s comment, which might not reflect the opinion of the cartoonist.1 minute agoT_2015-02-20 16:24:21http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/20_ξ#%=1 %3ocommon sanse 0Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaBLACK SHEEP1 minute agoT_2015-02-20 16:24:21http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20@ξ"#%#%3aHarleyquinnSteve BensonstevebensonTimothy McVay –
Not Christian. His bible was a story about survival.
Cliven what does his religion have to do with anything?
Craig Hicks – flaming anti tea liberal1 minute agoT_2015-02-20 16:24:21http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20 44Mξ*!C7Y'3uflippant23W\Richard's Poor Almanacrichards-poor-almanacLewis Black commentary? I’m in!5 minutes agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/richards-poor-almanac/2015/02/20ξ));'3ODavidHuieGreenSB.C.bcI like old stale pepper5 minutes agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/20kξ&q93UnosirromiFrazzfrazzI remember when “Short People” first came out there was a big to do because some people thought he was talking about people of diminutive height. Little did they realize that they were proving his point about diminutive intellect.less than a minute agoT_2015-02-20 16:24:21http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/20wξ%'#g93aSenex Red and RoverredandroverYes, it was corny even for those days. And it had a “villain” as unsuccessful as Wile E. Coyote.less than a minute agoT_2015-02-20 16:24:21http://gocomics.com/redandrover/2015/02/20 %ξ.%%%G'3cTom Flapwell Sunny Streetsunny-streetThat is one expressive skull.4 minutes agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/sunny-street/2015/02/20{ξ-'3YCygnus X1BrevitybrevityNice!4 minutes agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/brevity/2015/02/19Qξ,3/'3mRad-ish"Pearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineYeah but, how many chances have you had to yell at a walrus?4 minutes agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/20!ξ+%=1 '3ocommon sanse 0Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaHOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON4 minutes agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 3p37ξ133M'3qKip W Super-Fun-Pak Comixsuper-fun-pak-comixLet’s all sing the Dinkle song!

Dinkle, Dinkle, Dinkle!
Unlucky as can be.
Dinkle, Dinkle, Dinkle!
Please stay away from me!4 minutes agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/super-fun-pak-comix/2015/02/20{ξ0#%#y'3aHarleyquinnSteve BensonstevebensonWhy don’t we hear about the attacks on the USA like the Fort Hood shooting “workplace violence” riiight. Those victims are just now being acknowledged and getting the purple heart and help they deserve.4 minutes agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20 ξ/#!'3_warjoski Lisa BensonlisabensonCan you please come up with a new catch phrase? You’ve really done ’It’s Okay if a Republican does it’ to death.4 minutes agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20 LFaLξ6#;3i'3qcomicsssfan For Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseA small factory town in Michigan. They just didn’t believe in the power of intellectual endeavors there.4 minutes agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/19_ξ4!#!G'3_hippogriffiFred Bassetfredbassetwashingtoneagle: Fred’s thing is chasing rabbits. He isn’t any more successful.4 minutes agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/fredbasset/2015/02/20+ξ3))U'3gSenex The Born Loserthe-born-loserHe has ticks.
And tocks.4 minutes agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/the-born-loser/2015/02/20ξ2%=1Q'3ocommon sanse 0Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaGREEN DOLPHIN STREET4 minutes agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 BB4ξ:''3YDry and Dusty>The BarnthebarnWell, Stan, isn’t trouble Rory’s middle name?2 minutes agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/thebarn/2015/02/20Mξ9///o'3mSteven Smigielski$=Jack Radio Comicsjack-radio-comicsThe number 3 seems to be very significant as well2 minutes agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/jack-radio-comics/2015/02/20ξ8!)'-'3eJosh LyonsyfThe Grizzwellsthegrizzwells“Then there was John Charles Thomas, the man with three first names.”
Also there’s Charles Nelson Reilly.3 minutes agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/thegrizzwells/2015/02/20 ξ7%!'3]Tom Flapwell Half Fullhalf-fullInteresting. The joke doesn’t have anything to do with penguins or cold places; Maria just chose the theme at random to spice it up.3 minutes agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/half-full/2015/02/20 --ξ>!!?%3]hippogriffiFree RangefreerangeNon cognito ergo non sum?1 minute agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/freerange/2015/02/20.ξ=#;3)%3qcomicsssfan For Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseI believe that our public schools would vastly improve overnight if we put total control of them in the hands of women. Women have integrity.1 minute agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/19ξ<)'3YDavidHuieGreenSPicklespickles“Since it’s -5° here this morning, I can’t relate.”
Man up
(Just joking)2 minutes agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/pickles/2015/02/20vξ; '3YCygnus X1PicklespicklesIf they lived in the NE they could have frozen the back yard and charged ice time for Hockey practice. 3 degrees this morning!2 minutes agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/pickles/2015/02/20 (RξD+93YMaxStarmanJonesD6PeanutspeanutsLucy grew up to become a consultant for some of those perennial “top 10” teams currently in college football.less than a minute agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/20ξC%993Umaverick1usaELuannluann1. “Balancing Act”less than a minute agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20Pξ@))) %3gBruno Zeigerts@Ozy and Millieozy-and-millieHe was practising homosexuality? When did he become good at it?1 minute agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/ozy-and-millie/2015/02/20Rξ?W%3UlocakeLuannluannThey are expecting Mr. Gray, he is showing up because they invited him. Why would it be anyone else?1 minute agoT`2015-02-20 16:29:26http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 1%ξF%!!Q'3_Tom Flapwell Poptropicapoptropica“Ask a Soviet engineer to design a pair of shoes and he’ll come up with something that looks like the boxes that the shoes came in; ask him to make something that will massacre Germans, and he turns into Thomas ******* Edison.” ― Neal Stephenson, “Cryptonomicon”5 minutes agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/poptropica/2015/02/20IξE)%'3ckaploy9\NOver the HedgeoverthehedgeMaybe the R.J. stands for Rasputin Jacques? (I really have no idea)5 minutes agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/overthehedge/2015/02/20 sξG!--O'3knighthawksCleo and Companycleo-and-companyamazing that anyone today still believes and preaches that nonsense about the earth being the center of the universe.
I’d like to see a debate between this guy and Neil degrasse
Tyson….or Stephen Hawking5 minutes agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/cleo-and-company/2015/02/20 nBξK')'3UPaul M Marion5:LuannluannOpportunity doesn’t always knock. Sometimes it rings the door bell! lol4 minutes agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 ξI#-'3[HarleyquinnTom TolestomtolesOh no the weather has changed again. The earth has a menopause with hot and cold flashes, we are on the brink of becoming old. Oh the horror, someone call Al Gory, we need another Sci Fi flic to tell us it is all man’s fault and the politicians are to solve the problems. Someone call Obama, we might have to cut what we had in 2001 back to unheard of levels. This way China might want to cut what they may have in 2030. That is how to be a True Believer Leader. And that might stop the Earth from wobbling around the sun.4 minutes agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20 pUEpOξQ##!%'3_ChessPirate:Diamond LildiamondlilAnd there’s the Japanese girl he got in trouble… Timeto E. Lope.3 minutes agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/diamondlil/2015/02/20ξOA'3[Dr Fogg Garfieldgarfield-5.4 F this morning. Brrr4 minutes agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/garfield/2015/02/20"ξN'i'3UDry and Dusty>CrumbcrumbWell, you weren’t very specific Mr. Man.4 minutes agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/crumb/2015/02/20KξM/--q'3kSteven Smigielski$=Amanda the Greatamanda-the-greatI think I was behind you this morning… :-)4 minutes agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/amanda-the-great/2015/02/20%ξL%//)'3mLorie Ransom9yThe Daily Drawingthe-daily-drawingThank you!! :)4 minutes agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/the-daily-drawing/2015/02/20 ;h<;/ξW'/!W'3_PoodleGroomerBDaddy's HomedaddyshomeQuantity and quality. Produce or die.2 minutes agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/20FξV+3/_'3mMaxStarmanJonesD6Pearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineThank you! For most of my life, I have not understood the line in Rick Nelson’s “Garden Party,” “Yoko brought her walrus.”

Now I do.3 minutes agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/205ξT/+_'3idflakCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesDear Sir and/or madam as the case may be,3 minutes agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/20SξS+)'3gDagNabbitXMichael Ramirezmichaelramirez“I didn’t say my mouth was “specilξR/!/'3YSteven Smigielski$=And now...and-nowLooks good on him3 minutes agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/and-now/2015/02/20al” and I didn’t say that it was “speaking for everyone in Europe.””
Saying “my pretty little mouth” attaches some air of specialness to it. After all, it wasn’t just “your mouth” it was “*your pretty little” mouth. Go ahead deny it, it’s slippery language worded so you don’t have to take responsibility for it when confronted. But it makes a certain impression that contradicts your denial.
And by saying, “Living in Europe, I can assure you that the folks over here are more pro American that at any time under President Bush” IS speaking for “the folks over there.” All of them aren’t here to say that themselves.
Sort of like me saying, “Living in the USA, I can assure you that there is a strong history of anti-French sentiment.”3 minutes agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/19 Tξ[++) '3gMaxStarmanJonesD6Brewster RockitbrewsterrockitIf this does catch on, I might watch one of those awards programs again. It’s been years. If it catches on, let me know.2 minutes agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/brewsterrockit/2015/02/20ξZK'3YCoyoty]EndtownendtownNice visual effects in panel 3.2 minutes agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/endtown/2015/02/20AξY))%w'3cDavidHuieGreenSArlo and JanisarloandjanisThe main thing is that he finally gave Janis a friend2 minutes agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/20&ξX)))9'3gRadical-Knight!Ozy and Millieozy-and-millieOscar Llewellyn Wilde?2 minutes agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/ozy-and-millie/2015/02/20 {(p{oξ^%#g%3aeugene57ZKen CatalinokencatalinoOOOO, the anti-global warming crowd is making there annual migration in the winter.1 minute agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/kencatalino/2015/02/202ξ]+!m%3]abdullahbaba9990Dick TracydicktracyYes, but who is Dick Tracy? Where is Tracyville?1 minute agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20Rξ\!!7%3_sandflea SpeechlessspeechlessThe ship has come in. ALL ABOARD.1 minute agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/20 uξa'%o%3cRad-ish"Frog ApplausefrogapplauseI found this cute little comic and just had to share it.

 photo brevitycuth_zpsa8703d21.gif1 minute agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20dξ`#+)9%3gcomicsssfan Health CapsuleshealthcapsulesI never ate meat as a kid. My mother didn’t cook or allow anyone in the kitchen. No one cared. I ate candy bars instead. As an adult I became vegetarian since I was not familiar with meat. Everyone made a huge, massive fuss over me being a vegetarian. But when I was on a candy bar diet no one even noticed, and certainly no one cared.1 minute agoTb2015-02-20 16:34:31http://gocomics.com/healthcapsules/2015/02/20 ?/?jξd#!a'3_eugene57ZMatt DaviesmattdaviesBut hey, Jeb is reviving Bushism’s at an great rate. Must want to give Jon Stewart a great send off.5 minutes agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/mattdavies/2015/02/20[ξc'#9'3asarahbowlRed and RoverredandroverMy morning laugh to start the day! And I love the smiles on Red and Rover. Very sweet!5 minutes agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/redandrover/2015/02/20jξb'/!K'3_Dry and Dusty>Daddy's Homedaddyshome“alcohol, shenaningans and inappropriateness”, all well and good, BUT YOU FORGOT TO MENTION FOOD, GF! We need to stop by the Tiki and grab some “grub”, don’t ya’ think?5 minutes agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/20Y8b8@HPX`hpx (08@HPX`hpx (08@HPX`hpxλEλHλLλOλRλS λT λX λ[ λ] λ`λeλjλoλrλvλzλ}μμμ μ μμμμμ$μ2!μ7"μ;#μ@$μC%μG&μJ'μU(μY)μ]*μa+μe,μg-μh/μl0μ}1ν2ν3ν 4ν5ν6ν7ν 8ν"9ν&:ν);ν+<ν/=ν1>ν8?ν;@ν@AνFBνJCνLDνPEνQFνRGν`HνdIνiJνnKνrLνuMν{Nν~OξPξQξRξSξTξ UξVξWξZξ[ξ]ξ^ξ!_ξ$`ξ*aξ.Y88@HPX`hpx (08@HPX`hpx (08@HPX`hpxcξ6dξ:eξ>fξDgξFhξGiξKjξQkξWmξ[nξ^oξapξdsξgtξiuξqvξvwξzxοyο zο{ο|ο}ο~οο!ο*ο+ο,ο/ο2ο7ο9ο=ο?οCοHοLοRοXο]ο`οdοhοkοqοsοvοxο~ #&,037>BGKMOQRW\_dimrƒuÃyă|Ńƃǃȃ (_ξg+]'3UMaxStarmanJonesD6NancynancyI just remember her sedentary years, in the 60’s, when she was always seen sitting in a chair, reading a newspaper. I always wondered what she did for a living, and yes, I was just a kid, so no, I did not suspect “that.”

The only stress you ever saw in her life was the last panel, after something Nancy had said or done. Her painted eyes would go wide, and she would emit Bushmiller-style perfectly formed sweat drops, flying uniformly from her astonished face.4 minutes agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/nancy/2015/02/20#ξf/--!'3kSteven Smigielski$=Blue Skies Toonsblue-skies-toonsHaha! :-)4 minutes agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/blue-skies-toons/2015/02/20Rξe/+'3iAlteri The Flying McCoystheflyingmccoysThat’s a flail. Maces don’t have a chain or spikes. O.o4 minutes agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/theflyingmccoys/2015/02/20 >>ξi#%#''3aHarleyquinnSteve Bensonstevebensonhttp://www.fireandreamitchell.com/2015/02/11/craig-hicks-liberal-atheist-kills-3-muslims-chapel-hill/
Craig Hicks a flaming liberal progressive Democrat. in Chapel Hill, North Carolina where the Craig Hicks murders took place is near University of North Carolina.4 minutes agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20$ξhc'3]Vice Admiral Allan | youtube.com/iamallan2OverboardoverboardMy mentor’s dog Kisha counts plates, and if one isn’t on the floor for pre-pre-washing, she knows, and she complains. LoL4 minutes agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/overboard/2015/02/20  |ξq#g'3Ucomicsssfan MommamommaNo appointment. This is just a walk-in visit.2 minutes agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/momma/2015/02/20ξpe'3YdflakPeanutspeanutsAh, but Messieur LeBegal was in 1917 France.2 minutes agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/20ξm!S'3Y4my10851csEQTed Ralltedrallno one “owes” you a job3 minutes agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/tedrall/2015/02/209ξl+#!q'3_Louise Anderson 9Broom HildabroomhildaDon’t candelabra hang from the ceiling.?? Isn’t this just a candle holder? Go broomie. For those who don’t have gas stoves to roast weenies and marshmallows.3 minutes agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/broomhilda/2015/02/20 Y`Y%ξv%))=%3gDan Pavelich{Just Say Unclejust-say-uncleMe, too. Son of a…1 minute agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/just-say-uncle/2015/02/20ξu/G'3SSteven Smigielski$=BUNSbunshe’s musically talented2 minutes agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/buns/2015/02/20>ξs%'3[R.U. KiddingStarslipstarslipIf he goes swimming, does the water put out the fire in his head?2 minutes agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/starslip/2015/02/20ξr!))''3gwhisplickaFrankie Comicsfrankie-comicsPerkycat,,you sure hit that one dead center..sleep 22 hours, that leaves 2 hours for eating, bathing/cough up hair ball, litter box, sunning in the window, if it’s summer, that is, then back to sleep.
Gee, think we should reverse the roles ??2 minutes agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/frankie-comics/2015/02/20 )<ξz%))k%3gDan Pavelich{Just Say Unclejust-say-uncleThat’s what they made long underwear for!1 minute agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/just-say-uncle/2015/02/20 ξy++# %3aMaxStarmanJonesD6Mutt & JeffmuttandjeffPanel One made me think of old “Burger Chef” commercials. I haven’t seen one in years. Do they still exist?1 minute agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/muttandjeff/2015/02/20ξx!#!/%3_4my10851csEQLisa Bensonlisabensonworked for O care1 minute agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20Qξw// %3mCoyoty]Inherit the Mirthinherit-the-mirthFloyd retired because he didn’t want to get his shoes wet.1 minute agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/inherit-the-mirth/2015/02/20 @c7ο=1I'3ocwstewRicig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaOne flew Over the Cucoo;s Nest4 minutes agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20)ο{'3YdflakPeanutspeanutsCan you major in football at the University of Alabama?4 minutes agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/20Wξ}#--93kChessPirate:Dilbert Classicsdilbert-classics“Well, I’d better replace it, then.” :-)less than a minute agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/dilbert-classics/2015/02/20:ξ|%))S93gR.U. KiddingSunshine Statesunshine-stateNot as big as Dink’s problem.less than a minute agoTcH2015-02-20 16:39:36http://gocomics.com/sunshine-state/2015/02/20 kHkWο !'%+'3cSizeofaPead5Scott StantisscottstantisI think you made the point was going for, and much more succinctly. Thank you.4 minutes agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20Hο %'3]nosirromiJumpStartjumpstartKnock, knock!
Who’s there?
POLICE!4 minutes agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/jumpstart/2015/02/20dο--5'3kRad-ish"Amanda the Greatamanda-the-greatHer mother would probably say,
“You’ve always been that way.”4 minutes agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/amanda-the-great/2015/02/20 ;οY'3Yyow4zipϪPeanutspeanutsAnd who is the cause of his insanity?!3 minutes agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/peanuts/1955/02/20 ο7'3YJet ChungxBig NatebignateShes acting like nate3 minutes agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/bignate/2006/03/06Qο++) '3gsphinx wormwoodBrewster RockitbrewsterrockitThe podium is grounded and the giant capacitor exit stage left3 minutes agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/brewsterrockit/2015/02/20Vο %))'3gDan Pavelich{Just Say Unclejust-say-uncleThey don’t usually in Kenosha, either. I think we had one day during a cold snap last year, the windchill was like -35. They called it, mostly because they couldn’t get the buses started.4 minutes agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/just-say-uncle/2015/02/20 4]4?ο)!'3]DavidHuieGreenSScary GaryscarygaryWhere does a maneating monster eat?
Wherever he wishes.2 minutes agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/scarygary/2015/02/20Cο/'3WCoyoty]Ink PeninkpenInstead of sending wolfy to the pound, wolfy’s sending the pounding to him.2 minutes agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/inkpen/2015/02/20ο##7'3aRad-ish"Pirate Mikepirate-mikeIts the American way!2 minutes agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/pirate-mike/2015/02/20ο%))+'3gDan Pavelich{Just Say Unclejust-say-uncleSon of a…3 minutes agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/just-say-uncle/2015/02/20 c7cNο/C7O%3uSteven Smigielski$=Don't Pick the Flowersdont-pick-the-flowersIt’s too cold! Come inside1 minute agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/dont-pick-the-flowers/2015/02/20"οg%3Yeugene57ZTed RalltedrallNo one “owes” you a Sh)t sandwich1 minute agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/tedrall/2015/02/20ο''1'3eechoraven>^Robert Ariailrobert-ariail“We could just leave the oil in the ground and turn our considerable brain- and willpower towards alternative energy sources.”
That’s just crazy talk. Why would we want our economy to NOT be heavily reacting to oil prices? To have our collective economic health shaking in it’s boots at the whim of some guy in a Turban and his mood swings?2 minutes agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/robert-ariail/2015/02/19 AEο)% %3cDat1guy+Working It OutworkingitoutKeep trying and you’ll be able to phone your skills a bit.1 minute agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/workingitout/2015/02/20~οK7?%3uboff!Ripley's Believe It or NotripleysbelieveitornotASHA RANI born to be wiiiiild….1 minute agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/ripleysbelieveitornot/2015/02/20ο!K%3Yshassandra&CFoxTrotfoxtrotMore than a half-dollar, Jason.1 minute agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/foxtrot/1999/07/049ο=1O%3oterbos|Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaThe Cockroach that Ate Cincinnati1 minute agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 eο=/+93iSusie Derkins Returns D:C[Calvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesGood thing you won’t be thinking about transgendering.less than a minute agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/20nοu93Useismic-2 NLuannluann> If Gunther was getting some Rosa again he might not be so irritable.
“Again”?less than a minute agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20Nο#OO%3 comicsssfan Saturday Morning Breakfast Cerealsaturday-morning-breakfast-cerealAlso, it’s possible that women of the olden days when life was tough had much higher pain thresholds than modern women of today.1 minute agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/saturday-morning-breakfast-cereal/2015/02/20 ;%ο!+)+93gDagNabbitXMichael Ramirezmichaelramirez“What I claim is what I get off the street, and, as a photogrpher, from French journalists I have met and discussed with as to how America is perceived now in relationship to general feelings under George W. Bush”
People are biased for different reasons. You don’t address that. I contend that your conclusion has a strong bias toward what you personally believe.
And you can’t make Obama a great president merely because there is a coalition of 60 nations. You are trying to make illogical comparisons. Obama can “lead” a coalition of nations and still be an incompetent president.less than a minute agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/19?ο %#s93aBeau NoboSteve BensonstevebensonThey just switch the bag from one end to the other.less than a minute agoTdy2015-02-20 16:44:41http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20 pt=pGο*''3[nosirromiLast KisslastkissMake it interesting and then we’ll see about turning them into facts!!!4 minutes agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/lastkiss/2015/02/201ο)#OO_'3 comicsssfan Saturday Morning Breakfast Cerealsaturday-morning-breakfast-cerealExcept for the broken bottle she’s wielding she looks rather attractive with that cleavage showing.4 minutes agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/saturday-morning-breakfast-cereal/2015/02/20ο('!'3[BRI-NO-MITE!! %Cul de Sacculdesac(giggle)5 minutes agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/culdesac/2015/02/20yο''3WdflakHermanhermanMy daughter-in-law teaches high school history. It’s interesting to see her interpretation of the history I’ve lived through.5 minutes agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/herman/2015/02/20 88Bο++)y'3gDagNabbitXMichael RamirezmichaelramirezSo? That’s what you do and you seem ok with it.4 minutes agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/19 Tο,!9'3]firebrand1Alley Oopalley-oopGood Morning Benders, John Wooley, and readers of Alley
Oop. From the wide eyed look of Detective Bob as Lana
slowly unfolds her tale of descent into crime, we learn that
with her talents of pouring herself into stories, she should
have been on the radio instead of being trapped in Paravox’s
doomed movie. I beginning to think the way out is to either have some of Stogie Bertrams minions have rewards out on their capture to get Lana the $5000 or have the minions
follow them to Paravox and rob the safe in Keltner’s office.
They could waylay the minions and recover the money with
$5000 mysteriously disappearing. Either way Lana would have to cut a deal with the DA.4 minutes agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/20 Hο/%#3'3adflakStrange BrewstrangebrewIn the cancer ward.4 minutes agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/strangebrew/2015/02/20)ο.%1#E'3aPhilip KellyJim's JournaljimsjournalScience is not really black and white, and unfortunately, it has been co-opted by crusaders, so people have less faith in what “scientists” say.4 minutes agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/jimsjournal/2015/02/202ο-33E'3qMowog Moderately Confusedmoderately-confusedThat struck an age-old cord.4 minutes agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/moderately-confused/2015/02/20 <<&ο2+)K'3gwbbh=Brewster RockitbrewsterrockitPerfect for Hollywood speeches.3 minutes agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/brewsterrockit/2015/02/20ο1+)!'3gDagNabbitXMichael Ramirezmichaelramirez“Obama, with no ground troops, fighting a real threat to America, not so.”
For 6 years Obama has been managing the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He has blood on his hands. Look up the number of troop deaths before and after he took office.3 minutes agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/19uο0'3WphritzghTarzantarzanMaybe that’s just a pair of shiny stones reflecting the light from their torches. Imaginations run wild in a spooky place like that. Since they keep calling it a causeway, there must be water, and what he hears could just be the sounds of it dripping.3 minutes agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/tarzan/2015/02/20  O eο7!'%G'3cSizeofaPead5Scott StantisscottstantisI know that the truth, reality and facts don’t enter your basement bedroom or wherever you kept your parrot but it has been explained many times, Obama did NOT “bug out,” he followed the withdrawl agreement that king george imposed AND that the Iraqis would not renegotiate without having total control over our military in regards to judicial review. The United State of America has NEVER allowed another sovereign country to have any control over our military let alone religious law. If he had agreed to that you would be screaming about that. Just so much more HATE Obama foolishness.
And ISIS did not grow out of anything Obama did or did not do, it was seeded by the bush regime but that’s another fact that you refuse to acknowledge, another truth that you can’t handle.
So instead of living in reality, you hide in your subterranean domicile and tap out your pay-per-troll nonsense.2 minutes agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20 rrXο9+)#'3gDagNabbitXMichael Ramirezmichaelramirez“Polls are polls. I said that “a majority of Europeans outside our country support us more under the Obama presidency than under George Bush”
Well let’s see them.2 minutes agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/19*ο8'%Y'3ctwclixScott StantisscottstantisThis is a terrific comment, Harley. It expands everyone’s view. The jihadists from Europe and the US had gotten quite used to the relative ease of their daily lives. Now they’re in a stinking desert with a bunch of religious nut cases who think they are fighting to bring about the apocalypse. It’s a lot easier, I suspect, to live in London than in, say Mosul, these days. Nice job, Harley. Not kidding.2 minutes agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20 AO|YAο=#/+ %3iQuiteDragonCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesNever saw the noun form before; hadn’t really considered that there was one, though on reflection, there would need to be.1 minute agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/20ο<##!C%3_luvdafuneezBroom HildabroomhildaChandeliers hang from the ceiling. Candelabras rest all over Liberace’s piano…but, yeah, I ‘spose they’re both candle holders, eh?1 minute agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/broomhilda/2015/02/20Mο;#!-'3_dflakLoose PartsloosepartsThe barbed wire isn’t to keep the fish it; it’s to keep the cat out.2 minutes agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/looseparts/2015/02/20+ο:# '3Qcomicsssfan BenbenAnd then there is the regular dog, that looks at other women.2 minutes agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/ben/2015/02/20 <<ο?#g%3Qcomicsssfan BenbenI always change the channel when it comes on.1 minute agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/ben/2015/02/19 ο>%#G%3aechoraven>^Steve Bensonstevebenson“Extremist Christians only observe the parts of the bible that fit their needs and desires to control other people.”
To a large extent (but getting less so every day BUT SLOWLY) it is absolutely correct. If I remember my New Testament reading correctly, it makes no mention of homosexuality, which the Old Testament does. The same old testament that says we shouldn’t eat pigs, but golly gosh darn it, I like bacon and therefore am not going to wag a judgmental finger at gays.
That and because I’m not free from sin, so I’m not throwing any stones either….1 minute agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20 ( (|οCI'%M'3cmartens misses all her friendsDan WassermandanwassermanErrrmmmm…I don’t think so. This graph shows who has done more:

US Gini Index 1913-20094 minutes agoTf2015-02-20 16:54:52http://gocomics.com/danwasserman/2015/02/17οB33]'3qdflakModerately Confusedmoderately-confusedI’m so old they just count the rings. You heard of speed dating, with me it’s carbon dating.4 minutes agoTf2015-02-20 16:54:52http://gocomics.com/moderately-confused/2015/02/20IοA+/+q'3ileftwingpatriotVCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesDuring a down period in my life, IZο@)#!7%3_Bruno Zeigerts@Rip HaywireriphaywireToo bad one of the goons was looking up the back of the bazooka as he fired it…1 minute agoTe2015-02-20 16:49:47http://gocomics.com/riphaywire/2015/02/20 was working as an assistant manager in a drug store. A male cashier kept addressing a middle aged female customer as “ma’am.” He obviously trying to be polite but she didn’t care for it. She said flat out, “I don’t like you calling me that.”
I took the cashier aside and told him that women of a certain age don’t like being addressed as “ma’am”; it reminds them that they are getting older. To always address women — no matter what their age or marital status as “Miss.”
I was reminded of this again when I read letter by 70 year-old women complaining about the workers at the local coffee shop referring to her as “young lady.” She found this patronizing.
So again to all those people working in customer sensitive jobs, please refer to any female customers between 13 to 130 as “Miss.”5 minutes agoTf2015-02-20 16:54:52http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/20 1?u1FοH'3]CARAPORAM Four Eyesfour-eyesHell, I’ll marry Jennifer Aniston anytime she’s ready….3 minutes agoTf2015-02-20 16:54:52http://gocomics.com/four-eyes/2015/02/20 οGM'3USenex FrazzfrazzYou’ve Got a Friend in Me.3 minutes agoTf2015-02-20 16:54:52http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/20`οF)K7o'3uBruno Zeigerts@Ripley's Believe It or NotripleysbelieveitornotThe eel one was shocking.
Made me eel…4 minutes agoTf2015-02-20 16:54:52http://gocomics.com/ripleysbelieveitornot/2015/02/20DοE#1)s'3gChessPirate:Frank & ErnestfrankandernestRunaway Self Importance… it’s catching!4 minutes agoTf2015-02-20 16:54:52http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/20;οD/+g'3iyow4zipϪCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesThat snowman is too busy suffering to endure.4 minutes agoTf2015-02-20 16:54:52http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/1990/02/20 7,οL#)%U%3ccomicsssfan Arlo and JanisarloandjanisInteresting thing from the web site!1 minute agoTf2015-02-20 16:54:52http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/20eοK'['3[Dry and Dusty>Ten Catsten-catsOMG bev! That video was HILARIOUS!2 minutes agoTf2015-02-20 16:54:52http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20οJ='3YBeau NoboTed RalltedrallLast hired, first fired.2 minutes agoTf2015-02-20 16:54:52http://gocomics.com/tedrall/2015/02/20CοI#-'3Uargy.bargy2LuannluannNope, the whole point of the dinner was to introduce Mr. Grey and Gunther…2 minutes agoTf2015-02-20 16:54:52http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 l19lGοR%# 93adflakJeff StahlerjeffstahlerThe pen is mightier than the sword: unless you are one-on-one.less than a minute agoTf2015-02-20 16:54:52http://gocomics.com/jeffstahler/2015/02/20rοP%91!93oR.U. KiddingDark Side of the HorsedarksideofthehorseWhen someone plays the bagpipes it certainly makes me go to another place.less than a minute agoTf2015-02-20 16:54:52http://gocomics.com/darksideofthehorse/2015/02/20?οO)1k%3oRad-ish"The Smile Filemid-life-with-alanThe cartoon is better written than the book is.1 minute agoTf2015-02-20 16:54:52http://gocomics.com/mid-life-with-alan/2015/02/20οM'77M%3ugimmickgeniusρWizard of Id Classicswizard-of-id-classics“I don’t know where we’re going, but we’re making real good time!”1 minute agoTf2015-02-20 16:54:52http://gocomics.com/wizard-of-id-classics/2015/02/20 W)W&οX+#!M'3_sphinx wormwoodRip HaywireriphaywireWas that Joe firing the bazooka?3 minutes agoTh 2015-02-20 16:59:57http://gocomics.com/riphaywire/2015/02/20{οW)3-O'3kicky mung-mung.Tom the Dancing BugtomthedancingbugThere could be a courtroom dance number. I hope Fred Astaire is available. People will love it!3 minutes agoTh 2015-02-20 16:59:57http://gocomics.com/tomthedancingbug/2015/02/20οV'3]Rad-ish"Misc Soupmisc-soupNot me!4 minutes agoTh 2015-02-20 16:59:57http://gocomics.com/misc-soup/2015/02/20οU#!='3_John PoweLoose PartsloosepartsDon’t Fence Me In!4 minutes agoTh 2015-02-20 16:59:57http://gocomics.com/looseparts/2015/02/20QοT!-!!'3_mggreen603Maria's Daymarias-dayYou get great mileage when the roads are closed and you can’t drive.5 minutes agoTh 2015-02-20 16:59:57http://gocomics.com/marias-day/2015/02/20 Uqο])q'3[jessegooddoggy }Ten Catsten-catsPoor Moosie! Will this be a permanent problem? I hope it isn’t from the stress of missing his friend…2 minutes agoTh 2015-02-20 16:59:57http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20Uο[#Q'3Ucomicsssfan BaldobaldoThat’s interesting how there are working on that car like it’s the olden days. They have their tools laid out on a cloth on top of the fender. Of course that could be an older car that’s possible to work on.3 minutes agoTh 2015-02-20 16:59:57http://gocomics.com/baldo/2015/02/20%οZ#!W'3_echoraven>^Matt DaviesmattdaviesNo. Please and take Hillary with you.3 minutes agoTh 2015-02-20 16:59:57http://gocomics.com/mattdavies/2015/02/20 T`STyο`//Y'3mphritzghThat is Pricelessthat-is-pricelessThe artist completed this when she was just 17 years old, before being raped by her art teacher Tassi.2 minutes agoTh 2015-02-20 16:59:57http://gocomics.com/that-is-priceless/2015/02/20ο_#!'3_Rad-ish"Matt DaviesmattdaviesHe’s a walking contradiction, partly fact and partly fiction
Taking every wrong direction on his lonely way to the Whitehouse2 minutes agoTh 2015-02-20 16:59:57http://gocomics.com/mattdavies/2015/02/20ο^!!A'3_DoctorDanZ'Doonesburydoonesbury1986 for me. I waited for the VHS-Betamax dustup to conclude before buying. In 1986, my brother (who never spent $100 without thoroughly researching his choice) finally persuaded me that Beta was technically superior, so that’s what I bought. Oooops!2 minutes agoTh 2015-02-20 16:59:57http://gocomics.com/doonesbury/2015/02/20 MaM οd#k%3Ucomicsssfan BettybettyYou can tell that’s Betty by the glasses.1 minute agoTh 2015-02-20 16:59:57http://gocomics.com/betty/2015/02/20%οc)%#I%3aBruno Zeigerts@Strange BrewstrangebrewI was thinking Lego man…1 minute agoTh 2015-02-20 16:59:57http://gocomics.com/strangebrew/2015/02/20=οb%/)g%3gabbybookcaseBHeart of the Cityheartofthecityshe’s not crabby, she’s my sister1 minute agoTh 2015-02-20 16:59:57http://gocomics.com/heartofthecity/2015/02/20οa%#9'3aechoraven>^John Deeringjohndeering…it got deleted!2 minutes agoTh 2015-02-20 16:59:57http://gocomics.com/johndeering/2015/02/17 .οh#))O'3gcomicsssfan The Born Loserthe-born-loserHe’s doing the best he can.5 minutes agoTi?2015-02-20 17:05:03http://gocomics.com/the-born-loser/2015/02/20Dοg5'3Uyoda1234=LuannluannWow, only one other person thinks it’s the return of Gunther’s father???5 minutes agoTi?2015-02-20 17:05:03http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20\οf%MK-93 R.U. KiddingNew Adventures of Queen VictoriathenewadventuresofqueenvictoriaAnd proud of it.less than a minute agoTh 2015-02-20 16:59:57http://gocomics.com/thenewadventuresofqueenvictoria/2015/02/20{οe#)%]93ckjordan2001GArlo and JanisarloandjanisI think that the silver hair just makes her look like an older Janis. Plus colors don’t help for anyone reading it in a paper where 99% of the time during the week they’re in black and white and only in color on Sunday.less than a minute agoTh 2015-02-20 16:59:57http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/20 DhZοk%3-'3kArthur Adams, Tom the Dancing BugtomthedancingbugCourtroom dance number?


Courtroom kung-fu battle!4 minutes agoTi?2015-02-20 17:05:03http://gocomics.com/tomthedancingbug/2015/02/20Vοj!+!-'3_realist666 7The Dinette SetdinettesetIt would be great of Connie to come over and drag these undesirables into the party so her other guests will have something to talk about when the Pennys leave, after the food is gone, of course. What the Pennys don’t know is that Connie put the cheap food out 1st for the Pennys and will bring out the good food after they leave.4 minutes agoTi?2015-02-20 17:05:03http://gocomics.com/dinetteset/2015/02/206οi%!'3_pinkxOff the MarkoffthemarkIt’s just a cover-up, he’s really an ice guy.4 minutes agoTi?2015-02-20 17:05:03http://gocomics.com/offthemark/2015/02/20 &p-οq'3YAl Nala%zBrevitybrevityI’m more the Nyarlathotep (The Crawling Chaos) fan.3 minutes agoTi?2015-02-20 17:05:03http://gocomics.com/brevity/2015/02/20οp#!K'3_BIGCHRONOJoe VanillajoevanillaTry the transcendental channel.3 minutes agoTi?2015-02-20 17:05:03http://gocomics.com/joevanilla/2015/02/200οn//O'3mhugeʉThat is Pricelessthat-is-pricelessThe thought of Joe Biden came up.4 minutes agoTi?2015-02-20 17:05:03http://gocomics.com/that-is-priceless/2015/02/20sοm--Q'3kDogday88Dilbert Classicsdilbert-classics“…if that’s all there is, my friend, then let’s keep dancing…”4 minutes agoTi?2015-02-20 17:05:03http://gocomics.com/dilbert-classics/2015/02/20[οl'//'3mBRI-NO-MITE!! %The Daily Drawingthe-daily-drawingGo West, young snowflake!
(Seriously, we need them out here.)4 minutes agoTi?2015-02-20 17:05:03http://gocomics.com/the-daily-drawing/2015/02/20 L)οs%%%O'3cabbybookcaseBGrand Avenuegrand-avenuesomeday, you’ll understand.2 minutes agoTi?2015-02-20 17:05:03http://gocomics.com/grand-avenue/2015/02/20.οr%%!_'3_abbybookcaseBRose is Roseroseisrosesquirrels are demanding. don’t you dare miss a day if you start feeding them. they’ll invade the house and cause havoc. inventing a squirrel proof bird feeder is an ongoing design quest. there are those advertised claiming to have succeeded but rarely are those claims at all accurate.3 minutes agoTi?2015-02-20 17:05:03http://gocomics.com/roseisrose/2015/02/20 _οv#!K%3_echoraven>^Bob GorrellbobgorrellWow. Great commentary. Not all that crazy about the point made, but gotta say it was made well.1 minute agoTi?2015-02-20 17:05:03http://gocomics.com/bobgorrell/2015/02/19qοu'3UpinkxGIRTHgirthL0L:)2 minutes agoTi?2015-02-20 17:05:03http://gocomics.com/girth/2015/02/20wοt!'3]Neil Wick 7Dick TracydicktracyGiven her (need for survival) position might not be anything untoward or improper – as has been implied

There might not be anything “improper” going on, but I do have to wonder about the Nitrate’s relationship and it’s history. I’m beginning to think that Sprocket has more serious psychological problems than have appeared to date.2 minutes agoTi?2015-02-20 17:05:03http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20 1οx!G%3UIamJayBluE4Luannluann “I was thinking, Dana Eclar myself… ;-)”
If that’s the case, Gunther’s got a little “McGyver Gene” (possibly even some McGruber) floating around. Mr. Grey is more or less an operative name, and he’s on town, briefing Mrs. B on a new mission. Little does Gunther know that his parents are spies, and little do they know that Gunther is, as well. “Operation Lima Base Alone” was a success, and Gunther could use a little “organizational exchange project” for sharpening his skills…

No wonder he’s so elusive with the ladies…1 minute agoTi?2015-02-20 17:05:03http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20Iοw'7%3UDry and Dusty>GIRTHgirthThat’s right, Girth, you can’t pick your relatives, sadly, sometimes! :-D1 minute agoTi?2015-02-20 17:05:03http://gocomics.com/girth/2015/02/20 Z9y8ZXο~)!;'3[Bruno Zeigerts@U.S. Acresus-acresWell… If you weren’t in that shell… that wouldn’t be a problem.4 minutes agoTjp2015-02-20 17:10:08http://gocomics.com/us-acres/2015/02/20ο}!;'3UIamJayBluE4LuannluannThat’s for sure!!4 minutes agoTjp2015-02-20 17:10:08http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20-ο|+--9'3kAmanda El-DweekAmanda the Greatamanda-the-greatImpatient – yes.4 minutes agoTjp2015-02-20 17:10:08http://gocomics.com/amanda-the-great/2015/02/20:ο{+--S'3kAmanda El-DweekAmanda the Greatamanda-the-greatI will wave next time – haha!5 minutes agoTjp2015-02-20 17:10:08http://gocomics.com/amanda-the-great/2015/02/20Aοz%3'3QabbybookcaseBLioliop.s. your cat is dead. there is light however, a new dr. seuss book is coming out.5 minutes agoTjp2015-02-20 17:10:08http://gocomics.com/lio/2015/02/20 En %#'3anosirromiPrickly CitypricklycityMars doesn’t have much of an atmosphere either. Would that make it a Red Dwarf planet? Smeg I hope not.2 minutes agoTjp2015-02-20 17:10:08http://gocomics.com/pricklycity/2015/02/200! '3UIamJayBluE4LuannluannOr “Ding Dong, The Hitch Is Up Ahead” (♫)…2 minutes agoTjp2015-02-20 17:10:08http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20Q%#+'3aAl Nala%zPrickly CitypricklycityYou can’t say that ng49; it’s a “little-person planet”.3 minutes agoTjp2015-02-20 17:10:08http://gocomics.com/pricklycity/2015/02/205!!y'3_KristiaanăPoptropicapoptropicaNecessity is the mother of invention. Or is it hunger?3 minutes agoTjp2015-02-20 17:10:08http://gocomics.com/poptropica/2015/02/20 4(4n#'%Y'3cHarleyquinnScott Stantisscottstantiss, Obama did NOT “bug out,” he followed the withdrawl agreement that king george imposed..
No GW set forth a conditional timeline with a peaceful set of troops left behind. Obama Mr. no boots, just left! ISIS walked in and started purging Christians as the NAZI did Jews.2 minutes agoTjp2015-02-20 17:10:08http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20R!7'3]Neil Wick 7Dick TracydicktracyNeil… the incest is definitely HINTED at but it COULD also be a case of them being TWINS
Yes, they could be twins. In any case, they are extraordinarily close. I didn’t mean to suggest that there actually is incest, but I’m starting to wonder.2 minutes agoTjp2015-02-20 17:10:08http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20 0%#i%3aUnca JimStrange BrewstrangebrewTried all the ‘statin’ type crap the the MD INSISTED I take.
Had just about every side-effect they list and now I have to take a ‘water-pill’ every day just to keep what’s left of my kidneys going.
MY side-effect lesson was changing doctors to one young enough to be my son, rather than one that should have retired 20 years ago !! (Further rant and diatribe re-read, edited and finally deleted in consideration of the audience’s sensitivities)

grumble, mumble etc, etc…1 minute agoTjp2015-02-20 17:10:08http://gocomics.com/strangebrew/2015/02/19w!%3UIamJayBluE4LuannluannThanks!1 minute agoTjp2015-02-20 17:10:08http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 O #M'3UChessPirate:MontymontyI thought Hulk’s “Puny God!” line in “The Avengers” was the best one of the whole movie.
Second was Captain America: “And Hulk?”
[Hulk turns and looks at Cap]
Captain America: “Smash!”
[Hulk smiles and leaps away]5 minutes agoTk2015-02-20 17:15:14http://gocomics.com/monty/2015/02/20+ #'%S'3cHarleyquinnScott StantisscottstantisThe jihadists from Europe and the US had gotten quite used to the relative ease of their daily lives. "but but what about the magic green jobs Obama is trying to give them? They not true Believers in Gorbul warming. Obama claims they do not have jobs and it all because of the crusades.5 minutes agoTk2015-02-20 17:15:14http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20   l %%#W'3aNewenglandahuSteve Bensonstevebenson“The ONLY holy book that tells its followers to murder those that don’t follow it is the Koran.”

Please cite which specific passage in the Koran tells its followers to murder.

To this date, every passage that some anti-Moslem bigot has claimed as a commandment to murder or commit violence has turned out to be bogus or subject to interpretation.

Mind you that many passages in the Judeo Christian Bible can be interpreted to sanction slaughter of non-believers, slavery, misogyny, and many other practices that no true Christian today would ever condone.4 minutes agoTk2015-02-20 17:15:14http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20h !y'3UIamJayBluE4LuannluannBTW, hope you saw the “Nancy- 3 Rocks Explanation” from yesterday’s…4 minutes agoTk2015-02-20 17:15:14http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 [?#! '3_SFCGaTorELisa BensonlisabensonI am not getting the “monopoly” thing. Where is the monopoly when there are so many carriers in competition with each other over providing internet service?
One thing I do know, which is borne out through historical fact, is that the government never manages a business efficiently.
Another thing is that once you establish or allow a bureaucracy to control a thing or service it grows into an out of control monster.3 minutes agoTk2015-02-20 17:15:14http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20 )/+!'3iNikola TaschenCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesCool Comic3 minutes agoTk2015-02-20 17:15:14http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/20 !!U'3]hippogriffiJumpStartjumpstartnosirrom: They still knock? Where?3 minutes agoTk2015-02-20 17:15:14http://gocomics.com/jumpstart/2015/02/207!'3[BitsyTwill)Gil ThorpgilthorpIf this helps Bacon’s game, it sure is a lot more convenient than a visit to a peacock farm. My prediction…he’ll fade again after halftime…low blood sugar perhaps.3 minutes agoTk2015-02-20 17:15:14http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/20>!%'3UIamJayBluE4LuannluannWhen Mr. Gray first showed up at the “Tele-Gunther” party without his name being introduced in that first strip, I “wondered aloud” if he was Gunther’s father…3 minutes agoTk2015-02-20 17:15:14http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 cIc`;;'3yDennettkxThe Martian Confederacythe-martian-confederacyNow he can get a nice hook to go with that black eye patch.2 minutes agoTk2015-02-20 17:15:14http://gocomics.com/the-martian-confederacy/2015/02/20%#A'3arok_onSteve BensonstevebensonAt echoraven,
The first chapter of Romans seems to me to be talking about homosexuality while the second chapter seems to be talking about those condemn it while practicing it. Also, it is ok to eat whatever kind of meat you would like to according to the 10th chapter of acts.2 minutes agoTk2015-02-20 17:15:14http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20'%''3cbg_21yTank McNamaratankmcnamaraIt’s not Sportsmen Jerk of the Year, it’s Sports Jerk. Goodell is heavily involved in a sport and he is a jerk. Seems easy to me.3 minutes agoTk2015-02-20 17:15:14http://gocomics.com/tankmcnamara/2015/02/20 DaoD%)%!K%3_Bruno Zeigerts@Wizard of IdwizardofidHe could at least animate the shovel… so it clears the snow by itself… just like Sorcerer’s Apprentice …
On second thought …1 minute agoTk2015-02-20 17:15:14http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20l'++?'3iDave Johnston#The Boobiehatchthe-boobiehatchMy EYES!

Are those the showgirls from the Pink Flamingo?2 minutes agoTk2015-02-20 17:15:14http://gocomics.com/the-boobiehatch/2015/02/20)C'3[jessegooddoggy }Ten Catsten-catsI added Speechless, thanks!2 minutes agoTk2015-02-20 17:15:14http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20 V'#5%3amabrndtOne Big HappyonebighappyClick-to-enlarge AKA, Bobby Joe?1 minute agoTk2015-02-20 17:15:14http://gocomics.com/overthehedge/2015/02/202!%3UIamJayBluE4LuannluannWith all this wondering about “Mr. Berger’s return (or even new arrival)”, wouldn’t it be something, if Gunther’s middle name was… “Luke”?1 minute agoTk2015-02-20 17:15:14http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20gentiles/artemisi/susanna.jpg">image can be found here, along with a description, or at Mr. Melcher’s blog entry.

Susanna and the Elders (link shows Wikipedia page) isn’t, as far as I can tell, shown online by its current-location.

A different coloration image can be found here, along with a longer description. Another different coloration image can be found here, and another description can be found here.

To complete this trilogy, the artist painted two other versions (click left for enlargement):

in 1622 and 1649. The artist’s Wikipedia page and collection (more under Subcategories at each level).

Second, of the 2 works, by this artist, that have, so far, appeared in Mr. Melcher’s blog, to also appear here (2 total).1 minute agoTk2015-02-20 17:15:14http://gocomics.com/onebighappy/2003/05/05 /u/@%%#'3aNewenglandahuKen CatalinokencatalinoAnd ignorant people pull out the stale Al Gore jokes every time it snows. I guess that for them Rush Limbaugh’s rants take precedence over 97% of the world’s climatologists.5 minutes agoTl2015-02-20 17:20:20http://gocomics.com/kencatalino/2015/02/20'#%3aDogday88Red and RoverredandroverAre you kidding??!? I watched as a teenager back then and I’m watching the late Saturday night re-reruns now — and they’re still JUST as corny! I read a “What are they doing now” interview with the remaining cast members and they said there were a couple of episodes even THEY had trouble keeping a straight face through. Just like the great watch-the-skies sci fi of the ’50s, this is fun pre-Star Wars-technology viewing.1 minute agoTk2015-02-20 17:15:14http://gocomics.com/redandrover/2015/02/20 X|#!G'3[tiger2004GpU.S. Acresus-acresWhich way is up?4 minutes agoTl2015-02-20 17:20:20http://gocomics.com/us-acres/1991/05/22V"!!9'3_KristiaanăAndertoonsandertoonsDidn’t Native Americans ‘discover’ America long before Leif Ericson?4 minutes agoTl2015-02-20 17:20:20http://gocomics.com/andertoons/2015/02/20!#'%%'3cHarleyquinnScott Stantisscottstantisscottstantis5 minutes agoTl2015-02-20 17:20:20http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20 %!'3_nosirromiWizard of IdwizardofidI’ve never gotten sick from ice cream no matter how much I’ve eaten. On the other hand all this snow is making me depressed!5 minutes agoTl2015-02-20 17:20:20http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20 JJ&%%C'3cphritzghWorking Dazeworking-dazeMaybe it should really be TJIF: Thank Jews It’s Friday. In 1908, a New England spinning mill instituted the two-day weekend to accommodate its Jewish employees. Can you imagine the controversy if something like that happened in today’s world?2 minutes agoTl2015-02-20 17:20:20http://gocomics.com/working-daze/2015/02/20o%)s'3YThe UnBelieverPeanutspeanutsLucy, future athletic director for a SEC school. Or maybe FSU.3 minutes agoTl2015-02-20 17:20:20http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/20$!!E'3_F MNSpeechlessspeechlessDoes being your fan right from the start when GoComics first introduced your work warrant an autographed copy of your book to be shipped to me in Singapore?3 minutes agoTl2015-02-20 17:20:20http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/20 du!,s%3Ubigpuma FrazzfrazzFame is relative, as is what it bestows on the famous. Ask any maitre d’, cop, or security guy how many times he’s heard, “Don’t you know who I am?”1 minute agoTl2015-02-20 17:20:20http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/200+%#m%3aMikel VXImagine Thisimaginethis Now it seems Lucas got stuck on that thought too1 minute agoTl2015-02-20 17:20:20http://gocomics.com/imaginethis/2015/02/09i*'3SnosirromiWuMowumoThat stuff is dangerous!
Dihydrogen Monoxide FAQ2 minutes agoTl2015-02-20 17:20:20http://gocomics.com/wumo/2015/02/20'#I'3YChessPirate:PeanutspeanutsAh, so Lucy likes Cream-Puffs!2 minutes agoTl2015-02-20 17:20:20http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/20 t0!_'3URick SmithcFrazzfrazz….and what’s wrong with that?5 minutes agoTn2015-02-20 17:25:25http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/19 /!%#'3aJustjoking Non SequiturnonsequiturIf a person begins a story with: " Y’all ain’t going to believe this, but.."
You are best advised not to.5 minutes agoTn2015-02-20 17:25:25http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/20.//93mmabrndtThat is Pricelessthat-is-pricelessClick-to-enlarge image can be found here, along with a description, or at Mr. Melcher’s blog entry.

Susanna and the Elders (link shows Wikipedia page) isn’t, as far as I can tell, shown online by its current-location.

A different coloration image can be found here, along with a longer description. Another different coloration image can be found here, and another description can be found here.

To complete this trilogy, the artist painted two other versions (click for enlargement):

in 1622 and 1649. The artist’s Wikipedia page and collection (more under Subcategories at each level).

Second, of the 2 works, by this artist, that have, so far, appeared in Mr. Melcher’s blog, to also appear here (2 total).less than a minute agoTl2015-02-20 17:20:20http://gocomics.com/that-is-priceless/2015/02/20 8 33;3Q'3qThree Fighting Fish (For Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseWe have separation of church and state. How about having a separation of school and state as well?4 minutes agoTn2015-02-20 17:25:25http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/192''%'3cMeh~thodologyFrog Applausefrogapplause

FISHNET FRIDAY for February 20th, 2015
4 minutes agoTn2015-02-20 17:25:25http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20B19'3SphritzghWuMowumoTo get to six glasses of water, she has to drink at least ten glasses of vodka, right?4 minutes agoTn2015-02-20 17:25:25http://gocomics.com/wumo/2015/02/20 kk7#'%%'3cHarleyquinnScott Stantisscottstantisscottstantis3 minutes agoTn2015-02-20 17:25:25http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20E6#-+u'3icharliedawg-FoxTrot Classicsfoxtrotclassicsno worries Peter, micky dees contain almost no beef.3 minutes agoTn2015-02-20 17:25:25http://gocomics.com/foxtrotclassics/2015/02/20d5)K7w'3ucorpcasselburyRipley's Believe It or NotripleysbelieveitornotI personally found it to be quite electrifying…3 minutes agoTn2015-02-20 17:25:25http://gocomics.com/ripleysbelieveitornot/2015/02/20A4!//c'3mSnoopy_Fan Inherit the Mirthinherit-the-mirthJohn: I am unworthy to untie His sandals…“
Floyd: (waving his hand) ”Over here! I’ll do it! I just got some River Jordans!"3 minutes agoTn2015-02-20 17:25:25http://gocomics.com/inherit-the-mirth/2015/02/20 $Hp$,>c93[TioMaxx +Get FuzzygetfuzzyThe Oprah Book Club For Persian Cats maybe?less than a minute agoTn2015-02-20 17:25:25http://gocomics.com/getfuzzy/2015/02/20=!##1%3aJustjoking BUSHY TALESbushy-talesOr, a no know now.1 minute agoTn2015-02-20 17:25:25http://gocomics.com/bushy-tales/2015/02/20 <)'%3eIBgone Ballard StreetballardstreetBob and Ginger’s dog, Snuffy
1 minute agoTn2015-02-20 17:25:25http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20B:!!%3]Justjoking Speed BumpspeedbumpYou were absolutely correct when you said you had no sense of humor.1 minute agoTn2015-02-20 17:25:25http://gocomics.com/speedbump/2015/02/2029#'#e'3aargy.bargy2One Big HappyonebighappyThere goes the whole concept of karma…2 minutes agoTn2015-02-20 17:25:25http://gocomics.com/onebighappy/2015/02/20 b0B'%#]'3aHiram BinghamULLalo AlcarazlaloalcarazWhy should you pay for the education of immigrant children?

Because they will be paying your Social Security in the future when they are gainfully employed.4 minutes agoTo52015-02-20 17:30:29http://gocomics.com/laloalcaraz/2015/02/19&A%#W'3adzw3030Prickly CitypricklycityTerry Pratchett has a better concept.5 minutes agoTo52015-02-20 17:30:29http://gocomics.com/pricklycity/2015/02/20'@!'#Q'3aSnoopy_Fan Red and RoverredandroverI had a huge crush on Penny…5 minutes agoTo52015-02-20 17:30:29http://gocomics.com/redandrover/2015/02/20k?/)793gMikel VXHeart of the CityheartofthecityWait, being this Crab soccer, shouldn’t Heart be shooting to the opposite goal?less than a minute agoTn2015-02-20 17:25:25http://gocomics.com/heartofthecity/2015/02/20 e |eG;'3]billdi Alley Oopalley-oopsilly me…i thought this was an action-adventure strip; it actually was once upon a time.
now it’s just a silly soap opera, but slower.3 minutes agoTo52015-02-20 17:30:29http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/20E!?'3]Sam I Am Stone SoupstonesoupYou are absolutely right.3 minutes agoTo52015-02-20 17:30:29http://gocomics.com/stonesoup/2015/02/20nD!!!g'3_Justjoking BirdbrainsbirdbrainsFish and people should both remember this, keep your mouth shut and you won’t get into so much trouble.4 minutes agoTo52015-02-20 17:30:29http://gocomics.com/birdbrains/2015/02/20oC)']'3eIBgone Ballard StreetballardstreetAnd their pet hamster, Tuffy
4 minutes agoTo52015-02-20 17:30:29http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20 5>55K '3[tea628>Last Kisslastkiss A la “Music, Sex, and Cookies” a la Michael Spiro.2 minutes agoTo52015-02-20 17:30:29http://gocomics.com/lastkiss/2015/02/13HJ%#'3adflakNon SequiturnonsequiturMy wife is an excellent cook and cooks “healthy” almost all the time. All the meals, even he good stuff is delicious.

My problem isn’t that I eat too much of the bad stuff; I eat too much of the good stuff.

Nonetheless, I am convinced that there is nothing one can do to broccoli to make it fit for human consumption. I must have tried it 25 different ways and still can’t find a way I can even tolerate.2 minutes agoTo52015-02-20 17:30:29http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/20
A god like trickster named Aaron Marx used dittos to create several illusions, most notably images of Wally’s time in Bordavia which helped prod Wally to tell Holly about that part of his life.

Aaron also used the dittos to conceal his air ship by producing a form of adaptive camouflage. They could show every viewer the image they would see if there wasn’t anything there, effectively rendering whatever they’re covering invisible. Wally and Holly were using some of Aaron Marx’s dittos during their little trip which allowed them to hide from Topsiders. The lizards also use dittos for camouflage and when their dittos attacked Wally’s dittos their party was visible to the lizards and they were taken captive.

I know its long and drawn out, but that’s the way things are in the Neatherverse. Hope this helps make things a little less confusing.2 minutes agoTo52015-02-20 17:30:29http://gocomics.com/endtown/2015/02/20 d&dgreen crap.2 minutes agoTo52015-02-20 17:30:29http://gocomics.com/sunny-street/2015/02/20LL'/'3YDarwinskeeperEndtownendtownDittos are sort Pixel creature. Each individual ditto is small enough to only be seen using a magnifying glass, but they tend to travel in large groups and work well together.

We don’t know whether dittos are able to build things, manipulate matter or harm people physically. The things we have seen them do involves creating images.

They were originally seen in the Al and Gustine Quest story arc in which they tormented an individual named Sparkplug by wordlessly retelling his the story of how he invented zero weapons every night. They also tried to keep Al, Gustine and their transporter from escaping by presenting an image of other tran 5Q5O%9'3]NewenglandahuLay Lineslay-linesAs I recall, the game calls for one bullet in a six-round chamber. If the chamber is spun before each participant pulls the trigger, that is Hungarian Roulette.

Russian Roulette calls for the chamber to be spun only once. Each participant thus advances the chamber one place. So in Russian Roulette there is a 100% chance that one of six participants will be shot.

In Hungarian Roulette, there is a chance that no one will be hurt. Of course, if someone is shot, the game is over. So as a math teacher once told my class, convince everyone to play Hungarian Roulette instead of Russian Roulette, and go last. Then you will be least likely to be shot.2 minutes agoTo52015-02-20 17:30:29http://gocomics.com/lay-lines/2015/02/20)Nw'3YMikel VXPeanutspeanutsNever knew that the Van Pelts were of Huns ancestors!2 minutes agoTo52015-02-20 17:30:29http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/20 #Q)'G%3eIBgone Ballard StreetballardstreetAnd their cat, Fluffy
1 minute agoTo52015-02-20 17:30:29http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20 ccRU%3YWabbitEndtownendtownThere are so many unknowns that if Aaron did this for the rest of his life, may he live to be 110, he would not cover it all.

As much as I love this format, sometimes I wish he were writing a series of novels. There would have to be some drawings, but stories are a lot faster to write that it’s the drawings that take time.
I wrote a story that I illustrated about half of, but life got in the way and I never got back to it. So many years have past that I would have to change it some.

Maybe Aaron could find a trusted friend to just write the history of Al, Marx, pre-Endtown, and Endtown up to now.
On another not, I hope a collection of pre-endtown stories.

Are the books 5-6 going to print anytime soon?

This is Not me complaining, just thinking of possiblilties.1 minute agoTo52015-02-20 17:30:29http://gocomics.com/endtown/2015/02/20 OpJOuW#g93]Bobtul07110(re: specific passages;
http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/quran/023-violence.htm4 minutes agoTpg2015-02-20 17:35:35http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20*Yu'3[tea628>Last Kisslastkiss Typical crazy cat women. Like a couple of my aunts.4 minutes agoTpg2015-02-20 17:35:35http://gocomics.com/lastkiss/2015/02/11X%#'3aKaffekup sLa CucarachalacucarachaAnyhow, I thought the Fema concentration camps were strictly for rich republicans when Obama decides to run for a third term.5 minutes agoTpg2015-02-20 17:35:35http://gocomics.com/lacucaracha/2015/02/20 u`ue_///'3mKaffekup sInherit the Mirthinherit-the-mirthMaybe they allow him to walk on the water and therefore they don’t get wet.3 minutes agoTpg2015-02-20 17:35:35http://gocomics.com/inherit-the-mirth/2015/02/20])'3'3eIBgone Ballard StreetballardstreetOh heck – they’ve started a trend – there goes the neighborhood.

Can you spot the Hemelshotz?3 minutes agoTpg2015-02-20 17:35:35http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20 A}d!%!'3_Snoopy_Fan Wizard of Idwizardofid-12º in Northern Kentucky; Windchill was ten degrees warmer than Thursday morning but still nothing to sneeze at (-21º)2 minutes agoTpg2015-02-20 17:35:35http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20b7'3UhendelcaCathycathyI second the eye-roll from rgcviper

9`!'3]Neil Wick 7Dick TracydicktracySprocket was asking Silver about getting rid of Lena …

I can’t remember if she had a reason for getting rid of Lena, but she can use Lena as a companionship substitute if she feels she’s losing control of Silver’s attention. She certainly seems to be Lena’s primary caregiver.3 minutes agoTpg2015-02-20 17:35:35http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20

lightenup – I don’t think the reality has hit her yet!

Anona Mouse I am glad the rest of the summer was good. Evidently the week before we were there it rained the whole week. Our week was wet with a few showers but nothing to stop us from really enjoying ourselves. We talked to a group of young people in a park in Inverness and they were saying it was cooler and wetter than normal for that time of year. The three day’s we were in Edinburgh it was beautiful – sunny and warm. The entire valley next to the train station was packed with people just lying in the sun. We are hoping for some signs of spring ourselves – but don’t expect any for a month or so. With temps of -37C with a windchill of -45C this morning I suspect we are still in winter.2 minutes agoTpg2015-02-20 17:35:35http://gocomics.com/cathy/2015/02/20 ,\,LiG%3UDave.53.Luannluanntell you what ..you stop complaining, and I’ll stop complaining about your complaining!1 minute agoTpg2015-02-20 17:35:35http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20Xh//%3mmabrndtThat is Pricelessthat-is-pricelessThanks for posting that. It is expanded upon in the second and third descriptions I pointed to, and even more in her Wikipedia page, also pointed to in my first comment (after yours).1 minute agoTpg2015-02-20 17:35:35http://gocomics.com/that-is-priceless/2015/02/20/f;!W%3]✯✯ VistaBill ✯✯GbDick TracydicktracyGood afternoon fellow DT fans!1 minute agoTpg2015-02-20 17:35:35http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20ie%!_'3_dzw3030Rose is RoseroseisroseI designed squirrel proof feeder but gave it up when I realized it would fry as many birds as squirrels.2 minutes agoTpg2015-02-20 17:35:35http://gocomics.com/roseisrose/2015/02/20 ]].m!q'3]Neil Wick 7Dick Tracydicktracy(I meant a reason for wanting to get rid of Lena.)3 minutes agoTq2015-02-20 17:40:40http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/207l'3Udzw3030RubesrubesDon’t explain that to us. Tell it to congress; they need the help.5 minutes agoTq2015-02-20 17:40:40http://gocomics.com/rubes/2015/02/20Dk!%# '3aDragonRydrSteve BensonstevebensonExcept that the Crusades ALSO attacked CHRISTIAN people to rape, murder and rob, often to the point of never making it to the UnHoly Lands.5 minutes agoTq2015-02-20 17:40:40http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20bj!73%3qJustjoking warped & dementedwarped-and-dementedNow that’s a sea monster! And on Chinese New Year too.1 minute agoTpg2015-02-20 17:35:35http://gocomics.com/warped-and-demented/2015/02/20 "R?"rO'3YJeff0811DrabbledrabbleSorry guy, it was the first thing that came to mind. Thank you so much for having a sense of humor about this. (What gets me is the pearls she wears everywhere).2 minutes agoTq2015-02-20 17:40:40http://gocomics.com/drabble/2015/02/18Eq)'3[QueenofAmerica2Ten Catsten-catsJessegooddoggy: No, this happens to adult males who have been neutered. Especially BIG ones, which Moose is. The first time was in 2012. He’s been fine until now.2 minutes agoTq2015-02-20 17:40:40http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20Bp'''3Ugothic_beauty(BettybettyThat’s probably a good thing. Otherwise she’ll never stop …3 minutes agoTq2015-02-20 17:40:40http://gocomics.com/betty/2015/02/20(n'u'3Ugothic_beauty(BettybettyAh, the things we learn from children’s films!3 minutes agoTq2015-02-20 17:40:40http://gocomics.com/betty/2015/02/20 Qu'I'3[gothic_beauty(CorneredcorneredYou’re hilarious. Amen!!2 minutes agoTq2015-02-20 17:40:40http://gocomics.com/cornered/2015/02/201t''%Y'3cHiram BinghamULNick AndersonnickandersonIf America is to survive, it must marginalize all those who are doing their best to turn this into a religious war, and that includes both ISIS and the fundamentalist Christians on these boards like Disgusted and SFCGaTor. They are both working toward the same goals.2 minutes agoTq2015-02-20 17:40:40http://gocomics.com/nickanderson/2015/02/19)sq'3YJet ChungxBig NatebignateIf only he applied himself like that to schoolwork2 minutes agoTq2015-02-20 17:40:40http://gocomics.com/bignate/2006/04/19 dvy+!!A%3_Wet & Soggy ZSpeechlessspeechlessor me in MN? – lol -1 minute agoTq2015-02-20 17:40:40http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/20hx)'K%3eechoraven>^Mike Luckovichmikeluckovich“As bad? who or what are you comparing him too? "
Probably Jimmy Carter.1 minute agoTq2015-02-20 17:40:40http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20v#!C%3_ahabsLisa BensonlisabensonInteresting stuff SFCGaTor, thanks. I think you’d like The Last Ranch by Sam Bingham, about Colorado ranching in the San Luis Valley. It covers the hardships of running a modern ranch with a family, amidst changing economic,environmental,social,and local environments.1 minute agoTq2015-02-20 17:40:40http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/18 qR|II9'3cindyorchqLittle Fried Chicken and Sushilittle-fried-chicken-and-sushiget a clue ma’am5 minutes agoTr2015-02-20 17:45:45http://gocomics.com/little-fried-chicken-and-sushi/2015/02/20j{#!M93_b_amiltonCitizen DogcitizendogMy favorite strip of all time. Love the characters. Thanks for bringing a chuckle to an old man.less than a minute agoTq2015-02-20 17:40:40http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/20 z%%#%3aNewenglandahuSteve BensonstevebensonYes, we already know that there are various anti-Moslem bigoted website that cite mistranslated or bogus passages to suit their agenda. Every passage in the website you cited is a mistranslation or open to interpretation. You will have to do better than that.1 minute agoTq2015-02-20 17:40:40http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20 papk+!!W'3_Wet & Soggy ZSpeechlessspeechlessAndroid friends furever was the best commercial from the Superbowl and maybe my favorite of all time!4 minutes agoTr2015-02-20 17:45:45http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/20~%#='3adzw3030Strange BrewstrangebrewOld news, he died…5 minutes agoTr2015-02-20 17:45:45http://gocomics.com/strangebrew/2015/02/20 t?'3[echoraven>^Joel Pettjoelpett…no it won’t.3 minutes agoTr2015-02-20 17:45:45http://gocomics.com/joelpett/2015/02/20-!'3]I Play One On TV:Rob RogersrobrogersThe main objections are route, which will carry it over the largest aquifer in the Midwest (= the source of most farmed food in this country), and also the insistence on the part of one party that there need be no payments into an insurance policy for the inevitable need for cleanup. So when it ruptures (which it will), the cost of cleanup will fall to the US taxpayer. Both of those objections are enough for me. But I’m only one person, and I don’t contribute to campaigns, so I don’t exist.4 minutes agoTr2015-02-20 17:45:45http://gocomics.com/robrogers/2015/02/20 .)!7%3]Lonnie Cavenee|\Scary GaryscarygaryThere! Satisfied now?1 minute agoTr2015-02-20 17:45:45http://gocomics.com/scarygary/2015/02/20x''3[gothic_beauty(Rudy ParkrudyparkAnyone else suspect that Armstrong awarded that ‘Businessman of the Year’ certificate on his wall to himself?3 minutes agoTr2015-02-20 17:45:45http://gocomics.com/rudypark/2015/02/20|)'s'3eKaffekup sMike LuckovichmikeluckovichBrilliant riff of name-calling. Hiding what?
Back to “president bush 45”; I saw where his big foreign policy speech was a disaster. About what I would have expected from a weed (since the last one was a shrub).3 minutes agoTr2015-02-20 17:45:45http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20L!G'3StreesareusShoeshoeI do feel sorry for you guys. We are now into our 44th year and she is still my best friend.3 minutes agoTr2015-02-20 17:45:45http://gocomics.com/shoe/2015/02/20 **P-!%%3]I Play One On TV:Rob RogersrobrogersWe COULD work on our infrastructure to make derailments less likely. Oh, but that would cost money; how could we give tax cuts AND spend money (on something not military related)?

We COULD create regulations (eyeroll) requiring more safety of rail cars that transport petroleum to make them less likely to rupture and less likely to explode. But all regulations cost jobs, right?

So, the right answer? Do nothing, deal with the consequences later. This works for almost every problem we might have.1 minute agoTr2015-02-20 17:45:45http://gocomics.com/robrogers/2015/02/20 QQ) +--1%3kWet & Soggy ZCleo and Companycleo-and-companyme too! Neil DeGrasse would take him out in an instant. It might take Stephen Hawking alittle longer due to his voice constraints. BUT they would prove that that cleric is an idiot.
By the way, shame on you and Stel for todays – lol -1 minute agoTr2015-02-20 17:45:45http://gocomics.com/cleo-and-company/2015/02/20 M!MN ))'3gcindyorchqJust Say Unclejust-say-uncleLOVE those kringles………3 minutes agoTs2015-02-20 17:50:51http://gocomics.com/just-say-uncle/2015/02/20Y %#='3aWabbitLa CucarachalacucarachaFema camps sound terrible.
BTW when has a president run for a third term?
Not since Roosevelt, then a law limited terms.
You have to think who are the illuminati ? Who are the top 500 richest people?
These are they ones who think there are too many poor people in the USA. Plus, have you considered the Worlds top 500? This is the NWO.
The 1st person to mentioned the NWO was H.W. Bush. He mentioned the NWO in a speech in a favorable way.3 minutes agoTs2015-02-20 17:50:51http://gocomics.com/lacucaracha/2015/02/20 e@eU !;'3]echoraven>^Rob RogersrobrogersGreat observation! I can top it though. Remember when gas prices were highest? There were articles about gas companies making record profits. Something was askew…
@Robert Landers
“Does anyone else but myself see that this country will only even slow down on the burning of fossil fuels when Big Oil and Coal and their minions in Congress (yes liberal Democrats as well as conservative Republicans) have bought up all of the alternative fuel production abilities?”
What stresses me, is how absolutely dependent the entire economy is on the price of oil.2 minutes agoTs2015-02-20 17:50:51http://gocomics.com/robrogers/2015/02/20: %'3Ulegaleagle48glCathycathyShe’s not in denial. The reality just hasn’t sunk in yet.3 minutes agoTs2015-02-20 17:50:51http://gocomics.com/cathy/2015/02/20 !!03/C%3mAwelCruizQPearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineGranted, but Rat is a jerk.1 minute agoTs2015-02-20 17:50:51http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2010/08/19)'3%3eIBgone Ballard StreetballardstreetWalked int to the Tiki..and there he was
1 minute agoTs2015-02-20 17:50:51http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/209+!q'3_2old, getting younger!The Dinette SetdinettesetWe watched East Enders in the 80s. The same 8 people swirling around each other with enough drama, anger, and angst for all of London! And we were hooked. Then the powers at the tv network decided to “catch up” with the British episodes, and jumped ahead 3 years! Everybody quit watching and the local network stopped showing it. I agree this is SouthEnders!2 minutes agoTs2015-02-20 17:50:51http://gocomics.com/dinetteset/2015/02/20 -t1;'3[Charlie PodrebaracFat Catsfat-catsThanks and back at you!5 minutes agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/fat-cats/2015/02/20P#K7S'3uPetemejia77!Ripley's Believe It or NotripleysbelieveitornotTHAT IS SOOO BAD-@$$ ON THE EELS!5 minutes agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/ripleysbelieveitornot/2015/02/203+)K93gPauljmsngBrewster RockitbrewsterrockitCue obligatory Kanye West joke.less than a minute agoTs2015-02-20 17:50:51http://gocomics.com/brewsterrockit/2015/02/20M!9%3Yrealist666 7Peanutspeanutsno underinflated balls in baseball
but spitballs, now that’s another matter1 minute agoTs2015-02-20 17:50:51http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/20 =1=n)k'3[Lonnie Cavenee|\PreTeenapreteenaI was only 11 But I remember that. It was something else, people shoving each other off stage, grabbing the mics, all the yelling, the Chicago 7, wow. The Democratic Party refused to take a stand against the Vietnam War and the rank and file (including my Dad) were furious. Nixon was a shoe-in after that with his promise to end the war, which he did (more or less).4 minutes agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/preteena/2015/02/20I)''3eWabbitMike LuckovichmikeluckovichJeb Bush is just scary considering that H.W. Bush mentioned the NWO in a favorable way, and the total and complete failure of shrub, Weed would be worse.
It’s a proven fact that youngest make in a family of boys has more chance of failure, trouble or other problems.
Just saying.4 minutes agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20 '' +G'3Oladylagomorph76ХB.C.bcThat’s splashed pepper.4 minutes agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/20A%''3Ulegaleagle48glCathycathyActually, her answer to Mom’s question makes me wonder whether Cathy is really ready for marriage. Like her mother, she seems think of marriage as the ultimate endgame, when it’s really only a beginning. She’s only thinking of what marriage to Irving will mean in terms of her happiness; she doesn’t seem to realize that she will also be expected to contribute to his happiness. In other words, she only sees what she thinks are the benefits of marriage, but she hasn’t yet started seeing all of the responsibilities. That’s why she’s not panicking at the thought that yes, she’s about to change her life forever.4 minutes agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/cathy/2015/02/20 VjN#--'3kPetemejia77!Robbie and Bobbyrobbie-and-bobbyThis is the neatest strip of this comic! Almost Nemo-like.3 minutes agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/robbie-and-bobby/2015/02/20/-+O'3iprfesserFoxTrot ClassicsfoxtrotclassicsAnd a couple truckloads of worms.3 minutes agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/foxtrotclassics/2015/02/20f%#U'3adzw3030Ken CatalinokencatalinoBig Al is the Joke. His dedication to climate change is as valid as his increase in wealth.3 minutes agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/kencatalino/2015/02/20$!!!U'3_Snoopy_Fan SpeechlessspeechlessLOVE it!!!4 minutes agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/20 v!);;!'3yLonnie Cavenee|\The Martian Confederacythe-martian-confederacyI thought I had a clever remark but forget it, I can’t top that one!2 minutes agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/the-martian-confederacy/2015/02/20 %#'3aWiley Non SequiturnonsequiturOne of the things I hate most about the internet is the need so many people have to mҁk'a'3]Hiram BinghamULMatt Borsmatt-borshttp://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/gadgets/66398404/robotic-dog-wins-internet-sympathy-after-getting-kicked3 minutes agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/matt-bors/2015/02/17ks'3[tcar-1&DGil ThorpgilthorpGil and Kaz are in the main foyer of the school still staring mesmerized at the football state championship trophy.3 minutes agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/20ake an argument out of anything and everything, and do so with the childish tactic of applying bizarre absolutes to refute anything that’s been said.

“Not ALL (men/women/lawyers/athletes, whatever the topic is) are like that!”. Well, duh. You cannot apply anything to any group of people, no matter how much it’s based in fact, and have it apply to universally.

Child, please. Citing an exception does not disprove the rule. Grow up.

Then there’s the hilariously insipid attempt to employ a tired old quip as a counter point, only to have it ironically support the other’s point. We see that here with, “real men don’t eat quiche”. My only hope here is that it was meant to be ironic. Have you bothered to look at the ingredients for making quiche? It’s almost nothing but fatty, artery-clogging junk that has almost no nutritional value.2 minutes agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/20 iI$))'3gpoodles27PRaising Duncanraising-duncanBig Daddy is about to get off on the wrong side of the couch!2 minutes agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/raising-duncan/2015/02/20#%  '3]Crispy Bacon {Alley Oopalley-oopCrispy’s Oop 2/20/15 Terror Of The T-Rex

Panel 1:
The rest of the team is on the ice warming up. Dinzler gives Oop a shove “Get out there and get warmed up.” Alley goes gliding out on to the ice.

Panel 2:
Alley’s afraid to move his feet. He’s never worn ice skates before.Ԃ"#+)w'3gPetemejia77!Liberty MeadowslibertymeadowsI’M @#%^$ DONE WITH THIS!!!!!!!!!2 minutes agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/libertymeadows/2015/02/20 He glides all the way accross the ice and slams into the opposite wall. Dinzler’s thinking “What’s with this guy?”

Panel 3:
Oop holds onto the wall and starts to get a feel for the ice under his skate blades. He’s thinking "I can do this. I’ve never worn ice skates but I have done plenty of barefoot sliding on the ice and snow. He pushes off and this time moves his feet a little. He’s doing it. He’s ice skating.

Panel 4:
The team is back on the bench and The National Anthem is playing. Oop looks to the player next to him and says “I’ve never played Hockey before. What am I supposed to do? Oops new teammate replies What? Do you have amnesia? You’re one of the leagues best defenseman. You know what to do. Just stay behind that blue line and stop Colorados forwards from getting a good shot on goal.” Oop says “Uhm, Okay.”2 minutes agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/01/06 /0'!7'3[realist666 7PreTeenapreteenawas jane fonda there?2 minutes agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/preteena/2015/02/20y&)%!q'3_DavidHuieGreenSWizard of IdwizardofidSnow is best shoved aside rather than lifted per NPR yesterday. Back and heart problems2 minutes agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20K%%#%'3aahabsKen CatalinokencatalinoBalto, Grizzlies in Colorado are a bit hard to find. Black and brown bears are plentiful there. (I’m a Colorado native…) Yes the bears are out early, less snowpack, early thaw, early fire season for the whole Western U.S. A decade of record heat is not abating. Boston is up to its earlobes in snow, and arctic cold.2 minutes agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/kencatalino/2015/02/20 ~d8:~6,+%#U93aladylagomorph76ХNon SequiturnonsequiturCHOCOLATE!less than a minute agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/20x+%3]Ed MorganROverboardoverboardThey have a dishwasher in the Revenge, too?
♫ Yo ho yo ho a pirate’s life for me! ♫1 minute agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/overboard/2015/02/20&*k%3[WabbitTom TolestomtolesIt is Climate Change, notglobal warming.
California apparently had no rain last month. This is the weather being weird, and it is real and some folks just refuse to see.1 minute agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20)%#?%3aahabsKen CatalinokencatalinoThree dog nights…;D1 minute agoTu,2015-02-20 17:55:56http://gocomics.com/kencatalino/2015/02/20 P I%PO4)%!'3_DavidHuieGreenSWizard of Idwizardofid(I’ve seen snow. Rode my bicycle through it back at Auburn, 1977.)4 minutes agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/203'%A'3ctwclixScott StantisscottstantisStop. Now you go and make silly comments. After an interesting and informative comment, for a change, you go back to your silly, predictable ranting ways.4 minutes agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20:2%#'3aahabsKen CatalinokencatalinoSadly you don’t understand science! climate.nasa.gov5 minutes agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/kencatalino/2015/02/20q1))]'3gpcolliCJust Say Unclejust-say-uncleOUr schools never closed because of snow, and there was a lot of it. Most of us had to walk there, too.5 minutes agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/just-say-uncle/2015/02/20hs after the attack on Pearl Harbor, internment camps were set up across the country to house more than 110,000 Japanese-Americans, most of these were second and third generation Americans. They were only allowed to keep what personal property they could carry to the camps, the rest was confiscated. The families were held in camps for almost three years while 20,000 of their sons served in the military.

The rhetoric in the media today is more to get ratings than to inform. The passion and drama usually reserved for daytime soaps, has crossed over to the “news”, but that’s justified as opinion or a panel discussion of like-minded debaters. Now with an election coming, the politicians and their supporters are lining up, pandering to the base, each getting more “serious”. Is it a war on terrorism, Islamic terrorists or a religious war? Careful, by the end of the day it will be the most dangerous of the options, the “news” needs to take us to the edge of the cliff, for ratings… that’s the currency they deal in, for viewers, for advertisers.

After WWII, the Fairness Doctrine was made policy, introduced in 1949, that required the holders of broadcast licenses to both present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was, in the Commission’s view, honest, equitable and balanced.

Just like Glass Steigal was made law after the Great Depression to protect us from ourselves, as we learned after repealing it and suffering the mortgage crisis. The Fairness Doctrine was put in place by those who saw the detrimental effects of one-sided editorializing. I’m not saying bring back the Fairness Doctrine, that ship has sailed, but at least recognize the dangers that opinions, unchecked by an informed public can have.4 minutes agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/bobgorrell/2015/02/19 &&7U'3Uottod\AgnesagnesOpiliones alfredo! Pasta and floss.4 minutes agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/agnes/2015/02/20M6!/'3[Black4dderLast Kisslastkiss“Never let the facts get in the way of truth.”

Or a good story.4 minutes agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/lastkiss/2015/02/205#!'3_feverjrNBob GorrellbobgorrellWords said by our leaders make a difference. Two mont YY69'3[cindyorchqGil ThorpgilthorpI hope Bobby is smart enough to give him a placebo…..3 minutes agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/20e8#!W'3_warjoski Lisa Bensonlisabenson@SFCGaTor

My understanding is that the belief is that the Cable Companies engage in such monopolistic practices as price fixing and, more importantly, have made terriorial agreements. It would be one thing if the consumer could pick from several choices for internet provider. The truth is much of the country can’t. You have what you’re offered and that’s that. Google ‘are the cable companies monopolies’ and you’ll see all the debates.

Personally, I think there is a basis for the claim. But like you, I doubt in the government’s abbility to handle it.4 minutes agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20 EE2>'3UTORAD_070LuannluannThis is a really awkward time for Mr. Berger finally to show up and try to re-unite with Mrs. B.

I was thinking that a bit earlier, for a brief moment. But I think that would be “excessive” Deus ex Machina to explain why Gunther said he had died, and then showing up all of a sudden. I suppose his mother could have mis-led him….. wouldn’t be the first or last time, either (The Dursleys lied to Harry Potter about the death of his parents)…. But, probably not a good time right now for Ms. B to be caught in that kind of deception.3 minutes agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20}<% '3[Number ThreeOAndy CappandycappI’ve never been into those sort of movies. Not my cup of tea.

I saw the punchline coming from a mile off.

xxx3 minutes agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/20 [ A!/'3]WabbitScary GaryscarygaryI love that rat!!2 minutes agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/scarygary/2015/02/20@!))y'3gSnoopy_Fan Peanuts Beginspeanuts-beginsThey were funny at the time they were first released, partly because everyone understood it was just a comic strip. In hindsight, we wouldn’t consider this the funniest Peanuts comic but back then the later strips had not been written yet.2 minutes agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/peanuts-begins/2015/02/20?K'3[Mad4U*VTom TolestomtolesActually, NOAA reported a day or two ago that December, 2014 and January, 2015 were warmer than average both nationally and globally.3 minutes agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20pan class="caps">BAM! Slams into the opposite wall. Dinzler’s thinking “What’s with this guy?”

Panel 3:
Oop holds onto the wall and starts to get a feel for the ice under his skate blades. He’s thinking "I can do this. I’ve never worn ice skates before, but I have done plenty of barefoot sliding on the ice and snow. He pushes off and this time moves his feet a little. He’s doing it. He’s ice skating.

Panel 4:
The team is back on the bench and The National Anthem is playing. Oop looks to the player next to him and says "I’ve never played Hockey before. What am I supposed to do? Oops new teammate replies “What? Do you have amnesia? You’re one of the leagues best defenseman. You know what to do. Just stay behind that blue line and stop Colorados forwards from getting a good shot on goal.” Oop says “Uhm, Okay.”2 minutes agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/20 nn:nFE#)1o'3oalangilbertDThe Smile Filemid-life-with-alanFifty shades part two, ha ha, yes! Thanks Brian!2 minutes agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/mid-life-with-alan/2015/02/20.D#)1='3oalangilbertDThe Smile Filemid-life-with-alanChuckle! I’m glad you saw that, I wondered if anybody would bother counting. That means you win the Golden Chuckle Award, Tom! Congratulations!2 minutes agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/mid-life-with-alan/2015/02/20C%'3]Crispy Bacon {Alley Oopalley-oopCrispy’s Oop 2/20/15 Terror Of The T-Rex

Panel 1:
The rest of the team is on the ice warming up. Dinzler gives Oop a shove “Get out there and get warmed up.” Alley goes gliding out on to the ice.

Panel 2:
Alley’s afraid to move his feet. He glides all the way accross the ice and BFF this quickly, it’s usually a caution sign. Depends on the neighborhood, I guess.1 minute agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/20PG'K7U%3uCoffee-Turtle 9Ripley's Believe It or NotripleysbelieveitornotAsha must be feeling a bit run down.1 minute agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/ripleysbelieveitornot/2015/02/20]F#K%3]Petemejia77!Lay Lineslay-linesGood God! This lady is worse that Tackleberry’s soon to be in-laws from Police Acadamy 2!1 minute agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/lay-lines/2015/02/20 nAL 93[pcolliCLast Kisslastkiss“The facts? Well I heard it from June, who got if from the woman at the fish market whose sister heard that her neighbour had overheard from someone across the road…….”less than a minute agoTv]2015-02-20 18:01:01http://gocomics.com/lastkiss/2015/02/20aK55%3sharkherp!FEMA camps were created by John Kennedy in 1962 by executive order. They were renewed by the same method by every president and were totally benevolent areas where people could go in times of crisis for medical help and food. UNTIL 2002 When GW Bush retasked them as “detention camps” and gave a 360 million contract to Halliburton to refurbish them and fence them in to, as the press release stated, detain illegal aliens or threats to America. Fact. Choke on it, righties.5 minutes agoTw2015-02-20 18:06:06http://gocomics.com/lacucaracha/2015/02/20 b'T%!Y'3_Jessica_DDog Eat Dougdogeatdoug(last panel) Why the sad face, Sophie?4 minutes agoTw2015-02-20 18:06:06http://gocomics.com/dogeatdoug/2015/02/20IS!!!'3_treesareusAunty Acidaunty-acidA good night’s sleep happens to me on a regular basis. Work around the ranch is very physical so my old body is tired when I hit the hay. Most people never get enough proper physical exercise.4 minutes agoTw2015-02-20 18:06:06http://gocomics.com/aunty-acid/2015/02/20IR%#'3aKaffekup sLa CucarachalacucarachaIt was a joke, based on the R fantasy that the dictator Obama will void the Constitution and run for a third, and permanent, term.
That is, when he’s not busy being our weakest President.4 minutes agoTw2015-02-20 18:06:06http://gocomics.com/lacucaracha/2015/02/20 %X9+'3]2old, getting younger!OverboardoverboardGung Hey Fat Choi
2 minutes agoTw2015-02-20 18:06:06http://gocomics.com/overboard/2015/02/20V#)1'3oalangilbertDThe Smile Filemid-life-with-alanWindow Kitties returning to Comx Box. For anybody who is interested there is a preview at http://comxbox.blogspot.com

Thanks!3 minutes agoTw2015-02-20 18:06:06http://gocomics.com/mid-life-with-alan/2015/02/20UU%!9'3_WabbitPC and PixelpcandpixelYes we are and it is about to hit the fan. If not The Fukushima accident will get us.3 minutes agoTw2015-02-20 18:06:06http://gocomics.com/pcandpixel/2015/02/20 O.[%3YOldCoal&EndtownendtownBecause letting people do as they please is just so wrong!1 minute agoTw2015-02-20 18:06:06http://gocomics.com/endtown/2013/04/08BZ-'{'3eJessica_DDogs of C-KenneldogsofckennelYeah, right Will, bet that boy has thumbs, two of them.2 minutes agoTw2015-02-20 18:06:06http://gocomics.com/dogsofckennel/2015/02/20cY#+'9'3ePetemejia77!The Knight LifetheknightlifeOhhh! I thought he was holding something with one hand. THX!2 minutes agoTw2015-02-20 18:06:06http://gocomics.com/theknightlife/2015/02/19 >A]!9%3Qrealist666 7Macmaccan’t wait to see the elio going down the road
https://www.google.com/search?q=elio&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=KnfnVIaLAsKZgwTWwYCgAw&ved=0CDQQsAQ&biw=1024&bih=5691 minute agoTw2015-02-20 18:06:06http://gocomics.com/mac/2015/02/20<\%!%3_bherbertWizard of IdwizardofidIt’s been spring here for the last week or so, and there’s no indication that the weather is going to change anytime soon. Over 60 degrees here on the Oregon Coast yesterday, with lows of a little under 50 at night. A few scattered clouds, but generally lots of sunshine. My grass is starting to grow.1 minute agoTw2015-02-20 18:06:06http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20Y848@HPX`hpx (08@HPX`hpx (08@HPX`hpxʃ ˃ ̃̓΃σЃу!Ӄ$Ճ'փ,׃4ڃ7ۃ9܃>݃A߃EILOQTX[]`bgmpstuz !#'(.2:<@EGJN S W [ ]_beijmpuwz}  "#$%&"''(,*1+:-;.<0>1@2D M%`)%593cfathergod6HArlo and JanisarloandjanisJanis and Robin might not realized how closely they look but wait till Arlo meets Robin!

I can totally see him walking by Robin while she’s tying a shoe or something and he tries to do something kinky thinking its his wife. His eyes will become:

0-0 lmaoless than a minute agoTw2015-02-20 18:06:06http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/203_/w%3YmrbassmanY0The Norm ClassicsthenormSome elements of good old Charlie Brown in there too!1 minute agoTw2015-02-20 18:06:06http://gocomics.com/thenorm/2015/02/08t^'%k%3cwarjoski Scott Stantisscottstantis@Martens and Her Friends

That article was a very interesting and thoughtful read. Thank you for sharing.1 minute agoTw2015-02-20 18:06:06http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20 U b)''3eWabbitBarkeater LakebarkeaterlakeCute!5 minutes agoTx2015-02-20 18:11:11http://gocomics.com/barkeaterlake/2015/02/19%a/+)93iJimPemCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesThese days it seems that whatever you choose to say to strangers to be respectful you are likely to offend someone. Why even bother? If people are too thin-skinned to recognized that you are trying to be respectful and they angrily turn and nit-pick your choice of how to express your attempts, you might as well not even bother trying to be respectful. Why not be guilty of what you are going to be accused of anyway? Political correctness, it seems, yields a society where no one can be truly successful at being respectful.less than a minute agoTw2015-02-20 18:06:06http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/20 P:P,g'#a'3amilady1Close to HomeclosetohomeMcPherson forgot to add the enlarged thumb3 minutes agoTx2015-02-20 18:11:11http://gocomics.com/closetohome/2015/02/20Uf!S'3Ukattbailey BaldobaldoHe is working at the car supply place to help him get money for rebuilding the old car, as I recall4 minutes agoTx2015-02-20 18:11:11http://gocomics.com/baldo/2015/02/20We!I'3]ahabsRob Rogersrobrogershcn.org The High Country News current issue has a lot of great articles on energy and industry, including N.Dakota pipeline leaks increasing in frequency, the Yellowstone pipeline spill in a previous issue, fracking,etc.4 minutes agoTx2015-02-20 18:11:11http://gocomics.com/robrogers/2015/02/20@d%# '3adzw3030Jeff StahlerjeffstahlerStahler, what’s your point? This cartoon makes no sense.5 minutes agoTx2015-02-20 18:11:11http://gocomics.com/jeffstahler/2015/02/20 3u m)) '3gJessica_DFrankie Comicsfrankie-comics“pure bliss…and to quote you, so totally worth it!!”
To quote both of you! And if I may add: purrrr bliss!2 minutes agoTx2015-02-20 18:11:11http://gocomics.com/frankie-comics/2015/02/20j%'3[Number ThreeOAndy CappandycappYou too.2 minutes agoTx2015-02-20 18:11:11http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/208i5-S'3kKokopellij\2 Cows and a Chicken2cowsandachickenGota have crackers with cheese wizz3 minutes agoTx2015-02-20 18:11:11http://gocomics.com/2cowsandachicken/2015/02/20Gh#!'3_Rad-ish"Chris BrittchrisbrittThe right wing nut jobs continue their attack on the American president.3 minutes agoTx2015-02-20 18:11:11http://gocomics.com/chrisbritt/2015/02/19 M1p!!_93_Kaffekup sDoonesburydoonesburyWho could forget Ginger?
In any case, I also am getting a little bored with Zonker’s angst while lying around doing nothing. The thrill is indeed gone.less than a minute agoTx2015-02-20 18:11:11http://gocomics.com/doonesbury/2015/02/20ro!%3]ahabsRob RogersrobrogersOh please! “There is no scientific reason to be against this pipeline…” You haven’t looked very far, if you couldn’t find ANY, so you must be in the oil business, or jut a payed political hack.1 minute agoTx2015-02-20 18:11:11http://gocomics.com/robrogers/2015/02/205n'#!m'3_Hiram BinghamULChris Brittchrisbritt^ Ah, I see you are rejecting free will and choice here.

“Man is simply the sum total of his genetic predispositions and environmental influences, nothing more.”2 minutes agoTx2015-02-20 18:11:11http://gocomics.com/chrisbritt/2015/02/19 G}0s)'_'3ebeviekSBallard StreetballardstreetI want winter-over. Nice,cold,sunny day here 9:30am. :) Peace.


Me too. If I start a petition, would you sign it? Winter’s getting pretty cold old. I have a friend that’s going to Fairbanks next week where it’s warmer and there’s less snow!4 minutes agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20Dr'%#'3aHiram BinghamULKen CatalinokencatalinoAnd you still can’t see the climate changing, can you?5 minutes agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/kencatalino/2015/02/203q '3WTirasmol KlibanklibanWhere’s the one showing him shoving money into his wallet?5 minutes agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/kliban/2015/02/20 Wt%S'3UGretchensMomZiggyziggypschearer: Regarding your question to me yesterday . . .


Gretchen is doing great. She’ll be 13 years old in March. Where has the time gone?!? Thank you so much for asking!!! :-)4 minutes agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/ziggy/2015/02/20 qq u'%'3cwarjoski Scott StantisscottstantisI think the French problem isn’t just unemployment (Head Scarves anyone?). But I see your point. Desperation feeds into the situation. However it seems to me that the problems in the Middle East are different than the problems in France which are different than the problems here. The article Martens posted a link to below is interesting in that regard. Blaming it all on unemployment is like blaming it all on Religon. Each region really has a different situation. Proposing an American solution on the Middle East won’t fix anything there. Your point about the conditions here, as well as the points Frank makes in his rather good post, support my belief we need to stop worrying so much about everyone else and worry a little more about ourselves.4 minutes agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20 =B[=?z#! '3_Rad-ish"Bob GorrellbobgorrellThe twin towers were attacked by terrorists aided and abbetted by the Bush admin. It was part of their plan for a new Pearl Harbor and to galvanize America through fear.3 minutes agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/bobgorrell/2015/02/19Sy9%'3[2old, getting younger!Ten Catsten-catsNow I know what we are having for dinner!
That casserole looks so good.3 minutes agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20ax)'A'3ebeviekSBallard StreetballardstreetOur trees are starting to bud here in MO too. But it’s snow and sleet this weekend.4 minutes agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/208v#!'3_Bill Loose PartsloosepartsThe salesman retired from selling refrigerators in Greenland4 minutes agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/looseparts/2015/02/20 ,e.=17'3oterbos|Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaThe Fox and the Hound2 minutes agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20~%%#1'3ahariseldon59 YBloom CountybloomcountyRight now I’m hearing Dana Carvey as George HW Bush in my head. “Not gonna do it. Wouldn’t be prudent at this juncture.”2 minutes agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/bloomcounty/2015/02/20"})'E'3ebeviekSBallard StreetballardstreetWill you make them to order?2 minutes agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20N{-+'3iBobFreshly Squeezedfreshlysqueezed28 at the Lakeland airport this morning. That’s in central FL3 minutes agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/freshlysqueezed/2015/02/20 9 [P/!'%3_beviekSDaddy's HomedaddyshomeLOL LOL1 minute agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/20*=11%3oterbos|Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaThe Black Stallion1 minute agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20(!)'G'3esaddenedby cThe Middletonsthemiddletonskinda like shoveling (not snowblowing) my driveway. by the time i’m done it feels like i have walked a mile. course it probably was only 1/4 of a mile.2 minutes agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/themiddletons/2015/02/20A!++q'3irealist666 7The Boobiehatchthe-boobiehatchyeah
my 1st thought was to grab my sunglasses2 minutes agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/the-boobiehatch/2015/02/20 TH-wT++93ibherbertMotley Classicsmotley-classicsHate to burst your hate bubble, but environmental impact studies and committees were here LONG before Obama.less than a minute agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/motley-classics/2015/02/200'c93]ottod\The BoondocksboondocksNo, no! Not the Illuminati; Resolution 21!less than a minute agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/boondocks/2015/02/20!!)93_azktrygSDoonesburydoonesburyFOUND IT! I forgot about Zonker’s relapse. The strip came later: http://www.gocomics.com/doonesbury/1981/07/20less than a minute agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/doonesbury/2015/02/202+!!U93_sphinx wormwoodPoptropicapoptropicaNo, but you invented the pig Newton.less than a minute agoTy2015-02-20 18:16:17http://gocomics.com/poptropica/2015/02/20 0 %s'3[Number ThreeOAndy CappandycappSong of the Day – Requested by Beviek:

4 minutes agoT{"2015-02-20 18:21:22http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/20/ -%!Y'3_Nobody_ImportantiWizard of IdwizardofidIf only there was a way to send some of that out here to California – we’re having a drought! Hope everyone who is dealing with all that snow stays safe!5 minutes agoT{"2015-02-20 18:21:22http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20( 9;;u'3y2old, getting younger!The Martian Confederacythe-martian-confederacyConsidering all the scars on his face plus the patch, I think you are right. Steve’s 13th generation grandson?5 minutes agoT{"2015-02-20 18:21:22http://gocomics.com/the-martian-confederacy/2015/02/20 zzd#!S'3_echoraven>^Gary Varvelgaryvarvel“Actually Democrats are more likely to jettison someone without a second thought while criminal Republicans seem protected by their own party.”
On what planet is that? Certainly not earth where Slick Willie had is/or is not sex with a subordinate and Democrats gave him pass as well as the rape allegation. Myself I did not believe the allegation (from Juanita Broderick) until I saw the interview on NBC. Chilling, simply chilling.4 minutes agoT{"2015-02-20 18:21:22http://gocomics.com/garyvarvel/2015/02/19%#!1'3_NyukNyuk2000Rip Haywireriphaywire“Where’s the KA-BOOM? There was supposed to be an Earth shattering KA-BOOM.”4 minutes agoT{"2015-02-20 18:21:22http://gocomics.com/riphaywire/2015/02/20 k3kB-!'3UNobody_ImportantiRubesrubesBy “help” do you mean all fired and we completely start over??3 minutes agoT{"2015-02-20 18:21:22http://gocomics.com/rubes/2015/02/20+'3WSaskfanBig TopbigtopRemember, Wink, don’t get those bandages wet/soggy.3 minutes agoT{"2015-02-20 18:21:22http://gocomics.com/bigtop/2015/02/20(+91'3oSherlock WatsonDark Side of the HorsedarksideofthehorseWhen I hear bagpipes, images start going through my mind… mostly involving physical violence being inflicted on bagpipers…3 minutes agoT{"2015-02-20 18:21:22http://gocomics.com/darksideofthehorse/2015/02/20h'#!S'3_Hiram BinghamULMatt Daviesmattdavies“…partly truth and partly fiction…?”

(It’s been a while.)3 minutes agoT{"2015-02-20 18:21:22http://gocomics.com/mattdavies/2015/02/20 .#o'3[Shep Trumbo5Gil ThorpgilthorpI predict placebo and lesson learned. He’ll have a great game and at the end he’ll tell the Baconator- “It was aspirin, you don’t need drugs to perform well. It’s how hard you work and how much heart you have.” I’m already getting misty-eyed thinking about it.3 minutes agoT{"2015-02-20 18:21:22http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/16!='3]Rad-ish"Clay JonesclayjonesHis list of “advisors” are the same neocons who got us into this mess. Elect those fruitcakes again and the apocalypse might really happen.3 minutes agoT{"2015-02-20 18:21:22http://gocomics.com/clayjones/2015/02/209;;G'3y2old, getting younger!The Martian Confederacythe-martian-confederacySudden thought, those kids are hauling around a baby too. Diapers, bottle? Logistics…..3 minutes agoT{"2015-02-20 18:21:22http://gocomics.com/the-martian-confederacy/2015/02/20 Hb|.!q%3]Beau NoboJack OhmanjackohmanYou forgot the NSA flag.1 minute agoT{"2015-02-20 18:21:22http://gocomics.com/jackohman/2015/02/19`'/+#'3iwakeangel2001Calvin and Hobbescalvinandhobbesthe word “advantaged” might be a trigger word for feminists too2 minutes agoT{"2015-02-20 18:21:22http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/20`'/+#'3iwakeangel2001Calvin and Hobbescalvinandhobbesthe word “advantaged” might be a trigger word for feminists too2 minutes agoT{"2015-02-20 18:21:22http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/202!y'3]davidf42dDick TracydicktracyApology accepted. Thank you for taking down the post.2 minutes agoT{"2015-02-20 18:21:22http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20 /5/-++O93iNobody_ImportantiSavage Chickenssavage-chickensAs much as I love British History, somehow I don’t seem to remember these two……less than a minute agoT{"2015-02-20 18:21:22http://gocomics.com/savage-chickens/2015/02/20#!993_Beau NoboHenry PaynehenrypayneBeats American Sniper.less than a minute agoT{"2015-02-20 18:21:22http://gocomics.com/henrypayne/2015/02/19 91%3oSaskfanDark Side of the HorsedarksideofthehorseHey, I LOVE the pipes! Though I did hear recently that one piper was having trouble renting a practice space.1 minute agoT{"2015-02-20 18:21:22http://gocomics.com/darksideofthehorse/2015/02/20 YYK!9--e'3k2old, getting younger!Cleo and Companycleo-and-companyOops, forgot to congratulate Nighthawks and Stel for an outstanding and innovative strip! The stuff you do leaves me in awe!
It was realllly late last nite, MeaCulpa.5 minutes agoT|T2015-02-20 18:26:28http://gocomics.com/cleo-and-company/2015/02/20P !))'3gkattbailey Ozy and Millieozy-and-millieFor much of British history homosexuality convictions could lead to the death sentence. And yes, the guy couldn’t have chosen a more appropriate (or inappropriate) word in his exasperation!5 minutes agoT|T2015-02-20 18:26:28http://gocomics.com/ozy-and-millie/2015/02/20 0B0 #%%#'3aNightShade09!]Non SequiturnonsequiturI’m confused.
You come to a comic strip, and then complain about a joke.
Jeez, that could be a comic strip by itself.4 minutes agoT|T2015-02-20 18:26:28http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/208"'%#m'3aAgentSmith101ەMatt Wuerkermattwuerker“And then, one Thursday, nearly two thousand years after one man had been nailed to a tree for saying how great it would be to be nice to people for a change, a girl sitting on her own in a small café in Rickmansworth suddenly realized what it was that had been going wrong all this time, and she finally knew how the world could be made a good and happy place. This time it was right, it would work, and no one would have to get nailed to anything.”
-Douglas Adams, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy4 minutes agoT|T2015-02-20 18:26:28http://gocomics.com/mattwuerker/2015/02/18 l<lJ''%'3cLocoOwlFrog ApplausefrogapplauseDon’t forget: We are more here now than we wer five minutes ago.3 minutes agoT|T2015-02-20 18:26:28http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20>%3/e'3mSenex Pearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineIf he picks on a walrus, his fate is sealed.4 minutes agoT|T2015-02-20 18:26:28http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/20 l(#!c'3_DagNabbitXLisa BensonlisabensonNothing is broken and nothing needs to be fixed.
If the government takes control, you WILL be taxed and your rights WILL be negatively affected.
This shouldn’t be a partisan issue. We should all be together on this.
If you don’t completely understand all the ramifications of this, don’t take any action. Once you do research it will become obvious that this is a very bad thing.
Here’s a start:
Here’s another:
http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB100014240527487033952045760234522507485403 minutes agoT|T2015-02-20 18:26:28http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20 FR+F_./!A%3_percenezwJane's Worldjanesworldreal silly nonsense. remember, they were on their way to the Keys and end up in Polynesia?1 minute agoT|T2015-02-20 18:26:28http://gocomics.com/janesworld/2015/02/20S,'I'3Uwakeangel2001Montymontywhy bother driving? Wouldn’t you be more comfortable long jumping your way around town?2 minutes agoT|T2015-02-20 18:26:28http://gocomics.com/monty/2015/02/20+%#+'3aBeau NoboJeff StahlerjeffstahlerIsis top brass.2 minutes agoT|T2015-02-20 18:26:28http://gocomics.com/jeffstahler/2015/02/200*3-G'3kdtriedelTom the Dancing Bugtomthedancingbugquis custodiet ipsos custodes3 minutes agoT|T2015-02-20 18:26:28http://gocomics.com/tomthedancingbug/2015/02/20()3/9'3mSenex Pearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineFat-Bottomed Walruses?3 minutes agoT|T2015-02-20 18:26:28http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/20 9-2'1)/93gRicky Bennett Frank & ErnestfrankandernestI am Groot…less than a minute agoT|T2015-02-20 18:26:28http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/15C1'%u93cBeau NoboScott StantisscottstantisReduce Isis to bug status, makes em easier to kill.less than a minute agoT|T2015-02-20 18:26:28http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20<0'%3Ywakeangel2001Endtownendtownwell I was right about the dittos, but wrong about the malevolence1 minute agoT|T2015-02-20 18:26:28http://gocomics.com/endtown/2015/02/206/9/!S%3_2old, getting younger!Daddy's HomedaddyshomeGot the food, I have dibs on riding Shotgun!

1 minute agoT|T2015-02-20 18:26:28http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/20 yp$y%:1)C%3gSenex Barney & ClydebarneyandclydeThat’s what she said!1 minute agoT}2015-02-20 18:31:33http://gocomics.com/barneyandclyde/2015/02/208U'3[Beau NoboPaul SzeppaulszepExpect more of the same from a Bush.2 minutes agoT}2015-02-20 18:31:33http://gocomics.com/paulszep/2015/02/20"71-1'3kpcolliCViivi & Wagnerviivi-and-wagnerAbout time, Viivi.2 minutes agoT}2015-02-20 18:31:33http://gocomics.com/viivi-and-wagner/2015/02/20)6!i'3[realist666 7Last Kisslastkissthis woman looks a lot like a young liz taylor4 minutes agoT}2015-02-20 18:31:33http://gocomics.com/lastkiss/2015/02/20[5//'3mpcolliCThat is Pricelessthat-is-priceless“For heaven’s sake, man….she’s your niece.”4 minutes agoT}2015-02-20 18:31:33http://gocomics.com/that-is-priceless/2015/02/20 >$>`<%!M%3]NightShade09!]Dick TracydicktracyActually, I am starting to wonder if they are brother and sister. They don’t look at all alike. Their noses and chins are so different.
I’ve been wondering if they aren’t actually married.
As you said, there is no physical similarity between them. (Silver looks more like Gertie and Aggie.)
As far as lying, well they are con artists. Deceiving people is what they do for fun and profit.
Besides, when they call each other “sister dear” or the like, it sounds like they’re sharing an inside joke.1 minute agoT}2015-02-20 18:31:33http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20V;!55%3scatman5169Random Acts of Nancyrandom-acts-of-nancyAir raid siren went off? Perhaps a little late for that?1 minute agoT}2015-02-20 18:31:33http://gocomics.com/random-acts-of-nancy/2015/02/20 J1NJ~@!'3]feverjrNClay JonesclayjonesJeb’s been busy at Barclays finding tax havens for the billionaires in need. That client list makes a great donors list too.5 minutes agoT~2015-02-20 18:36:38http://gocomics.com/clayjones/2015/02/20 ?Q'3OJeff1159B.C.bcDon’t order the pressed ham.5 minutes agoT~2015-02-20 18:36:38http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/20M>%!%'3]NightShade09!]Dick Tracydicktracywhere else can you find so many different kinds of sickos in one place?
The DT comments board? LOL!

Ba-dum-bum.5 minutes agoT~2015-02-20 18:36:38http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20I=!93]cjsmStone SoupstonesoupGet him another boy the same age as a playmate. 50-50 chance that works.less than a minute agoT}2015-02-20 18:31:33http://gocomics.com/stonesoup/2015/02/20 -,E/!/'3_beviekSDaddy's HomedaddyshomeMmmm, looks good!3 minutes agoT~2015-02-20 18:36:38http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/20DQ'3WMrRobots Farcusfarcusand he doesn’t mind flying..3 minutes agoT~2015-02-20 18:36:38http://gocomics.com/farcus/2015/02/20pC/!e'3_beviekSDaddy's HomedaddyshomeOh, right!!! Good point!
4 minutes agoT~2015-02-20 18:36:38http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/20!B##!I'3_braindead08 Lisa Bensonlisabenson“Can you please come up with a new catch phMAQ)i'3gBeau NoboFaces of the News by Kerry WaghornfacesinthenewsPart of the neocon conspiracy, advisor to Jeb.5 minutes agoT~2015-02-20 18:36:38http://gocomics.com/facesinthenews/2015/02/20rase? You’ve really done ’It’s Okay if a Republican does it’ to death.”
Maybe when Republicans don’t re-elect ‘family values’ legislators after they are caught with prostitutes or ‘hiking the Appalachian Trail’.
Maybe when Fox “news” criticizes unfinanced Bush tax cuts, unfinanced Bush wars, unfinanced Bush Medicare Part D, and even the unfinanced Bush stimulus as adding to the deficit.
Maybe when elected Republican officials demand that employers hiring illegals be prosecuted.
Maybe when so-called “conservatives” acknowledge that the invasion of Iraq was the worst foreign policy blunder in modern US history, maybe the worst ever.
Maybe when Ignorance is not Strength.

Until then, it requires being pointed out when it happens.4 minutes agoT~2015-02-20 18:36:38http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20 X#G!q'3UScratchy18nLuannluannI wonder if Mr. Gray is actually from this planet.2 minutes agoT~2015-02-20 18:36:38http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20"Fm'3WMrRobots FarcusfarcusHe found out about the position from Monster.Com3 minutes agoT~2015-02-20 18:36:38http://gocomics.com/farcus/2015/02/20 TBThJ!%#A93aScratchy18nNon Sequiturnonsequitur“Heathful”? So weird speak to avoid the fact it’s not actually healthy?less than a minute agoT~2015-02-20 18:36:38http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/208I)!y%3]Chris SherlockxDick TracydicktracyI’m beginning to think that Sprocket has more serious psychological problems than have appeared to date.

I’m not a psychologist or a psychiatrist, but I think it’s safe to say Sprocket has one or more personality disorders. I’m not sure Silver and Kandikane have any interest in one another beyond a business relationship, but Sprocket seems to be imagining there’s more to it than that, or that there could potentially be more to it. Obviously, Sprocket will do anything to keep anyone from coming between her and Silver.1 minute agoT~2015-02-20 18:36:38http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20 l$ N%!'3]NightShade09!]Dick Tracydicktracydicktracy5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:41:44http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20BM9/!i'3_2old, getting younger!Daddy's HomedaddyshomeThe spa! We gotta go to the spa!

Remember last year?5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:41:44http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/20 L'%793cottod\Frog ApplausefrogapplauseSee Sandboil (v. s.).less than a minute agoT~2015-02-20 18:36:38http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20hK!%#A93aScratchy18nNon Sequiturnonsequitur“Heathful”? So weird speak to avoid the fact it’s not actually healthy?less than a minute agoT~2015-02-20 18:36:38http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/20 ||S!3'3UScratchy18nBettybettyHow could she miss?3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:41:44http://gocomics.com/betty/2015/02/20R--w'3kbeviekSCleo and Companycleo-and-companyOooookkkkaaayyy. And the sun revolves around…


Main take away point from that is If you’re flying to China, you’re SOL! You can’t get there from here! hahahahaha4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:41:44http://gocomics.com/cleo-and-company/2015/02/20Q''3YAgentSmith101ەTed Ralltedrall@4my10851cs
Y’know I’m tired of this old chestnut which clearly fl [Pc'3UhendelcaZiggyziggyDON’T BLINK! If she is about to turn 13 and you blink now, she will be 21.4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:41:44http://gocomics.com/ziggy/2015/02/20ies in the face of real job environments during times of American success. When someone had a skill and was working, you kept and valued them right up until the point where it was either no longer viable or they retired. Now, there is no loyalty. Someone works hard for you every day. He is compensated. Money for labor. That’s fine. It’s when someone goes beyond, because he has a work ethic. That’s no longer valued.
Just do that job and only your job, huh? Be replaced like any other worn part? That’s not only despicable, but contrary to a successful workplace. I don’t care if it’s on the factory line, a work site or in an office. If you treat people like crap you will get crap work. Treat people as people and you will get results that people feel pride and quality from doing a good job. After that, if you treat people nicely and they still do crap work then you have every right to fire them.4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:41:44http://gocomics.com/tedrall/2015/02/20 4O$t4:W'-!m'3_PoodleGroomerBMaria's Daymarias-dayEveryone else here has a low clearance rollerskate. I have a F150 that you can work under without jacks and it has standard factory tires and rims. It gets around if I need to.2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:41:44http://gocomics.com/marias-day/2015/02/20*V'3Utazz555 Ziggyziggyyeah…his name was Stealthy (Kudos if you get the ref)2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:41:44http://gocomics.com/ziggy/2015/02/20%U++)1'3gJoe WeatherfordBrewster RockitbrewsterrockitOr they could start playing the leitmotif from Jaws… oh wait. The Academy Awards already did that the year when Seth MacFarlane was hosting.2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:41:44http://gocomics.com/brewsterrockit/2015/02/20+T))O'3gJeff1159The Born Loserthe-born-loserand barks at the top of the hour.2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:41:44http://gocomics.com/the-born-loser/2015/02/20 O]=Oh[!g%3_pcolliCAdam@HomeadamathomeI’d love to find a traditional tea & coffee shop…… there aren’t any in this city.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 18:41:44http://gocomics.com/adamathome/2015/02/206Z1!m'3]Walking_Man_ComicsoDick Tracydicktracya hyena named Lena? Shades of Basil Wolverton!!2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:41:44http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20^Y'%#9'3aHiram BinghamULJohn DeeringjohndeeringSorry to hear that.
Our moderators don’t appreciate the difference between clever put-downs and nasty name-calling. There’s teasing and there’s personal attack, and they are quite different.2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:41:44http://gocomics.com/johndeering/2015/02/17Xg'3UKristiaanăGIRTHgirthHe has a fine pedigree, explains a lot really2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:41:44http://gocomics.com/girth/2015/02/20 q])!k%3]Chris SherlockxDick Tracydicktracy(Though I’ve always felt Silver will end up as Lena chow.)

I’m not saying this will definitely happen, but I can imagine a scenario where Sprocket releases Lena to go after Kandikane and Lena attacks Silver instead.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 18:41:44http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20~\??5%3}tazz555 Pop Culture Shock Therapypop-culture-shock-therapyI think its time Granny got a cat eating pet…lets see how he likes being alert1 minute agoT2015-02-20 18:41:44http://gocomics.com/pop-culture-shock-therapy/2015/02/20 M_3-'3kAhnk_2000The Argyle Sweater theargylesweaterIf it was just a push and a snap, no wonder they stopped.5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:46:49http://gocomics.com/theargylesweater/2015/02/20T^!?93UReallyBad2Luannluanntell you what ..you stop complaining, and I’ll stop complaining about your complaining!
I don’t care that you complain, just don’t tell people to leave. Everyone has the right to their own opinion here. Sorry, but the days of “only happy Luann talk 24/7” are over. If someone isn’t happy with an arc, they are welcome to express it here. People aren’t going to be bullied into leaving like they have in the past.less than a minute agoT2015-02-20 18:41:44http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 jb'#! '3_Hiram BinghamULBob GorrellbobgorrellAccording to Gorrell, we really must do our best to antagonize all the moderate and liberal Muslims who just want to live in peace, to make sure they feel attacked and denigrated so that they fight back. How else can we start our desired global world war?4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:46:49http://gocomics.com/bobgorrell/2015/02/19aI'% '3cmartens misses all her friendsJerry HolbertjerryholbertWell, actually I do know q`!Y'3YScratchy18nBig NatebignateKnowing who is blue, who is red, who is donkey, who is elephant, all of it to obfuscate who is liberal, who is conservative, and who is in the middle and intelligent.5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:46:49http://gocomics.com/bignate/2015/02/20uite a few Muslims of various nationalities, and religion has been discussed. In fact, I did my post-doc with an Egyptian. My point in putting in that link was to emphasize that, just as in Christianity or Judaism, there are different interpretations of what the end times will be. Many of my friends from other nations have been seriously bemused by what Americans say about their beliefs. Some of my non-native Jewish friends have been stunned by the support for Israel here in the US…until they heard of the belief that the end times would come when the Messiah returns, and Israel which has now become a Jewish state again, will convert en masse to Christianity.
Finally, for full disclosure, Rami Khouri is a relative of a friend of mine who is also a journalist writing in other papers. Obviously, I am limited by needing my sources in English…5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:46:49http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20 s)1s8e!+)a'3gParis GirlISIS and even using drones on the bastards.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:46:49http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/19rd!!w'3_beviekSSpeechlessspeechless@Wet
I’m glad you enjoyed the video! I love the chimp at the end! What a scene stealer!4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:46:49http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/20Qc%1'3]WillyWhoBWilly Who...willy-whoThis movie actually stars my favorite childhood toy… my Weeble Haunted House4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:46:49http://gocomics.com/willy-who/2015/02/20 5:/i%#m'3aSenex Bloom CountybloomcountyHis ice cream is starting to trickle down…3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:46:49http://gocomics.com/bloomcounty/2015/02/20ug!//K'3mScratchy18nOllie and Quentinollie-and-quentinHigh sticking? Quentin will soon learn what ‘misconduct’ means in the Ollie world.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:46:49http://gocomics.com/ollie-and-quentin/2015/02/20Ef!3'3UReallyBad2Luannluann. But I think that would be “excessive” Deus ex Machina to explain why Gunther said he had died
Given that Evans isn’t clear on what happened to him as two different comics contradict each other on the matter, it’s unknown as to what happened to him. He could be dead, he could have abandoned them, etc.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:46:49http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 j'#!%'3_superpositionLisa BensonlisabensonWhere I do business, the only affordable internet access in through a single provider. Large corporations have 2 choices and consumers have 3. Wireless broadband is not competitive in the US and the direct wire and fiber connections are not as fast or ubiquitous as they are in Europe and some Asian countries, giving them the upper hand in business.

If only our millionaire congress was free to represent small niche businesses instead of their corporate masters, I wouldn’t have to worry about net neutrality not being accomplished. I miss capitalism. All I want is a chance to compete and that is what true net neutrality would give me.2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:46:49http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20 jjMm9%3[pcolliCAndy CappandycappAh, yes….. I’ve got used to it but it actually takes one less muscle to frown than smile….. that’s why people with facial paralysis look unhappy.

I appreciate your concern. Thank you.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 18:46:49http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/20=k9/!_'3_2old, getting younger!Daddy's HomedaddyshomeThen there was that time in Philadelphia….

2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 18:46:49http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/20 b1bp/%%'3cinvertedyesterday;Working Dazeworking-dazeI am showing my age, but that’s the title of an ABBA song… Money, Money, Money. No earwig required.4 minutes agoTJ2015-02-20 18:51:54http://gocomics.com/working-daze/2015/02/20,o9#!K'3_The Wolf In Your MidstMatt DaviesmattdaviesThe back-room men never change.5 minutes agoTJ2015-02-20 18:51:54http://gocomics.com/mattdavies/2015/02/20In)'%3efeverjrNMike LuckovichmikeluckovichJeb was a member of PNAC back in ’98, with Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bremer and so many others that found positions in the Executive Branch in 2000. With Cheney as acting president for eight years, we have seen what Jeb would have been like already. No not again, but thanks for playing.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 18:46:49http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20 Mj,u!!m'3_Zigman Human Cullhuman-cullMy energy drink is black coffee in a travel mug.2 minutes agoTJ2015-02-20 18:51:54http://gocomics.com/human-cull/2015/02/20t#%#3'3aErichalfbeeNon SequiturnonsequiturLogy??3 minutes agoTJ2015-02-20 18:51:54http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/20]s''%1'3cHiram BinghamULJerry HolbertjerryholbertI work with three Muslim faculty members: an Iraqi, an Iranian, and a Moroccan. All are highly intelligent, very nice folks, and none has even TRIED to cut my head off.

And they all have the same story: if America were to leave the Middle Eastern Muslims alone, the Muslims would leave them alone.3 minutes agoTJ2015-02-20 18:51:54http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20-q'#a'3aJeff1159Close to HomeclosetohomePoliticians have already evolved this way.4 minutes agoTJ2015-02-20 18:51:54http://gocomics.com/closetohome/2015/02/20 ''w)#!1%3_MephistophelesGLisa BensonlisabensonI encourage all of you to look at your Electricity Bill, Land line Phone bill, etc. You will find where well meaning politicians have loaded the bill up with fees and taxes that are then used to provide assistance to the less fortunate.

Frankly I’m tired of that!!!!

I don’t mind safety nets (actually I am very supportive of sh.v!)'S'3eBilly HillMike LuckovichmikeluckovichI tended to think of Dubya as the Baked bean of the Bush Brothers bean empire.
I starting to think of Jeb as the Garbanzo bean with Butterbean a close second2 minutes agoTJ2015-02-20 18:51:54http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20ort term assistance plans). But I do resent all the different ways liberals have managed to snake their hands into my pockets to help somebody who can’t or won’t support their own cost of living.

If the government wants my support and, I daresay, the support of many conservatives then it needs to first show that taxes and fees are being used to manage the infrastructure in question i.e. Fuel taxes pay to pave and repair roads, phone taxes are used to manage the telecom industry, etc. etc.

And like one of my fellow posters said: If it’s such a wonderful bill that will be great for all consumers – The government would be crowing about it from the rooftops. But King Obama only helps the poor and the destitute at the expense of the middle class so you know he will tax the ordinary users of these services so that he can give Free guberment phones and internet access to his favorite constituency.1 minute agoTJ2015-02-20 18:51:54http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20 '{z+??'3}sphinx wormwoodPop Culture Shock Therapypop-culture-shock-therapyI have never tweeted or facebooked, but I think the quotes are provided.5 minutes agoT|2015-02-20 18:57:00http://gocomics.com/pop-culture-shock-therapy/2015/02/20y%993WGreg CravensHUBRIS!hubrisYou got it. Strips like this happen for a couple of reasons… The obvious one is when I’m running laSx!!;%3_beviekSSpeechlessspeechlessYou picked a couple of great songs!!!
Here’s a toofer…..

If you want to know how to post a video like this, I’d be happy to tell you. Posting a video is the simplest of all! I suppose that’s why I have a tendency to get a tad carried away with it. Truly, I’m not techy at all!1 minute agoTJ2015-02-20 18:51:54http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/20te and need to finish the cartoon and go to sleep. The problem with that theory is that static-image comics are sort of hard to come up with (Walt Kelly used to joke about comic strips with all white or all black panels take longer to write than it takes to write and draw any other kind) The real reason is that when these things pop into my head, I pick them apart. If all the humor is in the writing, it’s sort of anti-humorously funny to show the kind of silent film deadpan of a static character who’s describing action. Drawing all the crazy stuff wouldn’t have made it funnier- the humor comes from Lurlene’s difficulty blindly imagining what’s going on- and the fact that the reader has to do the same. Or the third option is that I had a really really good critique class while getting my Graphic Design degree and I can put a good face on breaking one big dialogue into four li’l panels.less than a minute agoTJ2015-02-20 18:51:54http://gocomics.com/hubris/2015/02/19 }!!'3_pcolliCAunty Acidaunty-acidOne night, when I was about 15, I went to bed, fell asleep and didn’t dream. Just eyes closed, eyes open. Best night ever.5 minutes agoT|2015-02-20 18:57:00http://gocomics.com/aunty-acid/2015/02/20a|'%#?'3aAgentSmith101ەClay BennettclaybennettI would ‘Second’ reading the Atlantic article as well. It gives a very details recounting of ISIS views. The ball is in our court in terms of containment or eradication. I’m not convinced that containment could be achieved if they reach a detente with Al-Queda.
The less extreme Muslims factions are also required to either rebuke ISIS and/or prevent its youth from joining this particular jihad.5 minutes agoT|2015-02-20 18:57:00http://gocomics.com/claybennett/2015/02/18 wf+11'3osphinx wormwoodPoorly Drawn Linespoorly-drawn-linesIts not time
To make a change
Just relax
Take it slowly3 minutes agoT|2015-02-20 18:57:00http://gocomics.com/poorly-drawn-lines/2015/02/20%/+k'3iNumber ThreeOCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesWhen I was 19, I thought about referring to myself as a ‘woman’ instead of a ‘girl’ as soon as I turned 20.
Now I’m 20, I still don’t feel right being referred to as a woman. Guess I’ll grow up when I’m ready!
xxx4 minutes agoT|2015-02-20 18:57:00http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/20 sP(s/%3[beviekSAndy CappandycappThank you!!! I love that song and hardly ever hear it!!!1 minute agoT|2015-02-20 18:57:00http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/20g%![%3]NightShade09!]Dick TracydicktracyTwo things for your consideration:

Be wild!

xxx2 minutes agoT|2015-02-20 18:57:00http://gocomics.com/garfield/2015/02/20*#'%O'3cbraindead08 Jeff DanzigerjeffdanzigerNOOOOOOOO.

Jeb is his OWN MAN!

Got that?
And it’s just a totally unrelated coincidence that his foreign policy advisors are the exact same ones that The Decider had.2 minutes agoT|2015-02-20 18:57:00http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/20r />(1) Could Silver be related to Gertie?
‘Silver’ is also a kind of stone, just like gravel (Gertie) and agate (Aggie). And there is a much stronger physical resemblance between Silver and those two than between him and Sprocket.
Could his real name be Silver Stan, or (since we’re looking at weird possibilities) Silver Suzy?
(2) Could Silver really be a woman?
It could account for the time he spends getting ready for visitors.
Con men use aliases. Why not a couple of women passing as brother and sister?
It could also account for Sprocket’s intense jealousy of other women. Sprocket said she wanted to be sure Kandikane didn’t “get her hooks into him” for more money, so maybe Silver has a weakness…
Just throwing out a wild idea (which perhaps should be thrown out)…1 minute agoT|2015-02-20 18:57:00http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20 @z@ --!%3kbeviekSCleo and Companycleo-and-company

1 minute agoT|2015-02-20 18:57:00http://gocomics.com/cleo-and-company/2015/02/20g ##!W%3_braindead08 Matt DaviesmattdaviesI hear that Jeb is going to ask Dick Cheney to find the best vice presidential candidate to run with.1 minute agoT|2015-02-20 18:57:00http://gocomics.com/mattdavies/2015/02/20* !3/5%3mPatman9990P!Pearls Before Swinepearlsbeforeswine You do that Pig. o_01 minute agoT|2015-02-20 18:57:00http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2009/07/09!%3[beviekSAndy Cappandycapp

1 minute agoT|2015-02-20 18:57:00http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/20 R,RT%#93]Number ThreeOMarmadukemarmadukeA warning label? Nah. No need for that.

More like an alarm.

xxxless than a minute agoT|2015-02-20 18:57:00http://gocomics.com/marmaduke/2015/02/20 !/%3UIamJayBluE4LuannluannBut he did explain it. He said “go with the latter one”, on the FB post right after it came out. In fact, it was right after some of us called attention to the fact that it was two different stories when the strip first posted…1 minute agoT|2015-02-20 18:57:00http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20F '% %3cBaslim the begger says, "The past is the enemy of the future."EJeff DanzigerjeffdanzigerI recall that Nixon, Carter and Bill Clinton had embarrassing brothers…

They serve Billy Beer in this establishment?1 minute agoT|2015-02-20 18:57:00http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/20posted for Feb. 5th (and is dated 2-5 as well), so it’s obviously an error. The strip for Feb. 6th most likely is the one published in “Dare to Be Great, Ms. Caucus”, pg. 30, sandwiched between the strips for Feb. 5th and Feb. 7th.
The “action” takes place at a press conference with the “czar”.
First reporter: Sire, there are many consumers who feel that your energy priority rating system discriminates against the little guy. Can you speak to that?
Czar: Yes. It is said that the mighty eagle knows the highest reaches of the mountaintops and the lowly grasshopper is earthbound and small. But cannot the spirit of the grasshopper soar as high as that of the eagle?
Second reporter: Bravo! Good answer!
First reporter (thinks) What the hell … ?
Second reporter: It’s an allegory, man! An allegory!less than a minute agoT|2015-02-20 18:57:00http://gocomics.com/doonesbury/1974/02/06 I)'!'3ebeviekSBallard Streetballardstreet

5 minutes agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20@')'q'3eAgentSmith101ەMike Luckovichmikeluckovich@r2varney
I don’t know how well they’ll have the primaries rigged, but I plan to vote in them anyway. Know that this is one Republican who doesn’t plan to vote for another Bush. Unfortunately, the other clown car members might not be any better. Then there is the matter of Hillary on the other end. I might be a Centrist, but I’m NOT voting for Hillary.

No More Dynasties!5 minutes agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/202)!!U93_clausfrasamsoe<`DoonesburydoonesburyThe strip posted above is identical to the one ! .,'1/1'3mFelix The Cat 1Basic InstructionsbasicinstructionsNo offense, Scott, but you should probably avoid workplace humor since it is clear that you’ve never been anywhere near an actual workplace.5 minutes agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/basicinstructions/2015/02/20L951Y'3oHappy, Happy, Happy!!! Frank & Steinwayfrank-and-steinwayI like the “Family Photo”.5 minutes agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/frank-and-steinway/2015/02/20 K%+#'3aNumber ThreeOMutt & JeffmuttandjeffThat’s not exactly in his Job Description, Jeff.

xxx4 minutes agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/muttandjeff/2015/02/20C'%'3cechoraven>^Dan WassermandanwassermanI found your conclusion supported in a few places, but not in others.
My guess is that while the rich did get richer during Reagan and Bush 41’s term(s) as well as Obama’s, during Obama’s tenure the middle class have taken a brutal beating.5 minutes agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/danwasserman/2015/02/17 s1'3YpcolliCThe BarnthebarnOther people would say that it’s the year of the goat.3 minutes agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/thebarn/2015/02/20''E'3]Gregory Kruse>The BoondocksboondocksShades of George H. W. Bush!3 minutes agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/boondocks/2015/02/20N'MK!'3 phyllis bearNew Adventures of Queen VictoriathenewadventuresofqueenvictoriaFurr play?4 minutes agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/thenewadventuresofqueenvictoria/2015/02/20%#%'3aChukLitlNon SequiturnonsequiturThe quiche thing was an ‘80s parody about “real men.”
If you’ve got something to prove you’re a wannabee.4 minutes agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/20 UB}JUo"%w'3YNumber ThreeOPicklespicklesBelieve me, Earl… It’s better to fess up to what you’ve done. It gets the punishment done quicker.
xxx2 minutes agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/pickles/2015/02/20-!'%Y'3cBaslim the begger says, "The past is the enemy of the future."EJeff DanzigerjeffdanzigerAs usual, I love the little details like that light bulb over the door. That looks up to code, uh-huh!2 minutes agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/20?-=1C'3oJulie Mavromatis !Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaGirl with the Dragon Tattoo3 minutes agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/208'3[beviekSTen Catsten-catsGlad y’all enjoyed the video. Here’s another.

3 minutes agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20 ,8Q,<''1-[%3kGregory Kruse>The Fusco BrothersthefuscobrothersIs that flower a mistake or a disaster?1 minute agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/thefuscobrothers/2015/02/20+& %3UVarnesFrazzfrazzcomicsssfan, she could leave her hat on, if she had one…1 minute agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/20,%-=1'3oJulie Mavromatis !Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaCatwoman2 minutes agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20a$!1)-'3gwhitet3260۠Frank & ErnestfrankandernestIt’s all just entertainment. Network news died with Huntley and Brinkley.2 minutes agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/20B#%;3O'3qNightShade09!]For Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseNot all brains are created equal.2 minutes agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/20 HH7,//W'3mChukLitlOllie and Quentinollie-and-quentinPool cues & bar stools work, too.5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:07:10http://gocomics.com/ollie-and-quentin/2015/02/20+#K'3]ErichalfbeePinkertonpinkertonYay! Pinkerton’s back. :)5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:07:10http://gocomics.com/pinkerton/2015/02/20Y)#!E%3_festinZLisa BensonlisabensonThis is not a partisan issue. It’s censorship vs. the people.
What are we North Korea and going to let these people tell us what we can and cannot see on the internet?
Why in the world would any private individual want to cede control of the internet to private, for pro)k(%q%3YNumber ThreeOPeanutspeanutsLucy’s face is making me shake with fear.

No, I’m not just referring to the 3rd panel.

xxx1 minute agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/20fit companies?
Wall street and reporters for business publications and lobbying groups are spinning this into a government control and stifle free enterprise issue.
The airwaves (all broadcasts) are owned by the people.
The rights to award cable and cell and internet facilities are controlled by the people through local, state and federal contracts.
Calling this bid for net neutrality an attempt at government control is totally preposterous. The people are the government in this case and the point of regulating is to keep the internet free from censorship
Internet providers can discriminate at will against anyone the please and charge whatever rate for whatever reason they want. They can cut the speed whenever it suits them or block any content they want to. It is a serious breach of our freedoms. Keep the internet free from censorship!

.1 minute agoT焭2015-02-20 19:02:05http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20 5=!1#!U'3[kjordan2001GU.S. Acresus-acresActually Orson “slucks”.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:07:10http://gocomics.com/us-acres/2015/02/201/''%]'3cGregory Kruse>Jeff DanzigerjeffdanzigerShe would’ve eaten the shoes too.,4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:07:10http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/19r.'{'3YDarwinskeeperEndtownendtownI love Holly’s expression in panel 3, she seems as surprised as anyone that what she said had the desired effect.5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:07:10http://gocomics.com/endtown/2015/02/20E-!!'3]whitet3260۠Dick TracydicktracyI wondered when the criminal plot line would emerge in this story arc.5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:07:10http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20 t::%3/O%3mNumber ThreeOPearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineI’m so glad I wasn’t drinking anything whilst reading this comic strip.
My laptop would have been dripping by now.

Just… hilarious!
xxx1 minute agoT2015-02-20 19:07:10http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/20&9%#a%3akeaYNon Sequiturnonsequiturnew word: logy – gotta remember that1 minute agoT2015-02-20 19:07:10http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/207!A%3[BitsyTwill)Gil ThorpgilthorpPlacebo Speculation: Day 61 minute agoT2015-02-20 19:07:10http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/20l2!--A'3knighthawksCleo and Companycleo-and-companyagain, Teresa—-er, Bev, another terrific and varied array of posts! thanks so much!.2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:07:10http://gocomics.com/cleo-and-company/2015/02/20#8217;re going, hope you have a wonderful time and we’ll “see” you when you get back. Until then, we’ll miss you!


legaleagle48: I like your insight into Cathy’s current mindset right now and totally agree with you. If she weren’t always so fixated on herself, she’d have more time to think about other people and their feelings for a change. On the other hand, you have to admit that Irving can be pretty egotistical and “me-oriented” himself . . . especially when it comes to all the electronic “toys” he likes to buy. Thank goodness these two selfish people somehow man-aged to find each other because I can’t imagine anyone else ever wanting them (at least not for the long haul anyhow).


Hello and Happy Friday, fellow Cathy fans. Hope you all have a really great day today. Keep warm and safe everyone!1 minute agoT2015-02-20 19:07:10http://gocomics.com/cathy/2015/02/20 --E;%1%3UGretchensMomCathycathyMost people ask “Have you set a wedding date (yet)?” when they hear someone has just recently gotten engaged — not “Do you have a date?”. That’s pretty weird — even for Cathy’s mother. Huge [eye roll] for this strip today.


Hi, rgcviper!


lightenup: Wherever you&, <#)' 93ebraindead08 Mike LuckovichmikeluckovichSo, what Republican is going to beat Jeb (mistakes were made) out?

Raphael Cruz, who isn’t even eligible?
Marco Polio?
Bobby Jindal?
The new more intelligent Rick Perry?
Rick Santorim?
Scott (punt) Walker?
Willard the ChickenHawk has already been knocked out.

Remember, the primaries are being held right now at Koch Brothers summits and 100,000 a plate fund raisers.

Republican voting will fall in line with whatever is decided there.

And rank and file Republicans/Fox “news” viewers are perfectly happy with that structure.less than a minute agoT2015-02-20 19:07:10http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20hope you have a wonderful time and we’ll “see” you when you get back. Until then, we’ll miss you!


legaleagle48: I like your insight into Cathy’s current mindset right now and totally agree with you. If she weren’t always so fixated on herself, she’d have more time to think about other people and their feelings for a change. On the other hand, you have to admit that Irving can be pretty egotistical and “me-oriented” himself . . . especially when it comes to all the electronic “toys” he likes to buy. Thank goodness these two selfish people somehow man-aged to find each other because I can’t imagine anyone else
ever wanting them (at least not for the long haul anyhow).


Hello and Happy Friday, fellow Cathy fans. Hope you all have a really great day today. Keep warm and safe everyone!less than a minute agoT2015-02-20 19:07:10http://gocomics.com/cathy/2015/02/20 UUB>'3[Baslim the begger says, "The past is the enemy of the future."EJoel Pettjoelpettchuckle!5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:12:16http://gocomics.com/joelpett/2015/02/20U=%=93UGretchensMomCathycathyMost people ask “Have you set a wedding date (yet)?” when they hear someone has just recently gotten engaged — not “Do you have a date?”. That’s pretty weird — even for Cathy’s mother. Huge [eye roll] for this strip today.


Hi, rgcviper!


lightenup: Wherever you’re going, / AA9@9%#]'3aThe Wolf In Your MidstSteve BensonstevebensonI can name a few more people: The Anti-balaki.


“Thousands of Muslims tried to flee the capital of the Central African Republic (CAR) on Friday, only for their mass convoy of cars and trucks to be turned back as crowds of angry Christians taunted: “We’re going to kill you all.”"

Massacring entire villages, dragging mutilated bodies through the streets, conducting ethnic cleansing (according to those bleeding hearts at Amnesty International). And before Harleyquinn comes along to tell me that this happened “a hundred thousand years ago”, check the date on the article- one year ago.

Why aren’t you stopping this, Christians?5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:12:16http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20 ZD%Y'3UGretchensMomCathycathyMost people ask “Have you set a wedding date (yet)?” when they hear someone has just recently gotten engaged — not “Do you have a date?”. That’s pretty weird — even for Cathy’s mother. Huge [eye roll] for this strip today.


Hi, rgcviper!


lightenup: Wherever you’re going, hope 3tB'y'3[anynamewilldoTen Catsten-catsMany years ago I had a cat with urinary problems. The vet said " I’m going to take his 22 and turn it into a shotgun. He cut off his penis and sewed his urinary tube around the edges of where his penis used to be. He lived to be 15.4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:12:16http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20you have a wonderful time and we’ll “see” you when you get back. Until then, we’ll miss you!


legaleagle48: I like your insight into Cathy’s current mindset right now and totally agree with you. If she weren’t always so fixated on herself, she’d have more time to think about other people and their feelings for a change. On the other hand, you have to admit that Irving can be pretty egotistical and “me-oriented” himself . . . especially when it comes to all the electronic “toys” he likes to buy. Thank goodness these two selfish people somehow man-aged to find each other because I can’t imagine anyone else
ever wanting either one of them (at least not for the long haul anyhow).


Hello and Happy Friday, fellow Cathy fans. Hope you all have a really great day today. Keep warm and safe everyone!4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:12:16http://gocomics.com/cathy/2015/02/20 22DI'+'3UMeh~thodologyLuannluann“You’re dead to me!”

:::::: Blam~ Blam! ::::::3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:12:16http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20*H%#!['3_Number ThreeOThe BucketsthebucketsThankfully I have no siblings.
xxx4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:12:16http://gocomics.com/thebuckets/2015/02/20gF'%S'3cbeviekSFrog ApplausefrogapplausePersonally, I think you could be a tad biased on the rabbit poo. But, that’s just me.4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:12:16http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20aE3'1'3eAndrew T.AThe Meaning of LilameaningoflilaActually my dad & I had a relationship not unlike Lila and her mom—we both seemed to be really good at pushing each others’ buttons, even unintentionally. But I still miss him. (2007, cancer.)4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:12:16http://gocomics.com/meaningoflila/2015/02/20 q qM%##7%3aQuietStorm27CandorvillecandorvilleOh Lemont, you idiot.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 19:12:16http://gocomics.com/candorville/2015/02/20wL'%q'3csclark55-Jerry HolbertjerryholbertIn addition to a jobs program for them, we need Facebook Sensitivity training. Then all our problems will be gone!2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:12:16http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/202K'%k'3cbeviekSFrog ApplausefrogapplauseOh, and I meant to say, I like your new avatar.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:12:16http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/205J+'%]'3cToeknee FingersJeff DanzigerjeffdanzigerSo what do you think about changing our name to The Distinguished League of Embarrassing Family Members?
Club is so… How can I put this gently? Middle class.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:12:16http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/20 @dO!_%3]AnyFaceDick TracydicktracyFor anyone who’s interested …

More About Hyenas

Baby1 minute agoT2015-02-20 19:12:16http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20:N%55C%3sTom Flapwell Random Acts of Nancyrandom-acts-of-nancyHe’s a light sleeper.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 19:12:16http://gocomics.com/random-acts-of-nancy/2015/02/20 )R-!U'3]Bartholomew Orso Stone SoupstonesoupJust rip the “binky” out of his mouth and never give it back. You are his PARENT and not his FRIEND.4 minutes agoTB2015-02-20 19:17:22http://gocomics.com/stonesoup/2015/02/20+P)g%3[QueenofAmerica2Ten Catsten-catsI used to vacuum Poor Dead Buckwheat (in his pre-dead state) using the wand and little upholstery brush. He loved it.

When I have kittens to foster, I use the stick vac in their room several times a day. I like to get them used to noises that they will have in their new homes. By the time they leave here, they aren’t afraid of it. In fact, there have been a few who jumped on it and would ride while I vacuumed.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 19:12:16http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20 )W)X+#'3abrklnbernMutt & JeffmuttandjeffGood one.3 minutes agoTB2015-02-20 19:17:22http://gocomics.com/muttandjeff/2015/02/20W/='3WSteven Smigielski$=NormanNormanit’s time to leave4 minutes agoTB2015-02-20 19:17:22http://gocomics.com/Norman/2015/02/20-V!+)K'3gParis Girl

I will deny that it was “slippery language worded so you don’t have to take responsability for it when confronted ;” it was, however, a very feminine way to provoke, and you fell for it hook, line and stinker.
And it is equally intrue that I meant to shirk responsability. I am responding to all of your comments typing with my pretty little fingers and remain open-minded. If you say something I agree with, I’ll be ‘man’ enough to tell you.
I am not a spokesperson for « the folks over here, » I am just telling you, again, that the general opinion of Europeans as regards America today, is more positive than under the Bush administration, and that, primarily, is due to the fact…..that a vast majority of Europeans were against our invasion of Iraq. My contacts are not isolated to the French either; I frequently talk with Brits, Germans, Spanish, Scandinavians……etc.
There is a difference between what I claim and “anti-French sentiment,” in as much as my statement holds truth and yours, except for a handful of firebrands, does not. France is a friend and an ally. The UK and France are the only European countries with the nuclear bomb, and high-tech fighter planes. Need I mention the ones outside Europe like Pakistan, Iran and North Korea ? The US came to France’s rescue in WW II, and don’t think they have forgot it (go to the Normandy beaches, and you’ll be looked up to because you are an American), France gave us the Statue of Liberty and Lafayette had his own room at Mount Vernon, he was such good friends with George Washington. I presume you know why.4 minutes agoTB2015-02-20 19:17:22http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/19/>Wall street and reporters for business publications and lobbying groups are spinning this into a government control and stifle free enterprise issue.
The airwaves (all broadcasts) are owned by the people.
The rights to award cable and cell and internet facilities are controlled by the people through local, state and federal contracts.
Calling this bid for net neutrality an attempt at government control is totally preposterous. The people are the government in this case and the point of regulating is to keep the internet free from censorship
Internet providers can discriminate at will against anyone they please and charge whatever rate for whatever reason they want without competition. They can cut the speed whenever it suits them or block any content they want to. It is a serious breach of our freedoms.
Keep the internet free from censorship!2 minutes agoTB2015-02-20 19:17:22http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20 ::^]U'3[brklnbernEmmy Louemmy-louAh the changing times. Poor Rock, but at least Emmy could be secure it wasn’t really personal.2 minutes agoTB2015-02-20 19:17:22http://gocomics.com/emmy-lou/2015/02/20`Z!i'3UIamJayBluE4LuannluannIn fact, these were Greg’s words to people who drew attention to that on FB:

“You’re right. And I’ve fired my Historian.”
-Greg2 minutes agoTB2015-02-20 19:17:22http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20nY#!m'3_festinZLisa BensonlisabensonThis is not a partisan issue. It’s censorship vs. the people.
What are we North Korea and going to let these people tell us what we can and cannot see on the internet?
Why in the world would any private individual want to cede control of the internet to private, for profit companies?
LOL!1 minute agoTB2015-02-20 19:17:22http://gocomics.com/wizard-of-id-classics/2015/02/20M_/?3Y%3qSteven Smigielski$=The Old Man & His Dogold-man-and-his-dogyou’ve got to be in it to win it1 minute agoTB2015-02-20 19:17:22http://gocomics.com/old-man-and-his-dog/2015/02/20\^K7y%3ulamaco Ripley's Believe It or NotripleysbelieveitornotThey forgot to include whether or not Asha Rani lived.1 minute agoTB2015-02-20 19:17:22http://gocomics.com/ripleysbelieveitornot/2015/02/20 =-c'3UbrklnbernNancynancyA beautiful woman is a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman.4 minutes agoTs2015-02-20 19:22:27http://gocomics.com/nancy/2015/02/20b'##;'3afrancisbonnet#Pirate Mikepirate-mikeHe’s a smart one!5 minutes agoTs2015-02-20 19:22:27http://gocomics.com/pirate-mike/2015/02/20a+##93aRotifer ThalwegxFeral Cootsferal-coots

When she decides to “mock" us
Sometimes the bon mot juste
Is employed (and then she’s joyous)
Obscurity’s a plus!

And on a related note: >>> Arkansas lawmakers order schools to teach cursive writing <<<less than a minute agoTB2015-02-20 19:17:22http://gocomics.com/feral-coots/2010/05/09 xX8x:g'+#m'3afrancisbonnet#The Vernal Poolvernal-poolI know where I’m going this weekend…3 minutes agoTs2015-02-20 19:22:27http://gocomics.com/vernal-pool/2015/02/20af#U'3[braindead08 Paul SzeppaulszepIf he really were his Own Man, how many would have attended his 100,000 a plate dinner, do ya think?3 minutes agoTs2015-02-20 19:22:27http://gocomics.com/paulszep/2015/02/203e9!]'3]The Wolf In Your MidstClay JonesclayjonesHe’ll keep the government out of your life! …unless he can score political points with the Christian base by interfering.

Just ask Michael Schiavo.3 minutes agoTs2015-02-20 19:22:27http://gocomics.com/clayjones/2015/02/20"d'c'3Wfrancisbonnet#NormanNormanGuys never know what to say about anything.4 minutes agoTs2015-02-20 19:22:27http://gocomics.com/Norman/2015/02/20 ]]8k!--]%3knighthawksCleo and Companycleo-and-companythen, there’s the 70’s
1 minute agoTs2015-02-20 19:22:27http://gocomics.com/cleo-and-company/2015/02/206j'+'_%3efrancisbonnet#ONION & PEAonion-and-peaIt’s funny because it’s true.1 minute agoTs2015-02-20 19:22:27http://gocomics.com/onion-and-pea/2015/02/20Ui%'%%%3cComicsfan222#FJeff DanzigerjeffdanzigerAny of them manage to make it to the presidency and screw things up royally?1 minute agoTs2015-02-20 19:22:27http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/20Hh%'% '3cComicsfan222#FJeff DanzigerjeffdanzigerRe: Jebie be his own man. Like Heck, he is owned and operated by at least three cartels, never found a federal subsidy he didn’t like and is more than capable of flubbing his own dubs.2 minutes agoTs2015-02-20 19:22:27http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/20 Up!!'3]iammuPooch CafepoochcafeAgree. +105 minutes agoT犥2015-02-20 19:27:33http://gocomics.com/poochcafe/2015/02/20+o%'%Q'3cComicsfan222#FJeff Danzigerjeffdanzigerhttp://www.gocomics.com/mattdavies5 minutes agoT犥2015-02-20 19:27:33http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/20tm#i93[seniorscrubfGil ThorpgilthorpBack in the day, this would end with Max dead of a heart attack and BDruggs serving life at Milford State Pen.less than a minute agoTs2015-02-20 19:22:27http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/20 *s#!a'3]motivemagusRob RogersrobrogersFirst of all, saying “there is no scientific reason to be against this pipeline more than any others,” is not true. The oil coming from the shale fields is particularly toxic and contaminated.
Second of all, saying they are all equal does not mean they are good. They could well all be bad, and given the history of leaks and contamination circulating around any pipeline makes that very clear, especially when companies like Koch Industries have shown they are willing to reduce inspections, reduce fixes, and in effect dump poisons to save themselves money.
There is a unique opportunity here in that it is not built, and it can be stopped from going to use.4 minutes agoT犥2015-02-20 19:27:33http://gocomics.com/robrogers/2015/02/20 vvzw'%#q'3asuperpositionSteve BensonstevebensonI am an agnostic atheist and an agnostic unaffiliated voter. I do see the glass as half full and believe that with kindness and cooperation people can put aside differences and accomplish greater things than they could with only one ideology.3 minutes agoT犥2015-02-20 19:27:33http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20"v%!Q'3]Comicsfan222#FClay Jonesclayjoneshttp://www.gocomics.com/mattdavies3 minutes agoT犥2015-02-20 19:27:33http://gocomics.com/clayjones/2015/02/20\u#!E'3_Stryk428jGlenn McCoyglennmccoyMarie Harf said joblessness was a contributing factor not the sole cause of so-called jihadism. She says an improved economy might prevent some from becoming terrorists. She doesn’t advocate giving terrorists jobs.3 minutes agoT犥2015-02-20 19:27:33http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/19 NLN{!'3]AnyFaceDick Tracydicktracydicktracy2 minutes agoT犥2015-02-20 19:27:33http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20xz))e'3gzippycatsrFrankie Comicsfrankie-comicsAmen amen :> Mine hog the bed, I have to sleep on the edge and can barely turn over. Worth it? Of course.3 minutes agoT犥2015-02-20 19:27:33http://gocomics.com/frankie-comics/2015/02/20|y# '3[seniorscrubfGil ThorpgilthorpI mean Jerry Jenkins wouldn’t even let the Greatest Athlete in Milford history get to college without ruining him….3 minutes agoT犥2015-02-20 19:27:33http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/20,x!!o'3_iammuPoptropicapoptropicaThat kid is sick. Foodie,ugghhh.Addict. Peace. :)3 minutes agoT犥2015-02-20 19:27:33http://gocomics.com/poptropica/2015/02/20 H~%#'3anosirromiPrickly CitypricklycityCome on. He’s a big teddy bear. And he enjoys a fun time.
2 minutes agoT犥2015-02-20 19:27:33http://gocomics.com/pricklycity/2015/02/20 |#!+'3_beviekSLisa BensonlisabensonPrecisely! Look what a mess that is.

The Obama administration says it sent about 800,000 HealthCare.gov customers the wrong tax information, and officials are asking those consumers to delay filing their 2014 taxes.

About 11.4 million people signed up this season. But the errors in tax information mean that nearly 1 million people may have to wait longer to get their tax refunds this year.

Legislators are paid by tax dollars to read what legislation they pass. If they’re too lazy to read it first and pass it without reading it they’re idiots and the taxpayers are the ones to suffer for it.2 minutes agoT犥2015-02-20 19:27:33http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20t understand it or think it is cute. Yet because it is on a page that I visit multiple times per day, I am forced to see it. -over and over. Comments are easily skimmed over by the eye, but images can’t blend in the background the same way. I know I don’t speak for EVERYONE, but for the few- or more than a few— who would prefer that this page remain fairly image/video-free, please post your
“cute and funny” videos/images on Ballard Street or Andy Capp or on other pages that have morphed into image-posting cliques. I expect some blowback on my opinion, and I realize it is my opinion, but I suspect that I’m not just speaking for myself. Thank you.
P.S. The blog was nice because we were commenting HERE, but the images were THERE, which was a neat setup. Alas, boo-boo.2 minutes agoT犥2015-02-20 19:27:33http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20 t@///C93mLady Anne WehrleyJack Radio Comicsjack-radio-comicsFather, Son and Holy Ghost!less than a minute agoT犥2015-02-20 19:27:33http://gocomics.com/jack-radio-comics/2015/02/20>///S%3mLady Anne WehrleyJack Radio Comicsjack-radio-comicsI know I have to have one Mr. Beer!1 minute agoT犥2015-02-20 19:27:33http://gocomics.com/jack-radio-comics/2015/02/20~'%'3csandboili[Frog ApplausefrogapplauseThis is an amendment to my diatribe above. I was one of those overposters. I got carried away and realized that it was annoying to other people. I believe I am speaking for several FA fans who agree but don’t want to make waves. Case in point:. Rad-ish, you post amazing comments, but that cartoon you posted, I don’F20;Hate America” Reverend Wright spoke volumes of who and what influenced Obama, who did in fact attend Islamic schools and whose grandfather led him to a Communist mentor in his youth. His choice of teachers and pals in college were another strong indication of not loving America.
Obama specialized in foreign speeches that were anti-USA.
He bowed down to ruthless dictators who were Islamic, and early in O’s administration the Mideast Moslem media said “now we have one of our own in the White House”….
It won’t be “proven” of course, until God’s Judgment Day.
But follow the “benefits” of Obama’s pro-Islam PR and rules for the Pentagon and all the bureaucracy…and his attempts to help the UN get a law against “hate crime” when someone tries to expose the facts about Islamic Terrorism.5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:32:38http://gocomics.com/chrisbritt/2015/02/19 !/#!='3_disgustedamerican Chris Brittchrisbritthttp://www.nationalreview.com/article/414112/rudy-right-kevin-d-williamson
It has been apparent to many Americans since the 2008 campaign where Obama said he planned to change America.
His 20 years sitting under RH 99[/##-'3aLady Anne WehrleyJust Postedjust-postedObviously man did not come from spiders…spiders are clearly smarter! Haha4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:32:38http://gocomics.com/just-posted/2015/02/20`c'3YfestinZTed RalltedrallYou speak true, Agent.
Henry Ford was the most conservative executive of his day and he paid his workers more and took better care of them than anyone else at that time. Because it greatly benefited Ford and America and the workers and their families. In short, all of society benefits from moral employment practices.
Nobody has a right to a job, but it should at least be socially unacceptable to use workers as temporary drones, to be discarded for a small bump in quarterly stock prices. If a company can’t do better than that, maybe they shouldn’t be in business at all.
.5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:32:38http://gocomics.com/tedrall/2015/02/20  Zu '3UiammuRubesrubes+10 like.2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:32:38http://gocomics.com/rubes/2015/02/20?!''3UIamJayBluE4LuannluannOf course, Greg could have forgotten that Mr. Berger was just “trapped” in his “special drawing pen” in the bottom drawer when he “happened upon it” the other day…3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:32:38http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20)#!!]'3_gaslightguyy@AndertoonsandertoonsBeing an ex teacher, she has my empathy.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:32:38http://gocomics.com/andertoons/2015/02/20q'3[ahabsTom TolestomtolesMike, your avatar doesn’t do you justice. Maybe a Steve Melcher classic painting from the This is Priceless Cartoon.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:32:38http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20 G[='%}'3csandboili[Frog ApplausefrogapplauseThis is an amendment to my diatribe above. I was one of those overposters. I got carried away and realized that it was annoying to other people. I believe I am speaking for several FA fans who agree but don’t want to make waves. Case in point:. Rad-ish, you post amM$ k%3[ahabsTom TolestomtolesMy celestial teapot decrees your teapot is wrong. Using “faith” to argue against scientific facts is a futile attempt to argue that dogma is fact, with no proof!1 minute agoT2015-02-20 19:32:38http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20< -=1?%3oJulie Mavromatis !Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaThe Princess and the Frog1 minute agoT2015-02-20 19:32:38http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/203 -=1-%3oJulie Mavromatis !Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaBatman and Robin1 minute agoT2015-02-20 19:32:38http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20azing comments, but that cartoon you posted, I don’t understand it or think it is cute. Yet because it is on a page that I visit multiple times per day, I am forced to see it over and over. Comments are easily skimmed over by the eye, but images can’t blend in the background the same way. I know I don’t speak for EVERYONE, but for the few, or more than a few, who would prefer that this page remain fairly image/video-free, please post your “cute and funny” videos/images on Ballard Street or Andy Capp or on those other pages that have morphed into image-posting cliques. I expect some blowback on my opinion, and I realize it is my opinion, but I suspect that I’m not just speaking for myself. Thank you.
P.S. The blog was nice because we were commenting HERE, but the images were THERE, which was a neat setup. Alas, boo-boo.4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:37:43http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20 *%c'3]Kris BennettJumpStartjumpstartIf you get the green-light, I will watch it3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:37:43http://gocomics.com/jumpstart/2015/02/20#'%5'3cbraindead08 Jeff DanzigerjeffdanzigerNow, are you a-sayin’ that Jeb is part of the same family fortune built on being close personal friends and business partners with the Saudis?4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:37:43http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/20P%E'3Uvictornewman MontymontyGads, excellent work old chap! Meddick, you continue to amaze me. Haven’t had this much of a chuckle since zombies gathered for a morbid holiday feast.(always liked The Thing comics as a kid, not sure why…)4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:37:43http://gocomics.com/monty/2015/02/20 33YQ'3YShazzaron`EndtownendtownI think Holly is certainly going to find Kirbee’s flippant personality quite interesting. :)2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:37:43http://gocomics.com/endtown/2015/02/20b#--)'3khouseofpooh@Amanda the Greatamanda-the-greatWhat’s a morning without a little well placed road rage.
Norman2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:37:43http://gocomics.com/amanda-the-great/2015/02/209)''3eThe Wolf In Your MidstMike LuckovichmikeluckovichI find myself pretty much in agreement with you. What I wouldn’t give to see a Warren/Huntsman contest instead….3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:37:43http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20go'3[ahabsTom TolestomtolesI agree with your reasoning Doughfoot, in other words, but felt responding to canfunny a waste of conversation.:D3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:37:43http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20 ^M^@'%#}'3aTheTruthHurtsԟKen CatalinokencatalinoThere is no doubt the climate is changing. It ALWAYS changes. The argument is if mankind is CAUSING said change. I am not convinced.5 minutes agoT92015-02-20 19:42:49http://gocomics.com/kencatalino/2015/02/20#)/++%3iNikola TaschenCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesI like this one1 minute agoT2015-02-20 19:37:43http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/20!'3]AnyFaceDick Tracydicktracydicktracy2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:37:43http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20#!o'3UIamJayBluE4LuannluannOf course, Greg could have forgotten that Mr. Berger was just “trapped” in his “special drawing pen” in the bottom drawer when he “happened upon it” the other day…2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:37:43http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 d3@&d<+'3UtammyspeakslifeMFrazzfrazzRandy Newman sang the song ‘Short People’ … fitting3 minutes agoT92015-02-20 19:42:49http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/20/'3WckhamBKlibanklibanOr the fist pump?3 minutes agoT92015-02-20 19:42:49http://gocomics.com/kliban/2015/02/20#K'3Shouseofpooh@BUNSbunsTime for plan B.
Norman4 minutes agoT92015-02-20 19:42:49http://gocomics.com/buns/2015/02/20m#--?'3khouseofpooh@Blue Skies Toonsblue-skies-toonsIt’s always good to keep up with what’s new in sniffing butts.
Norman5 minutes agoT92015-02-20 19:42:49http://gocomics.com/blue-skies-toons/2015/02/20G''3]Coyoty]Lay Lineslay-linesShe’s not gaining a mother-in-law, she’s getting a mother outlaw.5 minutes agoT92015-02-20 19:42:49http://gocomics.com/lay-lines/2015/02/20 oo ##G'3Sgaslightguyy@ShoeshoeJust about every waking hour.2 minutes agoT92015-02-20 19:42:49http://gocomics.com/shoe/2015/02/20 "#G'3Sgaslightguyy@ShoeshoeJust about every waking hour.2 minutes agoT92015-02-20 19:42:49http://gocomics.com/shoe/2015/02/20|!'3[zippycatsrTen Catsten-catsI’ve had a couple male cats with this problem; it’s considered a medical emergency so off the vet each time. Typically it’s caused by the diet. Canned food helps, there’s a Friskies Special Diet variety that worked for us. Good luck.2 minutes agoT92015-02-20 19:42:49http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20e #C7'3uhouseofpooh@Don't Pick the Flowersdont-pick-the-flowersTormented people always write the best poetry
Norman3 minutes agoT92015-02-20 19:42:49http://gocomics.com/dont-pick-the-flowers/2015/02/20 bu(MK'3 ckhamBNew Adventures of Queen VictoriathenewadventuresofqueenvictoriaPerhaps it’s the sense and sensibility she’s expressing?5 minutes agoTj2015-02-20 19:47:54http://gocomics.com/thenewadventuresofqueenvictoria/2015/02/202'%%U93czippycatsrWorking Dazeworking-dazeIt’s a rich man’s world.less than a minute agoT92015-02-20 19:42:49http://gocomics.com/working-daze/2015/02/20g&w%3WiammuW.T. DuckwtduckMy keyboard does NOT have this function,can i download it and from where? :) Peace. Ha,haa!1 minute agoT92015-02-20 19:42:49http://gocomics.com/wtduck/2015/02/20%#[%3Uhouseofpooh@GIRTHgirthGirth, I feel your pain.
Norman1 minute agoT92015-02-20 19:42:49http://gocomics.com/girth/2015/02/20 CS+%#/'3aChukLitlPrickly CitypricklycityThey wanted a clear definition of “planet.” Any set of specifics that included Pluto would have also had to include at least a handful of asteroids & Lord only knows how many Ort Cloud objects.5 minutes agoTj2015-02-20 19:47:54http://gocomics.com/pricklycity/2015/02/20]*Y'3YDragoncatEndtownendtownFrom being creepy and nasty, to being adorable in a matter of seconds.
I can’t wait to see how they’ll rescue Wally.

Oh, wait! It’s Friday! I guess I’ll have to wait, after all…5 minutes agoTj2015-02-20 19:47:54http://gocomics.com/endtown/2015/02/207)###s'3ahouseofpooh@Just Postedjust-postedThe enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Norman5 minutes agoTj2015-02-20 19:47:54http://gocomics.com/just-posted/2015/02/20 +)|+R1#!/'3_DragoncatRip HaywireriphaywireGetting greasy fingers all over his bazooka? No more pizza nights for these guys!3 minutes agoTj2015-02-20 19:47:54http://gocomics.com/riphaywire/2015/02/20e0!['3]LoboGrande ?yAlley Oopalley-oopThen we could enjoy the story even MORELOL3 minutes agoTj2015-02-20 19:47:54http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/20/%7'3Uactivist1234 $LuannluannConsoleus interruptus3 minutes agoTj2015-02-20 19:47:54http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20'.#!['3_DragoncatRip HaywireriphaywireLOL! Love it!3 minutes agoTj2015-02-20 19:47:54http://gocomics.com/riphaywire/2015/02/20Q-#?3k'3qhouseofpooh@The Old Man & His Dogold-man-and-his-dogAnd the American dream lives on.
Norman4 minutes agoTj2015-02-20 19:47:54http://gocomics.com/old-man-and-his-dog/2015/02/20 pIGdpn5#)1?%3ohouseofpooh@The Smile Filemid-life-with-alanYou’ve really captured the spirit of the book better than the movie.
Norman1 minute agoTj2015-02-20 19:47:54http://gocomics.com/mid-life-with-alan/2015/02/20]4+/+%3isphinx wormwoodThe Flying McCoystheflyingmccoysFresh mace is the rind on a fresh nutmeg. Maybe she doesn’t know.1 minute agoTj2015-02-20 19:47:54http://gocomics.com/theflyingmccoys/2015/02/20|3%#%3aRandyNon SequiturnonsequiturMr. Wiley, just so you know, not everyone on the Internet has the need to make an argument out of anything and everything. :)1 minute agoTj2015-02-20 19:47:54http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/2012'3UCoyoty]MontymontyThat’s three product placements this time. Is that a record?2 minutes agoTj2015-02-20 19:47:54http://gocomics.com/monty/2015/02/20 #?#::##%3aDragoncatYenny Lopezyenny-lopezIn the meantime, stay away from wild animals and insects.1 minute agoTj2015-02-20 19:47:54http://gocomics.com/yenny-lopez/2015/02/20V8!W%3UdoublejakeFrazzfrazzOne of the reasons I retired from the USAF in the mid-90s is because I got tired of saluting lieutenants who were surprised to discover that Wings wasn’t McCartney’s first band…….1 minute agoTj2015-02-20 19:47:54http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/20I7+!!%3_tammyspeakslifeMSpeechlessspeechlessI asked someone and They sent me a link which I cannot understand :(1 minute agoTj2015-02-20 19:47:54http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/20l6!k%3]LoboGrande ?yAlley Oopalley-oopYou need to re-read joe piglet’s post … obviously you didn’t read it very well the first time1 minute agoTj2015-02-20 19:47:54http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/20 wqw;?%'3Uactivist1234 $Luannluann“It’s Mr. Grey and Rosa – together!”
Dougs- oooo, nice! Just as Quill & Gunther showed up together as a surprise. But how many place settings are there at the table?4 minutes agoT琛2015-02-20 19:52:59http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/203>#+#c'3ahouseofpooh@The Vernal Poolvernal-poolHeaven, I’m in heaven.
Norman4 minutes agoT琛2015-02-20 19:52:59http://gocomics.com/vernal-pool/2015/02/20<#c'3Udoctorwho29jFrazzfrazzNow I do like TV but that’s just sad.5 minutes agoT琛2015-02-20 19:52:59http://gocomics.com/frazz/2008/04/23f;#5593shouseofpooh@Suburban Fairy Talessuburban-fairy-talesJust as well, fish and pork do not go together.
Normanless than a minute agoTj2015-02-20 19:47:54http://gocomics.com/suburban-fairy-tales/2015/02/20 uhC%3'9'3eRhadamanthusThe Meaning of LilameaningoflilaThe missing never really stops; my dad checked out in 1959 and I still miss him…3 minutes agoT琛2015-02-20 19:52:59http://gocomics.com/meaningoflila/2015/02/20B'#='3agir63~Close to Homeclosetohomeand the protruding lips.4 minutes agoT琛2015-02-20 19:52:59http://gocomics.com/closetohome/2015/02/207A#+)_'3ggaslightguyy@Health CapsuleshealthcapsulesProbably because it’s the cheapest.4 minutes agoT琛2015-02-20 19:52:59http://gocomics.com/healthcapsules/2015/02/20*@-+)9'3gI Play One On TV:Michael RamirezmichaelramirezSo he’s been VP since 1/2009. And you are just now noticing how close he is to the presidency? Well done, Mr. Ramirez. You never fail to disappoint.4 minutes agoT琛2015-02-20 19:52:59http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/20 \\%F#%%G'3cRalph Ziggy "Working Dazeworking-dazeNope that event wasn’t it because not widely adopted. Not until 1926 when Henry Ford did it and made it famous did it catch on. Thank Good Idea Ford?2 minutes agoT琛2015-02-20 19:52:59http://gocomics.com/working-daze/2015/02/20$E3-+'3kpar-signs

Facebrick – very clever! Also the best place to find other snapperheads.2 minutes agoT琛2015-02-20 19:52:59http://gocomics.com/theargylesweater/2015/02/20ID%!#'3_iammuWizard of IdwizardofidI’ve got 8’ piles in 4 places around my parking and drive area,plus what is 3’+ on level ground. Teens this morning and 25degF now.
Comm’on Spring. :) Peace.3 minutes agoT琛2015-02-20 19:52:59http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20 jXTjdI!q'3UdoublejakeFrazzfrazzIt’s been used many times by many people, but I think Mary Astor (actress in the 19-teens through the ‘40s) was the one who originally said there are five stages in a actor’s career:

1. Who’s Mary Astor?
2. Get me Mary Astor!
3. Get me a Mary Astor type.
4. See if you find me a young Mary Astor.
5. Who’s Mary Astor?2 minutes agoT琛2015-02-20 19:52:59http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/20~H%=1G'3ocommon sanse 0Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaTHE FISHER KING2 minutes agoT琛2015-02-20 19:52:59http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20"G/+#5'3aSteven Smigielski$=The Vernal Poolvernal-poolfun, fun, fun…2 minutes agoT琛2015-02-20 19:52:59http://gocomics.com/vernal-pool/2015/02/20 TT6M%##o'3aactivist1234 $CandorvillecandorvilleLeave your phone no., Lemont. And say it slowly.4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:58:05http://gocomics.com/candorville/2015/02/20zL%=1?'3ocommon sanse 0Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaWAG THE DOG4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:58:05http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20jK%=1 93ocommon sanse 0Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaWHITE CHICKSless than a minute agoT琛2015-02-20 19:52:59http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 "HQ%/! '3_jwkinraleighAJane's WorldjanesworldNo, its a direct steal from a Gilligan’s Island episode.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:58:05http://gocomics.com/janesworld/2015/02/209O!!'3_iammuThe Creepsthe-creepsJust one more instance of relaxed muscles,letting waste expell. Hey,if you did not eat so much stuff,there would be very little[kinda liquid]excrement. Ah,poop! heh,heh. :)4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:58:05http://gocomics.com/the-creeps/2015/02/20XN#%%-'3cRalph Ziggy "Working Dazeworking-dazeNothing stolen, Xerox gave their stuff away. Compaq’s Ipaq in 2000 wasn’t the first PDA, Psion in 1986 was. But that doesn’t make anyone else who produces a similar device a thief. Jobs was a dirt bag for other reasons, but making devices that do things similar to others isn’t theft4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:58:05http://gocomics.com/working-daze/2015/02/19 0v:TC7;%3ucelecca!The LeftyBosco Picture Showleftyboscopictureshowpet-powered portability1 minute agoT2015-02-20 19:58:05http://gocomics.com/leftyboscopictureshow/2015/02/204S##!o'3_BrassOrchid|Matt DaviesmattdaviesThe important thing is that we are able to act with the support of the majority for a while, until the people are too outraged to stand for it, and then swing back the other way and do the other stuff we couldn’t do when the majority was pointing the wrong way. I believe it is called an escapement.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 19:58:05http://gocomics.com/mattdavies/2015/02/20JR?'3Upar-signsc?g@kApBsCwD{E~GIJK LNOPQR#S(T+U1V5W:X?YCZF[I\M]Q^T_\aibqcvd|fghijk"l(m/n3o7p:q=r@sAtBuEvGwHxIyLzN{Q|S}W~Y[]_acegiklnqsuz~  D;i)'{%3eiammuBallard StreetballardstreetSusanSunshine,I wish you a nice day too,also. :) Peace.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 20:03:10http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/206f9q%3YThe Wolf In Your MidstTed Ralltedrall“If you treat people like crap you will get crap work.”

Not these days. People are so terrified of losing their jobs now that they’ll take all kinds of crap, extra responsibilities without extra pay, being told to take work home, being passed over for raises, just so their heads aren’t on the chopping block the next time the stock price takes a dip.

Of course, the bean counters love the idea of getting more productivity for less pay- from the rank and file, anyway; the middle management is as safe as ever.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 20:03:10http://gocomics.com/tedrall/2015/02/20 q"}qq9+)e'3gThe Wolf In Your MidstMichael RamirezmichaelramirezFrom the people who were apparently okay with the possibility of “President Sarah Palin”….5 minutes agoT02015-02-20 20:08:16http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/20o!C93]trimguyDick TracydicktracyKeeping it in the family ;)less than a minute agoT2015-02-20 20:03:10http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20Xl###!93agaslightguyy@Truth Factstruth-factsStill have a flip phone. It just makes and receives calls. What a concept!less than a minute agoT2015-02-20 20:03:10http://gocomics.com/truth-facts/2015/02/20 gvI'% '3cmartens misses all her friendsJerry HolbertjerryholbertOne other point has occurred to me. Are you speaking oft Arabs or all Muslims. I think there is a great difference in the perceptions between say, Turks and Arabs or Indonesians and Arabs. This might impact strongly on what one hears from various people.4 minutes agoT02015-02-20 20:08:16http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20u5''3[Have Mop Will TravelGil ThorpgilthorpWhoa, don’t scare me like that. I was halfway to my office to get my scrubber and floor shine to fix the scuff.

Speaking of halfway, today’s MUT is halfway to being funny.4 minutes agoT02015-02-20 20:08:16http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/20 #g#M|##!!'3_Ralph Ziggy "Broom HildabroomhildaThe cartoonist drew candelabra, one in the left panel and one in the right2 minutes agoT02015-02-20 20:08:16http://gocomics.com/broomhilda/2015/02/20N{%A'3Ulegaleagle48glCathycathyRight you are about Irving, GretchensMom. eGz9!'3]The Wolf In Your MidstRob RogersrobrogersThe good news is that the price of oil, as always, is dictated by the classic market forces of supply and demand!

The bad news is that supply, as always, is so easily manipulated.2 minutes agoT02015-02-20 20:08:16http://gocomics.com/robrogers/2015/02/20Fx+''3epar-signs

What could go wrong?3 minutes agoT02015-02-20 20:08:16http://gocomics.com/theothercoast/2015/02/20The fact that the only reason he proposed was that he felt safe doing it because he expected Cathy to turn him down tells me that he isn’t any more ready for marriage than she is.

I’ve never been married, but it’s something I think about any time I start feeling sorry for myself because I haven’t yet met Mr. Right. I remind myself that getting married is the easy part — it’s STAYING married for 20, 30, 40, or 50+ years that’s the hard part. I remind myself that marriage is a 24/7/365 job, and that it takes a level of commitment and unselfishness that I sometimes wonder if I’m capable of producing. Could I really do whatever I had to in order to be there for my husband “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health” — and do I even understand what that means? I doubt Cathy and Irving do!2 minutes agoT02015-02-20 20:08:16http://gocomics.com/cathy/2015/02/20 1=D!93]LoboGrande ?yAlley Oopalley-oopWe don’t know WHERE Lana gambled … that has never been addressed in any way … I’m NOT too sure it matters, eitherless than a minute agoT02015-02-20 20:08:16http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/19n''E93epar-signs

Another funny one!less than a minute agoT02015-02-20 20:08:16http://gocomics.com/ordinary-bill/2015/02/20I~5'#%3aWhat ? Me Worried ?Red and RoverredandroverI think every boy had a crush on Penny !:-) I know I did !1 minute agoT02015-02-20 20:08:16http://gocomics.com/redandrover/2015/02/20 %%2-=1)'3oJulie Mavromatis !Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaArachniaphobia3 minutes agoTa2015-02-20 20:13:21http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 +//'3mtammyspeakslifeMThe Daily Drawingthe-daily-drawingPretty3 minutes agoTa2015-02-20 20:13:21http://gocomics.com/the-daily-drawing/2015/02/20 9'%#'3cThe Wolf In Your MidstScott StantisscottstantisWell, the thing is, when your ideal scenario is perpetual warfare, the last thing you want to do is run out of enemies to wage war against!4 minutes agoTa2015-02-20 20:13:21http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20R193YJeff0811Big NatebignateI wonder if there were a party called “The Intelligent Party”, who would join? I think you are on the right track, there are better ways to use one’s vote than always voting along party lines.less than a minute agoT02015-02-20 20:08:16http://gocomics.com/bignate/2015/02/20 ~qs~3/'3mpar-signs
I’m sure Iran will go just as well!2 minutes agoTa2015-02-20 20:13:21http://gocomics.com/paulszep/2015/02/20 #I'3ORalph Ziggy "B.C.bcGranite plate but marble table3 minutes agoTa2015-02-20 20:13:21http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/20 ?+?fC7 '3upar-signs

As if Al Gore is the only person in the USA who believes in global climate change. It would not matter a whit whether Gore was never heard from again. 97% of the world’s climatologists believe that global climate change is real and caused by human activities. Are we supposed to disregard science because Fox News says so?4 minutes agoT疓2015-02-20 20:18:27http://gocomics.com/kencatalino/2015/02/20 (A5("/1)k'3gPhatts CaliforniaFrank & Ernestfrankandernestgenerally the “facts” isn’t the problem, but rather all the stuff they deliberately leave out3 minutes agoT疓2015-02-20 20:18:27http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/20-!-=1'3oJulie Mavromatis !Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaDinosaur!3 minutes agoT疓2015-02-20 20:18:27http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20, -=1'3oJulie Mavromatis !Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaGodzilla3 minutes agoT疓2015-02-20 20:18:27http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20!!U'3]par-signs

I think I must have caught Pastis Syndrome.less than a minute agoT疓2015-02-20 20:18:27http://gocomics.com/mythtickle/2015/02/203' %3YJenner EndtownendtownI’d like to see the dittos save Wally by going into the boxing ring in the shape of Daffy Duck. (This is a joke referencing a scene in Neathery’s radio series, Electromatic Radio.)1 minute agoT疓2015-02-20 20:18:27http://gocomics.com/endtown/2015/02/20E%-=1Q%3oJulie Mavromatis !Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-trivia"Sponge"Bob Square Pants1 minute agoT疓2015-02-20 20:18:27http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20.#'3[RickGet FuzzygetfuzzyO-persian is a double pun – Oprah and Persian cats.2 minutes agoT疓2015-02-20 20:18:27http://gocomics.com/getfuzzy/2015/02/20 j3r j/!++#'3iIamJayBluE4Invisible Breadinvisible-breadHeh, heh!!!4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:23:32http://gocomics.com/invisible-bread/2015/02/20,--=1'3oJulie Mavromatis !Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaAnaconda4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:23:32http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/200+-=1%'3oJulie Mavromatis !Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaBrother Bear4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:23:32http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20;*-=1;'3oJulie Mavromatis !Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaAlvin and the Chipmunks5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:23:32http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20G)##93apar-signsyears later if you smell the scent, taste the candy, etc. again.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:23:32http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/20 ;:-%3[I Play One On TV:Joel Pettjoelpett“I came here to have an argument!”

“Oh, that’s next door. This is getting hit in the head lessons.”1 minute agoT2015-02-20 20:23:32http://gocomics.com/joelpett/2015/02/20z9!++c%3iIamJayBluE4Invisible Breadinvisible-breadI’m in the east, and i don’t mind! Of course, I’m in the Mid-Atlantic. Plus, as is probably evident, I’m “weird” like that, anyway.

But if i lived in upstate Vermont…..1 minute agoT2015-02-20 20:23:32http://gocomics.com/invisible-bread/2015/02/20?8-=1E%3oJulie Mavromatis !Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaDolphin Tale – 1 and 21 minute agoT2015-02-20 20:23:32http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 %[w=''3SDonald Donald 19 to 59to5Too many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:28:37http://gocomics.com/9to5/2015/02/20D<!93]IamJayBluE4JumpStartjumpstartHa ha, glad for ya! And bout ‘tootin’ time, Lol!less than a minute agoT2015-02-20 20:23:32http://gocomics.com/jumpstart/2015/02/20U;%#!93alonecatSteve KelleystevekelleyAh, but there’s a difference between intelligence and enlightenment.less than a minute agoT2015-02-20 20:23:32http://gocomics.com/stevekelley/2015/02/19 {{@'5-'3kDonald Donald 12 Cows and a Chicken2cowsandachickenToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:28:37http://gocomics.com/2cowsandachicken/2015/02/20\?99'3wHAL69Phoebe and Her Unicornphoebe-and-her-unicornThe pamphlet was so clear you can see right through it See?5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:28:37http://gocomics.com/phoebe-and-her-unicorn/2015/02/20 ^^A'3-'3kDonald Donald 1The Argyle Sweater theargylesweaterToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:28:37http://gocomics.com/theargylesweater/2015/02/20 B/1){'3gPhatts CaliforniaFrank & ErnestfrankandernestI wonder if “news” even existed with Huntley and Brinkley. They didn’t have many competitors so there were very few avenues to compare stories.

Basically, if they said the Sky was Green, you could look out the window and confirm. But if they said some European country a million miles away was doing something, how would you know? Unless you had relatives there?

So if they decided that, for example, JFK’s spousal infidelity wasn’t newsworthy, you’d never find out.

These days, we can tell when the “news” is screwy because we have a hundred other sources to compare against.4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:28:37http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/20 ttE'%'3cbeviekSJerry HolbertjerryholbertActually, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is ISIL. My point simply being that I’m so tired of these acronyms. I know they’re easier to say and write than to use the name they stand for, but I’m for calling a spade a spade. Hiding it behind an acronym obscures what it is, IMHO.

IS – Islamic State
ISIS – Islamic State of Iraq and Syria
ISIL – Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

I see all three of these used interchangeably, and as far as I’m concerned, for all practical purposes, they are all the same, however, I’m sure you see my point by now. : )3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:28:37http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20 G'!!'3_Donald Donald 1BirdbrainsbirdbrainsToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:28:37http://gocomics.com/birdbrains/2015/02/20qF''3ODonald Donald 1B.C.bcToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:28:37http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/20 RH-)''3eI Play One On TV:Mike LuckovichmikeluckovichBest part of that contest would be that America would win regardless of the victor of the election.

Unfortunately, we are far more likely to lose either way the votes are counted…..3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:28:37http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20 33GI#75Y'3sorbenjawell Big Nate: First Classbig-nate-first-classYes I come back here sometimes and regale myself with these tasty pieces ‘o the past……….so: is it just me, or does Ellen’s dress circa 1991 reflect teen girls of the (19) forties?………you know, the “saddle” style shoes, not-too-short-not -too-long, either kinda skirt, the turtleneck sweatshirt w/sleeves up to elbow length……Mr. Peirce, I trust that you are checking in yourself sometimes to see just who’s commenting on the “First Class”. Help me out here, eh??2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:28:37http://gocomics.com/big-nate-first-class/2015/02/20 g L'%%'3cDonald Donald 1BottomlinersbottomlinersToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:28:37http://gocomics.com/bottomliners/2015/02/20K'))'3gDonald Donald 1The Born Loserthe-born-loserToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:28:37http://gocomics.com/the-born-loser/2015/02/20 6e6)N{'3WMeowlin(Klibankliban@Veteran (for some reason, clicking on “Reply” isn’t working on your comment):
“cue the 8oh8”
808? Shouldn’t that be ‘8-T-8’?2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:28:37http://gocomics.com/kliban/2015/02/20M'-)'3gDonald Donald 1Bound and GaggedboundandgaggedToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:28:37http://gocomics.com/boundandgagged/2015/02/20 RsR Q'%#%3aDonald Donald 1Chuckle BroschucklebrosToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 20:28:37http://gocomics.com/chucklebros/2015/02/20 P+'%3ekonko ONION & PEAonion-and-peaYep :)1 minute agoT2015-02-20 20:28:37http://gocomics.com/onion-and-pea/2015/02/20O'#!%3_Donald Donald 1Broom HildabroomhildaToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 20:28:37http://gocomics.com/broomhilda/2015/02/20 PS''#93aDonald Donald 1Close to HomeclosetohomeToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.less than a minute agoT2015-02-20 20:28:37http://gocomics.com/closetohome/2015/02/20*R#'%S%3cHarleyquinnJerry HolbertjerryholbertAnd they all have the same story: if America were to leave the Middle Eastern Muslims alone, the Muslims would leave them alone."
so what, Let them go back and tell that to the leaders. But before you do ask them what happens if we do that but yet support Israel.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 20:28:37http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20 D{DW#!7'3_lonecatMatt DaviesmattdaviesDon’t scare me.4 minutes agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/mattdavies/2015/02/20V'/+'3iDonald Donald 1The Flying McCoystheflyingmccoysToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.5 minutes agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/theflyingmccoys/2015/02/20U'!'3WDonald Donald 1The DuplexduplexToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.5 minutes agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/duplex/2015/02/20 Y'1)'3gDonald Donald 1Frank & ErnestfrankandernestToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.4 minutes agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/20{X''3WDonald Donald 1FarcusfarcusToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.4 minutes agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/farcus/2015/02/20 ux[''3UDonald Donald 1GeechgeechToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.3 minutes agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/geech/2015/02/20Z'!'3]Donald Donald 1Free RangefreerangeToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.4 minutes agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/freerange/2015/02/20 ]'-)'3gDonald Donald 1In the BleachersinthebleachersToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.3 minutes agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/inthebleachers/2015/02/20{\''3WDonald Donald 1HermanhermanToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.3 minutes agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/herman/2015/02/20 _'#!'3_Donald Donald 1Loose PartsloosepartsToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.2 minutes agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/looseparts/2015/02/20j^/%!M'3_Phatts CaliforniaRose is RoseroseisroseA bird feeder that fries the squirrels? And the birds?

This I gotta see!!2 minutes agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/roseisrose/2015/02/20 HXH a3-{'3kMeowlin(The Argyle Sweater theargylesweaterAt least he’s not on LEGO’s
Pick a Brick2 minutes agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/theargylesweater/2015/02/20"`'33'3qDonald Donald 1Moderately Confusedmoderately-confusedToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.2 minutes agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/moderately-confused/2015/02/20 nn c'%#'3aDonald Donald 1Non SequiturnonsequiturToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.2 minutes agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/20{b#+)g'3gHarleyquinnMichael RamirezmichaelramirezShe is twice as qualified as Obama to be President. But hey "I can see Russia from my house.. oh so funny Tina Fay is not.
But of course Palin call Obama out saying he was such a weak kneed coward in the way he would run our Nation that it would embolden Russia to invade. Like wow, For some you say is not qualified sure had the failures of Obama right.2 minutes agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/20 }q}ne!1/=%3mcarrman510 ƋBasic InstructionsbasicinstructionsOn the contrary Felix, Scott’s dead bang on for a lot of places I’ve worked!1 minute agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/basicinstructions/2015/02/20 d'%!'3_Donald Donald 1Off the MarkoffthemarkToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.2 minutes agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/offthemark/2015/02/20 55 g''#%3aDonald Donald 1One Big HappyonebighappyToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.1 minute agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/onebighappy/2015/02/204f'3/A%3mChuck CharlesPearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineAs a cyclist I am offended that you draw him with so many muscles. And we don’t have this regiment that weight lifters have. Maybe you should switch to a schwartzenager type of character. I will agree that us cyclist feel we own the road, that goes with the mental territory of cycling. Steph, you could have had him zipping by on a bike yelling “Otta the way Fatty”. Still, I love the strip1 minute agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/20 } i''%%3cDonald Donald 1Reality CheckrealitycheckToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.1 minute agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/realitycheck/2015/02/20}h'%3YDonald Donald 1PicklespicklesToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.1 minute agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/pickles/2015/02/20 }y}vk/{93SPhatts CaliforniaShoeshoewell nobody is saying that all women are screwy! It’s just the 95% bad ones that give the rest a bad name!less than a minute agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/shoe/2015/02/20j'93UDonald Donald 1RubesrubesToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.less than a minute agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/rubes/2015/02/20 hl++193iVeteranDInvisible Breadinvisible-breadI grew up back east lived in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware, mostly in Maryland outside Fort Meade near Laurel.
My dad was in construction and followed I95 back then, also worked on Dulles International and Harrisburg Airport.
So I have seen how it can get back there and like you I got use to it. But here in Texas they just freak out at the suggestion it may snow spray all the bridges and overpasses with chemical de-icer. So if it is cold (40 degrees) they complain how cold it is. I just laugh in my short sleeve shirt and march on. I was stationed in Alaska…..I have seen and felt cold. Made a winter day in Pennsylvania look like a warm day in Florida I have seen it so cold in Alaska.less than a minute agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/invisible-bread/2015/02/20 | n'%%'3cDonald Donald 1Soup to Nutzsoup-to-nutzToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.5 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 20:38:48http://gocomics.com/soup-to-nutz/2015/02/20~m'93SDonald Donald 1ShoeshoeToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.less than a minute agoT&2015-02-20 20:33:42http://gocomics.com/shoe/2015/02/20 (u(6q/!s'3_beviekSDaddy's HomedaddyshomeHey! You swore to me you deleted that spa photo!!!4 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 20:38:48http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/20 p'%#'3aDonald Donald 1Strange BrewstrangebrewToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.4 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 20:38:48http://gocomics.com/strangebrew/2015/02/20o'!'3]Donald Donald 1Speed BumpspeedbumpToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.5 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 20:38:48http://gocomics.com/speedbump/2015/02/20 ms')%'3cDonald Donald 1Working It OutworkingitoutToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.4 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 20:38:48http://gocomics.com/workingitout/2015/02/20 r'-!'3_Donald Donald 1That's Lifethats-lifeToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.4 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 20:38:48http://gocomics.com/thats-life/2015/02/20 q>u'EE'3Donald Donald 1Origins of the Sunday Comicsorigins-of-the-sunday-comicsToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.3 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 20:38:48http://gocomics.com/origins-of-the-sunday-comics/2015/02/20 t'%!'3_Donald Donald 1Wizard of IdwizardofidToo many ads here lately. Very irritating. I stay on GoComics for at least 10 minutes, since I read 35 comic strips a day. Can you suggest other websites with this strip that I can use instead? I’d really like to drop GoComics and find an alternate. Thanks.3 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 20:38:48http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20 EzQz'1'3]Meowlin(The BoondocksboondocksWhen writing fiction, incorrect grammar is appropriate if it’s in character.2 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 20:38:48http://gocomics.com/boondocks/2015/02/19Ex9'3Ubpullin ֦GeechgeechDon’t try to understand women. Women understand women and they hate each other.2 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 20:38:48http://gocomics.com/geech/2015/02/19KwE'3UWiseladLuannluannis Rosa’s dad asking G to bring the daughter back to the USA2 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 20:38:48http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20dv'!!M'3_Travis Bickel ,DoonesburydoonesburyYour brother was correct the Beta was much superior in quality to VHS.3 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 20:38:48http://gocomics.com/doonesbury/2015/02/20 z'z'~o%3[tcar-1&DGil ThorpgilthorpAre you certain that’s not Wednesdays dose?1 minute agoTX2015-02-20 20:38:48http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/20c}}%3SVeteranDWuMowumoTo achieve the required results of beauty HE has to drink at least ten glasses of vodka……it might work. (ha)1 minute agoTX2015-02-20 20:38:48http://gocomics.com/wumo/2015/02/20|!-)/'3gMrBillinvtIn the BleachersinthebleachersOne word: AdBlock2 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 20:38:48http://gocomics.com/inthebleachers/2015/02/20E{!;3W'3qhowtheduckFor Better or For Worseforbetterorforworse“just aced it through”. Is this another Canadianism? I am used to “aced the test” or “aced it” or “skated through”.2 minutes agoTX2015-02-20 20:38:48http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/20 ]]] !5'3]Senex Skin HorseskinhorseOld lumberjack joke.4 minutes agoT眊2015-02-20 20:43:54http://gocomics.com/skinhorse/2015/02/20g'#E93aSkylark 9Close to HomeclosetohomeTill you mentioned them, I never noticed. I just ignore them. Go Comics is about the best anyway. Unless you want to Google each one separately then bookmark them, which would be a hassle. And there would still be ads!less than a minute agoTX2015-02-20 20:38:48http://gocomics.com/closetohome/2015/02/20!;3u93qhowtheduckFor Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseLynn’s Notes:
Tough exams gave me stomachaches, sleepless nights, and bouts of depression…but I always managed to pass!
It sounds like Lynn Johnston is getting taking a test confused with eating a test.less than a minute agoTX2015-02-20 20:38:48http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/20 v4%!s'3_MasteriusDog Eat DougdogeatdougDoug seems to have lost his toes in the last panel.3 minutes agoT眊2015-02-20 20:43:54http://gocomics.com/dogeatdoug/2015/02/20 #['3YSaskSledDogzPeanutspeanutsWhich should be the answer to anyone who asks, “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” “Because they might beat me you numbskull.”3 minutes agoT眊2015-02-20 20:43:54http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/20,#!k'3_Skylark 9Diamond LildiamondlilAre we on a roll here or what?

Hilarious!3 minutes agoT眊2015-02-20 20:43:54http://gocomics.com/diamondlil/2015/02/20#!'3_TatendatLoose PartsloosepartsSnerk!3 minutes agoT眊2015-02-20 20:43:54http://gocomics.com/looseparts/2015/02/20 ]a]~'%3WVeteranDKlibanklibanIts a term used for a heavy bass unit in the car stereo equipment…I just used the OH instead of Zero (0) as I thought some one might go what the heck is a 8 Zero 8. Just all their dancing they should have some wicked bass booming the beat…….
I have noticed that too sometimes about the Reply. I have no idea why and was not an intentional act just made be a glitch in there.1 minute agoT眊2015-02-20 20:43:54http://gocomics.com/kliban/2015/02/20!G'3_JoPhanAdam@HomeadamathomeThere are several toppings that are traditionally sprinkled onto bagels before they’re baked. Onions, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, salt and probably other things. What misses is mixed together and put on “everything” bagels. It’s a case of waste not, want not.2 minutes agoT眊2015-02-20 20:43:54http://gocomics.com/adamathome/2015/02/20 SF> '%'3cbeviekSFrog Applausefrogapplausesandboil said, about 5 hours ago
@DogsniffI agree. I need to curb my enthusiasm. I’ve tried to spread my lame thoughts around GoComics (by posting comments on various comics) but I keep gravitating back to FA. I also agree about the videos and images. It slows thing #!'3]Rose Rabbit Dick TracydicktracyTo Morrow, Night-Gaunt49, and Gweedo. Thanks for including an old lady at your lunch! It was great to meet you all. Rose >^..^<5 minutes agoT睻2015-02-20 20:48:59http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20' /!A93_Meowlin(Jane's WorldjanesworldAn apt metaphor! Ahr, ahr!less than a minute agoT眊2015-02-20 20:43:54http://gocomics.com/janesworld/2015/02/20s down for everyone AND the well-meaning posts are always funnier to the poster than they are for the rest of us. Links are good because they provide a choice, but being exposed to bunnies and dancing dou-bags everyday gets tiresome. Cuteness overload is a real medical condition, I think. This is my last post. Maybe I should have given up posting on FA for Lent.

next post

sandboil said, about 1 hour ago
This is an amendment to my diatribe above. I was one of those overposters. I got carried away and realized that it was annoying to other people. I believe I am speaking for several FA fans who agree but don’t want to make waves. Case in point:. Rad-ish, you post amazing comments, but that cartoon you posted, I don’t understand it or think it is cute. Yet because it is on a page that I visit multiple times per day, I am forced to see it over and over. Comments are easily skimmed over by the eye, but images can’t blend in the background the same way. I know I don’t speak for EVERYONE, but for the few, or more than a few, who would prefer that this page remain fairly image/video-free, please post your “cute and funny” videos/images on Ballard Street or Andy Capp or on those other pages that have morphed into image-posting cliques. I expect some blowback on my opinion, and I realize it is my opinion, but I suspect that I’m not just speaking for myself. Thank you.
P.S. The blog was nice because we were commenting HERE, but the images were THERE, which was a neat setup. Alas, boo-boo.
Perhaps you could apply for a position as moderator on GoCommics and then we can run our posts by you before we post to get your wisdom, insight, opinion and permission for not only the post but also for the forum on which we want to post?5 minutes agoT睻2015-02-20 20:48:59http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20 <#!'3]Starman1948XDick Tracydicktracy@AnyFace: thanks for posting about hyenas and the DT strips.4 minutes agoT睻2015-02-20 20:48:59http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20 )%''3cJoPhanArlo and JanisarloandjanisIf nothing else, Robin’s hair is supposed to be gray. I’ll be interested to see the comments when the colorists make the change.4 minutes agoT睻2015-02-20 20:48:59http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/20c #'%C'3cHarleyquinnScott StantisscottstantisJobs? why these guys had jobs.

http://www.ijreview.com/2015/02/254842-6-young-professionals-isis-job-white-house-reasons/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=organic&utm_content=ijreview&utm_campaign=Terror5 minutes agoT睻2015-02-20 20:48:59http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20 sts 9'3YlonecatTed RalltedrallMaybe nobody has a right to a (specific) job, but maybe we all have a right to live in an economic system which can provide decent jobs for everybody.3 minutes agoT睻2015-02-20 20:48:59http://gocomics.com/tedrall/2015/02/20i!{'3UThe Airman LuannluannTable set for three, so its either Mr. Gray or Mr. Carson from Downton Abbey wanting his fine China dinner plates back.3 minutes agoT睻2015-02-20 20:48:59http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20;;O'3yVeteranDThe Martian Confederacythe-martian-confederacyThat and the scar on his face…..has to be an image issue or something……I can agree on the intelligence level….(ha)
But at least the stuck door is now open. Could be a “man” thing. (ha)3 minutes agoT睻2015-02-20 20:48:59http://gocomics.com/the-martian-confederacy/2015/02/20 ,*,x!!s93_GROG!BgBirdbrainsbirdbrainsGo “Pro.” No ads, unlimited access to archives, strips emailed to you…all for less than $15/year.less than a minute agoT睻2015-02-20 20:48:59http://gocomics.com/birdbrains/2015/02/20k--G%3kbeviekSCleo and Companycleo-and-companyOh golly!
1 minute agoT睻2015-02-20 20:48:59http://gocomics.com/cleo-and-company/2015/02/20{'#}'3amabrndtClose to HomeclosetohomeSince you have a PRO account, you don’t see the ads that @Donald Donald does.2 minutes agoT睻2015-02-20 20:48:59http://gocomics.com/closetohome/2015/02/20^5='3[Have Mop Will TravelGil ThorpgilthorpYep – it’s both! That’s the genius, Max can use those two days a week.3 minutes agoT睻2015-02-20 20:48:59http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/20 iUysi;;K'3yMeowlin(The Martian Confederacythe-martian-confederacyThat might be the reason for the “stench” comment in yesterday’s installment.2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:54:05http://gocomics.com/the-martian-confederacy/2015/02/20#/!{'3_Starman1948XJane's WorldjanesworldGood comments all. Too bad that we have to wait till Monday for the next episode. Have a prosperous weekend my friends.2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:54:05http://gocomics.com/janesworld/2015/02/20V+)!'3geugene57ZMichael RamirezmichaelramirezOOOO, can i survive such a bitting insult…4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:54:05http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/19%!!M93_beviekSSpeechlessspeechlessDo you mean for posting a video?less than a minute agoT睻2015-02-20 20:48:59http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/20 h-h '#93amabrndtClose to HomeclosetohomeI would suggest you install either AdBlock or Adblock Plus (links point to Wikipedia pages; they explain what browsers can be used with each).

I would suggest an alternate sight; but, since I have those installed, I don’t see the ads, which may annoy you even there.less than a minute agoT2015-02-20 20:54:05http://gocomics.com/closetohome/2015/02/20%#/M%3]Starman1948XC'est la ViecestlavieHave a great weekend my friends.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 20:54:05http://gocomics.com/cestlavie/2015/02/18M#71q%3ocathybowers ۭLost Side of SuburbialostsideofsuburbiaI miss LSOS.
A lot.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 20:54:05http://gocomics.com/lostsideofsuburbia/2014/07/19 %w%~%)'{'3epcolliCBallard StreetballardstreetA lot of the trees in SW UK started to bud before Christmas. Lots of flowers are blossoming and catkins are appearing on the hazel tree at the end of the street (on waste land) so the nuts are free if the squirrels don’t get to them first!.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:59:10http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20H$#;;M'3yStarman1948XThe Martian Confederacythe-martian-confederacyHave a great weekend my friends.4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:59:10http://gocomics.com/the-martian-confederacy/2015/02/20"3/'3mFinnyGirlPearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineThanks!5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:59:10http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/20`!!--93kMark Zwaan¾Dilbert Classicsdilbert-classics“Life. Loathe it or ignore it. You can’t like it.”less than a minute agoT2015-02-20 20:54:05http://gocomics.com/dilbert-classics/2015/02/20 uu&-'3YVeteranDEndtownendtownOne other thing I reviewed back about the dittos on the airship…..remember the ship computer control noticed the little fellow finding the control face with Flask. It said basically it would go feral if left on its own and "we have work to do. All of us "so it tried to keep it from getting back to Aaron and Aaron rescued the little fellow (as we see it now) from the tentacle of the computer thing.
Book 4 Page 77 and look back on page 76 there were five of them.
I can agree with Wabbit about fleshing out the universe we are visiting.
Asimov did it with the Foundation stories but it did take time. Tolkien did it with the Ring stories however that was after his death and was from all the notes he left so I hope our Aaron does not wait that long.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:59:10http://gocomics.com/endtown/2015/02/20 1('#i'3amabrndtClose to HomeclosetohomeI would suggest you install either AdBlock or Adblock Plus (links point to Wikipedia pages; they explain what browsers can be used with each).

I have them installed for websites other than GoComics; so, since I don’t know what ads they may be showing, I can’t suggest any that don’t have ads.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:59:10http://gocomics.com/closetohome/2015/02/20'#!I'3_wmwiiiBroom Hildabroomhilda@Donald Donald

Go Pro (subscribe). It only costs 12 bucks a year, and you don’t get any ads. The money goes to the cartoonists (or so I;m told).3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:59:10http://gocomics.com/broomhilda/2015/02/20 b/bG*#93[EllisburkesGil ThorpgilthorpMax proves that his IQ elevator is still on the lower floors. Everybody knows that the best amphetamines come from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. If my strip were in color, a few minutes with the online PDR would hopefully identify the possible placebo or PP as they are called on the street.less than a minute agoT2015-02-20 20:59:10http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/20K)'))'3grichard scottPHipster Picnichipster-picnicI live in Utah. The West has had a very hot and dry winter.2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 20:59:10http://gocomics.com/hipster-picnic/2015/02/20 -,#)1='3oalangilbertDThe Smile Filemid-life-with-alanGood one, Dave! Chuckle.5 minutes agoTQ2015-02-20 21:04:17http://gocomics.com/mid-life-with-alan/2015/02/20s+ '3WkroykalihfHUBRIS!hubrisI’ve always been annoyed when panel drawings are simply copied and pasted from panel to panel. But I feel Greg can be given a pass here since he doesn’t make a habit of it. Garfield, on the other hand, is a strip that abuses this constantly.5 minutes agoTQ2015-02-20 21:04:17http://gocomics.com/hubris/2015/02/19 HH2-#!q'3_warjoski Lisa BensonlisabensonSorry to break it to you, but not all Repubs do or act the way you stated. Not even the majority of them. Just like not all Dems behave or believe in the way Dems are stereotyped.

However, even if they did, that offers no excuse to Dems for doing the same things. If someone does something wrong, they should be called out for it, regardless of party affiliation.

You’re welcome to believe in whatever delusion you wish to in order to justify your private little war. But the truth is neither party is innocent. Less so these days then before.5 minutes agoTQ2015-02-20 21:04:17http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20 _"1#!['3YalangilbertDAnd now...and-nowAnother great chuckle, Salpino! Thanks.3 minutes agoTQ2015-02-20 21:04:17http://gocomics.com/and-now/2015/02/20 0)1'3YT_LexiSnow Sez . . .snowsez><{{{{(*>4 minutes agoTQ2015-02-20 21:04:17http://gocomics.com/snowsez/2015/02/201/%#m'3abrian_dbjSteve Bensonstevebensonhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_terrorism4 minutes agoTQ2015-02-20 21:04:17http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20R.K'3WVeteranDHUBRIS!hubrisPretty much and get the same response from dispatch……..(ha)
The wont let us wear the wickedly cool mustache he is sporting.
But, yeah, that pretty much covers how us cops would react to this situation.5 minutes agoTQ2015-02-20 21:04:17http://gocomics.com/hubris/2015/02/19 99*4#//5'3malangilbertDJack Radio Comicsjack-radio-comicsGood one, Lady Anne!2 minutes agoTQ2015-02-20 21:04:17http://gocomics.com/jack-radio-comics/2015/02/20S3#!3'3]Starman1948XPooch CafepoochcafeThis reminds me of the events which happened after I got a home phone. I kept getting calls about a lady and her children. Calls from local schools, the water company, her dentist, a collection agency and Dept of Human Services. I learned way too much about her family. I changed my home phone number. Have a prosperous weekend my friends.3 minutes agoTQ2015-02-20 21:04:17http://gocomics.com/poochcafe/2015/02/2082%#y'3abrian_dbjSteve Bensonstevebensonhttp://www.washingtonpost.com/world/africa/tens-of-thousands-of-muslims-flee-christian-militias-in-central-african-republic/2014/02/07/5a1adbb2-9032-11e3-84e1-27626c5ef5fb_story.html3 minutes agoTQ2015-02-20 21:04:17http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20 6U'3Wmentor397 HermanhermanHey, that kid is left handed. Cool!4 minutes agoT碃2015-02-20 21:09:23http://gocomics.com/herman/2015/02/20z53-W'3kFinnyGirlThe Argyle Sweater theargylesweaterI have heard from others that a program called Adblocker stops the ads. Also, you can go “Pro” on gocomics for less than $12.00 a year and that stops the ads. Go to your home page if you want more info on that. :-)2 minutes agoTQ2015-02-20 21:04:17http://gocomics.com/theargylesweater/2015/02/20 K89'3YmabrndtPicklespicklesI just answered you here.2 minutes agoT碃2015-02-20 21:09:23http://gocomics.com/pickles/2015/02/20l7)'W'3eIBgone Ballard StreetballardstreetWhat the …?

Jeesh, the nerve !3 minutes agoT碃2015-02-20 21:09:23http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20 ;;,=%))I'3gDan Pavelich{Just Say Unclejust-say-uncleYES!5 minutes agoT磴2015-02-20 21:14:28http://gocomics.com/just-say-uncle/2015/02/20;I93YAtherqDrabbledrabbleUntil you watch The Sixth Man.less than a minute agoT碃2015-02-20 21:09:23http://gocomics.com/drabble/2015/02/20n:o93Wmentor397 Hermanherman@Donald^2 – I don’t know if this will help, but I read twenty-four comics a day on this site. What I do is have them all bookmarked in one folder in Firefox and then open them all at once. When the ads start slowing the computer down, I press ctrl-alt-delete to get to the Windows Task Manager and then I shut down the plug-in container. Of course, this only works this easily in Firefox in Windows, but there are other ways. The ads become a lot easier to deal with then, I think.less than a minute agoT碃2015-02-20 21:09:23http://gocomics.com/herman/2015/02/20 NrN3A#{'3[HarleyquinnTom Tolestomtolesfacts is a futile attempt to argue that dogma is fact, with no proof!"
97 % of those in White lab coats decree a true believer is one that follows the high profit Al Gory. The town cryer Obama has decreed that if you do not, you are a denier. The sacrament of running numbers thru the computer models dictate it all man’s fault. Now go pay your carbon credit at the door to atone for you sin of dealing with the demon CO2.4 minutes agoT磴2015-02-20 21:14:28http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20e@!'%G'3cvictor4321ŚFrog ApplausefrogapplauseShsssss I am getting on a merry-go -round and going somewhere, where I land there is no clue.4 minutes agoT磴2015-02-20 21:14:28http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20>)!'3]daleandkristen Pooch CafepoochcafeTMI. 5 minutes agoT磴2015-02-20 21:14:28http://gocomics.com/poochcafe/2015/02/20 nPSn_H);3'3qfrugalnotcheapJFor Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseYES!! You are correct. Thank you-5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 21:19:33http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/20RF!M'3UReallyBad2Luannluann@The Airman
Table set for three, so its either Mr. Gray or Mr. Carson from Downton Abbey wanting his fine China dinner plates back.
Doesn’t Quill live there? He should be eating dinner as well.5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 21:19:33http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20E/##%93aSteven Smigielski$=Just Postedjust-postedDarn spider.less than a minute agoT磴2015-02-20 21:14:28http://gocomics.com/just-posted/2015/02/20*B'3UEwal DohbFrazzfrazz@comisssfan
Are you making her your choice over Jane?4 minutes agoT磴2015-02-20 21:14:28http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/20 mE@N#)%3UNorman York NancynancyIt’s the boobs Fritzi. Teenage boys think anything with’em is hot!1 minute agoT2015-02-20 21:19:33http://gocomics.com/nancy/2015/02/20K#''3Uargy.bargy2LuannluannYes, thanks!!4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 21:19:33http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20J!Q'3_Kim0158oAdam@HomeadamathomeWell what in the world does she like? Not orange or coconut cremes, not anything with nougat or nuts. I guess she thinks she’s entitled to the cherry and maple cremes. Fine. . . she can have the cherry cremes, and I’ll take the maple and coconut cremes and all the nuts. ;-)4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 21:19:33http://gocomics.com/adamathome/2015/02/15 I!!+'3]chipscountStone Soupstonesoupsnatch and toss5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 21:19:33http://gocomics.com/stonesoup/2015/02/20 3"6L3T933c'3qHappy, Happy, Happy!!! Jim Benton Cartoonsjim-benton-cartoonsBUNNY!

BUNNY!4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 21:24:39http://gocomics.com/jim-benton-cartoons/2015/02/20dR)%#C'3afrugalnotcheapJNon SequiturnonsequiturChocolate: Isn’t that a derivative of a vegetable because it grows on a plant…?5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 21:24:39http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/20fQw93Qhank01 ;LiolioYou don’t realize how much Lio’s head is under drawn until you see a kid with more real looking features!less than a minute agoT2015-02-20 21:19:33http://gocomics.com/lio/2015/02/20XO'#9%3amabrndtOne Big HappyonebighappyI just answered you here.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 21:19:33http://gocomics.com/onebighappy/2015/02/20 JX9###'3aHappy, Happy, Happy!!! Yenny Lopezyenny-lopezMarinated. 2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 21:24:39http://gocomics.com/yenny-lopez/2015/02/20VO'3YFinnyGirlBrevitybrevityA guess only – Poltergeist?4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 21:24:39http://gocomics.com/brevity/2015/02/20U%9'3[gopher goferCorneredcorneredsolve your troubles with adblock – click on the link
as they say, It’s free!4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 21:24:39http://gocomics.com/cornered/2015/02/20s” over that same time period.
The Gini index is tracking the distribution of income, not just the increase in rich people. To quote from the Wikipedia entry “The Gini coefficient measures the inequality among values of a frequency distribution (for example, levels of income). A Gini coefficient of zero expresses perfect equality, where all values are the same (for example, where everyone has the same income). A Gini coefficient of one (or 100%) expresses maximal inequality among values (for example, where only one person has all the income or consumption, and all others have none).34 However, a value greater than one may occur if some persons represent negative contribution to the total (for example, having negative income or wealth). For larger groups, values close to or above 1 are very unlikely in practice.”2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 21:24:39http://gocomics.com/danwasserman/2015/02/17 ( P("[)A93[daleandkristen Ten Catsten-catsChesney!!!!!! Shame on you. If you don’t clean up your act you may end up as Poncho’s companion on Pooch Cafe. You two deserve each other.less than a minute agoT2015-02-20 21:24:39http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/207Z%%g93cAtherqLuann Againnluann-againnIn Senior Year I’ll date an Australian.less than a minute agoT2015-02-20 21:24:39http://gocomics.com/luann-againn/2015/02/20eYI'%'3cmartens misses all her friendsDan WassermandanwassermanI do not quarrel with your conclusion that the middle class has taken a beating. My point would be that this has occurred essentially continuously over the last 35 years, so assigning blame to any one administration is fruitless. It is much better to make the effort to determine the underlying causes of this change. For that, you might have to consider the relaxing of regulations of financial “industrie ===P_%3-'3kgopher goferThe Argyle Sweater theargylesweaterhope he doesn’t snap at her for interrupting…2 minutes agoTI2015-02-20 21:29:45http://gocomics.com/theargylesweater/2015/02/20#^/##?'3aSteven Smigielski$=Just Postedjust-postedThanks for noticing Alan.2 minutes agoTI2015-02-20 21:29:45http://gocomics.com/just-posted/2015/02/20{])%!u'3_frugalnotcheapJWizard of IdwizardofidWhen I was a kid, we had to pick a state and do a report on it for class. I think I was in 2nd grade. We got to write letters and get a response in the mail. I picked Oregon because I liked the way it sounded when I said it out loud… ;-)3 minutes agoTI2015-02-20 21:29:45http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20=\)%!{'3_frugalnotcheapJWizard of IdwizardofidYes: You are SO right – your drought IS terrible!5 minutes agoTI2015-02-20 21:29:45http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20 cC\csc%--I'3kmasterskrainNYC banksters were giving themselves millions in bonuses on the bailout dime.3 minutes agoT{2015-02-20 21:34:51http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/20pe! '3UIamJayBluE4LuannluannMy guess is that he’ll be “conveniently” not at home. Most likely at the DeGroots’ for dinner….3 minutes agoT{2015-02-20 21:34:51http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20,d-+O'3imsdg6cqFoxTrot ClassicsfoxtrotclassicsI hate when I get mad cow disease3 minutes agoT{2015-02-20 21:34:51http://gocomics.com/foxtrotclassics/2015/02/20 qh!s'3]WootietootNAlley Oopalley-oopThey didn’t take a Coast Guard cutter. It was a boat with an outboard on it. Looked about 16 ft. long.
He is referring to another time in another arc long ago. lol2 minutes agoT{2015-02-20 21:34:51http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/20]g)))%'3gdaleandkristen Frankie Comicsfrankie-comicsGreat comments all!!!! I bought a bigger bed some years back so I would have at least half. Uh, uh….they sleep on me, between my ankles, etc. Still can hardly move….but, it IS worth it!!!!!3 minutes agoT{2015-02-20 21:34:51http://gocomics.com/frankie-comics/2015/02/20 1h1uk)%k'3cmabrndtArlo and JanisarloandjanisSince I had to search around for it (wasn’t on the Home page), this shows the image above that text. Thanks for posting it, by the way.2 minutes agoT{2015-02-20 21:34:51http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/206j/##e'3aSteven Smigielski$=Just Postedjust-postedThis spider is definitely hard to get rid of2 minutes agoT{2015-02-20 21:34:51http://gocomics.com/just-posted/2015/02/20iI'3Ymartens misses all her friendsTed RalltedrallEven Wal-Mart seems to be beginning to recognize Agent Smith’s point. According to what I read today, they plan to give raises to 40% of their workforce. Apparently the motivation for this was their extremely high turnover rate (surprise, surprise)…2 minutes agoT{2015-02-20 21:34:51http://gocomics.com/tedrall/2015/02/20 Hm!M%3UIamJayBluE4LuannluannOh, good! You’re welcome!1 minute agoT{2015-02-20 21:34:51http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/202l+!m%3]Sydney Phillips5Dick TracydicktracyNow that we’ve likely all been sobered by a day of amateur psychiatric dissertation . . .
It does make me feel a bit ‘uncomfortable’ to realize, that I have an unmarried female cousin named - Lena May . . .
- and no, (before you ask), she doesn’t look like a Hyena . . .
But I’ll have to ponder - do any of the descriptions or unusual queries set out above - apply to her ? ?1 minute agoT{2015-02-20 21:34:51http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20 oVGoRr%)''3emasterskrain

is the image that accompanied that text. Thanks for posting it, by the way.2 minutes agoT穬2015-02-20 21:39:56http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/20$n%'%E%3cmasterskrainThe Boondocks.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 21:45:02http://gocomics.com/jumpstart/2015/02/20at!!Q'3]louieglutzy/Jack Ohmanjackohmanwho was president in 2004?
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A23034-2004Nov3.html4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 21:45:02http://gocomics.com/jackohman/2015/02/19ms}%3YbyamrcnE>Big NatebignateYou’d think his social studies teacher would have introduced that information into her class by now. Hmmm….1 minute agoT穬2015-02-20 21:39:56http://gocomics.com/bignate/2015/02/20 ##uw%#!o'3_masterskrainYYEEEAAAAUUGGGH!!
NOT AGAIN!!4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 21:50:08http://gocomics.com/mattdavies/2015/02/20\v%%#9%3amasterskrainANY RELIGION, is the single GREATEST EVIL that has ever afflicted the Human Race since the dawn of history!
It has been the cause of more death, destruction, human suffering, wars, torture, killing, and misery then ANYTHING
Arthur C.Clarke was right when he wrote that anyone who believes in the Psychopathy known as Religion is clinically INSANE!1 minute agoT2015-02-20 21:45:02http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20 >z)'y'3efeverjrNMike LuckovichmikeluckovichShe’s out with the “vapors” ever since her lover Ben Ghazi left her at the altar. “Oh, I do declare, I have always relied on the gullibility of others.”2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 21:50:08http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20"y%%K'3cUshindiSunny Streetsunny-streetMan, that is stubborn!2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 21:50:08http://gocomics.com/sunny-street/2015/02/20VxO'3YjrmermTed RalltedrallAll Americans already have that right. No one is going to stop you from moving to some country that can do that. I personally don’t have any recommended destinations for you, but do avoid North Korea, Cuba, and Somalia.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 21:50:08http://gocomics.com/tedrall/2015/02/20 SW;}! '3[BitsyTwill)Gil ThorpgilthorpIf it’s Mexican Adderall, he can also use it for Tuesday.2 minutes agoTA2015-02-20 21:55:13http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/20v|EE '3Glaneypoo +Origins of the Sunday Comicsorigins-of-the-sunday-comicsI suggest a plugin, such as AdBlock. It works very well for me.3 minutes agoTA2015-02-20 21:55:13http://gocomics.com/origins-of-the-sunday-comics/2015/02/20'{%!!W'3_drmaggielynn4SpeechlessspeechlessLove it! Best part of my day so far!4 minutes agoTA2015-02-20 21:55:13http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/20 S%)''3emasterskrainAnd now...and-now@thanks alan @steven…i have too much fun drawing moon boots ;^>less than a minute agoTA2015-02-20 21:55:13http://gocomics.com/and-now/2015/02/20'~}'3UBrdshttLuannluannPipetobacco, Gunther, and other bearded ones might get a kick out of the “Draught Face” campaign going on here in California:
2 minutes agoTA2015-02-20 21:55:13http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 <'3[gammaguyTom Tolestomtoles“We want are snow back.”"
And with good reason. Never mind the snow sports; you may rationing your drinking water next summer if there’s not enough snow melt.4 minutes agoTs2015-02-20 22:00:19http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20z###w'3aTom from NC :CandorvillecandorvilleLamont, this is the subway ride to the ever-after, for you, if you keep going. Get off NOW.4 minutes agoTs2015-02-20 22:00:19http://gocomics.com/candorville/2015/02/20   j'_'3]Night-Gaunt49Alley Oopalley-oopOne can trains oneself to ice skate in one go. But it takes a sure control of your body’ movements.3 minutes agoTs2015-02-20 22:00:19http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/20j#!e'3_Jase99Lisa Bensonlisabenson“Do you know why it is legal Jase? Because Comcast Paid for and owns the Trunk lines and last miles that deliver Netflix to the homes.”

You don’t get it, do you? Comcast’s subscribers pay to use that bandwidth. It’s none of Comcast’s business what its subscribers use the bandwidth for so long as they don’t use more than their allotment. Comcast wanted to reduce the cost of the bandwidth use without resorting to putting limits on its customers, so the resorted to extorting money from another company. It’s disgusting that you’re defending that.3 minutes agoTs2015-02-20 22:00:19http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20 GpI%C7M'3uDavid HurleyDon't Pick the Flowersdont-pick-the-flowersHaha, that’s for sure. ;-)5 minutes agoT篥2015-02-20 22:05:25http://gocomics.com/dont-pick-the-flowers/2015/02/20Q%C7]'3uDavid HurleyDon't Pick the Flowersdont-pick-the-flowersI think this is her fun, Toonerific. ;-)5 minutes agoT篥2015-02-20 22:05:25http://gocomics.com/dont-pick-the-flowers/2015/02/20M')%'3cNight-Gaunt49Arlo and JanisarloandjanisThanx for the posing of the graphics. So her hair was to be grey.2 minutes agoTs2015-02-20 22:00:19http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/20`%)'3'3emasterskrainFAAABBUULLLOOUUSSSS!!”3 minutes agoTs2015-02-20 22:00:19http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20 YY2%C7'3uDavid HurleyDon't Pick the Flowersdont-pick-the-flowersHaha, ;-)3 minutes agoT篥2015-02-20 22:05:25http://gocomics.com/dont-pick-the-flowers/2015/02/20V%C7g'3uDavid HurleyDon't Pick the Flowersdont-pick-the-flowersSuzanne is not finished just yet, Steven. ;-)4 minutes agoT篥2015-02-20 22:05:25http://gocomics.com/dont-pick-the-flowers/2015/02/20"')'5'3eNight-Gaunt49Stuart CarlsonstuartcarlsonRedistribution of wealth to the top 10% is okay by them. However if it goes from the wealthy to those hard working people then it is evil Socialism.4 minutes agoT篥2015-02-20 22:05:25http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/20e%C7'3uDavid HurleyDon't Pick the Flowersdont-pick-the-flowersNever mess with some during poetry time Comic Minister. ;-)4 minutes agoT篥2015-02-20 22:05:25http://gocomics.com/dont-pick-the-flowers/2015/02/20 F(m<Fp%#g%3aSharkNose˽Bloom CountybloomcountyI liked the “Kinder and Gentler America” better than the “Time for a change America”.1 minute agoT篥2015-02-20 22:05:25http://gocomics.com/bloomcounty/2015/02/20:%91E'3oDavid HurleyDark Side of the HorsedarksideofthehorseHaha, love the bagpipes! ;-)2 minutes agoT篥2015-02-20 22:05:25http://gocomics.com/darksideofthehorse/2015/02/20H'%'3csandboili[Frog ApplausefrogapplauseWhy are you so defensive? I realized that I was b5#'3YrwillpatbarDrabbledrabbleAw, it’s not a roast? What a shame … xDDD3 minutes agoT篥2015-02-20 22:05:25http://gocomics.com/drabble/2015/02/18R)'#'3eJase99Stuart CarlsonstuartcarlsonWait, Giuliani can get through an entire sentence without bringing up 9/11?3 minutes agoT篥2015-02-20 22:05:25http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/20eing an overposter. Why can’t you accept that perhaps your penchant for posting images is a bit out of control as well. I found this comment from you on another page:
“If you want to know how to post a video like this, I’d be happy to tell you. Posting a video is the simplest of all! I suppose that’s why I have a tendency to get a tad carried away with it. Truly, I’m not techy at all!”
Here you admitted that you tend to get carried away. Why can’t you admit it here? I’m also confused about why you reposted my posts in their entirety. You could have simply responded without adding all that extra text. I have no animosity toward you beviek or anyone else. If any other FA fans agree with my any aspect of what I’ve “tried to say” (I’m not as eloquent as BrassOrchid), please say something. Don’t leave me hanging here!3 minutes agoT篥2015-02-20 22:05:25http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20 sWs5' '3UNight-Gaunt49FrazzfrazzBy-the-way I know and since you insult so easily maybe you should think twice before you get on your high horse. It was late, was in a hurry. So I don’t need the likes of you telling me.5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:10:30http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/20#%##I'3aDavid HurleyJust Postedjust-postedThat’s how it works. ;-)5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:10:30http://gocomics.com/just-posted/2015/02/20#%+#C%3aDavid HurleyThe Vernal Poolvernal-poolSomebody’s happy! ;-)1 minute agoT篥2015-02-20 22:05:25http://gocomics.com/vernal-pool/2015/02/20 {g{f!'o'3UNight-Gaunt49FrazzfrazzIndeed all he has to do is to write songs that do well and he gets a cut, enough to be happy and to work for fun.5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:10:30http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/20 '%+'3cJase99Jeff Danzigerjeffdanziger“Now, are you a-sayin’ that Jeb is part of the same family fortune built on being close personal friends and business partners with the Saudis?”

Which itself was built on the money made as part owner of the bank that helped bankroll the Nazis.5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:10:30http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/20Y88@HPX`hpx (08@HPX`hpx (08@HPX`hpx %&(*,-1468=AHNTX[_cfhkmruwz}!%ƒ+ă/ƃ3ȃ6Ƀ8ʃ<˃?̃D̓H΃KσNЃOуP҃SӃVԃXՃZփ]׃a؃dكfڃh܃k݃oރq߃tz~  #').1468<?@ +%''%%'3cHiram BinghamULJerry Holbertjerryholbertjerryholbert4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:10:30http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20^$/!G'3_KenwJane's WorldjanesworldMe too and me too. I remember it as it unfolds but I can’t remember what the catch was.4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:10:30http://gocomics.com/janesworld/2015/02/20 #%7'3WDavid HurleyNormanNormanWe have a winner! ;-)4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:10:30http://gocomics.com/Norman/2015/02/20O"#%!#'3_Tom from NC :Wizard of Idwizardofida couple years ago, I found a way to actually subscribe to GoComics and have seen NO ads ever since. For less than $1 a month, it is great, and I hope the strip makers actually get a bit more money. Now, if I can figure out how to do the same with Seattlepi, where I get the rest of my comics fix each day, I would be very happy.4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:10:30http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20 d,+''%%'3cHiram BinghamULJerry Holbertjerryholbertjerryholbert2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:10:30http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20*''%%'3cHiram BinghamULJerry Holbertjerryholbertjerryholbert3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:10:30http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20&)'%O'3csandboili[Frog ApplausefrogapplauseWhy are you so defensive? I realized that I was bÁ(''%%'3cHiram BinghamULJerry Holbertjerryholbertjerryholbert3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:10:30http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20'''%%'3cHiram BinghamULJerry Holbertjerryholbertjerryholbert3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:10:30http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20&''%%'3cHiram BinghamULJerry Holbertjerryholbertjerryholbert4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:10:30http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20eing an overposter. Why can’t you accept that perhaps your penchant for posting images is a bit out of control as well. I found this comment from you on another page:
“If you want to know how to post a video like this, I’d be happy to tell you. Posting a video is the simplest of all! I suppose that’s why I have a tendency to get a tad carried away with it. Truly, I’m not techy at all!”
Here you admitted that you tend to get carried away. Why can’t you admit it here? I’m also confused about why you reposted my posts in their entirety. You could have simply responded without adding all that extra text. I have no animosity toward you beviek or anyone else. If any other FA fans agree with any aspect of what I’ve “tried to say” (I’m not as eloquent as BrassOrchid), please say something. Don’t leave me hanging here!3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:10:30http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20 (%(o/''%W%3cMeh~thodologyFrog ApplausefrogapplauseChill your Flame Wars, LAMErs.
No one gets to censor or limit another’s posts here in the Frog Applause Comments section.
The GoComics Overlords haŃU-!;'3]WootietootNAlley Oopalley-oopSo it WAS Lana’s idea after all … well, no wonder she went to a mobster “for help” … her “idea” wasn’t exactly a job for a Boy Scout
Ya gotta go with a pro for that kind of action.2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:10:30http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/20ve that onerous job, and they do it without mercy. Don’t tempt them.
Personally, I simply advise that you keep it down to a dull roar, show some restraint, and try to keep it relevant to the topic at hand or at least make sure it’s _goshdarn_ LAME, okay?

Now, if you want to argue about something, what gets posted by Pepelaputr over on
Frog Blog~Style Lameness could use a good thrashing.
They even have their own COMMENTS SECTION if you’re a member, or feel free to heap abuse or praise back here at FA.

1 minute agoT2015-02-20 22:10:30http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20 jgj35%3Wkaecispop>Farcusfarcus… and no horn.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 22:15:36http://gocomics.com/farcus/2015/02/202'%='3csandboili[Frog ApplausefrogapplauseWhy are you so defensive? I realized that I was bǂZ1!/#-'3aDanielmlibMToday's Doggtodays-doggThere was a time during the run of chubb and chauncy as chauncy found a puddle inside as he asked chubb if he had any involvement as chubb’s answer was by the time he went outside his plumbing froze up.4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:15:36http://gocomics.com/todays-dogg/2015/02/2030#)'I93eluvdafuneezMike LuckovichmikeluckovichLuckily, there IS that write-in option…we should ALL take advantage of it when the time comes. What a coup that would be, eh?less than a minute agoT2015-02-20 22:10:30http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20eing an overposter. Why can’t you accept that perhaps your penchant for posting images is a bit out of control as well. I found this comment from you on another page:
“If you want to know how to post a video like this, I’d be happy to tell you. Posting a video is the simplest of all! I suppose that’s why I have a tendency to get a tad carried away with it. Truly, I’m not techy at all!”
Here you admitted that you tend to get carried away. Why can’t you admit it here? I’m also confused about why you reposted my posts in their entirety. You could have simply responded without adding all that extra text. I have no animosity toward you beviek or anyone else. If any other FA fans agree with any aspect of what I’ve “tried to say” (I’m not as eloquent as BrassOrchid), please say something. Don’t leave me hanging here!4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:15:36http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20 cA61+y%3iahabsViews of the WorldviewsoftheworldSo the Dutch are familiar, but forgot after1883…1 minute agoT:2015-02-20 22:20:42http://gocomics.com/viewsoftheworld/2015/02/20/51+Q'3iahabsViews of the WorldviewsoftheworldThe Dutch East India Company triggered Islamic rebellion brought about by exploiting the resources of the Dutch East Indies, and the decades of mistreatment of Indonesian locals. Shortly after the eruption of Krakatoa, which the Indonesians saw as a sign from God to kick out the infidels.5 minutes agoT:2015-02-20 22:20:42http://gocomics.com/viewsoftheworld/2015/02/204'S'3UTricia McCannSLuannluannMaybe it’s Rosa……5 minutes agoT:2015-02-20 22:20:42http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 jEjU8##5%3apiobaireCMike Lestermike-lesterAs a student of history, I have to question what Iran would do with a bomb. Use it as a last ditch defense? Tell others, that if they mass an army on Iran’s border it will be wiped out? If Iran was to use a bomb for attacking another country, wouldn’t Iran be signing the death warrant of most of the people of their country?1 minute agoT:2015-02-20 22:20:42http://gocomics.com/mike-lester/2015/02/1957- %3USheriff Mordecai I@LuannluannI’ll be seeing Greg Evans in a few months – I wonder if it’s possible to compile a “best of” from the comments of the past calendar year. The “worst of” would be an unimaginably competitive array of submissions, ranging from mostest snarkiest to uber duperest. Where to begin?1 minute agoT:2015-02-20 22:20:42http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 vg*v<'#!9'3_Hiram BinghamULGlenn McCoyglennmccoy^ Indeed, capital investment leading to job creation would have no effect, and any Liberal who believes in a free market system is obviously a moron.2 minutes agoTl2015-02-20 22:25:48http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/19 ;I'3UacsdaddyRubesrubesWherever you go, there you be.2 minutes agoTl2015-02-20 22:25:48http://gocomics.com/rubes/2015/02/207:'3YJusSayin vEndtownendtownDid I accidentally post a link I also posted on Garrison-Kellogg’s site earlier?
Starman? Bowie?

Can I blame the phone?2 minutes agoTl2015-02-20 22:25:48http://gocomics.com/endtown/2015/02/209K%3YpuddymomPicklespicklesHoly cow Susan. Damn tree rats!1 minute agoT:2015-02-20 22:20:42http://gocomics.com/pickles/2015/02/20 e 'e#e%3Uargy.bargy2LuannluannI can’t figure out why we have no way to transport all the excess snow that Boston and points north have, to California. If we (unsafely) transport flammable oil in trains that derail in West Virginia and burn people out of their homes, there must be a way to transport excess snow in refrigerated rail cars (I think they do that with milk, after all…)1 minute agoTl2015-02-20 22:25:48http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20o=1=1%3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaThe FOX and the HOUND1 minute agoTl2015-02-20 22:25:48http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 ~-6~2D#'3Sargy.bargy2BunibuniBuni is not the best source of info on affairs of the heart…4 minutes agoT絝2015-02-20 22:30:53http://gocomics.com/buni/2015/02/20qC1=1!'3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviathe DAY of the DOLPHIN4 minutes agoT絝2015-02-20 22:30:53http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/201B1=1#'3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviathe WOLFman5 minutes agoT絝2015-02-20 22:30:53http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20A1=1k'3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaCOLD TURKEY ( town has to quit smoking…Dick Van Dyke)5 minutes agoT絝2015-02-20 22:30:53http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 `Ggl`H1=1K'3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaICE STATION ZEBRA3 minutes agoT絝2015-02-20 22:30:53http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20uG1=1)'3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaBIG FISH (wonderful flick)3 minutes agoT絝2015-02-20 22:30:53http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20ZF1=1u'3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviathe Great MOUSE Detecctive4 minutes agoT絝2015-02-20 22:30:53http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/203E1=1''3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaKung Fu Panda4 minutes agoT絝2015-02-20 22:30:53http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 vv K)!'3]RightwingmoroneDick TracydicktracyGood one.2 minutes agoT絝2015-02-20 22:30:53http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20eJ33!'3qjtpozenel"Super-Fun-Pak Comixsuper-fun-pak-comixShe’s just kidding Dinkle.

You need to set up a meet with her.2 minutes agoT絝2015-02-20 22:30:53http://gocomics.com/super-fun-pak-comix/2015/02/20I1=1O'3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaWATER FOR ELEPHANTS3 minutes agoT絝2015-02-20 22:30:53http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 ml~m N1=1W%3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviathe WOLF of WALL STREET1 minute agoT絝2015-02-20 22:30:53http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20hM1=1%3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaRESERVOIR DOGS1 minute agoT絝2015-02-20 22:30:53http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20L1=1['3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaGROUNDHOG DAY (let me repeat that…GROUNDHOG DAY…let me repeat that…GROUNDHO…)2 minutes agoT絝2015-02-20 22:30:53http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 xO%)'e%3emasterskrainMONUMENTAL Intelligence failure by a REPUBLICAN Administration!
A Republican Administration that started a WAR based on lies, and the need for the Vice President ’s stocks to make a profit.
Hard to get much more “Not Loving America” then getting THOUSANDS of American Soldiers KILLED and many more thousands crippled, and maimed for OIL, and MONEY!1 minute agoT絝2015-02-20 22:30:53http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/20 \\P)993[QueenofAmerica2Ten Catsten-catszippycats: Moose is on the food the vet recommended, we bought a water fountain to encourage him ( and the others) to drink (they love it) and he gets what we call Moose Juice at least twice a day – more if he wants it. It’s canned shreds in gravy that we add water to and smash up. He licks up all of the liquid and leaves the shreds.

The vet called about 2 hours ago and said he could come home. During the night he got his cone off and catheter out.
He was then probably teaching the other inmates how to get their cones off.

But while it was in, a couple of big crystals came out so that was good.

Brad just brought him home and he has to be in the big kitten room by himself tonight. I know he’s going to bang on the door to come out, tho.less than a minute agoT絝2015-02-20 22:30:53http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20 :HS?'3UBrdshttLuannluannThey have a huge diversion canal that runs from just a few miles east of me all the way down to Los Angeles (huge pumping stations to get it over The Grapevine) so they can fill up all their swimming pools down there.5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20:R{93]VeteranDPinkertonpinkertonWell we do know one thing…..Tucker took a shower.less than a minute agoT絝2015-02-20 22:30:53http://gocomics.com/pinkerton/2015/02/20Q1=1-93omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaJACK The BEAR (danny devito)less than a minute agoT絝2015-02-20 22:30:53http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 .G.V!C'3Yananomoose DrabbledrabbleI still think they should combine figure skating and skeet shooting.
I’d love to see someone do a double axial while getting two clays pigeons.5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/drabble/2015/02/208U!!'3]Mr. Ngn33rRob RogersrobrogersBy (among others) commodities speculators, who never actually take delivery of the oil, only make their “Living” by fiddling with the perceived “demand” to “adjust” the “price”…and they can make $$$ betting either way ! “Free Market”, my behind !5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/robrogers/2015/02/20uT1=1)'3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaBLACK SHEEP (chris farley)5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 dOX#%%'3cflippy12533BottomlinersbottomlinersDownload morning coffee app from firefox and set all your comic pages so it loads with click and install ghostery to remove all the back ads. 45 go.comics strips loads in seconds with just one click.4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/bottomliners/2015/02/20WS'3Wjtpozenel"KlibanklibanDance like nobody’s watching.5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/kliban/2015/02/20 yyZ1=1g'3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviathe GIRL with the DRAGON TATTOO4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20gY!%#Q'3aindiethinkILa Cucarachalacucaracha" Who are the top 500 richest people?
These are they ones who think there are too many poor people in the USA.
Remember, there are many Democrats in that list.
“Fact. Choke on it, righties.”
Isn’t this the kind of attitude that Liberals accuse the Conservatives of having?
And it’s no wonder that the two sides are polarized.4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/lacucaracha/2015/02/20 jj$]1=1'3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaCAT on a HOT TIN ROOF3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20l\1=1'3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviathe SCORPION KING4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20t[#))Y'3gargy.bargy2The Born Loserthe-born-loserWikipedia has a list of software that blocks ads. Some work only for a particular browser while others can work across platforms. I have one installed on my home computer but can’t on the public computers I occasionally use.4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/the-born-loser/2015/02/20 a)1/'3mRightwingmoroneBasic InstructionsbasicinstructionsJust be thankful you’ve never had to work on a job this sucky, because what Scott writes seems all too real to some of us.2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/basicinstructions/2015/02/20x`1=1/'3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaAFTER the FOX (peter sellers)3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20h^1=1'3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaFRITZ the CAT3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 Z0ZPd1=1a'3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaCOBRA (stallone)2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/205c)'g'3eacsdaddyMike LuckovichmikeluckovichToo bad we can’t be vaccinated from it!2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20b1=1]'3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaTHE FALCON and the SNOWMAN2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 J@Jpf1=1!%3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaLEGAL EAGLES (redford)1 minute agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20:e;;7'3yVeteranDThe Martian Confederacythe-martian-confederacyOf course this came to mind…..he did not hit the door.
Those “nasty, stinky” children rigged an explosive device on the door. So when he pulled…..boom……not too hard to believe…..after all they are pretty good with throwing knives.2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/the-martian-confederacy/2015/02/20 tt3h1=1'%3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaWHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM (bill murray)1 minute agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20Mg#91m%3oargy.bargy2Dark Side of the HorsedarksideofthehorseBack when I was a student archaeologist and we had a dig in the Inner Hebrides, we arrived by ferry boat and the pipers ‘piped’ us into the little harbor. It was great!
I’ve also appreciated the pipers in local parades over the years. We have Scottish games here in Central Florida, and pipers are always a feature.
I guess it’s one type of music you either love or not so much…1 minute agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/darksideofthehorse/2015/02/20pply to the Middle East, and Islamic states around the world, not just in the Middle East.

The “political” side of not stating “Levant” and only Syria is to avoid the fact that the Levant includes modern Israel, and it is our enduring support of that nation, regardless their more radical actions, that have turned many against our government, not so much our PEOPLE, who like in Iran, the populace actually like Americans, not just our government, or for that matter, their own.

You leave us alone, we leave you alone, is a great policy, and one we’ve ignored, Grenada, Panama, Nicaragua, Chile, Argentina, and yes Eastern Europe and the Middle East as well.

When ASKED to help our allies to end atrocities, maybe we can play a role, as in Kosovo, but acting on our own, for our own purposes, is at a minimum, “dumb”.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 22:35:59http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20 ~KkC'3UEwal DohbFrazzfrazz@Hippogriff
I may be wrong, but I seem to remember that Barry Manilow did write songs.4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:41:04http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/20Lj='3Yr0sc0eDrabbledrabbleand soccer players in sumo-suits and they CAN use their hands.5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:41:04http://gocomics.com/drabble/2015/02/20ti'%k%3cdtroutmaJerry HolbertjerryholbertAn old man and village elder in Viet Nam told me the simple part of it, he’d been in the Viet Minh in WW II, fighting with Ho to drive the Japanese out for their American allies: the were betrayed. His simple point by 67 was; “You leave us alone, we leave you alone”.

The same does now still a $N$o''3YVeteranDEndtownendtownYes, you can.2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:41:04http://gocomics.com/endtown/2015/02/20n#/+#'3iunicornstarThe Flying McCoystheflyingmccoysa mace ing!2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:41:04http://gocomics.com/theflyingmccoys/2015/02/20 m!S'3]dtroutmaClay JonesclayjonesRad-ish, it appears only 19 of 20 of his advisors are retreads from dad, brother, or both, so, it’s obvious “he’s his own man”, maybe a G.I.Joe doll in Rumsfeld and Cheney’s toy chest? (AEI and PNAC for sure.)3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:41:04http://gocomics.com/clayjones/2015/02/20l3-o'3kjtpozenel"Tom the Dancing BugtomthedancingbugSoon to be a television series with Michael C. Hall starring in the roll of Boo Radley.

I can’t wait!4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 22:41:04http://gocomics.com/tomthedancingbug/2015/02/20 Oq'%#%3cfeverjrNNick AndersonnickandersonFreedom of speech and freedom of religion are not the traits the colonists brought to the new world. Many were running from religious persecution, only to set up their own intolerant communities here. Thomas Jefferson is credited with using many sources when creating the constitution, one of these was the Constitution of the Iroquois Confederacy. The ideals of Freedom of Speech and Religion were in their document and may have inspired him to include them.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 22:41:04http://gocomics.com/nickanderson/2015/02/19 2ts#! 93_ƹʅɗʘ "The whole Haul" Phil D. AlbertCitizen DogcitizendogIt’s a shame CD lasted only 6 years, 2 Weeks.
Mark O’Hare went-on to bigger things like work on animated Television Shows as a Writer and Storyboard-Artist for Rocko’s Modern Life, SpongeBob SquarePants, Dexter’s Laboratory, and The Powerpuff Girls. He performed storyboard work on The Ren and Stimpy Show [ƹʅɗʘ’s fav]. I hope People enjoy my tweaks and twerks but HE’S the
Creator and i’m a [just] Fan too!  less than a minute agoT2015-02-20 22:41:04http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/20 BB)z!'3QJonnyBGood ,LiolioIsn’t this a reference to wonderful Gahan Wilson strip?3 minutes agoT22015-02-20 22:46:10http://gocomics.com/lio/2015/02/18(x)/+3'3iNikola TaschenCalvin and Hobbescalvinandhobbesanother good one :)3 minutes agoT22015-02-20 22:46:10http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/20^w!k'3SluckylouieShoeshoeChange your browser to Firefox with the Adblock Plus add-on. Does GoComics have ads? I’ve never seen one!4 minutes agoT22015-02-20 22:46:10http://gocomics.com/shoe/2015/02/20wu%#u'3adtroutmaSteve KelleystevekelleyLonecat, had standards as a kid, great intelligent, and protective dogs. Now have a dachshund, whiich ask any owner and they agree with me: they’re loving, intelligent, and well, vindictive- do NOT cross a doxie!4 minutes agoT22015-02-20 22:46:10http://gocomics.com/stevekelley/2015/02/19 B~#!%3[rwillpatbarCul de SacculdesacMale pattern baldness at age four? I’m so sorry, Marcus …1 minute agoT22015-02-20 22:46:10http://gocomics.com/culdesac/2015/02/20|+=1u'3oHorst Hrubbisch`Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaThe Cranes Are Flying is a 1957 Soviet anti-war film that won the Palme d’Or at the 1958 Cannes Film Festival.2 minutes agoT22015-02-20 22:46:10http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20,{s'3[ƹʅɗʘ "The whole Haul" Phil D. AlbertTen Catsten-catsI think Chestney needs a ’timeout’ . or summat.3 minutes agoT22015-02-20 22:46:10http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20  &/'3WKatman kTarzantarzanWell, giant spiders have eight eyes, so it must be those mummified zombies shuffling along after them by Buddha! :)> TroubleInTheTunnelAGowa!!5 minutes agoTd2015-02-20 22:51:16http://gocomics.com/tarzan/2015/02/20^+--%3kAmanda El-DweekAmanda the Greatamanda-the-greatGet up, get dressed, eat cereal, yell at jerks on the road, go to work.1 minute agoT22015-02-20 22:46:10http://gocomics.com/amanda-the-great/2015/02/20p##k%3adtroutmaMike Lestermike-lesterIran is simply downwind from Israel, and Palestinians as well as many other Muslims, Shia and Sunni would be killed if they ever used one, even a “tactical” weapon, on Israel. Crazy as we try to make them out, they are NOT stupid.

Now about those hundreds of nukes in Netanyahu’s pocket, there is the real danger.1 minute agoT22015-02-20 22:46:10http://gocomics.com/mike-lester/2015/02/19 ylyms'3[ƹʅɗʘ "The whole Haul" Phil D. AlbertAndy CappandycappI don’t dispute hat Truth. ? Can You dig-IT Can You dig-IT ?
4 minutes agoTd2015-02-20 22:51:16http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/20%%#'3aChevJames007~rSteve BensonstevebensonHuckabee is dead-nuts right about Obama’s refusal to face Islamic extremism for what it is. And interesting that someone would call the Bible a “Big Book O’ Fables.” If that were true, why are so many people still buying and reading it?4 minutes agoTd2015-02-20 22:51:16http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20 rr7'3WVeteranDHUBRIS!hubrisIt is what makes this comic here funny……as an officer I know the one thing we are noticed about is we maintain the same attitude regardless of the situation (most of us, I know some just go lunatic fringe so I speak of the “normal, confident” officer)
Greg has caught that character perfectly….un-phased, not even missing a blink, unflappable, perfectly poised to deal with the situation at hand carefully explaining this to dispatch who is hearing the panic calls on 911 and the officer is just simple there taking it all in. Eventually all the evidence will be collected, suspects identified, egos soothed, and the officer will go to his next call.
Quagmire got it caught in the window again.
And we will deal with the situation the same way.3 minutes agoTd2015-02-20 22:51:16http://gocomics.com/hubris/2015/02/19 ?!''3Ushassandra&CLuannluann Firefighter or not, if you can make that comment then you have obviously never read the earlier comics where Luann and Brad are younger and tend to poke fun at each other. It’s called being siblings.2 minutes agoTd2015-02-20 22:51:16http://gocomics.com/luann/2005/06/09r}'3[dtroutmaChan Lowechanlowe^ Tom: It’s been “anthropegenic CLIMATE CHANGE” since at least 1953, as described in Raymond Dasmann’s book “Environmental Conservation” published in 1955. (Back then it was regional around the Med, Africa and southern Europe, heating up, and in northern Europe where things were cooling.2 minutes agoTd2015-02-20 22:51:16http://gocomics.com/chanlowe/2015/02/17  '!?%3]Tarry PlaguerDick TracydicktracyFor those of you who want to see hyenas interacting with a human, this video of Kevin Richardson is the best one I found.
WARNING – there are some sad parts to this video. Not everything turns out happy.
1 minute agoTd2015-02-20 22:51:16http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20n '/!S'3_Dry and Dusty>Daddy's Homedaddyshome2 old that platter of food looks SCRUMPTOUS! YUM!

Am I one of those old broads in the photo? I don’t look that old ya’ know! Not yet anyway!2 minutes agoTd2015-02-20 22:51:16http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/20 $ s %3[ƹʅɗʘ "The whole Haul" Phil D. AlbertAndy Cappandycapp…a Kim Fowley Production! 1 minute agoTd2015-02-20 22:51:16http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/20) %k%3Ybeenthere2405&Ted Ralltedrall So 21% of voting American citizens are morons. I imagine that 100% of those who did NOT vote do not believe that vaccination does not cause autism.1 minute agoTd2015-02-20 22:51:16http://gocomics.com/tedrall/2015/02/09 9Q9)''3edtroutmaMike LuckovichmikeluckovichAND the “Bush brand” got bin Laden and ended the problem in Afghanistan in only six days, remember?5 minutes agoT绕2015-02-20 22:56:21http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/208#=1-93ounicornstarRicig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaThe Last Unicornless than a minute agoTd2015-02-20 22:51:16http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20k %)'793eChevJames007~rStuart CarlsonstuartcarlsonThe intel community got it wrong, plain and simple. That might have something to do with the Carter administration, which gutted the CIA. It was never rebuilt to what it used to be. You cannot get rid of 3/4 of your clandestine agents and still expect to get “ground truth” out of the Middle East.less than a minute agoTd2015-02-20 22:51:16http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/20 NsCs'3SJo Clear (aka: Grasshopper)ƇShoeshoeFirefox is the worst…I wish I had a choice of something else..I’ve tried to find another browser…5 minutes agoT绕2015-02-20 22:56:21http://gocomics.com/shoe/2015/02/20'%{'3Sgopher goferBunibuniafterwards he told the boys it was a killer date…5 minutes agoT绕2015-02-20 22:56:21http://gocomics.com/buni/2015/02/206#=1;'3ounicornstarRicig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaAny of the Benji movies5 minutes agoT绕2015-02-20 22:56:21http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20,'k'3[Dry and Dusty>Ten Catsten-catsDid he have Neutered Male Syndrome, per chance?5 minutes agoT绕2015-02-20 22:56:21http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20 qq ##!'3_braindead08 Lisa Bensonlisabenson“Sorry to break it to you, but not all Repubs do or act the way you stated. Not even the majority of them.”
So, David Vitter was not reelected?
Mark Sanford?
Larry Craig did not finish his term?
Spitzer was not forced out immediately?
Anthony Weiner?

Yeah, I can see how you would believe that both parties call out their members who do something wrong.
And yeah, I remember how much Fox “news” criticized Republicans for mushrooming the deficit.
And, on these boards, so-called ‘conservatives’ cannot acknowledge, even to themselves, what a horrendous blunder the invasion of Iraq was. Instead, they claim that, you know, Democrats were for it.5 minutes agoT绕2015-02-20 22:56:21http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20 eP%#/'3aahabsKen CatalinokencatalinoYuh, those NASA scientists don’t know s#!% right?3 minutes agoT绕2015-02-20 22:56:21http://gocomics.com/kencatalino/2015/02/20R%%##'3aChevJames007~rKen CatalinokencatalinoI read an article about the climate in the Toronto region of Canada. It was hotter 130,000 years ago. Do you suppose that was because Fred Flintstone’s car didn’t pass its emissions test?3 minutes agoT绕2015-02-20 22:56:21http://gocomics.com/kencatalino/2015/02/20=C'3SJo Clear (aka: Grasshopper)ƇShoeshoeIt is sure nice to hear when people stay good friends after all of those years…You only hear the bad stuff…You and the little woman are lucky to have found each other…nice3 minutes agoT绕2015-02-20 22:56:21http://gocomics.com/shoe/2015/02/20  P'73m'3qNight-Gaunt49Rabbits Against MagicrabbitsagainstmagicSome one, a Brit, came up with it first in 1984.2 minutes agoT绕2015-02-20 22:56:21http://gocomics.com/rabbitsagainstmagic/2015/02/20\%]'3Uactivist1234 $Luannluann“I wonder if it’s possible to compile a “best of” from the comments "
Sheriff – Yikes! YOU are going to rate us? Our comments on the coloring have really bugged you, eh?2 minutes agoT绕2015-02-20 22:56:21http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20p##!g'3_rwillpatbarDiamond LildiamondlilI married mine; but things quickly went sour and we had the records purged.

Her name? Ann Ullment.2 minutes agoT绕2015-02-20 22:56:21http://gocomics.com/diamondlil/2015/02/20 y9y?%# '3amwbarrSteve BensonstevebensonBull. I have never heard the three terrorists cited condemned as Christian extremists by any other “Christians.” Probably because most “Christians” agree with them.5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:01:27http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20m!q93UReallyBad2Luannluann@argy.bargy2
It’s been discussed.
“%!!C%3_gopher goferHuman Cullhuman-cullor any kind of drink…1 minute agoT绕2015-02-20 22:56:21http://gocomics.com/human-cull/2015/02/20%#!E%3_ChevJames007~rMatt DaviesmattdaviesI hate political dynasties—whether it’s the Bushes or the Clintons. Both families need to get out of politics. Both have done enough damage!1 minute agoT绕2015-02-20 22:56:21http://gocomics.com/mattdavies/2015/02/20[–]Retroactive_Spider 1 point 17 days ago*
I’m not sure people are really expressing the magnitude of the cost here. According to a quickie Google search, it costs about $.03 to send one ton of material one mile by rail. According to this page, CA needs 11 trillion gallons. So let’s do the math:
According to WolframAlpha, 11 trillion gallons of water weighs 91.8 trillion pounds. That’s 45.9 billion tons
The distance between NYC and LA is 2,775 miles
So the cost would be 2775 * 4.59 * 1010 * 0.03 = $3,821,175,000,000. That’s 3.8 trillion dollars. I apologize if I shifted a decimal point left or right while doing this, but it doesn’t really matter. This is not something we can pay for.
The sun is what does all the heavy lifting for us as far as weather is concerned, and this can really put in perspective exactly how heavy that lifting is.”less than a minute agoT绕2015-02-20 22:56:21http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 h"h##'A'3[rwillpatbarDude and DudedudedudeKeith just facepalmed xDDD3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:01:27http://gocomics.com/dudedude/2015/02/20"-'%'3cI Play One On TV:Jerry HolbertjerryholbertVery good comments here. My take on the situation: they are asking, “What part of go the f#*k home do you not understand?”3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:01:27http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20H!!#'3]dtroutmaJack OhmanjackohmanAEI and PNAC flags too.4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:01:27http://gocomics.com/jackohman/2015/02/19 #+)'3gluvdafuneezMichael Ramirezmichaelramirez“but he sure is willing to share just how much he does not know” – seems to be following your lead…4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:01:27http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/20 ::']'3Ubigpuma FrazzfrazzHe didn’t write that one.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:01:27http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/20j&%!_'3]gopher goferFree Rangefreerangewhat’s irritating is you posting the same dumb comment in every ’toon’s comments…3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:01:27http://gocomics.com/freerange/2015/02/20L%G'3UBrdshttLuannluannLOL, there is a huge desalinization plant down in the San Diego area that was completed back in the 1970’s. The only problem is, they haven’t figured out how to turn it on yet…3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:01:27http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20b$C%!)'3_Jo Clear (aka: Grasshopper)ƇPC and PixelpcandpixelI think they all are politicians there, they are the ones who love wars…3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:01:27http://gocomics.com/pcandpixel/2015/02/20 )%#7'3aahabsKen CatalinokencatalinoOh, you should rush to publish your amazing facts to thousands of scientists around the planet , from the finest universities, in hundreds of different fields, who agree with AGW. You genius you, scooping Rhode Scholars, Nobel prize winners, and leaders of NOAA,NASA,Princeton,Yale,Harvard. and the greatest world universities.2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:01:27http://gocomics.com/kencatalino/2015/02/20f(s'3[ƹʅɗʘ "The whole Haul" Phil D. AlbertAndy CappandycappHome Depot won’t ship Catnip Seeds; in-Store only.2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:01:27http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/20 !X%.}%3UBrdshttLuannluannPerhaps, they can get Gunther to figure it out for them.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 23:01:27http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20C-C%!o%3_Jo Clear (aka: Grasshopper)ƇDog Eat DougdogeatdougYep, pretty much summed up my schedule too…1 minute agoT2015-02-20 23:01:27http://gocomics.com/dogeatdoug/2015/02/209,%3YAconiteg=EndtownendtownTake her with you when you leave this society, please. The Chick too.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 23:01:27http://gocomics.com/endtown/2015/02/20*%!A%3]ChevJames007~rClay JonesclayjonesIf he gets the GOP nomination, Hillary will win!

Maybe the GOP should nominate Elizabeth Warren!1 minute agoT2015-02-20 23:01:27http://gocomics.com/clayjones/2015/02/20 '('r1s93[ƹʅɗʘ "The whole Haul" Phil D. AlbertAndy CappandycappThe latest Galaxy S-summat unlocked lists for 799.99. Wow!!less than a minute agoT2015-02-20 23:01:27http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/200%)'{%3eChevJames007~rMike LuckovichmikeluckovichMy home lost 35% of its value because George Bush allowed deregulation to go forward. I will never, ever forget that!1 minute agoT2015-02-20 23:01:27http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20R/%/+ %3igopher goferThe Flying McCoystheflyingmccoyshe must’ve been flailing around for the right word…1 minute agoT2015-02-20 23:01:27http://gocomics.com/theflyingmccoys/2015/02/20 pV#p-4%!s'3Wgopher goferThe Duplexduplexhey, don’t lose any sleep over it, eno…4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:06:32http://gocomics.com/duplex/2015/02/20-3'99'3wNight-Gaunt49Phoebe and Her Unicornphoebe-and-her-unicornWell how are you able to see in the first place? You would have to be able to see in some wavelenth that is reflected like Infra Red.4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:06:32http://gocomics.com/phoebe-and-her-unicorn/2015/02/20$2#'%C'3cFlight SuitTFrog ApplausefrogapplauseATTENTION, BRASS ORCHID!

It is very important that you contact me so I can put you in touch with a mutual acquaintance of ours!

Please e-mail me at:

flightsuit at comcast dot net5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:06:32http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20 77>6#! '3]rwillpatbarFree Rangefreerange… is there a reason you’re not using Adblock Plus?2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:06:32http://gocomics.com/freerange/2015/02/205sA'3[ƹʅɗʘ "The whole Haul" Phil D. AlbertAndy CappandycappI sai let aal the Children boogie. Sounds worth-while; even if They ‘lose It’.4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:06:32http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/20 f38+)]%3gFishDog93Michael RamirezmichaelramirezLMAO! Funny!!1 minute agoT2015-02-20 23:06:32http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/207'%)'3cdtroutmaScott StantisscottstantisSince 2010, radical SOVEREIGNS in the U.S. have committed 24 known lethal attacks on police and “government” here at home. They’re even crazier than their Middle Eastern “jihadist” counterparts.McVeith and Nichols, Kazinski, Eric Rudolph, and Koresch, we have our own nut cases,who as “lone wolves” are WAY more dangerous to the U.S., irrespective their "Pollitical “leanings”, than ISIL.2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:06:32http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20 1;1]<+)5%3gmwbarrBrewster RockitbrewsterrockitWish they’d do this at the Oscars…and the Grammys…and the Golden Globes…1 minute agoT2015-02-20 23:06:32http://gocomics.com/brewsterrockit/2015/02/20!;C-'%3eJo Clear (aka: Grasshopper)ƇDogs of C-KenneldogsofckennelMe too…I loved to watch him and do get all worked up that I can do anything…but by the next day I’m over it…1 minute agoT2015-02-20 23:06:32http://gocomics.com/dogsofckennel/2015/02/20?933a%3qMowog Moderately Confusedmoderately-confusedDo you have an Ad Blocker on your browser?1 minute agoT2015-02-20 23:06:32http://gocomics.com/moderately-confused/2015/02/20 =?C-';93eJo Clear (aka: Grasshopper)ƇDogs of C-KenneldogsofckennelYou are so right…less than a minute agoT2015-02-20 23:06:32http://gocomics.com/dogsofckennel/2015/02/20b>3/93mbencggCAUSING said change. I am not convinced.”

You have every right to be that way. But, just for sake of argument, what if you’re wrong? What consequences might your children/grandchildren be inheriting if we do nothing? And how much will it cost in the long run?

Now, what if we make an attempt to clean the air and the water in an attempt to slow climate change, and we’re wrong? Well, for starters, less asthma and allergies. Next, healthier members of the food chain. And more plentiful clean water. And it cost us more in the short run.

I submit that doing nothing poses greater risk.5 minutes agoT*2015-02-20 23:11:38http://gocomics.com/kencatalino/2015/02/20 ff1D}'3[dtroutmaPaul SzeppaulszepSame soup, same nuts, equal bad “nutrition”.4 minutes agoT*2015-02-20 23:11:38http://gocomics.com/paulszep/2015/02/20`C/!E'3_beviekSDaddy's HomedaddyshomeI thought that was you with the boots and the pink dress doin’ that hair flippy thing!4 minutes agoT*2015-02-20 23:11:38http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/20wB%#u'3adtroutmaDana SummersdanasummersTim McVeigh, Terry Nichols, Eric Rudolph, we need to spend some effort on our OWN crazies.5 minutes agoT*2015-02-20 23:11:38http://gocomics.com/danasummers/2015/02/19 @!v@H+#%3amwbarrMutt & JeffmuttandjeffOuch!1 minute agoT*2015-02-20 23:11:38http://gocomics.com/muttandjeff/2015/02/20#G#!S'3_Burgundy2tDiamond Lildiamondliltotally not getting it. Some help?2 minutes agoT*2015-02-20 23:11:38http://gocomics.com/diamondlil/2015/02/20%F'3SmwbarrBunibuniFunny stuff…but don’t think panel 3 was necessary.2 minutes agoT*2015-02-20 23:11:38http://gocomics.com/buni/2015/02/20YE-%#)'3aI Play One On TV:Ken Catalinokencatalino12 inches of snow in central Virginia. Record-breaking low temps of 10 below zero. More snow tomorrow. More Tuesday and later next week.

I agree climate always changes. But I have been around a long time, and have not seen it change this dramatically this quickly. If this is all natural, then this is one for the history books.3 minutes agoT*2015-02-20 23:11:38http://gocomics.com/kencatalino/2015/02/20 @UP@ KEE9'3mwbarrOrigins of the Sunday Comicsorigins-of-the-sunday-comicsThe bottom half of this strip doesn’t show up when it’s enlarged. Howcum?5 minutes agoT\2015-02-20 23:16:44http://gocomics.com/origins-of-the-sunday-comics/2015/02/20J-#!{'3_I Play One On TV:Lisa Bensonlisabenson“Now that people feel they are entitled to highspeed internet for nothing….”

That is a huge and incorrect assumption. People pay a large amount per month for internet service. It’s not like Comcast is doing this out of the kindness of their hearts.

You are too smart to base an entire argument on a fallacious foundation. Please try again.5 minutes agoT\2015-02-20 23:16:44http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20%I}%3Udzw3030Rubesrubes1st, eliminate the influence peddlers; then the lawyers.1 minute agoT*2015-02-20 23:11:38http://gocomics.com/rubes/2015/02/20 O@OkN)'['3eBobThe GrizzwellsthegrizzwellsI first heard that on the C & NW “400 Hour” back in the late 40s. Good old Norman Ross.2 minutes agoT\2015-02-20 23:16:44http://gocomics.com/thegrizzwells/2015/02/20M%)'''3emasterskrainARE outside the “normal” range, as predicted, but winter IS winter, and nobody was predicting snow would stop falling in the EAst, and yes, I was looking at the entire eastern seaboard, not just Boston or the upper midwest. The far more DRASTIC alterations ARE happening in the western states and southwest.

You can let snow melt and use the water. You can’t make up for higher temperatures with NO SNOWALL, you’re just screwed! Thus the impacts in the midwest and west are many times more serious in the long run.1 minute agoT\2015-02-20 23:16:44http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20 ~S%=1G'3ocommon sanse 0Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaTHE HOUSE BUNNY5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:21:49http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20_R%#G'3adzw3030Ken CatalinokencatalinoI didn’t say that. I made a valid comment about an opportunist. Your reaction is typical knee jerk eco-freak speak. My part of the US is going through another drought cycle. Change is constant. :-))5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:21:49http://gocomics.com/kencatalino/2015/02/20Q%=1]%3ocommon sanse 0Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaHACHIKO
A DOGS STORY1 minute agoT\2015-02-20 23:16:44http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 >X7W '3[whalemansGarfieldgarfieldWhy did mowing the lawn w/ his shirt off cause that to happen?2 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:21:49http://gocomics.com/garfield/2015/02/20`V%=1 '3ocommon sanse 0Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaCOYOTE UGLY3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:21:49http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20TU#!9'3_beviekSMatt DaviesmattdaviesThink of all the lives that could have been saved if only those whacky Nazis had jobs.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:21:49http://gocomics.com/mattdavies/2015/02/19bT'%!E'3_Night-Gaunt49PC and PixelpcandpixelAs a mass group we are no better than animals. So we will suffer as humans for our mistakes.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:21:49http://gocomics.com/pcandpixel/2015/02/20lture or geography, you are expected to read the Qu’ran in Arabic. The westernized Muslims have a real cognitive dissonance problem, that’s for sure. I’ve always found Malaysians to be among the sweetest of Muslims, taken as a whole. I had an interesting conversation with a guy in Kuala Lumpur about radical Islam. He was sad about the atrocities, but “understood” the desire to follow the Qu’ran because, after all, it does represent the truth, and the Muslims who follow the Qu’ran are, in some ways, closer to the Islamic ideals. I was floored. He said this with sadness, as though he could never explain how profound the truth was to an infidel. Amazing. So, yes, there are many types of Muslims, from many parts of the world, and they think many different things. But the religion is Arab-derived, Bedouin-inspired, and inexorably tied to the Arabian peninsula in place, culture, and language.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 23:21:49http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20 33?X'%%3ctwclixJerry HolbertjerryholbertGreat point. Arabs, themselves have many variations of belief, of course. But the geography and language of Islam is permenantly unified with the place of their warlord prophet. The Qu’ran is in Arabic. The holy cities of Mecca and Medina are on the Arabian peninsula, (infidels are not allowed in the centers of these cities—Islam is SO very inclusive, after all), and both cities figure into Islamic faithfulness and tradition. I was lectured by one Muslim in Kuwait once that the reason the Qu’ran is so pure is that allah revealed the final truth in the sacred language of the prophet. If you are a faithful Muslim, regardless of cu {{YsC%3[ƹʅɗʘ "The whole Haul" Phil D. AlbertAndy CappandycappIn some States it is illegal to access the medical-Records of a Spouse. That seems wrong and dangerous. You worked “in Medicine”; how do You feel about “medical secrets” and a Law to-enable that?1 minute agoT2015-02-20 23:21:49http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/20 y_y`[%=1 '3ocommon sanse 0Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaHUDSON HAWK4 minutes agoT¿2015-02-20 23:26:55http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20ZI93Ymartens misses all her friendsTed RalltedrallYou really missed lonecat’s point altogether. The economic system we have at present is not optimal (or even close) in providing for those who want to work and can work to get employment that pays a living wage. If you don’t believe this, you might consider that many who were working for Wal-Mart were also on food stamps, i.e., their jobs did not provide a living wage without government supplements. I thought you Righties were all for work and dignity. Hard to have that without decent salaries…less than a minute agoT2015-02-20 23:21:49http://gocomics.com/tedrall/2015/02/20 rr@^%=1M%3ocommon sanse 0Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaWHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH1 minute agoT¿2015-02-20 23:26:55http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20@]%=1K'3ocommon sanse 0Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaICE AGE DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS2 minutes agoT¿2015-02-20 23:26:55http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20|\C-)E'3gJo Clear (aka: Grasshopper)ƇBob the SquirrelbobthesquirrelYou kinda freaked me out there for a min. Bob…I hate it when you make me think….4 minutes agoT¿2015-02-20 23:26:55http://gocomics.com/bobthesquirrel/2015/02/20 /pf./yd''3YNight-Gaunt49Ted RalltedrallBeing treated poorly doesn’t mean I won’t do a good job. Just means another worker will be considered throw away.5 minutes agoT"2015-02-20 23:37:06http://gocomics.com/tedrall/2015/02/20ic'%Y%3ctwclixJerry HolbertjerryholbertThat’s Harley for you. Israel is always righAb'%3YNight-Gaunt49Ted RalltedrallIf they want a good running society they owe the worker a decent wage.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 23:32:00http://gocomics.com/tedrall/2015/02/20`'C7?'3uNight-Gaunt49Richard's Poor Almanacrichards-poor-almanacI would at least listen to it if it had Lewis Black ’s commentary.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:32:00http://gocomics.com/richards-poor-almanac/2015/02/20 _7'3YwhalemansPeanutspeanutsThey are little kids.5 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:32:00http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/20t and violence is always the answer. Be interesting if we tried to butt out, for a change. It’s not really our responsibility. These idiot Islamists will run their course. All we can do is make it worse by attacking them again. If there was a more direct threat to the US, I might feel differently. But absent a defensive fight I would prefer not to step on the tar baby, thank you very much. Again, Harley, the correct course post 9/11 was to crush Al Queda and the Afghans who gave them a home. We should have been violent and brutal, and then should have withdrawn. Maybe 1-2 years of all-out good old fashioned USA warmongering. Then we should have pulled out entirely and gone home. Now, after all of our unforced errors and stupidity…well, now the time is right to do nothing.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 23:32:00http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20 ==;h9'%]'3cHappy, Happy, Happy!!! Frog ApplausefrogapplauseThank you.
Its one of my favorites.4 minutes agoT"2015-02-20 23:37:06http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20Cg'# '3awhalemansRed and RoverredandroverWhen Red says his lunch doesn’t he mean his launch? :-)4 minutes agoT"2015-02-20 23:37:06http://gocomics.com/redandrover/2015/02/20Ff#!'3]Jonathan K.fDick TracydicktracyThank you for the link to the hyena information. I can’t believe that all these years I associated hyenas with canines. They are actually feliforms.

You learn something new every day.4 minutes agoT"2015-02-20 23:37:06http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20geo'3YlonecatTed RalltedrallIf market capitalism can provide a decent job for everyone, then I’m all in favor of market capitalism. If.5 minutes agoT"2015-02-20 23:37:06http://gocomics.com/tedrall/2015/02/20 cAk''3[Night-Gaunt49Emmy Louemmy-louNot that most knew that at the time. Even proved it in court…2 minutes agoT"2015-02-20 23:37:06http://gocomics.com/emmy-lou/2015/02/202j%#o'3alonecatSteve KelleystevekelleyThey also have beautiful faces. Cute as could be.2 minutes agoT"2015-02-20 23:37:06http://gocomics.com/stevekelley/2015/02/19_i'S'3YNight-Gaunt49Ted RalltedrallUnfortunately some members of the 1% have it in their minds to return us to pre 1945 times. Back to economic slavery. work us to death then wait to do the same to each succeeding generation as they ride the top with the lion’s share of what is earned by their workers, but not paid to them. Capitalism has been allowed to slide back into parasitism.3 minutes agoT"2015-02-20 23:37:06http://gocomics.com/tedrall/2015/02/20 `Kh`o!;3Q'3qseed_drillFor Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseI found most of college quite a bit easier than high school. Law school, on the other hand…5 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 23:42:12http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/20]n')))%3gNight-Gaunt49Ozy and Millieozy-and-millieHe did, a British word for it. And fags referred to cigarettes over there too.1 minute agoT"2015-02-20 23:37:06http://gocomics.com/ozy-and-millie/2015/02/20Im9'%{%3cHappy, Happy, Happy!!! Frog Applausefrogapplausejust forget i said anything
no more images from me1 minute agoT"2015-02-20 23:37:06http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20`l)a'3Usherrimiller60Ziggyziggy@tazz555, that was going to be my comment. I’m a Oncer too!

I also know who Dreamy is/was. . .2 minutes agoT"2015-02-20 23:37:06http://gocomics.com/ziggy/2015/02/20 EE(r'%%K'3cNight-Gaunt49Luann Againnluann-againnI had no idea and told them so.3 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 23:42:12http://gocomics.com/luann-againn/2015/02/20.q'3QDOSQueenBenbenThis is a very funny series – and some of it actually works.

I remember an instructor trying to correct a students form in a Pilates upper body exercise. She finally stopped telling him to keep his arm straight and told him to pretend he was walking his dog Rex and Rex was pulling on the leash. Worked perfectly!3 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 23:42:12http://gocomics.com/ben/2015/02/20Sp'))'3gNight-Gaunt49Ozy and Millieozy-and-millieAlan Turing was forced to take female hormone shots, the big wigs thought he wanted to be a women. Poor dumb slots. No better than the Nazis they beat. They drove him to suicide.5 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 23:42:12http://gocomics.com/ozy-and-millie/2015/02/20 NNu%'3YNumber ThreeOPeanutspeanuts@Snoopy_Fan
You never get tired of seeing my postsDt'!'3_Night-Gaunt49Adam@HomeadamathomeAnd taking that tray is stealing. He has no right to cut him off.2 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 23:42:12http://gocomics.com/adamathome/2015/02/20qs/59'3sShikamoo!qBaldo en Españolespanol/baldoespanolHola Locos!
Happy Friday, Akenta
Hi Johnny! You missed me not being here! lol
cleo, I know that ski resort operators cry over warm weather. Weird, ehÉ
Oh shoot! I got the French keyboard going again and don`t have a clue how I did it! So my question mark will look like this: É- until I reboot.
Any other strange symbols you see can be blamed on the French keyboard taking over my laptop, lol3 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 23:42:12http://gocomics.com/espanol/baldoespanol/2015/02/20? Say that again in about 5 years time! Just kidding. I never tire of your posts either. I hope you enjoyed your long weekend!
Sometimes I do have a sense of humour about my weight but when I’m having one of my low self-esteem days, My weight gets me down and I feel ashamed of myself. I recently checked my BMI and it’s 25. I’m only one number away from being within the normal range so I guess that’s not too bad.
If you ask me, You’re entitled to your luxuries! You deserve all of the nice things in life. But I still don’t think I can forgive you for making me jealous though. Hahahahahaha!
You are welcome. Nobody is forcing them to read our comments. I often skip past comments which are really long and aren’t addressed to me. I try not to make comments too long myself but it’s not always easy.
I have some great news. I am starting another Work Placement soon! This one is in Business Administration which is what I’m actually looking for. I have an informal interview on Wednesday 4th March, 3pm. I have a question I’d like your opinion on. I am thinking of wearing my interview clothes which I normally wear for proper interviews such as the panel interview I had before. Will it look like I’m trying too hard if I wear smart clothes at an informal interview? I still want to make an impression on them even though it’s not actually a job, It’s only a placement. What do you think?
Thanks for your comment yesterday. We have only had snow about 3 times but it didn’t stay on the ground. It all melted. I hope you are keeping nice and toasty!
Did you have a nice Valentine’s Day? I did.
I hope your weekend is even better. I will be thinking about you!
xxx2 minutes agoTT2015-02-20 23:42:12http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/20 &M&!x%%#C%3amasterskrainDry and Dusty. Is 5 degrees F anything like -28 degrees CÉ (question mark).
That is our temp. today, without the wind chill. Who knows what it is with the wind chill. It is sunny out, so I can live with it for now.less than a minute agoTT2015-02-20 23:42:12http://gocomics.com/espanol/baldoespanol/2015/02/20 //K{#!#'3]Jonathan K.fDick TracydicktracySilver and Sprocket could be non-identical twins.

It has never been revealed if they are the same age or not. If Silver were the older sibling, Sprocket could be protective towards him as a form of gratitude for him watching out for her as they were growing up. Or if Sprocket is older, she may be protective of her little brother, maybe a sort of maternal instinct. There seems to be hints of an unusual childhood for these two.

As far as why they always wear sunglasses, maybe they grew up in darkened movie theatres and developed a sensitivity to daylight.4 minutes agoTdž2015-02-20 23:47:18http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20   $}y'3ULucyfurLuannluannand the fun begins…………….3 minutes agoTdž2015-02-20 23:47:18http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20F|9'3UTORAD_070LuannluannFirst saw Mr. Eclar on “Dark Shadows” then later others like “McGiver” and “The Invaders.”

I have seen him in a number of things, but his most memorable thing for me was the Russian space Administrator in “2010 – Oddesy II” that, at the beginning, approached Dr. Heywood Floyd (Roy Scheider) about the mission.

“You are a smart man Dr. Floyd… You will know what to do…”4 minutes agoTdž2015-02-20 23:47:18http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 Z/5 '3sShikamoo!qBaldo en Españolespanol/baldoespanolI have been out day and evenings since last Tuesday. We have our Annual General Meeting; we Anglicans call it Vestry, but it is a business meeting essentially, on Sunday. I had a report or two to write up, which I will present on Sunday after church.
I forget what I did most of the week, I just know it was busy.2 minutes agoTdž2015-02-20 23:47:18http://gocomics.com/espanol/baldoespanol/2015/02/20 ~3-%'3kbfrg1513eThe Argyle Sweater theargylesweaterGo to AdBlockPlus.org — it’s free, no hassle, no ads. (They take donations, but they don’t bug you about giving anything.)3 minutes agoTdž2015-02-20 23:47:18http://gocomics.com/theargylesweater/2015/02/20 %/%!%3]JelfringDick TracydicktracyMaybe Sprocket is right and Kandikane is the con. She seems to be attracted to older men. She could be conning both Vitamin and Silver.1 minute agoTdž2015-02-20 23:47:18http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20K%#!'3_masterskrainCANNOT survive another 4 or 8 years of a “Cheney Presidency!”
He almost totaled the country the LAST TIME he was running everything, from 2001 to 2009. Sadly, J.E.B. is dumb enough to let Darth Cheney do it again…2 minutes agoTdž2015-02-20 23:47:18http://gocomics.com/mattdavies/2015/02/20 _G_b%%G'3cJeff0811Working Dazeworking-dazeI think she heard, GIFT ,instead of TGIF.4 minutes agoTȷ2015-02-20 23:52:23http://gocomics.com/working-daze/2015/02/20,/593sShikamoo!qBaldo en Españolespanol/baldoespanolSlow day!less than a minute agoTdž2015-02-20 23:47:18http://gocomics.com/espanol/baldoespanol/2015/02/19J9/!i93_2old, getting younger!Daddy's HomedaddyshomeI was being snarky, sorry my attempt at humor!less than a minute agoTdž2015-02-20 23:47:18http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/201'%S93cRad-ish"Frog ApplausefrogapplausePerhaps my post was meant for Teresa, not for you.
Frog Applause had a history of Love Is cartoon parody. I don’t know if she has seen this one.less than a minute agoTdž2015-02-20 23:47:18http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20 VV< #1-['3kbraindead08 The Fusco BrothersthefuscobrothersShe must have heard Jeb’s speech.2 minutes agoTȷ2015-02-20 23:52:23http://gocomics.com/thefuscobrothers/2015/02/20_ !!K'3_Shikamoo!qBirdbrainsbirdbrainsTook the words out of my mouth Grog!
Going Pro is worth is to be ad free.3 minutes agoTȷ2015-02-20 23:52:23http://gocomics.com/birdbrains/2015/02/20v9/!Q'3_2old, getting younger!Daddy's HomedaddyshomeYou were taking the picture, We’re laughing because your towel fell down. Remember, huh?huh?3 minutes agoTȷ2015-02-20 23:52:23http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/20'K73'3unatureboyfig4ERipley's Believe It or NotripleysbelieveitornotAny electric shock can make muscles convulse. The eel isn’t anything special.4 minutes agoTȷ2015-02-20 23:52:23http://gocomics.com/ripleysbelieveitornot/2015/02/20 nn! !k'3Useed_drillFrazzfrazzI work full time, exercise slightly less than Frazz, and have time left to play my musical instrument about once a week. Just saying the songwriting thing stretches credence.4 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:57:28http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/20e !!E93_Shikamoo!qBirdbrainsbirdbrainsYou guys have Uber in the States too, I see. I think he needs a helicopter though, not a water taxi, submarine or otherwise!
If he hadn`t been busy on his cell phone, maybe he wouldn`t have been hooked. just saying.less than a minute agoTȷ2015-02-20 23:52:23http://gocomics.com/birdbrains/2015/02/20 3/'3mbencggDoes it matter that the regime which President Bush helped install in Iraq wanted the U.S. to leave? Furthermore, ISIS didn’t just emerge after President Obama’s election…their roots go back to the Bush/Cheney administration – remember, when the Iraqis were going to “welcome us with flowers” and when Iraqi oil was going to pay for Bush’s great mis-adventure!3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:57:28http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20 T%#7%3aujeangBloom CountybloomcountyKinder And Gentler or Change. It doesn’t matter. It’s always been “not my tribe = not human.” You can embrace it and enjoy the power rush or fight it every day of your life and get nowhere.1 minute agoT2015-02-20 23:57:28http://gocomics.com/bloomcounty/2015/02/20E%3[tcar-1&DGil Thorpgilthorp“Martes” Moon???1 minute agoT2015-02-20 23:57:28http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/20q'y'3YDarwinskeeperEndtownendtownHow about the dittos giving Chic cover while he goes in the ring and knock’s Phil’s block off? If Chic doesn’t feel up to it, we could send in the invisible Holly. I’ve been told that the mouse packs one heck of a punch.3 minutes agoT2015-02-20 23:57:28http://gocomics.com/endtown/2015/02/20 X!XC%'3[PaintTheDustGarfieldgarfieldIt didn’t. He got stuck at the taking his shirt off part…5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:02:34http://gocomics.com/garfield/2015/02/20D+'3YDrDon16Chip BokchipbokNate Beeler’s approach to “Jobs for Jihadis” was much better!5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:02:34http://gocomics.com/chipbok/2015/02/185-w93ksmiley:2 Cows and a Chicken2cowsandachickenHey Donald Donald, what’s it cost? $19.95 / year? Not sure it’s that much but pony up and lose the ads.less than a minute agoT2015-02-20 23:57:28http://gocomics.com/2cowsandachicken/2015/02/20 hyVhh%!c'3_smiley:Wizard of IdwizardofidHey Donald Donald, what’s it cost? $19.95 / year? Not sure it’s that much but pony up and lose the ads.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:02:34http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20EEc'3smiley:Origins of the Sunday Comicsorigins-of-the-sunday-comicsHey Donald Donald, what’s it cost? $19.95 / year? Not sure it’s that much but pony up and lose the ads.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:02:34http://gocomics.com/origins-of-the-sunday-comics/2015/02/203;;-'3yNun'Ya BidnessޢThe Martian Confederacythe-martian-confederacyHA!!!!!!

I know who the kids are now!!!!!!
They are several generations down the line from
Bébé’s Kids!!!!!!!4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:02:34http://gocomics.com/the-martian-confederacy/2015/02/20  l-!c'3_smiley:That's Lifethats-lifeHey Donald Donald, what’s it cost? $19.95 / year? Not sure it’s that much but pony up and lose the ads.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:02:34http://gocomics.com/thats-life/2015/02/204))]'3gReynard61Ozy and Millieozy-and-millie“Don’t talk to me about ‘tradition’! It’s nothing but rum, sodomy and the lash!” – Winston Churchill on the Royal Navy (attr.)3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:02:34http://gocomics.com/ozy-and-millie/2015/02/20n)%c'3csmiley:Working It OutworkingitoutHey Donald Donald, what’s it cost? $19.95 / year? Not sure it’s that much but pony up and lose the ads.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:02:34http://gocomics.com/workingitout/2015/02/20 \(8N\l %%c'3csmiley:Soup to Nutzsoup-to-nutzHey Donald Donald, what’s it cost? $19.95 / year? Not sure it’s that much but pony up and lose the ads.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:02:34http://gocomics.com/soup-to-nutz/2015/02/20d!c'3]smiley:Speed BumpspeedbumpHey Donald Donald, what’s it cost? $19.95 / year? Not sure it’s that much but pony up and lose the ads.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:02:34http://gocomics.com/speedbump/2015/02/20j%#c'3asmiley:Strange BrewstrangebrewHey Donald Donald, what’s it cost? $19.95 / year? Not sure it’s that much but pony up and lose the ads.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:02:34http://gocomics.com/strangebrew/2015/02/20R+)'3gMarscaleb~Brewster RockitbrewsterrockitThis one made me laugh out loud; both the second panel and the third!2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:02:34http://gocomics.com/brewsterrockit/2015/02/19 YAYb$3k%3ONun'Ya BidnessޢB.C.bcya, me too.
I just dropped one of my hubby’s favorite ‘Blue Willow’ plates.
>:*P1 minute agoT2015-02-21 00:02:34http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/20V#c%3Usmiley:RubesrubesHey Donald Donald, what’s it cost? $19.95 / year? Not sure it’s that much but pony up and lose the ads.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 00:02:34http://gocomics.com/rubes/2015/02/20S"c%3Ssmiley:ShoeshoeHey Donald Donald, what’s it cost? $19.95 / year? Not sure it’s that much but pony up and lose the ads.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 00:02:34http://gocomics.com/shoe/2015/02/20!)''3eRad-ish"Stuart CarlsonstuartcarlsonPlain and simple that explains it all.
Condi ignored that plain and simple, Bin Laden determined to attack memo.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:02:34http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/20 1<1](U93Ubfrg1513eFrazzfrazzSeems to me that he could write songs while he mopped floors — the rhythm is already built in.less than a minute agoT2015-02-21 00:02:34http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/20v'#!%3_DrDon16Glenn McCoyglennmccoy@Al E. Gator
Just remember that LIBERALS started and won the American War of Independence!1 minute agoT2015-02-21 00:02:34http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/19&&'%W%3csmiley:Reality CheckrealitycheckHey Donald Donald, what’s it cost? $19.95 / year? Not sure it’s that much but pony up and lose the ads.

Did I get them all! LOL!1 minute agoT2015-02-21 00:02:34http://gocomics.com/realitycheck/2015/02/20>%''%w%3csuperpositionJerry Holbertjerryholberthttp://www.snopes.com/politics/religion/nogozones.asp1 minute agoT2015-02-21 00:02:34http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20 =/=l+')'I'3eSusanSunshineBallard StreetballardstreetUBGone…

Bev says it’s OK…
and anything Bev says is OK with me!3 minutes agoTL2015-02-21 00:07:40http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20!*%U'3[PaintTheDustGarfieldgarfieldRugged and manly? Hard to tell. Inept? Definitely!
“Hey, y’all, watch this!”
“Here, hold my beer!”
“I know what I’m doing — I’ve done this before.”
Maybe Jon is not so far off after all.4 minutes agoTL2015-02-21 00:07:40http://gocomics.com/garfield/2015/02/20$))'E'3eRad-ish"Stuart CarlsonstuartcarlsonStatements made by Giuliani and his ilk against the president of the United States seem to be very anti American and counter productive in this time of war.4 minutes agoTL2015-02-21 00:07:40http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/20 H .--{'3kShikamoo!qCleo and Companycleo-and-companyI always thought that one got to China by digging straight down!
The earth rotates on its axis while it revolves around the sun while the moon orbits the earth- it is like rush hour at a round-about! It is a wonder we can travel anywhere, lol5 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 00:12:46http://gocomics.com/cleo-and-company/2015/02/200-#!u'3_ujeangBroom HildabroomhildaAt least Broomie isn’t toasting her buns, yet.5 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 00:12:46http://gocomics.com/broomhilda/2015/02/202,'%W93cRad-ish"Jeff DanzigerjeffdanzigerBut its OK when a Republican does it.less than a minute agoTL2015-02-21 00:07:40http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/20 A AC1!!%3_ujeangHeathcliffheathcliffHe is making sure you haven’t been eating tuna without sharing it.1 minute agoT~2015-02-21 00:12:46http://gocomics.com/heathcliff/2015/02/20O0!U%3QKirby_Dots &%LiolioHow is that for a coincidence? The was just a story that there is a new Dr Seuss book coming out. His widow discovered the unpublished manuscript.

http://www.latimes.com/books/jacketcopy/la-et-jc-dr-seuss-book-coming-july-20150218-story.html1 minute agoT~2015-02-21 00:12:46http://gocomics.com/lio/2015/02/20/#I'3[EllisburkesGil ThorpgilthorpExcellent. Reminds me of my shop days when we would batch jobs by the day. We couldn’t use the arc welder unless it was Tuesday, Ergo, Tuesday Weld Day.2 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 00:12:46http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/20Y8_8@HPX`hpx (08@HPX`hpx (08@HPX`hpxDHKNOSWXY[^d h k o r uxz{}   $ (!+".#1%2&5'8(?)K*U+W,[-_.c/e0h1l2p3u4y5|6789: = >@ABCDE'F+G.H2J5K7L;M>OAPDRHSKTNUQVTW^X_YaZk[n\~]^ -2Q)93gRad-ish"Faces of the News by Kerry WaghornfacesinthenewsGeorge Shultz left (his Reagan admin) office on January 20, 1989. He was an advisor for George W. Bush’s presidential campaign during the 2000 election, and senior member of the so-called “Vulcans”, a group of policy mentors for Bush which also included Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz and Condoleezza Rice. One of his most senior advisors and confidants is former ambassador Charles Hill, who holds dual positions at the Hoover Institution and Yale University. Shultz has been called the father of the “Bush Doctrine”, because of his advocacy of preventive war.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_P._Shultzless than a minute agoT~2015-02-21 00:12:46http://gocomics.com/facesinthenews/2015/02/20 5'%I%3ctomJeff DanzigerjeffdanzigerDanz, you’re such an ass1 minute agoTΰ2015-02-21 00:17:52http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/20U4#!;'3_DrDon16Gary Varvelgaryvarvel@feverjr
Sadly, your simple, rational explanation will not sway the Faux News mob!3 minutes agoTΰ2015-02-21 00:17:52http://gocomics.com/garyvarvel/2015/02/19h3%/+5'3iPaintTheDustCalvin and Hobbescalvinandhobbes“…nothing to do with politics”
Ah, but remember all politics are local, as they say. It comes down to who can push around whom with the least effort. Substitute manipulation for politics.4 minutes agoTΰ2015-02-21 00:17:52http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/20 gg"8+)E'3gtomMichael RamirezmichaelramirezJoe “Boob” Biden4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:22:57http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/20E7)%y93cracerxyz8Arlo and Janisarloandjanisand also @mabrndt

Thanks for posting that stuff.less than a minute agoTΰ2015-02-21 00:17:52http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/20 6%/+'%3iPaintTheDustCalvin and Hobbescalvinandhobbes“How about ‘Conceded Brat’?”

Hmmm… I’ll grant you that. And he’s also pretty conceited, too.1 minute agoTΰ2015-02-21 00:17:52http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/20 x%x'?%%S'3cbubujin_2 {Break of Daybreak-of-daySomeone should get a handle on her.5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:28:03http://gocomics.com/break-of-day/2015/02/207>%+#i'3aunclescroogeMutt & JeffmuttandjeffBurger Chef has gone the way of the dinosaurs.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:22:57http://gocomics.com/muttandjeff/2015/02/202<+'e'3eujeangThe Other CoasttheothercoastAdding a little irony to Eddie’s diet.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:22:57http://gocomics.com/theothercoast/2015/02/20`9--)'3kShikamoo!qCleo and Companycleo-and-companyCheesy, if you ask me. Havarti, (have a heart, eh) Clara. Claude just needs a hearing aid. I cheddar to think that when ever he says silly words you make him Edam.
Poor Cleo, she is really cheesed off.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:22:57http://gocomics.com/cleo-and-company/2015/02/20 eBK+)}%3gwestny77YBrewster RockitbrewsterrockitYou always were and you’ll always be a born loser.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 00:28:03http://gocomics.com/brewsterrockit/2015/02/199H!%%s'3cG_Manitley_Break of Daybreak-of-dayThat’s quite the flat-top he has there…2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:28:03http://gocomics.com/break-of-day/2015/02/20&G%s'3UunclescroogeNancynancyHow does one beaning?
I think you meant being!2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:28:03http://gocomics.com/nancy/2015/02/20iE%3/+'3mPaintTheDustPearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineWalruses are kinda mean, I think. This situation may just take care of itself.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:28:03http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/20 U%! '3_bfrg1513eWizard of IdwizardofidGo to AdBlockPlus.org — it’s free, no hassle, no ads. (They take donations, but they don’t bug you about giving anything.)2 minutes agoTE2015-02-21 00:33:09http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20kT%EEq'3unclescroogeOrigins of the Sunday Comicsorigins-of-the-sunday-comicsI tried it after your comment and nothing came up!2 minutes agoTE2015-02-21 00:33:09http://gocomics.com/origins-of-the-sunday-comics/2015/02/20 EW;3_%3qwestny77YFor Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseQuit your whining. Boo Hoo. You bore me.1 minute agoTE2015-02-21 00:33:09http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/20?V)!!'3_Len Borozinski]SpeechlessspeechlessFM : It would be nice if it were true re: a book of my work being published.
However, not so yet.
You will CERTAINLY receive an autographed copy if/when it becomes a reality.
I am a notoriously bad self-promoter and really don’t have an inkling at this time as to how to make it happen.

It is quite gratifying to know that someone in Singapore enjoys SPEECHLESS.2 minutes agoTE2015-02-21 00:33:09http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/20 %w%[//'3mSaucy1121|[Garcia Cartoon Cogarcia-cartoon-coYemen.3 minutes agoTv2015-02-21 00:38:14http://gocomics.com/garcia-cartoon-co/2015/02/20-Y#!i%3]Jonathan K.fDick TracydicktracyGood video, very informative. I did not realise humans and hyenas could interact as successfully as shown here. Poor Homer, though. I wonder if Kevin ever found the source of the heavy metals.
So the Nitrates keeping Lena is not as far-fetched as I originally assumed. Is Lena related to Gina?1 minute agoTE2015-02-21 00:33:09http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20X%EE!%3unclescroogeOrigins of the Sunday Comicsorigins-of-the-sunday-comicsTo Peter Maresca, would you PLEASE tell us who the
people are in the first panel, from left to right??
THANK YOU!!1 minute agoTE2015-02-21 00:33:09http://gocomics.com/origins-of-the-sunday-comics/2015/02/20 1c1_E93Swestny77YShoeshoeBetter yet start dating men.less than a minute agoTv2015-02-21 00:38:14http://gocomics.com/shoe/2015/02/204^%1)Q%3gPaintTheDustFrank & ErnestfrankandernestLike he said, that’s the news. If I could find some place that told me about the top dozen or so important things that happened each day, I would watch it.1 minute agoTv2015-02-21 00:38:14http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/20[];;w%3yReynard61The Martian Confederacythe-martian-confederacy@ Nun’Ya Bidness: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH! NOT BEBE’S KIDS!!! (runs away…)1 minute agoTv2015-02-21 00:38:14http://gocomics.com/the-martian-confederacy/2015/02/20\M'3YJet ChungxBig Natebignate7:35 and Jenny is kind of a jerk2 minutes agoTv2015-02-21 00:38:14http://gocomics.com/bignate/2006/08/26 * @cs]'3Sƹʅɗʘ "The whole Haul" Phil D. AlbertBunibuniI think #3 is making a statement about Buni’s psyche.
Design-wise, with an eye-to composition, the Dyptych works nicely as a Bridge. and funny yes!3 minutes agoTԨ2015-02-21 00:43:20http://gocomics.com/buni/2015/02/20a--'3kShikamoo!qCleo and Companycleo-and-companyCongrate-ulation nighthawks and Stelbel, on a really sharp comic today, sharp cheddar, that is. :-D5 minutes agoTԨ2015-02-21 00:43:20http://gocomics.com/cleo-and-company/2015/02/20P`!!93]boboscar8Dick TracydicktracyI suspect Vitamin and Kandi don’t have a lot of time for talking. ;)less than a minute agoTv2015-02-21 00:38:14http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20 # e3'3[Dartpaw86PluggerspluggersDoesn’t “Early Bird Special” usually mean breakfast?

Or maybe they’ll have a night on the town and be home by 6 AM ;)2 minutes agoTԨ2015-02-21 00:43:20http://gocomics.com/pluggers/2015/02/20Wd['3Uwestny77YZiggyziggyHey parrot never knock the hand that feeds you. Also you may find yourself with no roof over your head.2 minutes agoTԨ2015-02-21 00:43:20http://gocomics.com/ziggy/2015/02/20 :r:*hi'3]Shikamoo!qOverboardoverboardLouie, the Canine Cascade liquid dish cleaner.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:48:25http://gocomics.com/overboard/2015/02/20g!'3]mightyfrogcFour Eyesfour-eyesFunny4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:48:25http://gocomics.com/four-eyes/2015/02/20f%!%3_nosirromiWizard of IdwizardofidI too used to suffer the slings and arrows of annoying ads. But then I found a secret weapon to combat such enemies.
A d b l o c k P l u s
And I have been a happy surfer ever since.
Note: It’s too bad the morons who design these ads don’t realize that if the ads weren’t so annoying we wouldn’t use apps like this and might actually find the ads informative and useful instead of annoying and likely to cause us to boycott these products and companies.

Stupid Ad Men

1 minute agoTԨ2015-02-21 00:43:20http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20 l MDl)' %3eGresch Stuart CarlsonstuartcarlsonDay late

http://www.gocomics.com/nickanderson/2015/02/191 minute agoT2015-02-21 00:48:25http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/209k-}'3[Calvins BrotherFLast Kisslastkiss“Just the facts Ma’am!’ (who said it?)2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:48:25http://gocomics.com/lastkiss/2015/02/20Zj%))#'3gPaintTheDustPeanuts Beginspeanuts-beginsSlapstick comedy. Nothing compared to the later verbal humor.
Sally’s school report: “The largest dinosaur to ever live was the Bronchitis. It is now extinct. It coughed a lot.”2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:48:25http://gocomics.com/peanuts-begins/2015/02/20i1'3]Shikamoo!qOverboardoverboardGood Evening Crew!3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 00:48:25http://gocomics.com/overboard/2015/02/20 M Kp-//m'3mCalvins BrotherFThat is Pricelessthat-is-priceless“Do these clothes make me look fat?”4 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 00:53:31http://gocomics.com/that-is-priceless/2015/02/209o)'w'3ewbrStuart Carlsonstuartcarlsonbut radish there is no war // all the USA needs to do is set up a job program // the state dept is forcing umass to train Iranians how to make better nukes4 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 00:53:31http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/20'na'3]Shikamoo!qOverboardoverboardIf there is Greece on the plates, Louie is Hernry`s friend. If the plates are China, Louie is still friends. I think this is past Platonic and into Altruistic love, Chip!5 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 00:53:31http://gocomics.com/overboard/2015/02/20-m)'['3eGresch Stuart Carlsonstuartcarlsonbut Obama can call Bush unpatriotic….5 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 00:53:31http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/20 @E?u#! %3_Shikamoo!qCitizen DogcitizendogGood Evening sugie and allmy CD friends here.1 minute agoT 2015-02-21 00:53:31http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/20&t%#[%3aGresch Ken CatalinokencatalinoIn Boston it is snow joke…. too soon?1 minute agoT 2015-02-21 00:53:31http://gocomics.com/kencatalino/2015/02/20s!W'3YJosh LyonsyfBig NatebignateTrue. Kind of makes one wonder…3 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 00:53:31http://gocomics.com/bignate/2015/02/20&r!--5'3kBen_JamminDilbert Classicsdilbert-classicsThey switched rocks.4 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 00:53:31http://gocomics.com/dilbert-classics/2015/02/20:q'3]Shikamoo!qOverboardoverboardHe stacks up against the best of them, Grog!4 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 00:53:31http://gocomics.com/overboard/2015/02/20   Yy#!='3_Shikamoo!qCitizen DogcitizendogThose pants have a `lived-in`look to them.
Good Evening Citizens of Dog in baggies!4 minutes agoT<2015-02-21 00:58:36http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/20#w#%%E'3crwillpatbarMike du Jourmike-du-jourSamson and De-wi-wah …4 minutes agoT<2015-02-21 00:58:36http://gocomics.com/mike-du-jour/2015/02/20Rv+E'3URedkaycei RepocQ^FrazzfrazzI have written some of my best lyrics while at work. The trick is to remember them after when you have a chance to write them down. With me the lyrics almost always came first then the music to fit them would come after.5 minutes agoT<2015-02-21 00:58:36http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/20   D|#!'3_Shikamoo!qCitizen DogcitizendogFunny redux, Eldo. What is a candy corn fit…3 minutes agoT<2015-02-21 00:58:36http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/20{!1)i'3gJim KernerFrank & ErnestfrankandernestThe late Andy Rooney once said that 60 Minutes should be renamed 48 Minutes because of all of the commercials.4 minutes agoT<2015-02-21 00:58:36http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/20!z-+)''3gKent Christenson #Michael RamirezmichaelramirezMY DOG IS TWICE AS QUALIFIED AS OBAMA4 minutes agoT<2015-02-21 00:58:36http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/20 7'3[Shikamoo!qTen Catsten-catsYum! May I have some when you make it, Happy5 minutes agoTm2015-02-21 01:03:41http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20\~+%#!93aTimothy Madigan Prickly Citypricklycitybut the rammed it through during the morning session of the last half-day, after it failed earlier and the opponents of the change had already left.
But hey, that’s objective science for you.less than a minute agoT<2015-02-21 00:58:36http://gocomics.com/pricklycity/2015/02/20}!;7s'3uBen_JamminGarfield Minus GarfieldgarfieldminusgarfieldThere was no reason to edit that third panel. The GMGs of Jon standing there saying/doing nothing are tired anyway.3 minutes agoT<2015-02-21 00:58:36http://gocomics.com/garfieldminusgarfield/2015/02/20 z'%w'3csandboili[Frog ApplausefrogapplauseYou could have posted a link to the image instead of directly posting it here. If Teresa wanted to see it, she, like everyone else, could have easily clicked your link and then it would not have affected the loading of this page, etc. Why is posting a link treated as though it’s not sharing the image? You are sharing the image, you’re just including a choice for those who don’t want to see a bunch of images/videos cluttering the page and slowing down the works.4 minutes agoTm2015-02-21 01:03:41http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20 s-Vs]S'3[Shikamoo!qTen Catsten-catsI can`t believe these cats like to be vacuumed. My cat ran away from the vacuum, from room to room.2 minutes agoTm2015-02-21 01:03:41http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20Q+Q'3ORedkaycei RepocQ^B.C.bcI never get a single ad except those at the edge. AdBlock is free and works extremely well….2 minutes agoTm2015-02-21 01:03:41http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/20MI'3Ubigpuma FrazzfrazzFrazz comes across as a bit more highly evolved than the average male in his early thirties. For some reason, Mallett has made his slower-than-average swimming his only discernible fault. Given Mallett’s bizarre superiority complex, I’m surprised Frazz has not been shown to outdo Mozart, Ellington, Berry, Yorke, St Vincent, etc …3 minutes agoTm2015-02-21 01:03:41http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/20 ^m}P+'93eShikamoo!qLittle Dog LostlittledoglostYou are being followed, LDL…less than a minute agoTڞ2015-02-21 01:08:46http://gocomics.com/littledoglost/2015/02/20jo%3[Shikamoo!qTen Catsten-catsChesney, you are an ungrateful, ingrate. Annie doesn`t deserve this.
I agree with Eldo. Naughty box for you.1 minute agoTڞ2015-02-21 01:08:46http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20k/%%G'3cinvertedyesterday;Working Dazeworking-daze“…it must be funny…”

I’d give you a thumbs up if I could.5 minutes agoTڞ2015-02-21 01:08:46http://gocomics.com/working-daze/2015/02/20!]'3WJim KernerHermanhermanThat means that he is in his right mind!5 minutes agoTڞ2015-02-21 01:08:46http://gocomics.com/herman/2015/02/20 a )'=%3eShikamoo!qBallard StreetballardstreetAre you calling me creepy, Bev
I don`t do any cat things other than in yoga though.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 01:13:52http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20+ //?%3mMadWiGuyThat is Pricelessthat-is-pricelessTalk to the hand old man!1 minute agoT2015-02-21 01:13:52http://gocomics.com/that-is-priceless/2015/02/20]'1)'3gTREEINTHEWINDFrank & ErnestfrankandernestThat’s the problem with having a video recorder on auto……. you never know which day it is on…….. everything is almost always the same any how…………..3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 01:13:52http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/20-— SNIPER2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 01:18:58http://gocomics.com/henrypayne/2015/02/19^ '%?'3clonecatJerry HolbertjerryholbertI’ve been thinking some lately about radicalization in the context of my own life. I was a confused adolescent (probably no more confused than lots, but still pretty confused), and I was radicalized and recruiting to an extremist pacifist group. We were pacifists, but we were certainly also extremists, in some sense, because we were on the fringe of society. There were lots of objective reasons for radicalization; I grew up watching the civil rights movement unfold on TV and I saw racism and segregation around me every day. I was very impressed by the moral courage of the young civil rights workers, and I wished that I could be as noble and as brave as they were. I did a li; #x!'3_nosirromiAdam@HomeadamathomeAdam can’t be eating a REAL“The Diet Blues”less than a minute agoT2015-02-21 01:18:58http://gocomics.com/weepals/2015/02/20W )')%3eShikamoo!qBallard StreetballardstreetBob and Ginger got a little rusty in the rain, so they are rather squeaky now.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 01:18:58http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20span> bagel. He’s in a coffee shop. If he wants a REAL bagel he need to get on a plane and fly to NYC where even a run of the mill deli would serve a better bagel. I mean look at that bagel, it doesn’t even have a full schmear on it.
I’m just saying that maybe Andre is augmenting his income by catering to the gym crown by adding something extra to his everything bagel. And Adam has been consuming a lot of them and he has been shall we say a bit testy lately. Which might lead to a physical, which might lead to some blood and urine analysis, which might lead to the discovery of questionable substances, which might lead to the unraveling of Andre’s income enhancement activities. Just saying that Andre may not be as worried about Adam, but more about himself.3 minutes agoT42015-02-21 01:24:04http://gocomics.com/adamathome/2015/02/20 A)''3eJase99Stuart Carlsonstuartcarlson“He doesn’t want to remind people that it was due to a MONUMENTAL Intelligence failure by a REPUBLICAN Administration!”

Dude, 9/11 exposed Giuliani’s failures. He put the new emergency response headquarters in the WTC well after it was known to be a terrorist target. Not only did that hamper the efforts of emergency efforts, but the diesil fuel stored in the WTC to power the center in case of a power outage fueled the massive fire that brought the towers down. However those facts didn’t stop Giuliani from commandeering 9/11 to bolster his image.2 minutes agoT42015-02-21 01:24:04http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/20 ,&%#M93awbrDana Summersdanasummersneed to add bill ayers and dohrnless than a minute agoT42015-02-21 01:24:04http://gocomics.com/danasummers/2015/02/19N#93[canFunny/;Tom Tolestomtoles@doughfoot
Hey I went to university and wrote many papers. I manipulated all the data I had to write exactly what the professors wanted to read, the only thing that was most important was to give credit to the reference no matter where or whom it came from. What did I learn? fake your way through and you’ll pass with flying colors. Is that cinical? yes it is, but it’s true. Almost every university student had to stumble through, eventually they get the hand of it, the problem with this modern day prophets (climate scientists) is that they are still stumbling.less than a minute agoT42015-02-21 01:24:04http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20 VV)+)'193eRedkaycei RepocQ^Ballard StreetballardstreetHey Iam, well met.less than a minute agoTe2015-02-21 01:29:09http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20u!!'3_smiley:SpeechlessspeechlessLen you have a kind and gentle soul. Reading your ’toons makes me feel warm and loving.

I encourage you to publish a book. There are people who promote people like you for a living. Find someone kind and gentle like you.

You will do us all a great service if you could.

With kindest regards, Kathy

PS: Your artwork is a loving reflection of you.4 minutes agoTe2015-02-21 01:29:09http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/20 `C`]!%#?'3amdavis4183 Steve BensonstevebensonISIS wants Steve Benson’s head. Steve doesn’t care.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 01:34:14http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/207'%q'3cnerual53:Jeff DanzigerjeffdanzigerThe Lunar New Year began 2-19-15. The year of the goat. To quote"I really can’t believe that you guys can’t see through these two phonies". I surmise from your comment that you are just another republican sheeple, those who has to be told how to think and cannot think for themselves.5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 01:34:14http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/19 f#!Y%3_StoicLionxRip Haywireriphaywire“..Boss-Killing clothes…” Not listed among the dress code in the Henchman Handbook.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 01:34:14http://gocomics.com/riphaywire/2015/02/20=9%!m%3_Three Steps Over Japan 8Dog Eat DougdogeatdougNot true. Nothing’s more tiring than that.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 01:34:14http://gocomics.com/dogeatdoug/2015/02/20f!)'G%3emdavis4183 Stuart CarlsonstuartcarlsonUnlike Obama, Holder, De Blasio, Giulliani reduced the murders of black residents of NYS by thousands. They call him as racists for doing that. He’s right, Obama doesn’t love America.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 01:34:14http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/20 6PB'!3'3Qmggreen603H.I.P.hipAnd ate a whole damn pound of bacon for breakfast, and first had a shot of whiskey!2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 01:39:20http://gocomics.com/hip/2015/02/20`#!)'9'3emdavis4183 Mike Luckovichmikeluckovich100% of the problems in the ME are because of Obama’s bumbling foreign policies.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 01:39:20http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20 !//'3mmggreen603Garcia Cartoon Cogarcia-cartoon-coNO!4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 01:39:20http://gocomics.com/garcia-cartoon-co/2015/02/20&9OO3'3 Three Steps Over Japan 8Saturday Morning Breakfast Cerealsaturday-morning-breakfast-cerealBut, they’ll also have time to walk away from you before you can attack them.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 01:39:20http://gocomics.com/saturday-morning-breakfast-cereal/2015/02/20 S+)%)%3cOldtaku *Arlo and JanisarloandjanisArlo’s going to be getting some looks while Janis has that shiner…1 minute agoT2015-02-21 01:39:20http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/20X*!I%3[mdavis4183 Tom Tolestomtoleshttp://wattsupwiththat.com/climate-fail-files/list-of-excuses-for-the-pause-in-global-warming/1 minute agoT2015-02-21 01:39:20http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20;)9o'3]Three Steps Over Japan 8Lay Lineslay-linesIt’s an art style. You get used to it.
Or, you take a break from the strip, and come back in a few weeks when the next story starts. The later stories switch styles.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 01:39:20http://gocomics.com/lay-lines/2015/02/20 ..)'U'3eShikamoo!qBallard Streetballardstreetsusan, may I have a “G’knight” ? I know i just got here, but I have a “Dark Knight” ahead of me and an early day too.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 01:44:26http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20-)'/'3eShikamoo!qBallard StreetballardstreetDarth Vader is not amused by Bob and Ginger!
4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 01:44:26http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20y,--c'3kGROG!BgCleo and Companycleo-and-companybev, you’re ecard looks like Bette Davis. Or at least she reminds me of Bette Davis.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 01:44:26http://gocomics.com/cleo-and-company/2015/02/20 L2#!+'3_GROG!BgCitizen DogcitizendogEldo. I liked Ren and Stimpy. But I don’t want to hear about the others. I might tolerate Dexter, but I can’t say the same for the rest. Give me some classic Flintstones any day.4 minutes agoT]2015-02-21 01:54:37http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/20#1%%#G'3asueamarlucan =La CucarachalacucarachaTotal B.S. Choke on it sicko.4 minutes agoT]2015-02-21 01:54:37http://gocomics.com/lacucaracha/2015/02/2009+'3YThree Steps Over Japan 8Endtownendtown“Could the dittos work to force Kirbee If/)'G%3eShikamoo!qBallard StreetballardstreetGreat videos Bev. I love watching cats, except that human cat is creepy, lol1 minute agoT2015-02-21 01:44:26http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20towards Holly and Chic? That would suggest that (at least when combined) they have a fair amount of intelligence, as they realized that Kirbee finding “Molly” would be necessary to save Wally’s life.”

Possible, but more likely to just be a coincidence. Kirbee had already found Molly, and was probably about to try going down the shaft to get to her. The dittos only had to wait. Further, the dittos are probably more attuned to Wally than Holly, so they should have been seeking him out instead of her. I’m thinking what happened is that the dittos had escaped the research room after either separating from, or taking over, the lizard-dittos, and were roaming the halls looking for Marx. They happened on Kirbee by accident, and did the feral thing, covering her. She panicked and jumped through the hole in the wall. It was all unplanned.2 minutes agoT+2015-02-21 01:49:31http://gocomics.com/endtown/2015/02/20 QQ-5!!k'3]marilynn25Scary GaryscarygaryThat rat dresses better than most folks I know.2 minutes agoT]2015-02-21 01:54:37http://gocomics.com/scarygary/2015/02/204/)' '3eAg8O'SulMada6The MiddletonsthemiddletonsSaddenedby,
I can imagine you were thirsty after shoveling your driveway; the last year I had a driveway to shovel, I was surprised how thirsty I was after finishing shoveling the snow from the driveway. Three 12-ounce glasses before I was satisfied.2 minutes agoT]2015-02-21 01:54:37http://gocomics.com/themiddletons/2015/02/20_3'#G'3anailerRed and RoverredandroverOh yes! Irvin Allen, the Glen A. Larson of the 60´s. In Lost in Space he seems to take a more relaxed approach and deviates a little from the Cold War mentality of his other shows. It was not meant to be taken seriously.3 minutes agoT]2015-02-21 01:54:37http://gocomics.com/redandrover/2015/02/20 cc07+)]%3gMike H L1Health CapsuleshealthcapsulesAnd more healthy than beef or red meats.1 minute agoT]2015-02-21 01:54:37http://gocomics.com/healthcapsules/2015/02/20a69G'3YThree Steps Over Japan 8Endtownendtown“Dittos have mass so they could attack by mere weight or shaping into some monster with pointy things as appendages.”

The dittos have very little mass. When Wally was holding them in his hand as a ditto ball, they didn’t appear to weigh more than one or two pounds. And, if the encounter with Al and the spray adhesive is at all typical, the shapes they form are hollow like very thin chocolate easter bunnies. They only look like they have mass. If they hit, or tried to stab you, at worst it’d be the same as being slapped by a single sheet of wax paper.2 minutes agoT]2015-02-21 01:54:37http://gocomics.com/endtown/2015/02/20 &;!''3]MorrowxDick TracydicktracyI’d love to see Silver come on out and ask Kandi if he could write her from prison. Good pickup line. Can’t ya see Sprocket then?3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 01:59:43http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/20:%;3'3qRebel StrikevrFor Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseJohn is understanding in this case. Future strips will have him basically saying “Michael, get your head out your ass!”3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 01:59:43http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/20T8'K'3Uvoodoojoe2000HLuannluannHe’s zipping them up. He obviously went out there to talk to her with the barn door open.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 01:59:43http://gocomics.com/luann/1993/02/14 Z%Zi>!#!['3_SpicyNachoLisa BensonlisabensonObama wants high speed internet for everyone really meanNN=3/+a93iNun'Ya BidnessޢCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesNow I’m 20, I still don’t feel right being referred to as a woman. Guess I’ll grow up when I’m ready!

How about the term “Young Lady”?less than a minute agoT2015-02-21 01:59:43http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/20U</))%3gAg8O'SulMada6Peanuts Beginspeanuts-begins“Human in a dog suit” perfectly describes Snoopy pretending to be flying during World War I, targeting the Red Baron.
So Sally Brown called a dinosaur the Bronchitis? That’s funnier than when she was called on to define Arbor Day (“when all the ships sail into the arbor,” she answered).1 minute agoT2015-02-21 01:59:43http://gocomics.com/peanuts-begins/2015/02/20s “free internet” for his voting base. Once we get that then we can work on a free PC, laptop, tablet, and Xbox (or whichever gaming system gets in his back pocket) because we all NEED that right. We’ll never run out of tax money right?
They never tell you what they really want (or what the unintended consequences are) because they just continue to chip away at what they want. This is just like health care in that all they really want is more control. Down the road censorship will the norm and it won’t always be a Democratic party in charge.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:04:48http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20 8Au%3UK M mBlissblissIt’s been longer than a while. Heck, it’s been longer than a while for me; and I think I’d know the difference between my wife’s hand and a dog’s paw.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 02:04:48http://gocomics.com/bliss/2015/02/208@'%u'3cfestinZJeff DanzigerjeffdanzigerPretty low blow even for a satirical humorist. (sic)
Common ground with you, bro. Leave my family alone. Leave his family alone. Leave ev’body’s family be.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:04:48http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/20B?%#'3aujeangBad ReporterbadreporterI take it his Grace is not the most popular person in the diocese?3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:04:48http://gocomics.com/badreporter/2015/02/20 B4mBDI'%'3cmartens misses all her friendsJerry HolbertjerryholbertA few years can make a big difference in what one sees as priorities. My adolescence was during the ’50’s with the button-down mentality. I went to a Quaker college (in part because of my family’QAC3;3='3qNun'Ya BidnessޢFor Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseKids have always claimed “no fair” when someone else does better than them on a test. The unfortunate thing is that these days the adults agree with them.

I remember the last line of the little kid in the movie, Pet Semetary, was, “No Fair!”4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:09:54http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/20FB3-{%3kujeangTom the Dancing BugtomthedancingbugWhen it’s a lawyer with custodial rights, nobody.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 02:04:48http://gocomics.com/tomthedancingbug/2015/02/20;s connections with the Quakers ) and there began to learn about political activism—anti-HUAC, pacifism, civil rights, etc. By the time of the Tet crisis, I was already a second-year grad student and beginning to take part in the civil rights demonstrations and peace marches. And of course, being female, I was not subject to the draft (which has always seemed to me to be unfair…if the guys had to go, so should the gals). But I can also see how radicalization among people like us could occur, especially when relatively young and naive. However, I think that the radicalization that is attracting the youth to Daesh has a different base, less on moral conviction and more on an anger at being undervalued and discounted. If you think all the dice are loaded against you, then the potential to strike back may be irresistible for some, and there I think may be the drawing card that Daesh is playing.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:09:54http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20 6`d9H)'m'3eShikamoo!qBallard StreetballardstreetHi Red. Nice to see you around.4 minutes agoT%2015-02-21 02:15:01http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20vGAg'3YBigNate+CalvinandHobbes=:)90Big NatebignateShe probably has, but knowing Nate, he wasn’t listening to I Can’t Believe She’s Not Butter5 minutes agoT%2015-02-21 02:15:01http://gocomics.com/bignate/2015/02/20PF/1'3]RonC'est la ViecestlavieWhoa, whoa, whoa!
Could there still be some kind of weird love going on here?5 minutes agoT%2015-02-21 02:15:01http://gocomics.com/cestlavie/2015/02/18DE!'3[SpicyNachoJoel PettjoelpettWe need government to fix this. Oh wait government caused most of this.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:09:54http://gocomics.com/joelpett/2015/02/20 BEB}K/!}%3]Ag8O'SulMada6Stone SoupstonesoupI was thinking that Max should be told that he’ll end up buck-toothed if he doesn’t stop using the pacifier.1 minute agoT%2015-02-21 02:15:01http://gocomics.com/stonesoup/2015/02/20DJ)' %3efestinZStuart CarlsonstuartcarlsonGiulliani, like countless others before, was a vibrant thinker and doer in his time. He is a tired, elderly senior mayor/statesman fellow now.
Grandpa seems to come in two flavors, Kind, thoughtful and quiet or crazy loud mean ones. Hope one of 9/11’s heroes doesn’t turn out to be the latter.1 minute agoT%2015-02-21 02:15:01http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/20kI!)%S%3cPettyMower Arlo and JanisarloandjanisObviously, Janis DOES NOT watch Forensic Files!1 minute agoT%2015-02-21 02:15:01http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/20 ]#]@N'3[danomanowLast Kisslastkissre: Calvins Brother – I believe it was Sargent Friday on Dragnet4 minutes agoTV2015-02-21 02:20:06http://gocomics.com/lastkiss/2015/02/20_M!'%;'3clogicalonedJeff DanzigerjeffdanzigerThen you would be wrong. Please list Hillary’s accomplishments, I want to hear more. Let me know how Ms. Warren can like foreign banking interests, while she speaks against such things for u.s. banks. Do tell.5 minutes agoTV2015-02-21 02:20:06http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/19rL%3YJmcaRicecPicklespicklesDan is not Nelson’s father. He and Sylvia met and were married since Nelson has been his current age. Anyone know the storyline behind Nelson’s biological father ? I started reading Pickles after Nelson’s dad was out of the picture.1 minute agoT%2015-02-21 02:15:01http://gocomics.com/pickles/2015/02/20 (Q!a%3UJim KernerNancynancyAs my mother would say, “21+”.1 minute agoTV2015-02-21 02:20:06http://gocomics.com/nancy/2015/02/20P3#'3[Nun'Ya BidnessޢGarfieldgarfieldDon’t forget the other old standards:
“That’ll never happen to me!”
“This is the way I’ve always done it!”
“Let me show you how it’s done!”
“You hold it, I’ll light it.”2 minutes agoTV2015-02-21 02:20:06http://gocomics.com/garfield/2015/02/20=O91W'3oujeangDark Side of the Horsedarksideofthehorse Farewell to the Laird of Islay Bagpipes(Piobaireachd). There’s more than marching music in bagpipes.4 minutes agoTV2015-02-21 02:20:06http://gocomics.com/darksideofthehorse/2015/02/20 A3AOT!#!93_logicalonedChris BrittchrisbrittNo, just pointing out the obvious. People that are brought up in different places have different experiences. And people of a certain age, from a certain area have common cultural experiences.

Has nothing to do with free will. And I didn’t say it was the sum of the man. Just a characteristic that makes his life’s experience unique. I didn’t judge him or characterize his emotions or loyalties. Just stating the plain truth.less than a minute agoTV2015-02-21 02:20:06http://gocomics.com/chrisbritt/2015/02/19S?93[ujeangGraffitigraffitiOils well that ends well.less than a minute agoTV2015-02-21 02:20:06http://gocomics.com/graffiti/2015/02/20GR''%3eujeangNick and Zuzunick-and-zuzuSorry Mom, she is grown up enough to start making her own mistakes.1 minute agoTV2015-02-21 02:20:06http://gocomics.com/nick-and-zuzu/2015/02/20 GeG)^! '3OJim KernerB.C.bcHe’d iron it. The same thing he’d do to the duck.5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:35:24http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/20,]++Y%3iRonEric the Circleeric-the-circleIs that Eric wearing a tri-corner hat?1 minute agoT2015-02-21 02:30:19http://gocomics.com/eric-the-circle/2015/02/20|[%'3UboldyumasZiggyziggyLittle known fact…There was a eighth female dwarf who didn’t get along with Snow White…..Her name was……Slutty!2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:30:19http://gocomics.com/ziggy/2015/02/205Z'!!q'3_Night-Gaunt49Aunty Acidaunty-acidYou dreamed, just didn’t recall any of them.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:30:19http://gocomics.com/aunty-acid/2015/02/20Y'!!1'3_Night-Gaunt49Aunty Acidaunty-acidNot too often, no.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:30:19http://gocomics.com/aunty-acid/2015/02/20 33G_3%%{'3cNun'Ya BidnessޢLuann Againnluann-againnHA!
When I was in second grade a woman came from the federal government.
with a survey.
a list of ‘most likely jobs’.
Even “I don’t know” was on there.

When my turn came, I said, “Either an Astronaut or a Farmer”.
I was so confused when all the kids laughed and the survey woman was so very angry with me!

She refused to put down “Astronaut” as I was (and still am) a girl.
She said Farmer wasn’t even on the list!!!

She said that, because of me, she’d have to write in “Farmer”
waaaaayyyyyy down at the bottom,
under all the other legitimate future careers,
in pen,
and put the grand total of
beside it.5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:35:24http://gocomics.com/luann-againn/2015/02/20 a%#3'3aahabsKen CatalinokencatalinoSno it’s not.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:35:24http://gocomics.com/kencatalino/2015/02/20d`'%I'3cAnweir88Jerry HolbertjerryholbertAll very true, and refreshing to see someone on the left acknowledge that ISIS is in fact Islamic, even if it is a twisted perverted vision according to many less radical Muslims around the world.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:35:24http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20  gk'EEg%3Night-Gaunt49Origins of the Sunday Comicsorigins-of-the-sunday-comicsI second that, how can any but a firm fan name them from their comic likenesses from 1907!
When I enlarge it barely a fifth of it appears, the rest is whiteness.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 02:35:24http://gocomics.com/origins-of-the-sunday-comics/2015/02/20qj'%e%3cAnweir88Jerry HolbertjerryholbertInterestingly, I got a very different story from the Iraqis that I worked with in Baghdad just after the withdrawal. Their being Shia, and so having been oppressed by the Baath party despite being a large majority in Iraq, probably had a lot to do with it, but they were largely grateful to the US, though disdainful of how me managed things after ousting Saddam.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 02:35:24http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20 \n#!K%3_festinZLisa BensonlisabensonAny President of any (or no) party should take the same position on this issue. For arguments sake, I’ll grant you that the sitting President also wishes to advance his agenda at the same time. That part may be smelly to you. Small potatoes compared to losing a basic American right. We the people own it. Not Al Gore. Not TimeW or ComC.
Any President that let a private company impose censorship or subjective service on the internet would be failing to support, defend and protect the Constitution.

I wish the most universally respected members of both parties (non-politicals too) would speak out for freedom.

PS What if a foreign company bought these internet ‘providers’?1 minute agoT2015-02-21 02:35:24http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20 >Jz~'%u'3cAnweir88Jerry HolbertjerryholbertThat’s not the message I got from the Iraqis I worked with after the withdrawal. Almost to a man they said “When we asked you to leave, we didn’t think you’d actually DO it! We still need your help to stabilize.”3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:40:30http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20nz'%]'3cAnweir88Jerry HolbertjerryholbertAre you honestly implying that if we just let them kill all the Jews, the Middle East would be peaceful?4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:40:30http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20I says, “Where do you think food comes from?”
“From the store!” those clever classmates of mine shouted!
“And where does the store get the food?” queries I.
“I dunno.” “I don’t care.” and a mumbled “Where?”
I gleefully shouted, “The Farm!”

when the adorable munchkins realized they would not/could not make me take it back, they wandered away.

And so I am still studiously attempting to grow tomatoes and peppers from seeds (and failing) even today!

I have a heated grow mat this year!
Maybe, just maybe, success!2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:40:30http://gocomics.com/luann-againn/2015/02/20 ,f,39%#A93aRyan (Say what now‽)~Chuckle BroschucklebrosGo Pro and/or use AdBlock.less than a minute agoTO2015-02-21 02:45:35http://gocomics.com/chucklebros/2015/02/20U'#3%3aBlueIrisQsIn the SticksinthesticksActually, if you sleep with them in, they dry out and you can’t see anything.1 minute agoTO2015-02-21 02:45:35http://gocomics.com/inthesticks/2015/02/19 a'3[ahabsTom TolestomtolescanFunny wrote: “I went to university and wrote many papers. I manipulated all the data …”Admitting that you had no credibility while writing your many papers in college. So you just established your lack of trustworthiness. Why should anyone pay any credence to what you post/2 minutes agoTO2015-02-21 02:45:35http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20!a'3OJim KernerB.C.bcI didn’t see him grind it. Anybody?4 minutes agoTO2015-02-21 02:45:35http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/20 9 3'#e%3aNun'Ya BidnessޢRed and Roverredandrovermmmmm, Guy Williams!
Hamina, Hamina!1 minute agoT2015-02-21 02:50:41http://gocomics.com/redandrover/2015/02/204 3'#W'3aNun'Ya BidnessޢRed and RoverredandroverI loved ‘Lost In Space"!
It was so funny! (well, back in the day. but we didn’t have CGI back then!)3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:50:41http://gocomics.com/redandrover/2015/02/20 / /X 377i'3uNun'Ya BidnessޢWizard of Id Classicswizard-of-id-classics“Did the Earth just move for you?”4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:55:47http://gocomics.com/wizard-of-id-classics/2015/02/20S )'#'3eTomielm mMike LuckovichmikeluckovichYes, for starters, he should never have bombed Iraq. Oh, wait……5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:55:47http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20 I'3[ahabsTom Tolestomtoleswattsupwiththat.com is a denier science-smear site. It has NO credibility, or standing among scientists. It is funded by the fossil fuel industry. Willard Anthony Watts is a blogger,weather caster,nonscientist and AGW denier funded by the Heartland Institute,he has no university qualifications or climate credential. The Heartland institute is funded by polluting industries. Sucker!5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:55:47http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20 0-"_'3[dukedougsGet FuzzygetfuzzyThat was my thought … (Hee, Hee !!)3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:55:47http://gocomics.com/getfuzzy/2015/02/20}#+)i'3gKim MetzgeraBrewster RockitbrewsterrockitYes. The little girl is called Miss Sweetie Poo. I think, when someone’s speech goes over 45 seconds, she comes up beside them and her mantra is “Please stop, I’m bored,” over and over.

I wish Chuck Lorre would do an episode of “Big Bang Theory” where Sheldon wins an Ignoble and doesn’t know about Miss Sweetie Poo.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:55:47http://gocomics.com/brewsterrockit/2015/02/20J377M'3uNun'Ya BidnessޢWizard of Id Classicswizard-of-id-classics“Or was it just me?”4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:55:47http://gocomics.com/wizard-of-id-classics/2015/02/20 mimv+'%M93cleftwingpatriotVJeff DanzigerjeffdanzigerThese family members are public figures who either served as President or sought the Presidency.less than a minute agoT2015-02-21 02:55:47http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/20g%3WdukedougsBig TopbigtopWell, not what he’s immersed in …1 minute agoT2015-02-21 02:55:47http://gocomics.com/bigtop/2015/02/20+'%{'3cleftwingpatriotVJeff DanzigerjeffdanzigerApparently, all these embarrassing members have moved to a brownstone in New York.
Well, we don’t want them!2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:55:47http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/20b#!W'3_Marge~Fred BassetfredbassetWho was it (last comic strip from 19th of February) – it wasn’t Yorky, but who was it????2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 02:55:47http://gocomics.com/fredbasset/2015/02/20 L#LM!%#'3aJim KernerPrickly CitypricklycityI guess that the scientists are fans of the 3 Stooges. Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:00:53http://gocomics.com/pricklycity/2015/02/20~+-+]'3iIllegal Seagull=(I’ve seen snow. Rode my bicycle through it back at Auburn, 1977.)

I remember the snow that year!
It snowed just about a foot, down the road from Auburn in Enterprise, AL!
(the home of the World Famous Boll Weevil Monument!)

all together, now!
Henry! Henry! Henry!4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:00:53http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20 TTj%#['3adtroutmaSteve BensonstevebensonGood Christians like Torquemada, who was the wind in Columus’ sails sending him to “convert” the natives he might find, or kill them and save their “souls”. Oh yeah, most brutal of the Inquisition too.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:05:58http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20F/%3[ahabsTom TolestomtolesAs for the incorrect statement that global warming has paused, it hasn’t. AGW is continuing and the oceans have been absorbing heat and changing all the while. climate.nasa.gov1 minute agoT2015-02-21 03:00:53http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20j+-+5'3iIllegal Seagull=Citizen DogcitizendogDrop by anytime, Sir! Looks like you have been around here for a while, but only 1 comment! Don’t be scarce, we are a good group here, NUTS, but good! :-Dless than a minute agoT2015-02-21 03:05:58http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/20R'%+%3cJase99Jeff Danzigerjeffdanziger“Danz, you’re such an ass”

touched a nerve, did he?1 minute agoT2015-02-21 03:05:58http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/201E'3WBryant WinterholerTHUBRIS!hubrisThis was funny, enough said!3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:05:58http://gocomics.com/hubris/2015/02/19}-##s'3acheap day return]Agent Gatesagent-gatesWhen people ask Gates, “How’re you doing?”, he always replies, “Still kickin’!”4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:05:58http://gocomics.com/agent-gates/2015/02/19 :$:d'#!C93_dtroutmaChris BrittchrisbrittReverend Wright was a Marine, good American who hasn’t slept through his entire life.

In Indonesia, Obama attended a Catholic school, and I believe his private school in Hawaii was also a “Christian” school, yep, must have been a warping impact.

Seems someone DA has been sucking down too much DU in the diet.less than a minute agoTI2015-02-21 03:11:05http://gocomics.com/chrisbritt/2015/02/19V$#%!1'3_ArthurAllen*UOff the MarkoffthemarkMaybe it’s a pity date. Whoever took him to the party drew the short straw.3 minutes agoTI2015-02-21 03:11:05http://gocomics.com/offthemark/2015/02/20z"'#!w'3_Dry and Dusty>Citizen DogcitizendogGood evening Fellow Baby, cleo, sugie and all ye’ gathered here waiting for the Baggy to drop!4 minutes agoTI2015-02-21 03:11:05http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/20 ]* ]'/9#!A'3_Happy, Happy, Happy!!! Citizen Dogcitizendoggood night people and pets5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:21:24http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/20x,!#!{%3_exoticdoc2Lisa BensonlisabensonA liberal taking the side of the Obamanation and even greater government control over people’s lives. Go figure.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 03:16:19http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20+K7o'3usandman54Ripley's Believe It or NotripleysbelieveitornotI’ll be dammmed if I’m going o throw a perfectly good quilt on the road just so it won’t crack!3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:16:19http://gocomics.com/ripleysbelieveitornot/2015/02/20P(13/o'3mclaire de la lune.HPearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineAn invisible bike!
Meh. That was not clever.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:16:19http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/20 EBEw2)'i'3edtroutmaStuart CarlsonstuartcarlsonTo turn an old helicopter crew joke: Guliani sued Bell helicopter over the design of the Huey, the main rotor goes wop, wop, wop, and the tail rotor goes: ginny, ginny, ginny.

Rudi DID do a good job for a while after 9/11/01, and has spent the rest of the time proving those few weeks WERE the exception.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:21:24http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/2080!#!y'3_exoticdoc2Lisa BensonlisabensonWhere every last ISIS terrorist thug is headed. Sorry to break it to you, guys, but there are no feasts, no virgins, nothing but paying for your heinous crimes. The dude who crouched in his cave and made up his own little religion lied to you. Of course, to be fair, you bought it.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:21:24http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/17 qCqL6+=1a%3oHorst Hrubbisch`Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaMONKEY Business.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 03:21:24http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20K5+=1_%3oHorst Hrubbisch`Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaHORSE Feathers.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 03:21:24http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20f3%#S%3arvldejung8Non Sequiturnonsequitur“Too many ads here lately… I read 35 comic strips a day.” Solution? Simple! Become a Go Comics PRO member for 99¢/month or $11.88/year. Unless you really are a pauper or your religion forbids you for paying for anything on the Internet, stump up the cash, reap the benefits and don’t be such a skinflint!1 minute agoT2015-02-21 03:21:24http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/20 [A[`8''%%93cMeh~thodologyFrog ApplausefrogapplauseIf you are having problems with this or any other page loading due to static pictures post on it, you need to discuss that with you internet provider. see that your own PC is working efficiently, or politely ask GoComics not to put so many memory-hog ads on the page (I turned off my Adobe Flash, and you would be amazed how much faster pages load).
“Why is posting a link treated as though it’s not sharing the image?”
Because it’s not. End of discussion.
If you have problems with how things are done here, you are free to move on.less than a minute agoT2015-02-21 03:21:24http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/2097!/#o%3aJim KernerToday's Doggtodays-doggNow, that’s COLD!1 minute agoT2015-02-21 03:21:24http://gocomics.com/todays-dogg/2015/02/20athies at the least. He is likely a combination of naive fool and outright liar, very dangerous in a supposed “leader” of a country. ISLAM ITSELF, ITS VERY TENETS, IS THE PROBLEM. THE TERRORISTS ARE ITS TRUE, DEVOUT FOLLOWERS, JUST AS THEY HAVE CLAIMED ALL ALONG. When will these idiot politicians quit playing their dangerous games and wise up? Sadly, never.less than a minute agoT2015-02-21 03:21:24http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20 W<+=1u'3oHorst Hrubbisch`Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaTwo MULES for Sister Sara.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:26:31http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20m:i93YboldyumasPicklespicklesI wonder how Opals Red Hat meeting went?..Did Earl make a bologna sandwich and open a brew while she was gone?less than a minute agoT2015-02-21 03:21:24http://gocomics.com/pickles/2015/02/20?9!'%i93cexoticdoc2Scott StantisscottstantisThe Obamanation was raised to have muslim sympk $%${>!+)g'3gexoticdoc2Michael RamirezmichaelramirezSince when was Biden NOT creepy? The lackey takes after his corrupt, lying master.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:26:31http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/20U=''%!'3cMeh~thodologyFrog ApplausefrogapplauseIf you are having problems with this or any other page loading due to static pictures posted on it, you need to discuss that with you internet provider. see that your own PC is working efficiently, or politely ask GoComics not to put so many memory-hog ads on the page (I turned off my Adobe Flash and you would be amazed how much faster pages load).
“Why is posting a link treated as though it’s not sharing the image?”
Because it’s not. End of discussion.
If you have problems with how things are done here, you are free to move on.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:26:31http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20 Q/VQRC!+)'3gexoticdoc2Michael RamirezmichaelramirezOh, he’s far worse than a mere lame duck. He is the single most corrupt, foolish, worthless piece of human debris ever to hold that office, bar none…and that’s saying something.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:26:31http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/19'B'%Y'3cahabsJeff DanzigerjeffdanzigerNah, he’s projecting self image.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:26:31http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/20S@!55w'3sJim KernerRandom Acts of Nancyrandom-acts-of-nancyAll right. Where were you on the night of the 23rd.?3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:26:31http://gocomics.com/random-acts-of-nancy/2015/02/19K?)''3eODonPStuart CarlsonstuartcarlsonWere it not for 9/11 Rudi today would be an unknown to most Americans.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:26:31http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/20 I!+)'3gexoticdoc2Michael RamirezmichaelramirezNo doubt, the Obamanation is a pitiful miserable little excuse for a pipsqueak compared to other presidents this country has seen.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:31:39http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/14UF!+)%3gexoticdoc2Michael RamirezmichaelramirezGood position, now if only he’d suffocate himself playing ostrich.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 03:26:31http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/17LD!-'3]BlueIrisQsFree RangefreerangeIf you “go Pro”, you can view the e-mail with no advertising or sign in to your My Comics Page with no advertising. Basically, you get what you pay for — they have to pay the bills somehow.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:26:31http://gocomics.com/freerange/2015/02/20 S-STK#!5'3_dtroutmaBob GorrellbobgorrellMy first “girlfriend” at age six, was born in a concentration camp; in Idaho!

The fact that Obama, unlike anyone in the Bush family (well, other than Mom’s dog), is literate does make a difference.

The fact that Obama is killing ISIL members, and reducing the collateral damage, yes even in Pakistan, to WAY less than “w” did with shock and awe, and indeed getting others to now take the fight to them, is ignored, derided, and stupidly ignored by “the right”- who are wrong, again.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:31:39http://gocomics.com/bobgorrell/2015/02/19MJ+=1a'3oHorst Hrubbisch`Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaThe Brown BUNNY.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:31:39http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 wKwNN'--m93kNight-Gaunt49Robbie and Bobbyrobbie-and-bobbyThis is the second neatest strip for this comic.less than a minute agoT2015-02-21 03:31:39http://gocomics.com/robbie-and-bobby/2015/02/20/L)%%W'3c2catsintheyardLuann Againnluann-againnI love the changing sign on the desk!2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:31:39http://gocomics.com/luann-againn/2015/02/20 kP)%-'3cGokie5 ,Arlo and JanisarloandjanisThanks, Gauntsy!3 minutes agoTL2015-02-21 03:36:44http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/20O%%%'3ccolcam.Luann Againnluann-againnBidness?

When I was in elementary school I wrote a story about a satellite, and men going into space.

It got me in trouble because there was no such thing as a satellite, and if such a thing were to ever happen it would be far, far in the future.

Eight months for the satellite to rise, and i watched the term astronaut invented and mankind stepping into space.

The world is a strange place, and you should have held out for your first choice.

The impossible is easier than the mundane.

.5 minutes agoTL2015-02-21 03:36:44http://gocomics.com/luann-againn/2015/02/20 '\U)%;'3cGokie5 ,Arlo and JanisarloandjanisAnd thanks, Jimmy, for changing things up. Too bad about the pesky colorist situation.2 minutes agoTL2015-02-21 03:36:44http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/20GR%#'3aagresticLa CucarachalacucarachaHow is what tallguy said BS? (Besides the “choke on it,” which just seems egregious.) If you think the facts as stated are wrong, please point us to the correct facts.3 minutes agoTL2015-02-21 03:36:44http://gocomics.com/lacucaracha/2015/02/20SQ#!;'3_ahabsGlenn McCoyglennmccoyAh Hirum, archy worried over the futility of literature, excepting for lonecat’s.3 minutes agoTL2015-02-21 03:36:44http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/17 [[YXS'3[Marge~Ten Catsten-catsMy Margie suffers under kidney insufficiency and has to drink more water as usual – she likes drinking more since she got her drinking fountain:
5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:41:53http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20NW)''3eahabsMike LuckovichmikeluckovichDoes the bottled Bush brand have a skull and crossed bones warning label?5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:41:53http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20lVg93[Marge~Ten Catsten-catsMy Margie suffers under kidney insufficiency and has to drink more water as usual – she likes drinking more since she got her drinking fountain:
<img src=http://home.feierabend.com/hillbillygirl49/bild82.jpg width=“356“>less than a minute agoTL2015-02-21 03:36:44http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20 Nh\'%3]Dry and Dusty>ThatababythatababyHe needs a more diverse music background, like U2, Coldplay, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, The Police, Maroon 5, Owl City, etc etc! :-)1 minute agoT2015-02-21 03:41:53http://gocomics.com/thatababy/2015/02/203[%%q'3cgleebxWorking Dazeworking-dazeYeah, that does completely suck, doesn’t it?2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:41:53http://gocomics.com/working-daze/2015/02/18`Z#g'3UPipeTobaccoLuannluannHaha! That is very true. Water is indeed wasted through shaving. Good point Brdshtt… and California!3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:41:53http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20,Y##g'3aGokie5 ,CandorvillecandorvilleHe has such an elegant way of putting things.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:41:53http://gocomics.com/candorville/2015/02/20 i|ea'))7'3gNight-Gaunt49Hipster Picnichipster-picnicIt is warmer in Alaska than in most of the continental USA.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:47:00http://gocomics.com/hipster-picnic/2015/02/201_%#k'3adtroutmaSteve Kelleystevekelley^Boomer says, “Of course, kiss me!”4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:47:00http://gocomics.com/stevekelley/2015/02/19g^'55'3sNight-Gaunt49Connie to the Wonnieconnie-to-the-wonnieI did not qualify so I missed out on her heart warming reply she got.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:47:00http://gocomics.com/connie-to-the-wonnie/2015/02/20]--'3[Calvins BrotherFLast KisslastkissYou are correct.5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:47:00http://gocomics.com/lastkiss/2015/02/20 {vd%1'3[NyukNyuk2000Andy CappandycappThe drinking dead?3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:47:00http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/20c%'%w'3cGaijinrabbitFrog ApplausefrogapplauseCan you say, ‘just scroll past whatever you don’t want to be bothered with’? I knew that you could.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:47:00http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20b#%'3UPipeTobaccoLuannluannThe desalination plant is not operating?!?! What is the actual reason? Is it perceived as still being too costly? Too small? Not really functional? I remember all the big media play about it during construction…. I always presumed it was simply functioning.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:47:00http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 kLk[f!I'3_Hunter7Adam@Homeadamathomethis is new. Adam drunk on cream cheese.
What next…. high on crispy French Fries?2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:47:00http://gocomics.com/adamathome/2015/02/20.e'+'K'3eDry and Dusty>The Other CoasttheothercoastWhy not just make a helmet from aluminum foil like Joaquin Pheonix and his niece and nephew did in Signs starring Mel Gibson? GAWD I LOVE THAT MOVIE!3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:47:00http://gocomics.com/theothercoast/2015/02/20ple out of the shadows.

Legal immigration or send them to work camps.

Well there’s a totalitarian solution. Sounds like you’ve got a bit of Joe Stalin in you.

A country without borders is not a country. Shame on you…etc., etc.

Who here is advocating for the erasure of borders? Did you make that man out of straw yourself? For someone who calls themselves “logical,” you sure resort to a whole lot of hand waving and spittle spewing.

Increase the amount of legal immigrants

Sounds good.

punish companies that use [undocumented workers]

Punish companies particularly if they pay these people below minimum wage and violate health and safety laws. In fact, punish all the employers who do that with any workers—and there are plenty.less than a minute agoT2015-02-21 03:47:00http://gocomics.com/laloalcaraz/2015/02/19 h)''3edtroutmaMike LuckovichmikeluckovichWOW! “Shock and awe” and attacking the wrong country was Obama’s foreign policy! intersting.5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:52:05http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20,g%#M93aagresticLalo AlcarazlaloalcarazThe brainwashed here know damn well that this is a stupid policy.

How would “brainwashed” people know this? Unless you’re saying that people are brainwashed into thinking the policy is stupid.

It weakens the country and puts us in a dangerous position.

How so? There are a ton of people who have thought about this a long time who say exactly the opposite: that it strengthens our economy and makes us more secure by bringing peoy XX"i'%!E'3_Dry and Dusty>Wizard of IdwizardofidBECOME A PRO! ONE DOLLAR A MONTH MEMBERSHIP! WELL WORTH IT!4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:52:05http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20 88Bj!'3[Gokie5 ,Cul de Sacculdesac“Turn it over. Sleep on the other side.”
Good idea. I met a friend while taking a summer course in Buffalo. She was my mom’s age, but a somewhat more casual housekeeper. When I visited her in upper NY, I learned that you can leave dishes overnight, and defrost a fridge faster by turning it off and leaving the door open. I slept on a cot in a porch-like room, and she gave me the pillow her elderly husband sometimes napped on. In the middle of it, there was a pitch-black circle several inches across, and she said her husband liked to nap on it after working in the garden. I turned it over, wrapped my bathrobe around it, and got along fine. (She was very bright, though – taught Latin and math, played the piano and organ, and I could hear her bellowing out opera far below when she visited my dorm.)3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:52:05http://gocomics.com/culdesac/2015/02/20 -k+']'3eK M mThe Knight LifetheknightlifeI understand the tinfoil hat; but why the diaper? BTW, the old joke says that if you’re caught on a golf course when a thunderstorm blows up and there’s no time to find shelter, hold a one-iron over your head. Because even God can’t hit a one-iron. Just don’t tell that joke to Lee Trevino — seems he was once struck by lightning on a golf course while holding a one-iron.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:52:05http://gocomics.com/theknightlife/2015/02/20 hl}'3UsbischofrzFrazzfrazzStreaming stations pay for the songs they play, radios (in America) don’t. Radios everywhere else do, and rather a lot. The exact method of payment to various artists is, as noted above, fairly insane… its part of why bands like the Dead just relied on touring, because that was really where the money was (and the ability to follow it, at that.)

Oh, and songwriters sometimes get paid in situations where the performers don’t, but they still get a lot less at the end of the day!2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:52:05http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/20 V0ny%3]sbischofrzJumpStartjumpstartOooh let us know if it happens, that’d be great!1 minute agoT2015-02-21 03:52:05http://gocomics.com/jumpstart/2015/02/20$m'%!I'3_Dry and Dusty>Wizard of IdwizardofidOH YES, PLUS SOME OF THAT GOES TO WONDERFUL CARTOONISTS WHO MAKE US, LAUGH, GIGGLE, AND MAYBE THINK EACH DAY!2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:52:05http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20 n?lnxs'!y'3]Night-Gaunt49Clay JonesclayjonesHis name is his own and those behind him are just like his father and brother. He is independently like them.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:57:11http://gocomics.com/clayjones/2015/02/20MrQ'3UK M mMontymontyGood luck finding a door at AutoZone, or at any chain auto parts store. Better head to a junkyard.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:57:11http://gocomics.com/monty/2015/02/20Xq;3'3qsbischofrzFor Better or For Worseforbetterorforworse…anyone ordering anyone to concentrate is pointless!4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:57:11http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/20]o3/'3msbischofrzPearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineSurely its a Sea Lion or Seal? Given where walruses usually live…5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 03:57:11http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/20 EVEy%%#+%3aGaijinrabbitNon Sequiturnonsequitur“Have you bothered to look at the ingredients for making quiche? It’s almost nothing but fatty, artery-clogging junk that has almost no nutritional value.”

And that’s what makes them so tasty. YUM! :-Þ
1 minute agoT2015-02-21 03:57:11http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/20< i>I’ll be seeing Greg Evans in a few months – I wonder if it’s possible to compile a “best of” from the comments of the past calendar year. The “worst of” would be an unimaginably competitive array of submissions, ranging from mostest snarkiest to uber duperest. Where to begin?

Not sure why snarky would be considered “worst of”, considering the number of characters who snark almost all the time.
Just call it like it is. You want a list of “nicest compliments” to present to him. That’s fine, just be honest about it.4 minutes agoTJ2015-02-21 04:02:18http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20iz'%!A93_Dry and Dusty>Wizard of IdwizardofidCome here tomorrow evening Wiz! You can shovel the predicted up to 7 inches here tomorrow.less than a minute agoT2015-02-21 03:57:11http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20 N}')%'3cDry and Dusty>Working It OutworkingitoutSEE MY COMMENTS TO YOU AT WIZARD OF ID TONIGHT.3 minutes agoTJ2015-02-21 04:02:18http://gocomics.com/workingitout/2015/02/20}|''3UReFlex-76@zLuannluannThere’s tons of water in the Columbia River Basin; SoCal has gotten its water via aqueducts from the north before, time to do it again.4 minutes agoTJ2015-02-21 04:02:18http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 &&*%!c'3_Hunter7Dog Eat DougdogeatdougOh good. Nap Day! Like Sundays like that.2 minutes agoTJ2015-02-21 04:02:18http://gocomics.com/dogeatdoug/2015/02/20$~!q'3UReallyBad2Luannluann@Sheriff Mordecai
I’ll be seeing Greg Evans in a few months – I wonder if it’s possible to compile a “best of” from the comments of the past calendar year. The “worst of” would be an unimaginably competitive array of submissions, ranging from mostest snarkiest to uber duperest. Where to begin?
Not sure why snarky would be considered “worst of”, considering the number of characters in the strip who snark almost all the time. I think Evans gets and appreciates snark since he’s made a living off it.
Just call it like it is. You want a list of “nicest compliments” to present to him. That’s fine, just be honest about it.2 minutes agoTJ2015-02-21 04:02:18http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 FF4;3;'3qUSN1977John is understanding in this case. Future strips will have him basically saying “Michael, get your head out your ass!”

STORY SPOILER: John laying down the law and Elly demanding Michael get his head “out of his fourth point of contact” did not so much occur with schoolwork, but at home in the later years when Michael becomes moody and surly 95% of the time. One strip showed Michael shouting at Farley to get out of the easy chair; Michael rudely shoving Elizabeth out of his way instead of saying “Pardon me”, and having the table manners of Jabba of Hutt when the family is eating dinner. Michael is clueless why his entire family is angry with him, which is why his parents must do the above.2 minutes agoTJ2015-02-21 04:02:18http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/20 qFzPqY9=1m%3oRyan (Say what now‽)~Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaThe Life and Times of Grizzly Adams (1974 movie)1 minute agoT2015-02-21 04:07:28http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20$EEo'3Kip W Origins of the Sunday Comicsorigins-of-the-sunday-comicsI thought the man on the left was William S. Hart, but looking at a page of Google images has me wondering again.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 04:07:28http://gocomics.com/origins-of-the-sunday-comics/2015/02/20F!'3]njmenjmeiThatababythatababyLove it! Wonder how Thataparents would react if he rebels with Country!?3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 04:07:28http://gocomics.com/thatababy/2015/02/204%-!S93_Noreen Klose31That's Lifethats-lifeTry Ad Block Plus. It’s free.less than a minute agoTJ2015-02-21 04:02:18http://gocomics.com/thats-life/2015/02/20Y88@HPX`hpx (08@HPX`hpx (08@HPX`hpx` abcde!f'g/h2i6j8l<m>nCoIpKqNrPsUtXu\vawdxfzh{i|j}k~lnsy{} $&(*-/28;<@DGKNTUY]`begilpstuz|"&+/8< 1^11'3[Kip W Tom TolestomtolesIt was -5°F, but with the wind chill it was kind of cold.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 04:12:34http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20-u'3]Gokie5 ,JumpStartjumpstartGood news, Robb! We’re pullin’ for you!5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 04:12:34http://gocomics.com/jumpstart/2015/02/20=!%%3UReallyBad2Luannluann@ReFlex-76
There’s tons of water in the Columbia River Basin; SoCal has gotten its water via aqueducts from the north before, time to do it again.
I watched a special showcasing many outlying areas being destroyed by pumping all the water to So Cal. It’s a shame desalination isn’t used more.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 04:07:28http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20!]%3WHunter7The DuplexduplexLove the wide eye pop! in the 2nd panel.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 04:07:28http://gocomics.com/duplex/2015/02/20 D/D> '3[Hunter7Get FuzzygetfuzzyThat’s a lot of loving. Who knew…hugs give you a 6 pack.5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 04:17:42http://gocomics.com/getfuzzy/2015/02/20t '++O'3iNight-Gaunt49Dinosaur Comicsdinosaur-comicsit just splits the time line. When go to the future it will be your time line before you killed someone. That split time line will have the concomitant changes. Only if live in that time line will you what what you have done.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 04:12:34http://gocomics.com/dinosaur-comics/2015/02/20' //7'3mrphbetaaInherit the Mirthinherit-the-mirthIt’s a mystery.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 04:12:34http://gocomics.com/inherit-the-mirth/2015/02/20K 9=1O'3oRyan (Say what now‽)~Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaThe Diving Bell and the Butterfly2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 04:12:34http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 o7!o,'##[%3aNight-Gaunt49Yenny Lopezyenny-lopezYou could smell worse Yenny, far worse.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 04:17:42http://gocomics.com/yenny-lopez/2015/02/20k'a'3]Night-Gaunt49Lay Lineslay-linesI say when you get that gun to shoot momma before she kills you then call police that it was self defense.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 04:17:42http://gocomics.com/lay-lines/2015/02/20['3[edsfam^BTom TolestomtolesIf climate change is a fact, why do the people reporting this fact feel compelled to fake the numbers used support this fact. Bogus data results in bogus conclusions.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 04:17:42http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20C +3/['3mdrosedrosedrosewPearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineCartoon world, anything can be anywhere3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 04:17:42http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/20 V2TVx''3[Dry and Dusty>Ten Catsten-catsI posted a comment earlier similar to the one above, but I think I accidentally deleted it, LOL!5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 04:22:51http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20X'))%3gNight-Gaunt49Frankie Comicsfrankie-comicsCats mostly sleep during the day then go wild for about 6 hours at night.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 04:17:42http://gocomics.com/frankie-comics/2015/02/20H'#%3[Dry and Dusty>Ten Catsten-catsDid he have Neutered Cat Syndome, perhaps? I guess that can happen in neutered male cats, according to what my Vet said when we brought the bros in for their first check up. He said that could happen, esp, since they were only 2 week old when we found them. He gave an explanation that made perfect sense, but too long to type out.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 04:17:42http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20 O((OS#9'3[afficionado Andy Cappandycapp@beviek
Could you please post my avatar of the owner of our house at C-O? Thanks5 minutes agoT M2015-02-21 04:27:57http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/20F#'3]Hunter7JumpStartjumpstartThat would be cool. If its anything like Jump Start – would be nice.5 minutes agoT M2015-02-21 04:27:57http://gocomics.com/jumpstart/2015/02/20.'113%3oDry and Dusty>Learn to Speak Catlearn-to-speak-catMine are very domesticated, and as soon as they see the vacuum cleaner, before it is even turned on, they scatter and hide in the nearest location!1 minute agoT2015-02-21 04:22:51http://gocomics.com/learn-to-speak-cat/2015/02/20R+!-'3[drosedrosedrosewCul de SacculdesacMarcus is four, looks to be fifty four , he could buy beer without being carded.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 04:22:51http://gocomics.com/culdesac/2015/02/20 +%}'3UcandyisyummyѕLuannluannIts eather Gunthers old dad, or mr gray is gonn proprose2 minutes agoT M2015-02-21 04:27:57http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/2031%#Y'3aJ. Littletree 1973 Lalo AlcarazlaloalcarazIf my foresight was half as good as my hindsight, I’d be ahead by a dam-sight.* A truth that applies to people of all strips and colors.

*Origin unknown.3 minutes agoT M2015-02-21 04:27:57http://gocomics.com/laloalcaraz/2015/02/19 %'%9'3cNoreen Klose31Jeff DanzigerjeffdanzigerIt’s supposed to be George Bush and Ron Paul. I think all political sides should have been included. Where’s Hugh and Tony (Hillary’s brothers?)3 minutes agoT M2015-02-21 04:27:57http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/20 [[~-'3UHardharRubesrubesTry creators.com3 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 04:33:04http://gocomics.com/rubes/2015/02/20;/5=93sShikamoo!qBaldo en Españolespanol/baldoespanolGood Night Gracie et al!less than a minute agoT M2015-02-21 04:27:57http://gocomics.com/espanol/baldoespanol/2015/02/20[%/+%3iGaijinrabbitCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesYeah, right.
Conservative Media Attempts To Disprove The Wage Inequality Between Men And Women Fall Flat
How The CONSAD Report On The Wage Gap Masks Sexism, Instead Of Measuring It1 minute agoT M2015-02-21 04:27:57http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/20 GafG$A'3UHunter7MontymontyMonty looks good in green.3 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 04:38:10http://gocomics.com/monty/2015/02/20y"!'3UBrdshttLuannluannAt one time, the Owens Valley (east of LA) was fertile farm land. LA bought up the water rights, and now it is a dried – up desert.4 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 04:38:10http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 !#/%3[SaskSledDogzLast KisslastkissPrint the legend.1 minute agoT 2015-02-21 04:33:04http://gocomics.com/lastkiss/2015/02/20u ''%a'3cHiram BinghamULJerry HolbertjerryholbertMy colleague was tortured in Abu Ghraib by Saddam’s goons. Earlier when America was supporting him.2 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 04:33:04http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20#!?'3_Shikamoo!qCitizen DogcitizendogGood Night good citizens.3 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 04:33:04http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/20 LL;&#'%u%3cHarleyquinnScott Stantisscottstantisoh please, GW Bush had it under control, It took Obama a few years but he has undone any progress that was made. ISIS came about because Obama bugged out.1 minute agoT 2015-02-21 04:38:10http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20m%%/+?'3iGaijinrabbitCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesWhile growing older is mandatory, growing up is optional. Also, becoming a mature adult doesn’t preclude the need to maintain one’s sense of awe and delight at the wonders and absurdities that surround us.3 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 04:38:10http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/20 <y<7('3UBrdshttLuannluannHere’s one for ya:
4 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 04:43:16http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20''#!%3_Hiram BinghamULChris BrittchrisbrittAh, yes; the “plain truth.” Or as you see it, anyway.

But you are still rejecting the idea that a man can change or choose a different path from how he was raised. I disagree; Obama may well have rejected his earlier teachings.1 minute agoT 2015-02-21 04:38:10http://gocomics.com/chrisbritt/2015/02/19 H$HV*#?'3[motivemagusTom TolestomtolesYou wrote: “why do the people reporting this fact feel compelled to fake the numbers used support this fact.”
NO ONE IS DOING THAT. Except FoxNews, which lies precisely to deny global warming. You are slandering a lot of good people without evidence.2 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 04:43:16http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20V)#?'3[motivemagusTom TolestomtolesYou wrote: “why do the people reporting this fact feel compelled to fake the numbers used support this fact.”
NO ONE IS DOING THAT. Except FoxNews, which lies precisely to deny global warming. You are slandering a lot of good people without evidence.2 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 04:43:16http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20 }0~}{-%'3UBrdshttLuannluannOne for Gunther and his cerveza:
2 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 04:43:16http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20,,#%#['3aHarleyquinnSteve BensonstevebensonJust remember…Religion, ANY RELIGION, is the single GREATEST EVIL that has ever afflicted the Human Race since the dawn of history!
sad sad sad..2 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 04:43:16http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20J+K'3UK M mZiggyziggyHe was created when Sleepy and Sneezy got combined into one in a horrific transporter accident.2 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 04:43:16http://gocomics.com/ziggy/2015/02/20 'U'(/'3UBrdshttLuannluannAnd, lastly, one for TJ:
5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 04:48:23http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20%.![93Wsdjamieson~F MinusfminusShe has to settle for being number two.less than a minute agoT 2015-02-21 04:43:16http://gocomics.com/fminus/2015/02/20 ^2!%%?'3cchromosomemGreen Humourgreen-humour
How to attract frogs2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 04:48:23http://gocomics.com/green-humour/2015/02/20E09%#u'3aRyan (Say what now‽)~Steve BensonstevebensonUganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2014:
Life in prison for committing homosexual acts. They wanted to give the death penalty.
…" three American Christians asserted that homosexuality is a direct threat to the cohesion of African families."
Also have a look at all the anti-gay countries (Google it).
Mostly based on some religious dogma including Christian. Russia for example.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 04:48:23http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20 -^08%#!g'3_NyukNyuk2000The DooziesthedooziesThankfully, some newspapers are still around.3 minutes agoTJ2015-02-21 04:53:30http://gocomics.com/thedoozies/2015/02/20 7%-'3[abbybookcaseBGet Fuzzygetfuzzyhugercize! yeah.4 minutes agoTJ2015-02-21 04:53:30http://gocomics.com/getfuzzy/2015/02/20I593YSeeker149#9Big NatebignateLooks like his friends might soon be chanting “Je suis Nate.”less than a minute agoT2015-02-21 04:48:23http://gocomics.com/bignate/2015/02/19f4%3U31768i will fall back if it is rosa.
man, i can’t wait to find out.!1 minute agoT2015-02-21 04:48:23http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20a3%['3YGaijinrabbitBrevitybrevityNever invite it to visit, however. Last time, it took me ages to get the ichor stains out of my carpet.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 04:48:23http://gocomics.com/brevity/2015/02/20 D8(D^;)'=%3ebeviekSBallard StreetballardstreetBev says it’s OK…
and anything Bev says is OK with me!
Me too!1 minute agoTJ2015-02-21 04:53:30http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20 :E%3UBrdshttLuannluannCouldn’t leave out Tiffany…
1 minute agoTJ2015-02-21 04:53:30http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20B9%!'3]gopher goferSpeed Bumpspeedbumplooks like they both need to take stock of their situation…2 minutes agoTJ2015-02-21 04:53:30http://gocomics.com/speedbump/2015/02/20o-immune diseases

Vitamin E

An antioxidant that plays a role in maintaining good health and preventing disease

Vitamin B12

Helps protect against heart disease


Helps produce and maintain new cells; helps prevent a type of anemia, helps protect against serious birth defects if taken prior to pregnancy and during the first 3 months of pregnancy


Essential for building and repairing muscles, organs, skin, hair and other body tissues; needed to produce hormones, enzymes and antibodies; the protein in eggs is easily absorbed by the body


Works with vitamin E to act as an antioxidant to help prevent the breakdown of body tissues

Lutein and zeaxanthin

Maintains good vision; may help reduce the risk of age-related eye diseases, such as cataracts and macular degeneration


Plays a strong role in brain development and function
1 minute agoTJ2015-02-21 04:53:30http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/20 B<%#%3aHunter7Non SequiturnonsequiturI once hid fresh spinach in a salad to get a friend to eat one of the foods she hated.

as to quiche – though there is much in quiche that could be considered ‘unhealthy’…. it is made with eggs. An egg. High in iron. High in protein. High in vitamin A. A large egg is 70 calories. 50% of your daily allotment of B12.

I like eggs. And here’s a list of some of their eggy goodness … from the Canadian Egg Marketing Board located at www.eggs.ca


Carries oxygen to the cells, helps prevent anemia – the iron in eggs is easily absorbed by the body

Vitamin A

Helps maintain healthy skin and eye tissue; assists in night vision

Vitamin D

Strengthens bones and teeth; may help protect against certain cancers and aut k@)'3YLonnie Cavenee|\EndtownendtownOh Jesus3 minutes agoT{2015-02-21 04:58:35http://gocomics.com/endtown/2013/04/30?-'3[Marge~Ten Catsten-catsOh, what a pity!3 minutes agoT{2015-02-21 04:58:35http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/20>>)'3YLonnie Cavenee|\EndtownendtownEFF DA COPS!!!4 minutes agoT{2015-02-21 04:58:35http://gocomics.com/endtown/2013/04/29=)''3ebeviekSBallard StreetballardstreetGreat videos Bev. I love watching cats, except that human cat is creepy, lol
Are you calling me creepy, Bev
I don`t do any cat things other than in yoga though.

Thanks! Well, yoga is ok, but watch out for that “downward dog”.4 minutes agoT{2015-02-21 04:58:35http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20 IJD#93[HarleyquinnTom TolestomtolesWell you know NASA lied twice about the numbers. Last time they hedged the bets. They stated that they were 38% sure that last year was .01% the warmest. What commitment.less than a minute agoT{2015-02-21 04:58:35http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20SC!%!3%3_chromosomemWizard of IdwizardofidYou need that kind of shovel for the heavy snow the plow pushes into your driveway.1 minute agoT{2015-02-21 04:58:35http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/20B) E%3YLonnie Cavenee|\EndtownendtownOh God here it comes….1 minute agoT{2015-02-21 04:58:35http://gocomics.com/endtown/2013/05/011A%##e'3agopher goferTruth Factstruth-factsi use my flip phone as a pocket watch…2 minutes agoT{2015-02-21 04:58:35http://gocomics.com/truth-facts/2015/02/20 2G#!K'3_gavin hobbs Adam@HomeadamathomeMORON2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:08:50http://gocomics.com/adamathome/2015/02/20-F'%_'3cINGSOCFrog ApplausefrogapplauseI had picked up my son from his grandmother’s house about an hour ago..
Then suddenly as I was driving a fresh scent of some skunk was flowing through the heating vents..
I had to roll down the window to allow the fresh skunk scent back outside..

…yikes..3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:03:41http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20HE#%'3[HarleyquinnTom Tolestomtoleshttp://blog.heartland.org/2015/01/noaa-and-nasa-lied-on-temperature-records/3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:03:41http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20 U#U5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:13:55http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20GJ!%'3[JP Steve_Cul de SacculdesacNo good. the other side celebrates Marcus’ struggle with bed wetting.5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:13:55http://gocomics.com/culdesac/2015/02/209I# '3YMangeyMoose Ted RalltedrallNot just for AgentSmith, but also for everyone else. Take a look at this short U-tube excerpt from the 1976 movie “Network”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcpWk2WKhEM5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:13:55http://gocomics.com/tedrall/2015/02/20WH[%3UargythreeڞLuannluannSeriously? They can’t run it?
Maybe they should talk to some Israeli engineers…1 minute agoT2015-02-21 05:08:50http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 L NG%3UBrdshttLuannluannLOL1 minute agoT2015-02-21 05:13:55http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20$Mu'3UargythreeڞLuannluannI could buy the hair. Just not the eye makeup…3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:13:55http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20L-! '3_Seeker149#9Maria's Daymarias-dayMany cafeterias have changed since the childhood days of the people who make fun of them. Sue would have little to complain about if she were snowed in at one of my local schools. There’s a pretty nice spectrum, from tasty yet crappy junk food to healthier produce-centered meals.
…but then again, getting snowed in is not a common occurrence in Southern California.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:13:55http://gocomics.com/marias-day/2015/02/19 CCrT%3UBrdshttLuannluannluann1 minute agoTF2015-02-21 05:19:02http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20BR3'3UBrdshttLuannluannAside from initial testing, it has not produced anything or been implemented since it was built in the 1970’s. Guess the process is too expensive, from what I’ve read. I remember when it was built.3 minutes agoTF2015-02-21 05:19:02http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20P)'''3eIBgone Ballard StreetballardstreetAnd then he takes off in the get-a-way car
5 minutes agoTF2015-02-21 05:19:02http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20^O!=93]JP Steve_Stone Soupstonesoup“Speak roughly to your little boy,
And beat him when he sneezes…”less than a minute agoT2015-02-21 05:13:55http://gocomics.com/stonesoup/2015/02/20 >U'%'3csandboili[Frog Applausefrogapplause@Dogsniff. I notice you deleted your comment about people who serial-post various videos/images and people, like me, who overpost comments. I tried to objectively absorb Dogsniff’s mild criticism earlier today, and I agreed that perhaps I was being thoughtless of others by posting several comments per day.
It’s sad if Dogsniff felt as though he needed to delete his comment because things got too warm in here. What a bunch of bullies. And for those who agree with me somewhat, but who are now reluctant to speak up because they’re afraid of being bullied too, that’s sad as well. The bullies win again.
Thanks to ottod for standing up.5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:24:39http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20 _*=m_Y1=1O'3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaSWEET BIRD OF YOUTH3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:24:39http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20JX1=1U'3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaMONKEYBONE3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:24:39http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20gW)'M'3eIBgone Ballard Streetballardstreet4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:24:39http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20PV))'3gJP Steve_Frankie Comicsfrankie-comicsHe’d really be tormenting Mike, not Rachel (?) I know my cats!4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:24:39http://gocomics.com/frankie-comics/2015/02/20 ]5I]f]1=1 '3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaRUMBLE FISH2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:24:39http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20f\1=1 '3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaANIMAL FARM2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:24:39http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20W[]'3UBrdshttLuannluannSpoiler alert: Looks like it’s going to be another “Weekend at Bernie’s”…2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:24:39http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20hZ1=1'3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaKANGAROO JACK2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:24:39http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20aps">EPA permitted it, environmental groups sued, because the waste from the plant (high concentrate saline, among other chemicals) was permitted to be discharged back to the Bay. But as far as I know, that plant did go live and is operating.
Florida is heavily dependent on groundwater, which contributes to sinkhole problems. Worse, growth has put strong demand on water. The state has mandated that the water management districts (regional agencies) plan for ‘alternative water sources’.
The County where I live got permission to treat water from the St. John’s River, and a bunch of environmentalists and the City of Jacksonville sued. They lost, because the amount allowed our county is very small.
(And the hypocrisy of Jacksonville was amazing, consider how much pollution they dump into that river.)
I guess water ‘wars’ are alive and well all over the US…1 minute agoT2015-02-21 05:24:39http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 pkp`)'9'3eIBgone Ballard Streetballardstreet5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:29:45http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20R_1=1S93omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaPIRANHA !less than a minute agoT2015-02-21 05:24:39http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20^;%3UargythreeڞLuannluannThere’s a desal plant operating here in Florida, serving the Tampa area. When I FORGET: SPOILER ALERT!!!!

Gunther’s pained expression makes my wince as much as the amazing words of his Mom in the last frame…5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:29:45http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 *:e#'3UBrdshttLuannluannWe could have had ample water storage, but a bunch of (fill in the blank) chained themselves to trees in the proposed area, leading to stoppage of the project. I think that was 30 to 40 years ago…2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:29:45http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 d)''3eIBgone Ballard Streetballardstreet3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:29:45http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/20Pc1=1a'3omichael ricigliano%Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-trivia(and PIRANHA 3D)4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:29:45http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 #g'%K%3csandboili[Frog Applausefrogapplause@Dogsniff. I notice you deleted your comment about people who serial-post various videos/images and people, like me, who overpost comments. I tried to objectively absorb Dogsniff’s mild criticism earlier today, and I agreed that perhaps I was being thoughtless of others by posting several comments per day.
It’s sad if Dogsniff felt as though he needed to delete his comment because things got too warm in here. What a bunch of bullies. And for those who agree with me somewhat, but who are now reluctant to speak up because they’re afraid of being bullied too, that’s sad as well. The bullies win again.
Thanks to ottod for standing up.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 05:29:45http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20  #i%#K'3aargythreeڞNon SequiturnonsequiturDownload ‘AdblockPlus’ and your problem will be solved. (It’s on my home computer here and I never get pop up or pop over ads anymore…)3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:34:51http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/20Zh)I'3YLonnie Cavenee|\Endtownendtown“disenfranchising huge numbers of those you want to lead” “demanding EVERYONE follow YOUR narrow personal moral convictions” “piss poor leaders” Yep the modern Republican Party and their freak show of “leaders”. The clock is ticking you morons…3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:34:51http://gocomics.com/endtown/2013/07/05  l%#7'3aargythreeڞNon SequiturnonsequiturIf your wife is diabetic, too, then she’s doing well to avoid rice, pasta and potatoes. They each have some nutrient value (well, maybe not pasta), but they are also mainly simple carbs that become glucose as soon as they hit the digestive system. Not good for diabetics.5 minutes agoT.2015-02-21 05:39:58http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/20Bk)1Y93oronwarrenPThe Smile Filemid-life-with-alanNow I know what the fuss is all about.less than a minute agoT2015-02-21 05:34:51http://gocomics.com/mid-life-with-alan/2015/02/20j!Q%3Ulindz.coopQCathycathyWe had 21 below 0 here just north of Detroit this morning. Enough of this!!

As for Cathy: Wouldn’t want too much sense of security all at once, Mom.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 05:34:51http://gocomics.com/cathy/2015/02/20pport another. If you can not support Israel then you will not support the USA when it matters. It is that simple. I am not, I AM NOT saying “go after” anyone who does not support Israel. I am saying that those who do support Israel, say like Egypt, deserve our support in fighting ISIS. Yet when asked Obama who did support the lost year of the Muslim Brotherhood, turned them down! And then there is this pesky Muslim Country who has vowed to kill Israel. Hey why not just let it go and let them suffer under the sanctions we and other Nations set up so that they could not get the hands on a nuclear bomb. That is kind of common sense. They say they want to wipe the little Satan off the map before going after big Satan, you might want to take the sharp objects from them. Yet Obama wants to give them a bunch of money and a I am sorry balloon.4 minutes agoT.2015-02-21 05:39:58http://gocomics.com/jerryholbert/2015/02/20 7j7 p)1'3YLonnie Cavenee|\EndtownendtownAw Mannnn…..3 minutes agoTb2015-02-21 05:45:06http://gocomics.com/endtown/2013/07/31FoQ)_%3gdtroutmaFaces of the News by Kerry WaghornfacesinthenewsJeb’s new brain? What will Karl do?1 minute agoT.2015-02-21 05:39:58http://gocomics.com/facesinthenews/2015/02/20Nn%##%3aargythreeڞNon SequiturnonsequiturThat totally depends on the recipe. Crust free quiche, made with 1 egg and egg substitutes, spinach, onion, other veg and coconut milk or almond milk is edible for diabetics and not fatty, artery clogging junk.
Those of us with a variety of health challenges learn to adapt recipes, or find out how from nutritionists.1 minute agoT.2015-02-21 05:39:58http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/20m#'% '3cHarleyquinnJerry HolbertjerryholbertThen I guess you miss my point. They way to Peace is to support those that would su v|s'3[beviekSAndy Cappandycappsure!4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:50:12http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/20qr '3UargythreeڞLuannluannWere they objecting to the particular area chosen for the storage, or just to the concept of storage? Because you can create water storage in a number of ways (including elevated water towers.) It’s not always necessary to flood a natural area…5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:50:12http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 q#93]nottawasagaAlley Oopalley-oopdid you learn to skate on ice “in one go” ?… if so, you are indeed unusually talented and likely a good dancer too.less than a minute agoTb2015-02-21 05:45:06http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/20 et%=1'3ocommon sanse 0Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaBUFFALP SOLDIERS3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:50:12http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 55Eu''%'3cMeh~thodologyFrog Applausefrogapplausesandboil :
“The bullies win again. "
This from the person who’s trying to bully Happy, Happy, Happy!!! and Rad-ish for posting pictures.

sandboil , you may post as many comments as you like, but STOP trying to control other posters.

Who died and made you Teresa?2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:50:12http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20 z%=1M%3ocommon sanse 0Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaTHE LITTLE MERMAID1 minute agoT2015-02-21 05:50:12http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20Ay;3S%3qargythreeڞFor Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseI wasn’t reading the strip in those days, and now I’m thinking there’s not much point in staying with it if Michael turns into such a mess…1 minute agoT2015-02-21 05:50:12http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/20v%=1'3ocommon sanse 0Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaTHE BAD NEWS BEARS2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:50:12http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 --M|'% 93cdtroutmaNick AndersonnickandersonSFC: you’re also aware of “Vengence is mine, sayeth the lord”, and while the Qu’ran puts that power in Allah/God =same thing, to do that killing, “bible folk” of all stripes take it into their own hands. Which Mohammed cites, among other prophet stories, the story of Noah, now if you want a little mass killing that was quite literally intended?

I find it’s the deniers of their own faith’’s little “problems” that always say the nasty, rotten, stuff is always metaphore, while so often putting those things into practice, like the Crusades, Inquistion, ISIL, ETSEL and LESCHI, lotsa’ nuts through history, much of it not in the least ancient.less than a minute agoT2015-02-21 05:50:12http://gocomics.com/nickanderson/2015/02/19 N/--Q%3kbeviekSCleo and Companycleo-and-companyYeah, I think it’s the hair.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 05:55:18http://gocomics.com/cleo-and-company/2015/02/20/~ '3UargythreeڞLuannluannLOL!! Mother Nature’s revenge!2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:55:18http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20w}'3UBrdshttLuannluannThey were objecting to flooding that particular area. Folsom lake was created in much the same way. Back in the 1950’s, they filled the area which covered a town by the name of Mormon Island to form the lake. It just so happened that there was a lot of poison ivy or poison oak in the area, and a lot of swimmers went home affected by it when it first opened to swimming and boating.5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 05:55:18http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 qZqi!{'3UhippogriffiFrazzfrazzEwal Doh: So it was claimed in the lyrics, but as bigpuma pointed out, he didn’t write that one. As Dorothy Hammerstein would point out, Jerome Kern didn’t write Old Man River, but dah dah dadah, while her husband wrote Old Man River.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 06:00:25http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/20t'3UargythreeڞLuannluannRB2, the poster calling himself Sheriff Mordecai is one of the colorists for Luann and already knows Mr. Evans. So I’m not sure that ‘Sheriff’ is interested in just collecting compliments that are posted here…5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 06:00:25http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 %#I'3adtroutmaSteve BensonstevebensonAhab, it’s on my Kindle.5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 06:00:25http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/19 554'3UBrdshttLuannluannYeah, Evans can go over to the Curmudgeon and get all he wants…4 minutes agoT ,2015-02-21 06:05:32http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/20 +##'3aRotifer ThalwegxFeral Cootsferal-coots

It’s sad when a once gifted cartoonist starts phoning it in (low hanging fruit is so, so beneath you. What’s next? Lasagna jokes? “Love is” mockery? Fictional reader family reunion photos?)

When she decides to “mock” us*
Sometimes the bon mot juste
Is employed (and then she’s joyous)
Obscurity’s a plus!

* Arkies

P.S. Speaking of Arkies: >>> Arkansas lawmakers order schools to teach cursive writing <<4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 06:00:25http://gocomics.com/feral-coots/2010/05/09 [!-S'3YStayingAnonymousBig NatebignateMade me curious. What animal is it?2 minutes agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/bignate/2015/02/21%#'%3adtroutmaKen CatalinokencatalinoAhab: downloaded Sapiens A to my kindle.

Mangy, thanks for the kind thought, wish I could say on this forum where to send a few dozen coal train loads worth of snow! (That will just cover the hills behind my house and maybe recharge my well’s acquifer.)1 minute agoT!_2015-02-21 06:10:39http://gocomics.com/kencatalino/2015/02/20$) a'3YLonnie Cavenee|\Endtownendtown Fantastic artwork in panel three and four.2 minutes agoT!_2015-02-21 06:10:39http://gocomics.com/endtown/2013/10/01u)'i'3eWabbitStuart Carlsonstuartcarlsonwhite male republicans are bent on destroying this country while they blame Obama for anything and everything.4 minutes agoT!_2015-02-21 06:10:39http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/20 .'3Useismic-2 NLuannluannTell him all about Peru, especially why you came back.2 minutes agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21z!'3UReallyBad2LuannluannIt appears Mrs. Berger is attracted to Mr. Gray. How do we know? Her magical apron heart is at full size.

Since this one is a different color, she must have multiple magical aprons.2 minutes agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21   q! '3UIamJayBluE4Luannluann“Assume The Juxtaposition”
“Enjoy The Silence….” (♫)
“Conservation Of Conversation”
“Breaking The Ice….With A Toothpick”
“Green Room For The Maury Show”
“Make Room For… The Main Course?”
“Ice Upon The Telegraph Line”
“Past Partisan, Present Tense”
“Radio Inactivity”
“Couched…For Pathos?”
“The Silent (But Deadly) Air Between Us”
“All’s Quiet On The Pestered Front”
“A Mute Point”2 minutes agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21 D'1)m'3gTREEINTHEWINDFrank & ErnestfrankandernestWell at least he gets right to the point………. he doesn’t have to hammer his points in…………… and doesn’t screw around..2 minutes agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/21 +'%'3cRotifer ThalwegxFrog Applausefrogapplause

It’s sad when a once gifted cartoonist starts phoning it in (low hanging fruit is so, so beneath you. What’s next? Lasagna jokes? “Love is” mockery? Fictional reader family reunion photos?)

When she decides to “mock” us*
Sometimes the bon mot juste
Is employed (and then she’s joyous)
Obscurity’s a plus!

* Arkies

P.S. Speaking of Arkies: >>> Arkansas lawmakers order schools to teach cursive writing <<2 minutes agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21 H*H\"!I'3]WootietootNAlley Oopalley-oopOh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive (or something like that) lol2 minutes agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/21!)'3Ystcrowe 9PeanutspeanutsDownton Snoopy2 minutes agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/21U '!7'3[TEMPLO S.U.D.ηCul de SacculdesacYOU try being the Mother Nature of the supernatural, Alice.2 minutes agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/culdesac/2015/02/21m'e'3]Night-Gaunt49Alley Oopalley-oopI did the same with rollerskating. Managed not to fall and by the end of the night I was almost proficient in it. Took discipline an careful analysis of my movement. (It was harder with ice skating, but I had good balance at that time.)2 minutes agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/20 LvPJLx&+MKs%3 leftwingpatriotVNew Adventures of Queen VictoriathenewadventuresofqueenvictoriaDetails! We want DETAILS!1 minute agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/thenewadventuresofqueenvictoria/2015/02/21%'%%3cRad-ish"Frog ApplausefrogapplauseYou don’t want to see any more images
so that’s it for everyone?
Who put you in charge of free speech?1 minute agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20 $k'3UargythreeڞLuannluannThe look on his face in the first frame suggests Gunther is so apprehensive, he might never speak to Mr. Gray. And what, exactly, do the two guys have to talk about, Mrs. B???2 minutes agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21#!'3]AnyFaceDick Tracydicktracydicktracy2 minutes agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21 +(~+!+!%%E%3camethyst52KGreen Humourgreen-humourI think that is a chameleon.1 minute agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/green-humour/2015/02/20&*!q%3WIamJayBluE4F MinusfminusMade by “Wedgie, Incorporated”….1 minute agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/fminus/2015/02/21))!=%3_Bruno Zeigerts@Adam@HomeadamathomeAn interfering busybody?1 minute agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/adamathome/2015/02/21(5%3UnextframeBLuannluannWhat if mr gray is rosa’s uncle?
UNINTENTIONAL PLOT TWIST!1 minute agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21R''I%3Uvoodoojoe2000HLuannluannRun the errands for mom and dad, because you kinda have to, but tell Luann to do hers herself.1 minute agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/luann/1993/03/21 ii/+%%93cleftwingpatriotVGray Mattersgray-mattersOuch!less than a minute agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/gray-matters/2015/02/21n.'/!U%3_TEMPLO S.U.D.ηDaddy's HomedaddyshomeBetter look on Google Maps where Elliott’s sense of humor is while you’re at it, Spork.1 minute agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/21'-+!U%3_TheNeedlebThe Dinette SetdinettesetEven worse is the oldster snow bird.1 minute agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/dinetteset/2015/02/21Q,+3/w%3mSherlock WatsonPearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineAh yes, the Annual Hollywood Self-Congratulation Ceremony, where the people who give us garbage give each other trophies for it.
I’ll be catching up on my reading.1 minute agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21 L&8!A'3]argythreeڞPooch CafepoochcafeGood grief, Poncho….4 minutes agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/poochcafe/2015/02/21f7!]'3]WootietootNAlley Oopalley-oopOK Lana, so let’s just get you back to the studio so I can get paid my fee by Keltner, then we’ll go find some cozy place to canoodle. We’ll keep the rest a secret, and Mr. Oop can get back to Ooola. The End…5 minutes agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/21 2'=93[TREEINTHEWINDAndy CappandycappYou would think that Flo would buy him “wash and wear” clothes………… besides the’er cheaper………less than a minute agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21.1!_93]Darsan54@Stone SoupstonesoupHey, commentators yesterday called it !!!less than a minute agoT"2015-02-21 06:15:46http://gocomics.com/stonesoup/2015/02/21 HQ<++#'3aSherlock WatsonMutt & JeffmuttandjeffAlso, Mutt’s forgetting about crucial variables, like mustard.4 minutes agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/muttandjeff/2015/02/21>;)+'3OBruno Zeigerts@B.C.bcOr six fifths of the time.
But he’d give it one hundred ten percent.4 minutes agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/21/:)o'3[Leo AutodidactGraffitigraffiti" . . . is an astonished Mother-In-Law"4 minutes agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/graffiti/2015/02/21}9'%}'3cRad-ish"Frog ApplausefrogapplauseThe real issue is over posting the same images on multiple strips when they don’t relate to the strips in any way.4 minutes agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20 )`A)M'3YBruno Zeigerts@BrevitybrevityUnbearable.
(but darn cute)2 minutes agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/brevity/2015/02/21!@!W'3]phinnmamDick TracydicktracyHmmm, Flintheart needs more vitamins!2 minutes agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21C?'-+m'3iTEMPLO S.U.D.ηFoxTrot ClassicsfoxtrotclassicsWell, in Australia, it’s winter in August.2 minutes agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/foxtrotclassics/2015/02/21>)='3YBruno Zeigerts@The BarnthebarnRun by Dr. Frankenstein.3 minutes agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/thebarn/2015/02/217=!'3UReallyBad2LuannluannWe all know why Gunther refuses to talk to his nemesis, but why is Mr. Gray being so quiet? I think it’s because her son looks like Mrs. Berger with a beard, and it’s creeping him out.4 minutes agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21 t~}E''3UnextframeBLuannluannAwkward bound2 minutes agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21pD '3Useismic-2 NLuannluannI hope Mrs. Berger is serving a dinner of hot chili peppers and beer, so that Gunther will wind up on a bus headed to Sun City.2 minutes agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21C)')'3ebeviekSBallard StreetballardstreetPast her what?2 minutes agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/21lB!k'3]Neil Wick 7Dick TracydicktracyI guess Kandi’s meeting with Silver went well. She certainly seems to be in a good mood and raring to go.2 minutes agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21 t/I)+)K%3gBruno Zeigerts@Brewster RockitbrewsterrockitAlso for best spleen destroyer.1 minute agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/brewsterrockit/2015/02/21kG!%3UReallyBad2Luannluann@nextframe
What if mr gray is rosa’s uncle?

I’m rooting for “Leslie Knox in a fat suit”, myself.1 minute agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21F+MK+%3 Sherlock WatsonNew Adventures of Queen VictoriathenewadventuresofqueenvictoriaJane’s not kidding — she would bend over backwards for her friends.1 minute agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/thenewadventuresofqueenvictoria/2015/02/21 )X Mo%3UnextframeBLuannluannI think nemisis is too strong more like anti-hero1 minute agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21KK'!!%3_Colonel Claus PMythTicklemythtickleYep, Bout as bas as Me wanting to hear Nashville Phil play his Harmonica1 minute agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/mythtickle/2015/02/20QJ''%%3cMeh~thodologyFrog ApplausefrogapplauseHesh!
They don’t need no extra preachers in The Bear State !

(With a tip of the Hatlo Hat to Rotifer Thalweg1 minute agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21 7oPR!)% 93cbama1fan92Arlo and JanisarloandjanisAnyone wanna bet what or who Robin’s husband looks like?less than a minute agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/21-Q+U93[leftwingpatriotVRudy ParkrudyparkYup, that’s Rudy’s life.less than a minute agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/rudypark/2015/02/21BP/!y93_beviekSDaddy's HomedaddyshomeJust be glad he didn’t pull it out of your nose.less than a minute agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/21CO'/)q%3gTEMPLO S.U.D.ηHeart of the CityheartofthecityHeart should organize a World Cup for crab soccer!1 minute agoT#2015-02-21 06:20:53http://gocomics.com/heartofthecity/2015/02/21 OO|V# '3[afficionado Andy Cappandycapp@beviek
Bella is showing off her place at the dining room table, it’s her favourite chair, she does look a little like an old biddy gossiping while leaning on a fence :o) she sleeping on the chair now under the table cloth to keep the light out5 minutes agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21SUQ'3Useismic-2 NLuannluannFrankly, I don’t see what Mrs. Berger finds appealing about either one of these guys.5 minutes agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21PS!##%'3aCrosspatchzMike Lestermike-lesterSheeple drip again? Whats a matter cant find anything real to whine about.
http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/22/nyregion/global-warming-could-make-the-super-rich-jealous-of-rowhouse-residents.html?_r=0-5 minutes agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/mike-lester/2015/02/21  C /Z!!s'3_beviekSSpeechlessspeechlessWhat’s she feeding that bug? hahahaha4 minutes agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/21MYE'3UargythreeڞLuannluannThat’s genuinely funny! I wish you’d share more of those ideas with us.4 minutes agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21+X!)'O'3ecpalmeresqݞGasoline AlleygasolinealleyHead to church & repent, Lil!4 minutes agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/gasolinealley/2015/02/217W''3QTEMPLO S.U.D.ηLiolioBullies just get away from Lio when it comes to messing with other kids.5 minutes agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/lio/2015/02/21 N13N_]+!G'3[Sherlock WatsonU.S. Acresus-acresIf Sheldon’s that flexible, he should’ve been able to scratch his back yesterday.3 minutes agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/us-acres/2015/02/21x\###s'3aSir BombersYenny Lopezyenny-lopezOh, Kelso… hopefully his “luck” will bring more of Yenny’s approval in the future… :)4 minutes agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/yenny-lopez/2015/02/21I[!A'3SIamJayBluE4WuMowumoFirst, there was “The Six Million Dollar Man”/“Bionic Woman”…
Then, “Inspector Gadget”…
Next, came “Robocop”…
But before any of them saw the light of day, there was…… Officer N. Gentleman, “the Continental Cop…Agent Of Change!”….4 minutes agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/wumo/2015/02/21  KY?a)--_'3kBruno Zeigerts@Dilbert Classicsdilbert-classicsWhich one is Dobby?
Give him a sock.2 minutes agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/dilbert-classics/2015/02/21l`!55''3sIamJayBluE4Random Acts of Nancyrandom-acts-of-nancyHe and his dog might want me to do another sequel with them!….2 minutes agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/random-acts-of-nancy/2015/02/21;_!'3UIamJayBluE4NancynancyLittle does Phil know how much she cherished his attention in the matter!3 minutes agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/nancy/2015/02/21n^'99'3wTEMPLO S.U.D.ηPhoebe and Her Unicornphoebe-and-her-unicornDoes anyone feel the song “You Are My Sunshine” coming on?3 minutes agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/phoebe-and-her-unicorn/2015/02/21 hlHf'%%3cbeviekSFrog ApplausefrogapplauseThat is positively lovely speech balloon!1 minute agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21)e#)17%3oalangilbertDThe Smile Filemid-life-with-alanChuckle! Thanks, Ron!1 minute agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/mid-life-with-alan/2015/02/20Rd'7%3[TEMPLO S.U.D.ηPluggerspluggersSorry, but I’m unfamiliar with that tune… nor in which decade it was popular.1 minute agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/pluggers/2015/02/21vc!%3UThe Airman LuannluannThese guys just don’t know how to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Whoopie, guys, whoopie. Somebody please check their pulses.1 minute agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21b')''3eBRI-NO-MITE!! %Ballard StreetballardstreetZing!2 minutes agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/21 uq  uk;93UkenhenseNLuannluannMr. Gray! Help us out!less than a minute agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21zj!/#[93aIamJayBluE4Today's Doggtodays-doggIn his defence, He was hoping there wouldn’t be a “convenience charge”….less than a minute agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/todays-dogg/2015/02/216i)-+S%3iBruno Zeigerts@FoxTrot ClassicsfoxtrotclassicsRevenge is a dish best served cold.1 minute agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/foxtrotclassics/2015/02/21%hy%3UAtomivDogLuannluannHas Mr. Gray had one line of dialog in this strip yet?1 minute agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21 g'!%3]TEMPLO S.U.D.ηPooch CafepoochcafeI concur.1 minute agoT$2015-02-21 06:26:01http://gocomics.com/poochcafe/2015/02/21 4q)w'3[Bruno Zeigerts@Get FuzzygetfuzzyHark, what dishwashing glove on yonder dog doth rise?4 minutes agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/getfuzzy/2015/02/21p!'3[amethyst52KTen Catsten-catsYay! I get to be first! This comes through at 10:00pm here in the PNW. Have a good Caturday 10 Cats fans!4 minutes agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/21o+! '3[Sherlock WatsonU.S. Acresus-acresEven with cartoon physics, the 1989 strip doesn’t make much sense.5 minutes agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/us-acres/2015/02/21m'K7W'3uTEMPLO S.U.D.ηRipley's Believe It or NotripleysbelieveitornotUm… is Beatles music STILL banned in Israel after approximately 50 years?5 minutes agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/ripleysbelieveitornot/2015/02/21 LXu!%!9'3_The J.A.M.Off the MarkoffthemarkI suppose there’s a song or movie reference here, but I have no idea what it is.4 minutes agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/offthemark/2015/02/21+t'!a'3]TEMPLO S.U.D.ηStone SoupstonesoupAndy’ll make a swell father alright.4 minutes agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/stonesoup/2015/02/21&s)!U'3]LuckyStrike_ehZPooch CafepoochcafeThe dog has ethics!!! Who knew :))4 minutes agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/poochcafe/2015/02/21r'% '3cbeviekSFrog ApplausefrogapplauseThat is positively lovely speech balloon! It’s actually the loveliest I’ve ever seen.4 minutes agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21 T$tT!{)]'3WBruno Zeigerts@Ink PeninkpenAnd having pizzas delivered to his door.3 minutes agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/inkpen/2015/02/21tz'3UnextframeBLuannluannnope3 minutes agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21y%'3YBeau NoboBrevitybrevityW downunder.3 minutes agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/brevity/2015/02/21x!'3]AnyFaceDick Tracydicktracydicktracy3 minutes agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21w'#='3aLX013Red and RoverredandroverRover prefers his sniff!3 minutes agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/redandrover/2015/02/21Vv)99i'3wBruno Zeigerts@Phoebe and Her Unicornphoebe-and-her-unicornLet the sunshine in/let the sunshine in…3 minutes agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/phoebe-and-her-unicorn/2015/02/21 =6!'3WbeviekSThe DuplexduplexThose judges must be pretty dumb to keep letting Eno on the jury.2 minutes agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/duplex/2015/02/21&~+)A'3gBeau NoboBrewster RockitbrewsterrockitHe forgot to thank Dr Mel.2 minutes agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/brewsterrockit/2015/02/21}'?'3UCupertino JayMontymontyohhhh nooes.. can’t kill hulk before he appears in Joss Whedon’s Avengers flicks.

also, um, can’t kill hulk a’tall iirc.2 minutes agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/monty/2015/02/21}|''3]TEMPLO S.U.D.ηThatababythatababySomehow, I feel Peter Griffin coming on. (I know it’s cartoon physics, but how can Siri know a baby’s thoughts?)2 minutes agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/thatababy/2015/02/21 |K0|.#q%3[afficionado Andy Cappandycapp@Eldo
Last Item to get rid of in my basement is hundreds of wine bottles that my youngest son used when he was in his wine making phase, he made wine out of strawberries, pomengranates, prickly pears and cherries, at the time he was teetotal. he has promised to take them away and clutter his basement1 minute agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21#!Q%3_sukiec6Diamond LildiamondlilIt is not a name, but Bob Smith (Buffalo Bob Smith) usρ$'##K%3aTEMPLO S.U.D.ηYenny Lopezyenny-lopezIs there even a C&C in PR?1 minute agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/yenny-lopez/2015/02/21/) %3QBruno Zeigerts@LiolioWould have been neat to see that peashooter with a sniper scope.1 minute agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/lio/2015/02/21ed to tell at some shows about a little boy who was participating on stage during one of their early tv Halloween shows. After a while the boy had to use the bathroom. Bob pointed him to side stage so the boy could exit but the lad thought Bob was indicating one of the Jack O’Lanterns along the stage front and proceeded to empty his bladder into that receptacle, putting out the candle. Years later when Bob decided to follow up on what happened with memorable child participants in the show he learned that boy had become a fireman!
(Over 40 years ago i worked as assistant stage mgr for some oldies concerts, and although that sounds impressive it really just means gofer. Bob MCed two of the concerts. He and Chub Checker were my absolute favorites to work with, just plain wonderful people, very personable, very down to earth, and totally professional.)1 minute agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/diamondlil/2015/02/21 ::y !#!{'3_CrosspatchzGlenn McCoyglennmccoyFunny most of the Chickenhawks in Congress are Republican.
We are afar cry from 1930’s and your sheeple mentality proves it.
You served where McCoy? The sheeple media front?4 minutes agoT'a2015-02-21 06:36:17http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/21A)MKq93 Bruno Zeigerts@New Adventures of Queen Victoriathenewadventuresofqueenvictoria‘I could tell you … but then I’d have to … put you in one of my books as a villain.’less than a minute agoT&.2015-02-21 06:31:10http://gocomics.com/thenewadventuresofqueenvictoria/2015/02/21  k'3UReFlex-76@zLuannluannGunther had two obstacles to true change: getting over his mother and Mr. Gray, and getting over Rosa.
The first is now being taken care of.
Now for the second, if only Gunther could find a sexually assertive young woman, who finds him attractive, and who he’s already been a friend with for many years, hmmm . . .
3 minutes agoT'a2015-02-21 06:36:17http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21 cat and said, “there are some things we are drawn to and are drawn to us, you can never escape them.” which left him cold on the inside after his hot passion to leave the horrors of that museum for good.
“Well, better make use of the ordinance then go see them.” He said to the air, and a glittering fly that landed on a rough, rounded stone near him. Through the scope he has to make a decision to hit the giant bird or that flying relic.Though that creature is odd enough to maybe hit with a 20 mm shell from his wall buster rifle to mess up Animo’s plans. He has already told them by a blanket signal that must have covered the country and into Canada what he intends to do with Montana. His “new world” he wants so much. No where to run, no where to hide from his destiny it seems. (If that old bog witch , Madam Sims knew what she was talking about when he left after that vampire cave man and his zombie velociraptors attacked him at the

Alternate Alley Oop Chapter 17 “Deader Than Dead”(14 – 16) 2/14 – 16/2013 Thursday -Saturday
Security chief of the museum Mac Bolan has been injured but left alive by the vampire ‘raptor’ Thorn. He still has his gear, armor, automag and riot shield and is staggering to the place he last saw the intruders were last seen on the CCTV within the museum. He intends on taking a pound of flesh himself.
“Time for us to go,” Brucutu tells him just as the thin wail of the police sirens could be heard.
“No you don’t!” Bolan started firing but with each shot he missed them. Like they blurred and was out of the way before the hollow points could strike them.
He’s thinking about moving to Montana and building a survival refuge. At the very least to get away from this. No one should know the things he has seen.3 minutes agoT'a2015-02-21 06:36:17http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/21 J ''3]Night-Gaunt49Alley Oopalley-oopAlternate Alley Oop Chapter 22 “Dark Threat for Tomorrow” (28) 2/21/2015 Saturday

New Mission: Animo’s Animal Scoop part 3

While nearly everyone in the group is scrambling or racking their brains on somthing that will help their friend and team member eyes are spying them and what is going on with a cool dispassion and scrutiny. Then he spoke out to himself as he has been doing for almost a year since he moved here.
“Damn if it isn’t that ape-guy again, with a hot pistol packing gal and some others. weirdness seems to follow me.” He sighed.
When he left the museum and told Madam Sim he has had enough and he was moving to Montana she smiled like a Siamese Chesire DVD %#'3aBugaboo27=Non SequiturnonsequiturA person can be “healthy,” but something that is good for your health is “healthful.” He used the word correctly.2 minutes agoT'a2015-02-21 06:36:17http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/20<s;'3[ƹʅɗʘ "The whole Haul" Phil D. AlbertAndy CappandycappI’d like to sai that tastes great but It’s really less-filling.
Here’s some stout humour by the Master — a Classic to-boot 1-Oct 1966
3 minutes agoT'a2015-02-21 06:36:17http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21b)3/'3mBruno Zeigerts@Pearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineThe show where they give the awards to the movies the public despises.3 minutes agoT'a2015-02-21 06:36:17http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21   '%%%3cBeau NoboFrog ApplausefrogapplauseRope a dope.1 minute agoT'a2015-02-21 06:36:17http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21$9/!/%3_2old, getting younger!Daddy's HomedaddyshomeGood question: How was your childhood?
mine was good, we could play outside until the streetlights came on and it was safe!1 minute agoT'a2015-02-21 06:36:17http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/21/)o%3[Bruno Zeigerts@PluggerspluggersSaw a Roy Rogers movie where he sang ‘My Old Kentucky home’ where one of the lines went:‘And the darkies were all gay.’
Definitely a different time.1 minute agoT'a2015-02-21 06:36:17http://gocomics.com/pluggers/2015/02/21 //?)'3UnextframeBLuannluannwhen has tiff been his “freind” most of time she uses them as bait5 minutes agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21J)#!'3_Bruno Zeigerts@Rip HaywireriphaywireA bizarro cobra would be loving and not concerned about money…5 minutes agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/riphaywire/2015/02/21 %#'3aBugaboo27=Non SequiturnonsequiturYou know that feeling when it’s about nap-time, your brain is fuzzy and your body is feeling weary and heavy? That’s logy.5 minutes agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/20'!c%3]boboscar8Dick TracydicktracyLooks like Kandi’s last business with Vitamin, while enough to make her want to keep him from more vitamins, wasn’t enough to discourage her from more Vitamin.1 minute agoT'a2015-02-21 06:36:17http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21 Z'%7'3csandboili[Frog ApplausefrogapplauseSerial-posting the same images on multiple strips was one of the issues I addressed. Look at Andy Capp and Ballard Street, for example. The same basset hound (or whatever) is spammed on each page. And then, lucky us, it shows up on Frog Applause, too.
Visit Wiley’s page. Comment after comment without unicorns and puppy dogs. The people who visit FA are thinking, creative people who know how to use words. Use them!
The reason some people camp out on pages like Ballard Street is because there is no creator interaction there or it’s a retired strip running classics.
Why is no one jumping down Dogsniff’s throat? He said pretty much what I did except in fewer words.4 minutes agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20 A;u*!)=1'3oSteve Sosensky7_Ricig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaLadyhawk3 minutes agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20@ #! '3]Jonathan K.fDick TracydicktracyThe look on Vitamin’s face in the last panel is priceless!4 minutes agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21+'3WCFinFLTarzantarzanI guess that someone has advanced from 5,000 BC picture writing to perfect English. Of course it is still on a stone tablet instead of an iPad.4 minutes agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/tarzan/2015/02/2191y'3[The Brown Starfish Gil ThorpgilthorpHow am I supposed to take the pill with my mouth shut?4 minutes agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/21 >#)%!}'3_Bruno Zeigerts@Wizard of IdwizardofidGoing to need to sell a lot of thoughts to pay that off.3 minutes agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/213"!##k'3aCrosspatchzMike Lestermike-lesterThe sherple whine about the presidents clothes is so old all the mothballs have evaporated, but to look to the 9/11 miscreant as a viable source well you really are desperate.3 minutes agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/mike-lester/2015/02/21 r$#!q'3_dtroutmaGlenn McCoyglennmccoySo,Neville was criticized for using drones to blow up bad guys, or let SEALS do their job in Pakistan, or on the Indian Ocean? Diplomacy is about creating a future, with a llimitation on force to only get “bad guys”, not flatten whole nations in failed efforts that only create MORE enemies.

Chickenhawks have caused far more hate, and created far more enemies, than friends.

ISIL is not a force backed by the Krupps, Henry Ford, and Prescott Bush, if you want a more accurate reflection on Chamberlain’s time.2 minutes agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/21 X'k'3OmatalupepB.C.bcIt Must be Groundhog’s Day; I keep hering the same thing over & over again: “I can’t believe the Seahawks ran a passing play on 1st & goal. They had the best running ofense in the league!”, “I can’t believe the Seahawks ran a passing play on 1st & goal. They had the best running ofense in the league!”…2 minutes agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/02R&9+! '3_2old, getting younger!The Dinette SetdinettesetHey….I’m an oldster and I resent your implication!
The Penny’s just feel entitled, and wait til they are my age, they will be the most entitled old people on the planet!2 minutes agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/dinetteset/2015/02/21 N+'5%3YCupertino JayPicklespickleswhat if? readers get "What If: today? alrighty then, here’s another of this week’s “What If” comic..
source: https://xkcd.com/14871 minute agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/pickles/2015/02/21l*#99'3wJonathan K.fPhoebe and Her Unicornphoebe-and-her-unicornI agree with Phoebe in Panel 2. I think she’s the cutest thing.2 minutes agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/phoebe-and-her-unicorn/2015/02/21w)%;37'3qKris BennettFor Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseYes because when things get rough, you always need the smart friend to help you cheat2 minutes agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/21 M0XM1s;93[ƹʅɗʘ "The whole Haul" Phil D. AlbertAndy Cappandycappless than a minute agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21/%!E%3_Beau NoboOff the MarkoffthemarkGet your kicks, on route 66.1 minute agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/offthemark/2015/02/210.%#i%3aBugaboo27=Non Sequiturnonsequitur“It’s almost nothing but fatty, artery-clogging junk that has almost no nutritional value.”

— Not to mention animal exploitation, cruelty and abuse!1 minute agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/20J-373W%3qwarped and demented bwarped & dementedwarped-and-dementedThank you for reading and commenting.1 minute agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/warped-and-demented/2015/02/21 a+aD53/i'3mBeau NoboPearls Before Swinepearlsbeforeswine“You like me. You really like me!”3 minutes agoT)2015-02-21 06:46:30http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21E41'3[The Brown Starfish Gil ThorpgilthorpBut Bobby, how am I supposed to take the pill with my mouth shut?4 minutes agoT)2015-02-21 06:46:30http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/2139!9'3W2old, getting younger!The DuplexduplexHe owns a white shirt and tie, To a judge that qualifies him. Besides he is breathing. Actually, I’ve been on a jury with a guy dumber than Eno!5 minutes agoT)2015-02-21 06:46:30http://gocomics.com/duplex/2015/02/21c2)=93]robb armstrong JumpStartjumpstartYou guys are great! Thanks so much! btw, I can’t retire. I’m Vic Van Streck!less than a minute agoT(2015-02-21 06:41:24http://gocomics.com/jumpstart/2015/02/20 P88!'3UIamJayBluE4LuannluannPlus, a bunch of girls have given him the “look-see”, since he got back…..

And there may be some assertiveness going on, but that’s about it… she “kicks some tires”, but she’s just “comfortable”. And as the last panel showed, he’s not….2 minutes agoT)2015-02-21 06:46:30http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21279!['3]Three Steps Over Japan 8Skin HorseskinhorseALL of the females in Skin Horse are the strong, sensitive type. And Hitty is about to stand by her man. By standing on top of everyone else.3 minutes agoT)2015-02-21 06:46:30http://gocomics.com/skinhorse/2015/02/21s6'3UBrdshttLuannluannluann3 minutes agoT)2015-02-21 06:46:30http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21 %I;%9%3UAngelalex242@yLuannluannJust then, Gunther pulls out the Backpack of Bully Busting +5 and beats down Mr. Gray!1 minute agoT)2015-02-21 06:46:30http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21i:73+%3qJuneLee\warped & dementedwarped-and-dementedI BETCHA DIDN’T SEE THAT COMMING , DID YA CAT1 minute agoT)2015-02-21 06:46:30http://gocomics.com/warped-and-demented/2015/02/21U9!?'3[BitsyTwill)Gil ThorpgilthorpJohn Pascoe used to have a t-shirt just like that. (Speaking of keeping your mouth shut.)2 minutes agoT)2015-02-21 06:46:30http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/21 %%h=##Y%3ajnik23260_CandorvillecandorvilleBut in being single, I don’t HAVE to compromise! I don’t HAVE to work at any relationship! If I want to sleep naked on the recliner with a pizza on one side, a pitcher of beer on the other, and porn on the video, no one will stop me!

I’m sorry – TMI?1 minute agoT)2015-02-21 06:46:30http://gocomics.com/candorville/2015/02/21g<!e%3]Carla S .Stone Soupstonesoup“He only does it to annoy,
because he knows it teases!”

“Wow, Wow, Wow!”1 minute agoT)2015-02-21 06:46:30http://gocomics.com/stonesoup/2015/02/20 v? 93UBrdshttLuannluannI hate it when Mr. Gray gets all worked up like that. Also, it can get ugly when two guys are vying for the same woman…less than a minute agoT)2015-02-21 06:46:30http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21#>;3%3qsukiec6For Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseMichael is not one to cheat. If nothing else his character has an authenticity and integrity. Of course, there is more because he has a strong creative streak. It just takes him a while to attain the skills needed to work within reality when he would rather be wound ip thinking about a story. This has led me to wonder if LJ identified somewhat with Michael’s stuggles as he grows.1 minute agoT)2015-02-21 06:46:30http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/21 ).r)lC9%!G'3_Three Steps Over Japan 8Dog Eat DougdogeatdougChewy’s removal service. Making all your worries disappear since (what time is it now?)5 minutes agoT*2015-02-21 06:51:37http://gocomics.com/dogeatdoug/2015/02/21QB!K'3UIamJayBluE4LuannluannI’m still wondering if this situation will be part of “Greg’s Master Plan” to “right the wrong” that his “previous historian” made on the dates of 4/2/09 and 10/23/13….5 minutes agoT*2015-02-21 06:51:37http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/216A 93UWiseladLuannluannif he goes to someone else, I prefer it to be Bern or even Sunless than a minute agoT)2015-02-21 06:46:30http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21L@!/93UhowtheduckLuannluannThey could have a conversation, but first Gunther would have to wake up Mr. Gray.less than a minute agoT)2015-02-21 06:46:30http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21 fBJ9A'3UThree Steps Over Japan 8FrazzfrazzMake snow bunnies instead.4 minutes agoT*2015-02-21 06:51:37http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/21 F#/!?'3_Tony Rubino{Daddy's HomedaddyshomeWhere was your childhood?5 minutes agoT*2015-02-21 06:51:37http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/21E11'3oJusSayin vPoorly Drawn Linespoorly-drawn-linesYeah Father and Son

Romanek did a thing where Johnny Cash sang bass, Fiona sang tenor.5 minutes agoT*2015-02-21 06:51:37http://gocomics.com/poorly-drawn-lines/2015/02/20D!;'3]Beau NoboSpeed BumpspeedbumpHow can they afford it?5 minutes agoT*2015-02-21 06:51:37http://gocomics.com/speedbump/2015/02/21 m:N#'3Upointspread[LuannluannMaybe Mr Gray is Dez. You never see either one in the same place…3 minutes agoT*2015-02-21 06:51:37http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21M!['3YSnoopy_Fan PeanutspeanutsThat is how my cats think…4 minutes agoT*2015-02-21 06:51:37http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/21!L!m'3UIamJayBluE4Luannluann(Awkward Bound:) Yup! And Awkward arrival, too!4 minutes agoT*2015-02-21 06:51:37http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21BK)%'3cCFinFLArlo and Janisarloandjanis@bama—-If Jimmy Johnson wants to be clever, he could pull a “Tool Time” trick like Tims next door neighbor, who was always hidden from view, until the shows final episode.4 minutes agoT*2015-02-21 06:51:37http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/21 ee,S1-?'3kBeau NoboViivi & Wagnerviivi-and-wagnerHe’s jet propelled!2 minutes agoT*2015-02-21 06:51:37http://gocomics.com/viivi-and-wagner/2015/02/21R##'3aMiny Boy֣Yenny Lopezyenny-lopezSold!2 minutes agoT*2015-02-21 06:51:37http://gocomics.com/yenny-lopez/2015/02/21UQ9OO'3 Three Steps Over Japan 8Saturday Morning Breakfast Cerealsaturday-morning-breakfast-cerealIf this were really the case, America would be completely uninhabited by now.
Although, reality shows would have been faster.2 minutes agoT*2015-02-21 06:51:37http://gocomics.com/saturday-morning-breakfast-cereal/2015/02/21|O'%}'3cbeviekSFrog ApplausefrogapplauseThat is a positively lovely speech balloon! It’s actually the loveliest I’ve ever seen.3 minutes agoT*2015-02-21 06:51:37http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21Y8 8@HPX`hpx (08@HPX`hpx (08@HPX`hpxEIƒMÃRăVŃZƃ]ǃaȃfɃkʃq˃ũ{̓΃Ѓ у ԃ Ճփ׃؃ك!ڃ#ۃ$܃'݃+ރ1߃58;=?CJNSV[`cgknsv{~ $')/249=BG L P T d jov{ "%)-13 )' )^V!g%3Urusty gate2LuannluannIf Gunther wants Mr. Gray to just ‘go away’, maybe he should start calling him ‘dad’.1 minute agoT*2015-02-21 06:51:37http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21U!S%3UhowtheduckLuannluannConversation topics:
1. Do you always wear gray since your name is Mr. Gray?
2. Do you know what happened to those 2 pictures that were on the back wall in the first 2 panels?
3. How much money will it take before you leave my mother alone?
4. Peru. It is a land of enchantment with old mountain villages where they need people from the United States to gather sticks and dig with rakes.1 minute agoT*2015-02-21 06:51:37http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21ST#/!#'3_Tony Rubino{Daddy's HomedaddyshomeSo… I’ve got a dirty, little confession to make. Wanna hear it?2 minutes agoT*2015-02-21 06:51:37http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/21 e![/!G'3_beviekSDaddy's HomedaddyshomeWell……… Washington State, California, Germany, Oklahoma, Panama Canal Zone, Oklahoma….yep, that’s about it. If I remember any more, I’ll be back.5 minutes agoT,,2015-02-21 06:56:44http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/211Z'y'3YCupertino JayPicklespicklesWhat If? readers need “What If” today?

alrighty then, here’s the other “What If” comic of the day..

http://what-if.xkcd.com/1305 minutes agoT,,2015-02-21 06:56:44http://gocomics.com/pickles/2015/02/21X993YSuperfrog=BrevitybrevitySend in the dropbears.less than a minute agoT*2015-02-21 06:51:37http://gocomics.com/brevity/2015/02/21 kg`}'3UWiseladLuannluannlook in the Sofa, Peter Thornton and Andrei Arlovski http://www.mmatko.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/andreiarlovski.jpg3 minutes agoT,,2015-02-21 06:56:44http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21Z_%99u'3wDana Simpson Phoebe and Her Unicornphoebe-and-her-unicornThere is actually a Sunday strip about that song. :)3 minutes agoT,,2015-02-21 06:56:44http://gocomics.com/phoebe-and-her-unicorn/2015/02/21~^!''3Ushassandra&CLuannluann ohhh perfect.3 minutes agoT,,2015-02-21 06:56:44http://gocomics.com/luann/2005/12/28 \+%#'3aHorst Hrubbisch`Bloom CountybloomcountyOpus is so correct! Bravo’s Real Housewives are a prime example of women who remove their makeup with a hammer & chisel.5 minutes agoT,,2015-02-21 06:56:44http://gocomics.com/bloomcounty/2015/02/21 -k=c9%3Oamber71:B.C.bcTo Donald Donald about your yesterday’s comment on ads. I have AdBlockPlus (on the Chrome browser) and never have a problem with pesky ads obscuring part of the comics page. Back a few years ago I could find a comics page on Yahoo, but I couldn’t find it when I looked tonight. They’re improving the site beyond recognition.1 minute agoT,,2015-02-21 06:56:44http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/212 minutes agoT,,2015-02-21 06:56:44http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/21Ma/+ '3iRay49FL( Calvin and Hobbescalvinandhobbesdon’t wish too hard… u might just get what u want2 minutes agoT,,2015-02-21 06:56:44http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21 UNfUQg!;3q%3qhowtheduckFor Better or For Worseforbetterorforworse“I was born like this”. If this comic strip were being written today and not in 1986, I would draw a different conclusion than Brian being smart, based on that line.1 minute agoT,,2015-02-21 06:56:44http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/214f)'g%3eNeil Wick 7Gasoline AlleygasolinealleyAnd normally, Lil is always so honest. (Not!)1 minute agoT,,2015-02-21 06:56:44http://gocomics.com/gasolinealley/2015/02/21be1+/%3iBeau NoboViews of the WorldviewsoftheworldThey don’t care about America, they want contiguous land for the caliphate.1 minute agoT,,2015-02-21 06:56:44http://gocomics.com/viewsoftheworld/2015/02/21,dy%3[beviekSAndy Cappandycapp1 minute agoT,,2015-02-21 06:56:44http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21 34@3k)' '3ebeviekSBallard StreetballardstreetFrozen geyser at Letchworth State Park in NY

5 minutes agoT-^2015-02-21 07:01:50http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/21+j!_93]MorrowxDick TracydicktracyI don’t know what to think of that!less than a minute agoT,,2015-02-21 06:56:44http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21=i'%k93csandboili[Frog ApplausefrogapplauseKids who can’t write in cursive, can’t read it either. Signatures are generally written in cursive. Are kids expected to grow up signing their signatures in print?less than a minute agoT,,2015-02-21 06:56:44http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21FhsU%3[ƹʅɗʘ "The whole Haul" Phil D. AlbertTen Catsten-catsTen Minutes later in the Pacific SW.1 minute agoT,,2015-02-21 06:56:44http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/21 sxn '3[beviekSAndy CappandycappFrozen geyser at Letchworth State Park in NY

5 minutes agoT-^2015-02-21 07:01:50http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21nm9Y'3[AlexanderTheGoodEnough2Tom TolestomtolesSpring has sprung,
Fall has fell,
Summer’s here
And it’s hotter than usual!5 minutes agoT-^2015-02-21 07:01:50http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20l9'3Useismic-2 NLuannluannSo what’s Mr. Gray supposed to say? “Is Peru a pretty country? Maybe your Mom and I should go there on our honeymoon! Right now, though, I’m trying to decide where to take her this weekend. There’s this cozy little motel up in Fallbrook…”5 minutes agoT-^2015-02-21 07:01:50http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21 ##s%!?'3[NightShade09!]U.S. Acresus-acresWith his tongue?4 minutes agoT.2015-02-21 07:06:56http://gocomics.com/us-acres/2015/02/219q! '3YSusan WobbBig NatebignateIt’s kind of pointless to symbolize one individual person. Maybe come up with something to represent all Social Studies teachers, maybe. (Is that what Mrs. Godfrey teaches? I forget.)5 minutes agoT.2015-02-21 07:06:56http://gocomics.com/bignate/2015/02/21 p99g%3wujeangPhoebe and Her Unicornphoebe-and-her-unicornMarigold’s eyeroll is just right. you can hear a sigh as you read her line. And she gets the last word.1 minute agoT-^2015-02-21 07:01:50http://gocomics.com/phoebe-and-her-unicorn/2015/02/21io5s'3QThe Life I Draw Upon!BenbenShe’s a Scrooge with money, compliments, thanks, etc. Everyone is suppose to do what she wants for no reward.3 minutes agoT-^2015-02-21 07:01:50http://gocomics.com/ben/2015/02/21 Fv3!''3]KenTheCoffinDwellerStone SoupstonesoupExcept that most of the time that only works for Dads when it is other people’s kids and not their own. Why? See Val’s comments.3 minutes agoT.2015-02-21 07:06:56http://gocomics.com/stonesoup/2015/02/21Du9)'g'3e2old, getting younger!Ballard StreetballardstreetWait until Leroy finds out everyone is required to wear a balloon hat!

3 minutes agoT.2015-02-21 07:06:56http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/214t!/+S'3iSusan WobbCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesCarbo-loading after the run. Okay.3 minutes agoT.2015-02-21 07:06:56http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21 f)f {'+%3]Dean&The BoondocksboondocksHe has a point.1 minute agoT.2015-02-21 07:06:56http://gocomics.com/boondocks/2015/02/21;z9w%3[2old, getting younger!Andy CappandycappThat’s beautiful, and strange at the same time!1 minute agoT.2015-02-21 07:06:56http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21Jy599G%3wThe Life I Draw Upon!Phoebe and Her Unicornphoebe-and-her-unicorn“Hello starshine”1 minute agoT.2015-02-21 07:06:56http://gocomics.com/phoebe-and-her-unicorn/2015/02/21x%%#;'3aNightShade09!]Non SequiturnonsequiturAnother mystery solved.2 minutes agoT.2015-02-21 07:06:56http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/21Qw1+ '3idtroutmaViews of the WorldviewsoftheworldWell they are talking the Levant, which includes current Israel.2 minutes agoT.2015-02-21 07:06:56http://gocomics.com/viewsoftheworld/2015/02/21 |~'%y'3cBaslim the begger says, "The past is the enemy of the future."EFrog ApplausefrogapplauseHe’s thinking,
No Noose is good news…4 minutes agoT/2015-02-21 07:12:03http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21y}%!}'3]NightShade09!]Dick TracydicktracyStrange that Sprocket was jealous of Kandi, but not of Mary Perkins …
I don’t know. Mary was accompanying Vitamin, implying they were a couple. And she wouldn’t want to upset their mark.4 minutes agoT/2015-02-21 07:12:03http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21[|9/'3]2old, getting younger!OverboardoverboardAt least Louie doesn’t whip around and stare at his butt, like out dog did!5 minutes agoT/2015-02-21 07:12:03http://gocomics.com/overboard/2015/02/21 @%# '3aKali39Non SequiturnonsequiturThought you would figure that out long before this, Kate…4 minutes agoT/2015-02-21 07:12:03http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/21/ '3UGigantorZiggyziggyI hear ya, Zig. Same thing happens to me whenever I go for the Powerball jackpot. Never one number. Luckily, I only buy a ticket when it’s over $400M, so I don’t waste much money.4 minutes agoT/2015-02-21 07:12:03http://gocomics.com/ziggy/2015/02/21   15'#Q'3aThe Life I Draw Upon!One Big HappyonebighappyInspired to a potter’s life.4 minutes agoT/2015-02-21 07:12:03http://gocomics.com/onebighappy/2015/02/217'391'3wwoodworker318s*FoxTrot en Españolespanol/foxtrotespanolPHANTOM: Was the Colonel shamed into making John a member of the Jungle Parole by Captain Weeks.

REX MORGAN: Lets get that car cleaned.

MARK TRAIL: Back to L.F.

MARY WORTH: How long will take next week?4 minutes agoT/2015-02-21 07:12:03http://gocomics.com/espanol/foxtrotespanol/2015/02/21 !%#'3aSusan WobbNon SequiturnonsequiturIt’s not all THAT healthful, if you’ve got diabetes. Pasta = carbs. Tell him that.2 minutes agoT/2015-02-21 07:12:03http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/21y9k'3]2old, getting younger!Overboardoverboard3 minutes agoT/2015-02-21 07:12:03http://gocomics.com/overboard/2015/02/21 |##'3adtroutmaMike Lestermike-lesterThis just means Lester recognizes that Rudi’s turned into a mental midget?

That imperial “unitary Executive” of W did favor both naked greed and naked aggression, and we “commoners” (Cheney’s buddies won’t) are going to be paying for it, for a long long time, and that’s not counting all the disabled serfs, er veterans.2 minutes agoT/2015-02-21 07:12:03http://gocomics.com/mike-lester/2015/02/21217;m managing okay. It is 2am here. (7am there). We’re supposed to get another big snowstorm overnight with some ice mixed in. I think I am done with Winter. I grew up in this area and I remember getting lots of snow. We haven’t had a lot of snow all winter and I told some friends that, to me, it just isn’t winter until we have a big snow. Well, we got it BIG this week, and we’re still getting it! LOL! Luckily, we’re only a month away from the first day of Spring…

I’m glad to hear you had a nice Valentine’s Day. Mine was okay. Nothing terribly exciting. But it makes me happy just to know yours was nice, with some of the stress you been going through. I was hoping you would have a good Valentine’s Day.

Hope this weekend is nice for you, too. Likewise, I will be thinking about you!
xxx1 minute agoT/2015-02-21 07:12:03http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/21 ;'%#c93aNight-Gaunt49Non SequiturnonsequiturKate is rather young so cut her some slack.less than a minute agoT/2015-02-21 07:12:03http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/21Q!A%3YSnoopy_Fan Peanutspeanuts@Number Three

Congratulations on your Work Placement interview!!! I think you should wear nice-for-them-but-comfortable-for-you clothes to the interview. Nice, yes, but I agree that you needn’t wear a terribly dressy outfit. Since it’s in early March, how about something Spring-y, with a little color? But again, that’s just my opinion. I am sure you’ll do fine at the interview and you can rest assured that I will be pulling for you and thinking about you.

It’s still cold here but I 8 8A 5'3[The Life I Draw Upon!PreTeenapreteenaOh come on! 1966 was one of the best years in popular music.4 minutes agoT02015-02-21 07:17:09http://gocomics.com/preteena/2015/02/21Q 'E'3UNight-Gaunt49LuannluannNow what will he do? Imagine having to be polite and talk to a guest of your mother’s.4 minutes agoT02015-02-21 07:17:09http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/211 3'S'3ehawgowarVThe Meaning of LilameaningoflilaJust came back and see it has new strips. I stopped when the author previously announced it was over. What ever happened to the little girl she was going to adopt?4 minutes agoT02015-02-21 07:17:09http://gocomics.com/meaningoflila/2015/02/21m9S'3]2old, getting younger!Overboardoverboard5 minutes agoT02015-02-21 07:17:09http://gocomics.com/overboard/2015/02/21  q7!'3]retropop Dick TracydicktracyAm I the only one creeped out by Kandi and Vitamin having “relations”? He’s got to be late 70’s (if not older!) and she’s no more than mid-late 20’s!2 minutes agoT02015-02-21 07:17:09http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21 '?'3UNight-Gaunt49FrazzfrazzMore ice than snow there.2 minutes agoT02015-02-21 07:17:09http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/21%%#''3aNinjaNick101oLa CucarachalacucarachaTamales rule.3 minutes agoT02015-02-21 07:17:09http://gocomics.com/lacucaracha/2015/02/21p%#g'3aagresticLa CucarachalacucarachaTamales! From! The! FUTUUUUUUUUUUURE!!! (Any time’s a good time for tamales.)3 minutes agoT02015-02-21 07:17:09http://gocomics.com/lacucaracha/2015/02/21 o,o7'!{%3]Night-Gaunt49Dick TracydicktracySome young people like to get together with older ones.1 minute agoT02015-02-21 07:17:09http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21Z#I%3[John LustigA-Last Kisslastkiss“When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

For those of you who are unfortunate to have missed it, that’s from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.1 minute agoT02015-02-21 07:17:09http://gocomics.com/lastkiss/2015/02/20n#/+C'3iProginoskes9The Flying McCoystheflyingmccoys@ unicornstar: If this comic were in greyscale, it would be …


(sneaks off to avoid the rotten vegetables)2 minutes agoT02015-02-21 07:17:09http://gocomics.com/theflyingmccoys/2015/02/20 ;i9'))a'3gNight-Gaunt49The Born Loserthe-born-loserMoney can make it easier to get happiness.5 minutes agoT2(2015-02-21 07:22:16http://gocomics.com/the-born-loser/2015/02/21Y'!'93_Night-Gaunt49Adam@HomeadamathomeSome people don’t want the “help” and should be left alone.less than a minute agoT02015-02-21 07:17:09http://gocomics.com/adamathome/2015/02/21L9%3]2old, getting younger!Overboardoverboard1 minute agoT02015-02-21 07:17:09http://gocomics.com/overboard/2015/02/21?!1)m%3gSnoopy_Fan Frank & ErnestfrankandernestActually, he does screw around… :-)1 minute agoT02015-02-21 07:17:09http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/21 #Tc'!O'3]Night-Gaunt49Scary GaryscarygaryGood thing that wooden stakes don’t kill vampires, just to pin them down for the beheading.4 minutes agoT2(2015-02-21 07:22:16http://gocomics.com/scarygary/2015/02/2159!!_'3_2old, getting younger!SpeechlessspeechlessAAAAHHHHGGGHHH!4 minutes agoT2(2015-02-21 07:22:16http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/21I###'3aomQ RiViewsEuropeviewseuropeUnsurprisingly, the Greeks blinked. Too bad.
4 month kick down the road.4 minutes agoT2(2015-02-21 07:22:16http://gocomics.com/viewseurope/2015/02/18W!1)'3gSnoopy_Fan Frank & ErnestfrankandernestBut he doesn’t care a bit what others think of him…4 minutes agoT2(2015-02-21 07:22:16http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/21 WQEWh$#c'3[afficionado Andy Cappandycapp@Number Three
You deserve a rest after all that DJing :O)
My weekend is scheduled to be very busy2 minutes agoT2(2015-02-21 07:22:16http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21#!1)w'3gSnoopy_Fan Frank & ErnestfrankandernestWhen it comes to working, though, he knows the drill

Heck, he is the drill!2 minutes agoT2(2015-02-21 07:22:16http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/21?!'%%y'3cNight-Gaunt49Working Dazeworking-dazeJust keep her occupied and you can get real work done.3 minutes agoT2(2015-02-21 07:22:16http://gocomics.com/working-daze/2015/02/21d 5'#5'3aThe Life I Draw Upon!Red and RoverredandroverThe real reason for the Moon buggy was to look cool and pick up the lunar ladies. ;)3 minutes agoT2(2015-02-21 07:22:16http://gocomics.com/redandrover/2015/02/21 [}'+!!}%3_tammyspeakslifeMSpeechlessspeechless‘’You didn’t need the bath did you?‘’
Love the bug’s round nose. Such character1 minute agoT2(2015-02-21 07:22:16http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/21&!'%;%3cvictor4321ŚFrog ApplausefrogapplausePace Salsa blaaaaah uck1 minute agoT2(2015-02-21 07:22:16http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21%'%#='3aNight-Gaunt49La CucarachalacucarachaTamales are hardly over.2 minutes agoT2(2015-02-21 07:22:16http://gocomics.com/lacucaracha/2015/02/21 98)9q%3[2old, getting younger!Ten Catsten-catsI too get this at 10, and I too live in the PNW, but I was visiting another strip. 11:20 already, sheesh I gotta stop getting way-laid on Google Images!1 minute agoT2(2015-02-21 07:22:16http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/21A(sG%3[ƹʅɗʘ "The whole Haul" Phil D. AlbertAndy CappandycappI’d be careful where You dump those Empties.
1 minute agoT2(2015-02-21 07:22:16http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21 d/#['3[afficionado Andy Cappandycapp@Number Six
Good luck in your new endevours, come back as soon as you can, the gang misses you :o{4 minutes agoT3[2015-02-21 07:27:23http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21A.!'3]Snoopy_Fan JumpStartjumpstartHope none of them pop during surgery. That could be bad… :-)5 minutes agoT3[2015-02-21 07:27:23http://gocomics.com/jumpstart/2015/02/21,/'3[Morgil RavenswingpGil ThorpgilthorpJust as well Milford isn’t in Massachusetts: even for a placebo, Bobby would get expelled. Frigging zero-tolerance nonsense.5 minutes agoT3[2015-02-21 07:27:23http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/21%*'99u93wNight-Gaunt49Phoebe and Her Unicornphoebe-and-her-unicornThere was a song on the old Flintstones called “Let the Sun Shine In” by Pebbles and Bam-Bam.less than a minute agoT2(2015-02-21 07:22:16http://gocomics.com/phoebe-and-her-unicorn/2015/02/21 rr"21+7'3iomQ RiViews of the WorldviewsoftheworldWho is van Goug? Do you mean Theo van Gogh?….from the Netherlands.
The Danes aren’t Dutch. They aren’t even neighbours; between the Netherlands and Denmark is Germany.
But what the hey, in jack’s mind, it’s all one big smudge.4 minutes agoT3[2015-02-21 07:27:23http://gocomics.com/viewsoftheworld/2015/02/20`05/+'3iThe Life I Draw Upon!Calvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesYes. Prunes are dried ripe plums like raisins are dried ripe grapes.4 minutes agoT3[2015-02-21 07:27:23http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21 Z,ZL4#!#'3_wmconellyMGlenn McCoyglennmccoyMcCoy, are we or are we not performing 80% of the bomb runs on ISIS, as well as arming and training BOTH the Kurds’ and the Iraqi armies? Hello? Do facts hold NO sway there in Fox Rush Noise Land, or does that only APPEAR to be the case? Hello?3 minutes agoT3[2015-02-21 07:27:23http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/21N3s_'3[ƹʅɗʘ "The whole Haul" Phil D. AlbertAndy CappandycappI’d be careful where You dump those Empties.

! buck! 4 minutes agoT3[2015-02-21 07:27:23http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21 #gz99u%3[2old, getting younger!Ten Catsten-cats1 minute agoT3[2015-02-21 07:27:23http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/217+/!5%3_tammyspeakslifeMDaddy's HomedaddyshomeDo we have a choice?1 minute agoT3[2015-02-21 07:27:23http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/2166+/!a'3_tammyspeakslifeMDaddy's HomedaddyshomeMy childhood? In the past. Thank goodness!2 minutes agoT3[2015-02-21 07:27:23http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/21W51+!'3iomQ RiViews of the WorldviewsoftheworldIf you want to know whether the bear shat in the woods, go into the woods.2 minutes agoT3[2015-02-21 07:27:23http://gocomics.com/viewsoftheworld/2015/02/20 T=#!5'3_AlnicoV :Glenn McCoyglennmccoyThis is an insulting work by a blowhard with absolutely NO understanding of history.3 minutes agoT42015-02-21 07:32:31http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/21;)''3ebeviekSBallard StreetballardstreetHere’s one for Happy
3 minutes agoT42015-02-21 07:32:31http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/213:)'e'3ebeviekSBallard StreetballardstreetBalloon hat!? Here’s mine!
5 minutes agoT42015-02-21 07:32:31http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/21 4Bq%3UShagsCALuannluannHey, dude — are you awake? Or just baked???1 minute agoT42015-02-21 07:32:31http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21$@#!!S'3_afficionado BirdbrainsbirdbrainsAny comment will get you banned :o)2 minutes agoT42015-02-21 07:32:31http://gocomics.com/birdbrains/2015/02/218? '3[beviekSAndy CappandycappYes indeed. It looks rather like a sculpture, doesn’t it?2 minutes agoT42015-02-21 07:32:31http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21>9'3[2old, getting younger!Ten Catsten-catsOh Annie, how can you resist this face?

3 minutes agoT42015-02-21 07:32:31http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/21 oG!%%1'3cToonerific}Break of Daybreak-of-day… on my fin!5 minutes agoT52015-02-21 07:37:37http://gocomics.com/break-of-day/2015/02/219F/!g93_beviekSDaddy's HomedaddyshomeWhat? Did you make yellow snow or something?less than a minute agoT42015-02-21 07:32:31http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/21(E+%%I%3cAussieDownUnderWorking Dazeworking-dazeCoul? I’d suggest could.1 minute agoT42015-02-21 07:32:31http://gocomics.com/working-daze/2015/02/21]CY%3[beviekSAndy Cappandycapp@No. 3
I’ve lost track. Do I have a current request in to you for a song?1 minute agoT42015-02-21 07:32:31http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21 gL!K'3WToonerific}F MinusfminusAt least it keeps the pants up!3 minutes agoT52015-02-21 07:37:37http://gocomics.com/fminus/2015/02/21J##-'3awmconellyMMike Lestermike-lesterLESTER rhymes with FESTER. And ‘fester’ sums up Mike’s mental processes pretty accurately – not that healthy thought’s required to draw a kiss-arse wage from the RepubliCon investment bank.4 minutes agoT52015-02-21 07:37:37http://gocomics.com/mike-lester/2015/02/21 sP'%k'3cbeviekSFrog Applausefrogapplause3 minutes agoT52015-02-21 07:37:37http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21N1+'3iomQ RiViews of the WorldviewsoftheworldYup, and they just want to trigger an almighty confrontation.

I wonder if it was intentional having the fire raging over the Americas. I’m from the continent of Africa and live in Europe; all world maps drawn/represented in 2D I’ve come across have Africa & Europe at its centre; The Americans have the Americas at the centre in their maps. *shrug3 minutes agoT52015-02-21 07:37:37http://gocomics.com/viewsoftheworld/2015/02/21 VVMT993[2old, getting younger!Ten Catsten-catsDrive faster, she’s getting away!

less than a minute agoT52015-02-21 07:37:37http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/21SS/-) %3gBoots at the BoaroBound and GaggedboundandgaggedMiniaturists never made any money. Better find a new vocation.1 minute agoT52015-02-21 07:37:37http://gocomics.com/boundandgagged/2015/02/21xQ+-'Y'3etammyspeakslifeMDogs of C-KenneldogsofckennelAn existential meltdown?
‘’An existential crisis is a moment at which an individual questions the very foundations of their life: whether their life has any meaning, purpose, or value.’’
Poor Iggy2 minutes agoT52015-02-21 07:37:37http://gocomics.com/dogsofckennel/2015/02/21 )$fd9K'3[2old, getting younger!Ten Catsten-catsI so hate Bathtime Betty!

4 minutes agoT8$2015-02-21 07:47:48http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/21c/))e'3gBoots at the BoaroThe Born Loserthe-born-loserBS. I’ve never seen a happy homeless person. Everything and anything that makes me happy costs money.4 minutes agoT8$2015-02-21 07:47:48http://gocomics.com/the-born-loser/2015/02/21Q]S'3UJoshuaeZiggyziggyYou’re better off not playing the lottery at all. The only one that gets lucky is the state.5 minutes agoT62015-02-21 07:42:43http://gocomics.com/ziggy/2015/02/21 l+lj)' '3ebeviekSBallard Streetballardstreet2 minutes agoT8$2015-02-21 07:47:48http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/211i!##i'3aToonerific}BUSHY TALESbushy-talesCould be, we’d never know, not even now.2 minutes agoT8$2015-02-21 07:47:48http://gocomics.com/bushy-tales/2015/02/20wh '3[beviekSAndy Cappandycapp2 minutes agoT8$2015-02-21 07:47:48http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21Of!5'3]Skylark 9Stone SoupstonesoupRight on. Now, perhaps we can get on with things and away from the infantile Max!!!3 minutes agoT8$2015-02-21 07:47:48http://gocomics.com/stonesoup/2015/02/21 f_Kf_o#/+%'3iLeadingEdgeK'Calvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesA root canal IS better than a 6 mile (10 km) run in 20 °F (-7 °C) weather!3 minutes agoT9V2015-02-21 07:52:54http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21m9'3[2old, getting younger!Ten Catsten-catsAnnie!

3 minutes agoT9V2015-02-21 07:52:54http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/21l#'%1'3cFlight SuitTFrog ApplausefrogapplauseATTENTION, BRASS ORCHID!

It is very important that you contact me so I can put you in touch with a mutual acquaintance of ours!

Please e-mail me at:

flightsuit at comcast dot net3 minutes agoT9V2015-02-21 07:52:54http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21 uRv9#'3[2old, getting younger!Ten Catsten-catsBulldogBob is a cuddler, I always wind up smelling like a dog!

5 minutes agoT:2015-02-21 07:58:08http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/21vt)o93YelectricshadowDrabbledrabbleI guess that’s the new classy way to say “XYZ.” (eXamine Your Zipper)less than a minute agoT9V2015-02-21 07:52:54http://gocomics.com/drabble/2015/02/21vs %3[beviekSAndy Cappandycapp1 minute agoT9V2015-02-21 07:52:54http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21q)' %3ebeviekSBallard Streetballardstreet1 minute agoT9V2015-02-21 07:52:54http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/21 ~=~9{3-W'3kRootsInDM?The Argyle Sweater theargylesweaterIt’s kind of like tipping cows.2 minutes agoT:2015-02-21 07:58:08http://gocomics.com/theargylesweater/2015/02/21Sz#!1'3_Doctor ToonSAdam@HomeadamathomeAdam can be a nuisance as a customer, maybe Andre is trying to gently shoo him off2 minutes agoT:2015-02-21 07:58:08http://gocomics.com/adamathome/2015/02/21y##/'3awmconellyMMike Lestermike-lester“Rudy had half-dozen deferments ducking the Vietnam War, even getting the federal judge he was clBx))y'3gRootsInDM?Adult Childrenadult-childrenBerle is not quite Bad, Bad LeRoy Brown, but he’ll have to do. Besides, we all know how LeRoy Brown ended up. Along with Big Jim Walker, that pool shootin’ son of a gun.3 minutes agoT:2015-02-21 07:58:08http://gocomics.com/adult-children/2015/02/21erking for to write a letter creating a special exemption for him.
“Rudy also rebuked the President for not being “brought up the way you were and the way I was brought up through love of this country.” Harold Giuliani, that would be Rudy’s Dad, did time in Sing Sing for holding up a Harlem milkman and was the bat-wielding enforcer for the loan-sharking operation run out of a Brooklyn bar owned by Rudy’s uncle.
“Rudy cited Harold throughout his public life as his role model. Harold and five of Rudy’s uncles found ways to avoid service in World War II. Harold, whose robbery conviction was in the name of an alias, made sure the draft board knew he was a felon. Obama’s grandfather and uncle both served their country during WWII.”
Courtesy of V in Los Angeles, via the NYTimes comment page.
Hello? Mike? Feel like doing any outside reading?3 minutes agoT:2015-02-21 07:58:08http://gocomics.com/mike-lester/2015/02/21 #xA#'3]Doctor ToonSAlley Oopalley-oopKeltner probably wouldn’t have paid the $5,000 ransom either3 minutes agoT;2015-02-21 08:03:14http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/211~9/!I'3_2old, getting younger!Daddy's HomedaddyshomeLos Angeles, CA. (boring huh?)5 minutes agoT;2015-02-21 08:03:14http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/21%}9/!3%3_2old, getting younger!Daddy's HomedaddyshomeI’m all ears!1 minute agoT:2015-02-21 07:58:08http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/21W|M%3[beviekSAndy Cappandycapp@Godfrey
Looks you’re really getting slammed over there! Stay safe.1 minute agoT:2015-02-21 07:58:08http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21 0 /+%3iRootsInDM?Calvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesOnly if you’re the dentist doing the root canal. I’d still be running if my ancient, creaky knees would let me.1 minute agoT;2015-02-21 08:03:14http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21/##7%3aBoots at the BoaroTruth Factstruth-facts&!^(# can starve.1 minute agoT;2015-02-21 08:03:14http://gocomics.com/truth-facts/2015/02/21'))C'3gRootsInDM?The Born Loserthe-born-loserMoney may not buy happiness, but it buys the best food, housing, clothing, recreation, medical care, including anti-depressants if you need them, and education, and if you can have all those things and not be happy, perhaps you don’t deserve happiness. Don’t know who said this first – perhaps Donald Kaul, a newspaper humor columnist from way back – but it has a ring of validity to it.3 minutes agoT;2015-02-21 08:03:14http://gocomics.com/the-born-loser/2015/02/21 >}>$#!!S'3_Doctor ToonSBirdbrainsbirdbrainsThe tree stump does not look amused3 minutes agoT<2015-02-21 08:08:20http://gocomics.com/birdbrains/2015/02/21%K'3Sgopher goferShoeshoeyour future just bounced…4 minutes agoT<2015-02-21 08:08:20http://gocomics.com/shoe/2015/02/21#O'3WDoctor ToonSBig TopbigtopCartoon Biology is so complicated4 minutes agoT<2015-02-21 08:08:20http://gocomics.com/bigtop/2015/02/21/%#!e'3_gopher goferLoose Partsloosepartsthey need some little drink umbrellas…5 minutes agoT<2015-02-21 08:08:20http://gocomics.com/looseparts/2015/02/21+%E9w93wgopher goferLard's World Peace Tipslards-world-peace-tipsand if you’re gonna be teachin’ folks things be sure you know what you’re sayin’…
less than a minute agoT;2015-02-21 08:03:14http://gocomics.com/lards-world-peace-tips/2015/02/21 vv %?%3Ugopher goferBlissblisseconomy size xanax…1 minute agoT<2015-02-21 08:08:20http://gocomics.com/bliss/2015/02/21 %3/m'3mgopher goferPearls Before Swinepearlsbeforeswinei’d like to thank my personal trainer and my caterer and my spiritual advisor and my back waxer and…2 minutes agoT<2015-02-21 08:08:20http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21 %##/'3aGaijinrabbitShoecabbageshoecabbageAh, the classics.2 minutes agoT<2015-02-21 08:08:20http://gocomics.com/shoecabbage/2015/02/20G 3/o'3mmatalupepPearls Before Swinepearlsbeforeswine Why not? O’Bama got his Nobel Prize with much less worthy jibber-jabber. An extreme insult to all the more deserving prize-winneing induviduals of the past. Simply sad.2 minutes agoT<2015-02-21 08:08:20http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2014/09/16 q-%/+A%3iGaijinrabbitCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesRunning? I remember running. Or was it jogging? Is there a difference? Whichever, my knees have reduced the options to walking, not that that’s bad.1 minute agoT>'2015-02-21 08:13:27http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/215%%#k'3agopher goferChuckle Broschucklebrosgood thing he doesn’t have a flatt…3 minutes agoT>'2015-02-21 08:13:27http://gocomics.com/chucklebros/2015/02/21 ##!'3_Doctor ToonSThe BucketsthebucketsIt’s a conundrum

I do believe in the possibility of a good many things that science hasn’t adequately explained

I don’t believe the vast majority of people who claim to have experienced those things4 minutes agoT>'2015-02-21 08:13:27http://gocomics.com/thebuckets/2015/02/21ucking the Vietnam War, even getting the federal judge he was clerking for to write a letter creating a special exemption for him.
“Rudy also rebuked the President for not being “brought up the way you were and the way I was brought up through love of this country.” Harold Giuliani, that would be Rudy’s Dad, did time in Sing Sing for holding up a Harlem milkman and was the bat-wielding enforcer for the loan-sharking operation run out of a Brooklyn bar owned by Rudy’s uncle.
“Rudy cited Harold throughout his public life as his role model. Harold and five of Rudy’s uncles found ways to avoid service in World War II. Harold, whose robbery conviction was in the name of an alias, made sure the draft board knew he was a felon. Obama’s grandfather and uncle both served their country during WWII.”
Courtesy of V in LA, via the NYTimes comment page.less than a minute agoT>'2015-02-21 08:13:27http://gocomics.com/mike-lester/2015/02/21 =^=2%g93[gopher goferCorneredcorneredfarther down the hall for motor mouths…less than a minute agoT?Y2015-02-21 08:18:33http://gocomics.com/cornered/2015/02/218%+#k'3aunclescroogeMutt & JeffmuttandjeffThe question would be a good one for Idiottest!2 minutes agoT?Y2015-02-21 08:18:33http://gocomics.com/muttandjeff/2015/02/21V%/!%'3_gopher goferDaddy's HomedaddyshomeWanna hear it?
how much is it going to cost us…?3 minutes agoT?Y2015-02-21 08:18:33http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/21I%+'s93egopher goferThe Other Coasttheothercoastmust be my neighbors’ psycho chihuahua…less than a minute agoT>'2015-02-21 08:13:27http://gocomics.com/theothercoast/2015/02/21##93awmconellyMMike Lestermike-lesterHello? Mike? Feel like doing any outside reading?
“Rudy had half-dozen deferments d BwE/+}'3iphylumP`Calvin and Hobbescalvinandhobbescalvin actually making sense?? there goes the comedyhood2 minutes agoT@2015-02-21 08:23:40http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/215%1)S'3ggopher goferFrank & Ernestfrankandernestsometimes he unscrews around…3 minutes agoT@2015-02-21 08:23:40http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/21E!'3[PacopuddyGet FuzzygetfuzzyYour lack of cojones is going to be public knowledge any minute Shakespug.5 minutes agoT@2015-02-21 08:23:40http://gocomics.com/getfuzzy/2015/02/218+'3OdukedougsB.C.bcHis chance of understanding maths is three fifths of five eighths of FA …5 minutes agoT@2015-02-21 08:23:40http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/21 ?O? "5%! '3_A Common 'taterOff the Markoffthemark5 minutes agoTA2015-02-21 08:28:47http://gocomics.com/offthemark/2015/02/21y!'3WdukedougsF MinusfminusYes !!5 minutes agoTA2015-02-21 08:28:47http://gocomics.com/fminus/2015/02/21I %'%{93cMusty RangerFrog Applausefrogapplause@sandboil
Never use one word when 10 will suffice.less than a minute agoT@2015-02-21 08:23:40http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/20\#%!='3_Doctor ToonSDog Eat DougdogeatdougSo glad our kitties love the dog, …and don’t have access to high technologhy2 minutes agoT@2015-02-21 08:23:40http://gocomics.com/dogeatdoug/2015/02/21 eAbew%#'%i'3cDoctor ToonSFrog ApplausefrogapplauseQuit fooling yourself, you will never go through with your lifelong dream of trip to Arkansas and you know it3 minutes agoTA2015-02-21 08:28:47http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21Y$-+!'3idukedougsFoxTrot ClassicsfoxtrotclassicsYeah, but not nearly cold enough to freeze water (in most places …).3 minutes agoTA2015-02-21 08:28:47http://gocomics.com/foxtrotclassics/2015/02/219#%K7#'3uunclescroogeRipley's Believe It or NotripleysbelieveitornotThe drawings of John & Paul are very good. The drawing
of Ringo is not bad, but the drawing of George looks
nothing like him!! The horn looks like it is connected to the
back of the cello and amplifies the sound without using a
microphone!3 minutes agoTA2015-02-21 08:28:47http://gocomics.com/ripleysbelieveitornot/2015/02/21 Tj)1)C'3gdukedougsFrank & ErnestfrankandernestWhat does the other guy know ? When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.5 minutes agoTB2015-02-21 08:33:54http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/21;(1)i%3gdukedougsFrank & ErnestfrankandernestHe always needs to chuck everything in …1 minute agoTA2015-02-21 08:28:47http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/215'5%%W'3cA Common 'taterWorking Dazeworking-dazeNo, “coul” is way cooler.2 minutes agoTA2015-02-21 08:28:47http://gocomics.com/working-daze/2015/02/21&&%#Y'3aphylumP`Bloom Countybloomcountyoh oh..where you going here Breathed??2 minutes agoTA2015-02-21 08:28:47http://gocomics.com/bloomcounty/2015/02/21 t Ybth-9#!A'3_Ryan (Say what now‽)~Glenn McCoyglennmccoyReading McCoy’s editorial strip is like watching a movie that is so bad it is funny.3 minutes agoTB2015-02-21 08:33:54http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/21q,%'3WunclescroogeTarzantarzanIn panel 2, the figures left arm is up and bent at the elbow,
but in panel 4, it looks like the arm is under the arm!3 minutes agoTB2015-02-21 08:33:54http://gocomics.com/tarzan/2015/02/21A+'# '3acatfeetRed and RoverredandroverAt least the moon buggy doesn’t smell like green cheese!4 minutes agoTB2015-02-21 08:33:54http://gocomics.com/redandrover/2015/02/21Z*'))!'3gStephen BealsAdult Childrenadult-childrenHe’s definitely not meaner than a junk yard dog, just self-centered.4 minutes agoTB2015-02-21 08:33:54http://gocomics.com/adult-children/2015/02/21 >|n1#/+193iLeadingEdgeK'Calvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesI had one done two years ago. I fell asleep halfway through it. It was a breeze.less than a minute agoTB2015-02-21 08:33:54http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21w0#%3USactoSylviaLuannluannIMHO Mr. Gray, as the more adult of the two men, should be taking the lead in breaking the awkward silence.1 minute agoTB2015-02-21 08:33:54http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21Those ladies are just glad to be to be relieved of the excess milk. I don’t know as to how they might be expecting a tip too.4 minutes agoTD$2015-02-21 08:39:00http://gocomics.com/theargylesweater/2015/02/21N2#C'3USactoSylviaLuannluannAnd him just sitting there silently with a self-satisfied smile on his face is just creepy.5 minutes agoTD$2015-02-21 08:39:00http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21 v5')']'3eflowerladytooGasoline AlleygasolinealleyHmmm I guess Lil doesn’t consider swindled money to be stolen…..curiouser and curiouser ;-)3 minutes agoTD$2015-02-21 08:39:00http://gocomics.com/gasolinealley/2015/02/21}4+!'3_mikie2The Dinette SetdinettesetI’m not as old as 2old—who knows?—but I try to schedule my “stuff” at times when those still working aren’t effected as much. Still, imperfect as I am, I complain when the bus from the Conservatory shows up at the Kroger. Actually, when it’s there, I’m not. Grandma Moses on a Harley-Davidson shopping scooter is a major hazard!3 minutes agoTD$2015-02-21 08:39:00http://gocomics.com/dinetteset/2015/02/21 SF8#3'3UDoctor ToonSMontymontyHulk has a tendency to bust up the HulkBusters, MontyHulk will more likely screw up3 minutes agoTEW2015-02-21 08:44:07http://gocomics.com/monty/2015/02/21=7%3'e'3eBlueJayRobinThe Meaning of LilameaningoflilaThe Artwork is repeated with updated dialog.4 minutes agoTEW2015-02-21 08:44:07http://gocomics.com/meaningoflila/2015/02/21'65Y%3YA Common 'taterPeanutspeanutsThank you!
Yet another cartoon I can delete from my list, because of selfish, petty-minded, gossipers who think their personal waffle is of interest to the rest of the world and GoComics is an alternative to FaceBook.
It’s a shame really, I used to like Andy Capp and Peanuts.1 minute agoTD$2015-02-21 08:39:00http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/21 W>#U'3USactoSylviaLuannluannI’d go on but I wouldn’t want to monopolize the conversation. See y’all tomorrow!4 minutes agoTF2015-02-21 08:49:13http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/212;/]93]TantorC'est la Viecestlavieis she the loneliest girl on the planet?less than a minute agoTEW2015-02-21 08:44:07http://gocomics.com/cestlavie/2015/02/19i:#{%3USactoSylviaLuannluannThen again, it looks like Gunther is STILL wearing his Peru souvenir tee-shirt – of which, as far as we know, he has only one – so maybe Mr. Gray is keeping his mouth tightly closed to keep from gagging…1 minute agoTEW2015-02-21 08:44:07http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21 2B%55/'3sBlueJayRobinConnie to the Wonnieconnie-to-the-wonnieMaybe guys are put off when they get too close and notice that you have “Babe” written all over you in tiny, tiny print or something.5 minutes agoTG2015-02-21 08:54:21http://gocomics.com/connie-to-the-wonnie/2015/02/20+A!39'3wArye UygurFoxTrot en Españolespanol/foxtrotespanolREX MORGAN: Having Bugsy deliver the car to Kelly as she’s getting out of school will really boost her ego. Looks like Ms. P is peeved at Bugsy for the car deal.

MARY WORTH: Amy is engaged in wishful thinking. I still wanna know what her “news” is.5 minutes agoTG2015-02-21 08:54:21http://gocomics.com/espanol/foxtrotespanol/2015/02/21 ?D#'%3UDoctor ToonSNancynancyI’ve found women don’t mind a man showing his protective side as long as it’s appropriate

Early in our relationship there was a situation where I thought my wife and her mother were in danger from a strange man in their yard, one of my nicknames has been ’The Family Rottweiler" ever since1 minute agoTG2015-02-21 08:54:21http://gocomics.com/nancy/2015/02/21?C!+A?'3Arye UygurBenitin y Eneasespanol/muttandjeffespanolGood morning, Vagabonds. If it’s any comfort to you Northerners, this is the 2nd night in a row I’ve had to turn on my newly-discovered heat.3 minutes agoTG2015-02-21 08:54:21http://gocomics.com/espanol/muttandjeffespanol/2015/02/21 nd4n@H!/+k'3iArye UygurCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesHow does a six-year-old know about root canals?2 minutes agoTH2015-02-21 08:59:28http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21*G#%!Y'3_Doctor ToonSRose is RoseroseisroseOur girls will do this, usually stretching from my wife’s lap to mine

The boys usually just give us drive-bys as they pass through on house partol3 minutes agoTH2015-02-21 08:59:28http://gocomics.com/roseisrose/2015/02/21-F)!c'3]romantiqueluxeStone SoupstonesoupThe comments yesterday were right on point!4 minutes agoTH2015-02-21 08:59:28http://gocomics.com/stonesoup/2015/02/21cEs#!'3_ƹʅɗʘ "The whole Haul" Phil D. AlbertCitizen Dogcitizendog! Rad! These Buttons are like, Fly, Dog! ! Sick!4 minutes agoTH2015-02-21 08:59:28http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/21 4p#L%!S'3]Walrus GumbocFree RangefreerangeObviously, he’s sweet on her!2 minutes agoTJ"2015-02-21 09:04:34http://gocomics.com/freerange/2015/02/21(K#%!W'3_blunebottleDog Eat DougdogeatdougRun, Sophie, run!!! Never trust cats!2 minutes agoTJ"2015-02-21 09:04:34http://gocomics.com/dogeatdoug/2015/02/21>J###%3aDoctor ToonSYenny Lopezyenny-lopezHe just want to watch Yenny play Skee-ball in those shorts1 minute agoTH2015-02-21 08:59:28http://gocomics.com/yenny-lopez/2015/02/21FI%55Y%3sBlueJayRobinConnie to the Wonnieconnie-to-the-wonnieI’m a silly, silly doofus and I’ve only seen one low-res black and white pic author of Lois McMaster Bujold and she wasn’t “apparently” unbelievably transparently “hot” but her tales are micro-etched on my brain in platinum and gold.

That Bujold.1 minute agoTH2015-02-21 08:59:28http://gocomics.com/connie-to-the-wonnie/2015/02/20 /=1P%#Y93adukedougsGinger MeggsgingermeggsSoy cheese … “Tofu”.less than a minute agoTKT2015-02-21 09:09:40http://gocomics.com/gingermeggs/2015/02/21GO#5'3UblunebottleLuannluann“What if mr gray is rosa’s uncle?

I like it- you may just have something there!2 minutes agoTKT2015-02-21 09:09:40http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21N)/+!'3iNikola TaschenCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesCool Comic2 minutes agoTKT2015-02-21 09:09:40http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21KM/+'3ic.daviesLCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesWhich one has the weirdest sense of humour? Calvin or Dad?3 minutes agoTKT2015-02-21 09:09:40http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21 xfSMK['3 dukedougsNew Adventures of Queen VictoriathenewadventuresofqueenvictoriaSwinging from the chandelier, perhaps ?5 minutes agoTM2015-02-21 09:19:55http://gocomics.com/thenewadventuresofqueenvictoria/2015/02/21]R#!M%3_patjadeGlenn McCoyglennmccoyGlenn, have you actually read any history or do you get it spoon-fed to you from a particular entertainment channel? There doesn’t appear to be any correlation between the two people you have depicted.1 minute agoTL2015-02-21 09:14:48http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/21Qs'3[ƹʅɗʘ "The whole Haul" Phil D. AlbertAndy CappandycappQuintessential Andy.
5 minutes agoTL2015-02-21 09:14:48http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21 ZC \#''3[blunebottleZack HillzackhillBoxerdoodles?5 minutes agoTP 2015-02-21 09:30:08http://gocomics.com/zackhill/2015/02/21[#;'3[blunebottleZack HillzackhillBoxerpoos……5 minutes agoTP 2015-02-21 09:30:08http://gocomics.com/zackhill/2015/02/21xZ%#{'3aVarnesNon SequiturnonsequiturThanks for the run of Kate toons Mr. Miller…It’s a tonic. It’s been kinda been like an itch that needed to be scratched. Kate is so cool…Um, just so you know, more Kate stories would please at least one of your fans…5 minutes agoTP 2015-02-21 09:30:08http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/21 Y%['3YTammiFunniesQDrabbledrabbleHe still likes Wendy? What about Echo?5 minutes agoTP 2015-02-21 09:30:08http://gocomics.com/drabble/2015/02/21 1^3/E'3mArianne Pearls Before Swinepearlsbeforeswine♪♫♪ My bologna has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R…
(’Cause AMPAS members have a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A.)3 minutes agoTP 2015-02-21 09:30:08http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21 g`1O'3]J. Littletree 1973 Matt Borsmatt-borsLet us not forget that ‘Dave’ did not accept HAL’s refusal to open the pod bay doors; Dave out-foxed HAL, got through the pod bay doors into the ship and dismantled HAL’s AI.
The corporations, 1%er’s, Bankers and Wall Street haven’t won yet despite their power and wealth; they are the HAL’s of today’s world and can still be stopped by the masterskrain’s, and the MangeyMoose’s, MortyForTyrant’s, The Wolf’s in your midst, Trout, Steam Vapor, etc. before we and the masses become part of a utopian-dystopian world as envisioned by H.G. Wells, Aldous Huxley, Bernard Russell, George Orwell, Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradbury, Neil Postman, et al.5 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 09:40:22http://gocomics.com/matt-bors/2015/02/17 #K##ze'3YFreebyrd1xlPeanutspeanutsDo what I do just ignore them, when you see their names you know which ones to skim.
I agree that they should go to farcebook.2 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 09:40:22http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/21pd)'3UcorpcasselburyLuannluannI’m frankly getting a little burned out on this story arc. I’d like to see Brad and Toni finally get married.3 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 09:40:22http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21cM'3Ycdward=aBrevitybrevityThis was a koala-ty comic strip.3 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 09:40:22http://gocomics.com/brevity/2015/02/21b!!7'3]Josh LyonsyfPooch CafepoochcafeYeah, idiotic ethics.3 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 09:40:22http://gocomics.com/poochcafe/2015/02/21/a)%c'3cVarnesArlo and JanisarloandjanisBe careful what you wish for Janis…..4 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 09:40:22http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/21 P>4j9+)C'3gRyan (Say what now‽)~Brewster RockitbrewsterrockitKillbot might have a point.5 minutes agoTS2015-02-21 09:45:29http://gocomics.com/brewsterrockit/2015/02/21/i+)Y'3gVarnesBrewster RockitbrewsterrockitGod I hate conservative robots….5 minutes agoTS2015-02-21 09:45:29http://gocomics.com/brewsterrockit/2015/02/21 h-+%3YTue Elung-Jensen `Big NatebignateGuessing skunk.1 minute agoTR2015-02-21 09:40:22http://gocomics.com/bignate/2015/02/21Eg1%3WdaDoctah3F MinusfminusFor the fashion-conscious guy who doesn’t mind having his head in his pants.1 minute agoTR2015-02-21 09:40:22http://gocomics.com/fminus/2015/02/21*f{'3YVarnesBrevitybrevityThe Hall’s goons will take care of this quickly..2 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 09:40:22http://gocomics.com/brevity/2015/02/21 enm%3UVarnesFrazzfrazzOne of the Native American names for March is The Walk on Snow Moon….If it doesn’t melt much, or go away, it packs down hard, and can be very solid pavement….1 minute agoTS2015-02-21 09:45:29http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/21Jm5'3YpuddymomPicklespicklesEarl is nearly as adventurous as those that want to go on that one way trip to Mars.3 minutes agoTS2015-02-21 09:45:29http://gocomics.com/pickles/2015/02/21Kl)+'3Yorinoco womble PeanutspeanutsAnyone would think Snoopy was a cat!!

(And yes, this is not a chat room).3 minutes agoTS2015-02-21 09:45:29http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/21k!c'3OJosh LyonsyfB.C.bc“Math is hard” -Barbie3 minutes agoTS2015-02-21 09:45:29http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/21 aHaPr)!!93_orinoco womble SpeechlessspeechlessLove the Bunny in Panel 1 and the Bear in Panel 2. Bunny looks fascinated, and Bear is concerned for the little girl’s safety with that big ol’ bug in there!! He looks so protective.less than a minute agoTS2015-02-21 09:45:29http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/21Qq)%%93ccorpcasselburyWorking Dazeworking-dazeThat was nicely done! Jay would make an excellent Sith lord!less than a minute agoTS2015-02-21 09:45:29http://gocomics.com/working-daze/2015/02/214p9##Y%3aRyan (Say what now‽)~CandorvillecandorvilleYeah; we didn’t need that image.1 minute agoTS2015-02-21 09:45:29http://gocomics.com/candorville/2015/02/212o!%3[cdward=aCul de SacculdesacShe’s change her tune if he turned into Big Shirley.1 minute agoTS2015-02-21 09:45:29http://gocomics.com/culdesac/2015/02/21 9+t'3WM2MM KHermanhermanI’ve seen those letters…. they are quite a scam.5 minutes agoTT2015-02-21 09:50:35http://gocomics.com/herman/2015/02/21As)!!'3_orinoco womble SpeechlessspeechlessAnd then Bun climbs in the tank to see what it’s like!5 minutes agoTT2015-02-21 09:50:35http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/21 @@:u;3M'3qM2MM KFor Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseLynn’s Notes:

I wanted Brian to be someone who felt a bit alienated by his intelligence. He would rather work on a school project than join in team sports or hang out at the corner with “the guys.” Gordon was on the “outside” because he was mechanical. Academic subjects were a waste of time for someone who preferred to be under a car or taking apart a machine in his mother’s kitchen. Michael was frustrated by his inability to concentrate. Even though he was a bright kid, he never achieved top marks in class — he was a dreamer! These three boys all felt inadequate for different reasons, and yet, they all had something in common: they lived in the same neighbourhood, and they got along with each other. Friendship ultimately overshadowed their differences.3 minutes agoTT2015-02-21 09:50:35http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/21 4=lQy-!!!'3_Tue Elung-Jensen `BoomerangsboomerangsBecause it challenges your brain. If you just cheat you won´t get better.5 minutes agoTV2015-02-21 09:55:42http://gocomics.com/boomerangs/2015/02/21Kx!1'3YTim Gilley iChip BokchipbokWell said clix. Reading the Quran and Hadiths is like reading today’s news.5 minutes agoTV2015-02-21 09:55:42http://gocomics.com/chipbok/2015/02/18qwi93[daDoctah3Get Fuzzygetfuzzy“Wilt thou be pleased to hearken once again to the suit I made to thee?”
— The Tempestless than a minute agoTT2015-02-21 09:50:35http://gocomics.com/getfuzzy/2015/02/21Fv)E9='3worinoco womble Lard's World Peace Tipslards-world-peace-tipsThanks for that, Gopher.2 minutes agoTT2015-02-21 09:50:35http://gocomics.com/lards-world-peace-tips/2015/02/21 @@O{1#!'3_J. Littletree 1973 Steve Breenstevebreen“Biden is odd.” I ask, Odder than what? Certainly not any odder than the great majority of politicians we now have before us, or has some great miracle occurred while I was sleeping and we now have elected officials who are all George Washington’s? I’m not holding my breath on that thought having happened!4 minutes agoTV2015-02-21 09:55:42http://gocomics.com/stevebreen/2015/02/19ez#!['3_cdward=aDiamond Lildiamondlil@Burgundy2 from yesterday.
If it was yesterday’s joke you didn’t get, it was just one more word play on names. His girlfriend was the kind who wanted to get married. She was the marrying kind- thus Marion Kind. Sound it out, and it should make sense. That’s what all the succeeding comments were about, too – more word play.4 minutes agoTV2015-02-21 09:55:42http://gocomics.com/diamondlil/2015/02/21 }9/!#'3_Ryan (Say what now‽)~Daddy's HomedaddyshomeMy childhood was in the ravine behind my parents’ house, and downtown Edmonton.
Is your confession allowed on this site?3 minutes agoTV2015-02-21 09:55:42http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/21|)))k'3gorinoco womble Peanuts Beginspeanuts-beginsI remember in my little Midwestern school in the sixties many of the schoolbooks we were given were way out of date, particularly reading and science. The illustrations in our reading books were out of the late 40s—men in Bogart-style hats and double breasted suits, and women in mid-calf dresses, little girls in ruffles and lace and boys in short-pants suits.4 minutes agoTV2015-02-21 09:55:42http://gocomics.com/peanuts-begins/2015/02/21 ,7!'3]cdward=aFree RangefreerangeThey got married, and before long, they had one in the oven.4 minutes agoTWQ2015-02-21 10:00:49http://gocomics.com/freerange/2015/02/21"--!9'3_Tue Elung-Jensen `Maria's Daymarias-dayWould turn up with 42.2 minutes agoTV2015-02-21 09:55:42http://gocomics.com/marias-day/2015/02/21N~/+'3iM2MM KCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesCalvin’s dad dresses like my husband (on weekends, anyways.)2 minutes agoTV2015-02-21 09:55:42http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21 G!1#!=%3_J. Littletree 1973 Chris BrittchrisbrittTell that to our founding father’s who, if it were true, would not be our founding father’s but rather the English patriots who saw to it that the English colonies remained English colonies…under whatever rule of law the English King and Parliament thought best.1 minute agoTWQ2015-02-21 10:00:49http://gocomics.com/chrisbritt/2015/02/193#!u'3_TJDestry Bob GorrellbobgorrellGorrell is either a complete moron or a deliberate liar. Since, if he were dumb enough to believe what he draws, he wouldn’t be smart enough to know which end of the pen the ink comes out of, I’m going with B. This bigoted, idiotic garbage is an insult to any reader with an IQ in triple digits.4 minutes agoTWQ2015-02-21 10:00:49http://gocomics.com/bobgorrell/2015/02/19 ^o^'%=%3cDogsniff^Frog ApplausefrogapplauseIt slips, it slips knot.1 minute agoTY2015-02-21 10:11:02http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21F+'3[cdward=aPreTeenapreteenaDone with this arc. I’ll check back in a week to see if it’s over.3 minutes agoTY2015-02-21 10:11:02http://gocomics.com/preteena/2015/02/21%!G'3]Steven Young Free Rangefreerangewhats a ‘cronut’?3 minutes agoTY2015-02-21 10:11:02http://gocomics.com/freerange/2015/02/21&#/+5'3iTah Tah TahCalvin and Hobbescalvinandhobbeswhere is super mom ?4 minutes agoTX2015-02-21 10:05:56http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21_!!=93_TJDestry Phil Handsphil-handsBecause trying to control the damage before it gets out of hand is a very very bad idea.less than a minute agoTWQ2015-02-21 10:00:49http://gocomics.com/phil-hands/2015/02/21 @T '%)'3cDogsniff^Frog ApplausefrogapplauseNumber 14 is so far out there, I’m curious now about the other thirteen.4 minutes agoTZ2015-02-21 10:16:09http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21 %!-'3_cdward=aWizard of IdwizardofidOnly in America.4 minutes agoTZ2015-02-21 10:16:09http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/21:%#%3aFlyerTom ٩Bloom CountybloomcountyThe putty knife is both an applicator and a removal tool.1 minute agoTY2015-02-21 10:11:02http://gocomics.com/bloomcounty/2015/02/21 WW Y'3YDogsniff^CowTowncowtownAnd soon, he’ll be seeing stars.3 minutes agoTZ2015-02-21 10:16:09http://gocomics.com/cowtown/2015/02/21 #'%'3cBrassOrchid|Frog ApplausefrogapplauseArkansas dot come slash travelguide is the answer to a prayer, if you want to relax in a natural hot spring spa or take on large mouth bass in the many lakes in the area. Lake Ouchita is especially commodious, with many interesting features guaranteed to be attractive to the big ones who like to lurk in the shallows.
When I was a child, I would listen to KAAY at night, as their signal covered two thirds of the US after dark. But that world is gone now. You can never go home. Sometimes, that is a good thing, though. The exile of the dispossessed can be acceptable, if one can adapt to the changes.3 minutes agoTZ2015-02-21 10:16:09http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21 >lT>'7'3YSusanSunshineCowTowncowtownBob is proven to be ineffective,
over and over and overand…4 minutes agoT\2015-02-21 10:21:16http://gocomics.com/cowtown/2015/02/21%%!E93_Arianne Off the MarkoffthemarkWill these kicks be followed by a trip to the Emergency! room?
(I see London, I see France. I see you’ve been kicked in the pants.)less than a minute agoTZ2015-02-21 10:16:09http://gocomics.com/offthemark/2015/02/21g'3QGizmo Cat v]BenbenConsidering that most women get no thanks, compliments or money for doing the household chores, i’d say: good for her!2 minutes agoTZ2015-02-21 10:16:09http://gocomics.com/ben/2015/02/21%/'3[JimmyTheHandAAndy Cappandycappor just a wetsuit2 minutes agoTZ2015-02-21 10:16:09http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21 Y!%%/'3cD Burnside 5Working Dazeworking-dazeNice screen shot.2 minutes agoT\2015-02-21 10:21:16http://gocomics.com/working-daze/2015/02/21!#!S'3_cdward=aGlenn McCoyglennmccoyWorse yet, he apparently did not listen to the president’s speech. President Obama called ISIS terrorists. He asked for authority from Congress to fight them. He simply refused to equate their terrorism with all of Islam – which too many on the right are doing.3 minutes agoT\2015-02-21 10:21:16http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/21 JJ)!!i'3_PICTONBirdbrainsbirdbrainsYoung beavers… you gotta love ’em.5 minutes agoT]N2015-02-21 10:26:22http://gocomics.com/birdbrains/2015/02/21##! '3_BrassOrchid|Matt DaviesmattdaviesAs you can see, fusion is possible on neither the tick, nor the tock. Fusion must be achieved between the tick and the tock, when the escapement is poised for a moment between them. Only then is there any possibility of unification. In nature, this requires immense pressure to slow the mechanism. The motion is converted to heat and discarded. The heat is not actually necessary for fusion, but is an inescapable part of the process.
People will refuse to accept responsibility as long as there is a second party onto whom blame may be placed. While responsibility may be converted to blame, nothing of consequence will be achieved.5 minutes agoT]N2015-02-21 10:26:22http://gocomics.com/mattdavies/2015/02/20 \[O !!U%3_LadyKatAunty Acidaunty-acidAren’t we all, Auntie….1 minute agoT]N2015-02-21 10:26:22http://gocomics.com/aunty-acid/2015/02/21#'% %3cBrassOrchid|Frog ApplausefrogapplauseBut doesn’t that ruin the reference, driving a semi-blunt inappropriate secondary reference right into the middle of it?1 minute agoT]N2015-02-21 10:26:22http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/19{'%{%3cArianne Reality CheckrealitycheckThis is why little pirates should stay in school – so that when they grow up, they know their three Rrrr’s.1 minute agoT]N2015-02-21 10:26:22http://gocomics.com/realitycheck/2015/02/21#k'3SBrassOrchid|BunibuniIt is hard to argue with such empty enthusiasm.3 minutes agoT]N2015-02-21 10:26:22http://gocomics.com/buni/2015/02/20 dGd."3-C'3kjreckardaThe Argyle Sweater theargylesweaterI’ll flip you for it.2 minutes agoT^2015-02-21 10:31:29http://gocomics.com/theargylesweater/2015/02/21>!!!'3_pcolliCAunty Acidaunty-acidI always remember my dreams, can’t get them out of my head.4 minutes agoT^2015-02-21 10:31:29http://gocomics.com/aunty-acid/2015/02/20###!O'3_BrassOrchid|Matt DaviesmattdaviesWe should set up work camps! yay!4 minutes agoT^2015-02-21 10:31:29http://gocomics.com/mattdavies/2015/02/19<%#'3aPICTONChuckle BroschucklebrosTry fiddling with the carburetor… maybe it will start.4 minutes agoT^2015-02-21 10:31:29http://gocomics.com/chucklebros/2015/02/213'3YMiamausBig Natebignate Can I just say… EEEEEWWWW!!!!5 minutes agoT^2015-02-21 10:31:29http://gocomics.com/bignate/1994/09/18 Z%U'3YjreckardaBrevitybrevityI hope they don’t roo the day.5 minutes agoT_2015-02-21 10:36:34http://gocomics.com/brevity/2015/02/218$+!e93]Sydney Phillips5Dick Tracydicktracy

Message heavy Wall Picture there, no room for E.D. mode, he needs to feel young again - and Hold Up the Sword !

Subtle indicator by Joe - for the less perceptive here . . .less than a minute agoT^2015-02-21 10:31:29http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21b#99 %3wSzopen715ByPhoebe and Her Unicornphoebe-and-her-unicornStill no comment about Sunshine Of Your Love by Cream? Shame on1 minute agoT^2015-02-21 10:31:29http://gocomics.com/phoebe-and-her-unicorn/2015/02/21 W?)!!'3_Coyoty]Doonesburydoonesbury“Yes, I think your tanning career was very important!”4 minutes agoT_2015-02-21 10:36:34http://gocomics.com/doonesbury/2015/02/21t(!!'3_F MNSpeechlessspeechlessLet me guess …. Part V – the bug grows to the size of humans. Part VI – It is bigger than humans and ravenous. Will there be a part VII? Where’s the bugs’ spray? LOL4 minutes agoT_2015-02-21 10:36:34http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/21#'/+1'3iJoanHelenCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesYes, prunes are a particular cultivar of plum; our local supermarket has them for sale while they they are still fresh and succulent. They are really juicy and delicious. Our Cape Dried Fruit industry also sun-dries them and then they are packaged and sold as dried prunes.5 minutes agoT_2015-02-21 10:36:34http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21 T`:T`,'1)%'3gTREEINTHEWINDFrank & ErnestfrankandernestCartoons like this can Torx a real tool guy off………….3 minutes agoT_2015-02-21 10:36:34http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/21 +#'%;'3cBrassOrchid|Frog Applausefrogapplause“Obscurity’s a plus!”
Need something darker with more of an edge?
Try Slipknot, Left Behind. You can view it on YouTube.3 minutes agoT_2015-02-21 10:36:34http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21*!O'3]PICTONFree RangefreerangeHe has a glazed look in his eyes.4 minutes agoT_2015-02-21 10:36:34http://gocomics.com/freerange/2015/02/21 |$|".#!S'3_jreckardaLoose PartsloosepartsPut the lime in the coconut …3 minutes agoT_2015-02-21 10:36:34http://gocomics.com/looseparts/2015/02/21V-'/!#'3_SusanSunshineDaddy's HomedaddyshomeHmmm…
Illinois, California, Florida, back to California (if Bev can repeat, so can I!) Ohio, Libya, Wisconsin…
South Dakota if 17 counts….

Back to California at 18,
and here ever since.

but “was???”
Is it over?

And yeah… spill.3 minutes agoT_2015-02-21 10:36:34http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/21 g01#%!g'3_BrassOrchid|Off the Markoffthemark0×42 reasons the world is passing me by.2 minutes agoT_2015-02-21 10:36:34http://gocomics.com/offthemark/2015/02/2101)!'3gDr DaveBarney & ClydebarneyandclydeKoi = carp2 minutes agoT_2015-02-21 10:36:34http://gocomics.com/barneyandclyde/2015/02/21v/)#!m'3_Robert Landers KGlenn McCoyglennmccoyIn particular when you realize that some 1.5 billion of the 7 billion human beings alive on this Earth are Muslims. This is just about one in five of all human beings on the planer. And if all of these people were truly terrorists, then it would be impossible for human civilization to continue to exist. I can see this, and I, like president Obama, am a Christian!3 minutes agoT_2015-02-21 10:36:34http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/21 55_4#OO=%3 BrassOrchid|Saturday Morning Breakfast Cerealsaturday-morning-breakfast-cerealI’m not sure I know anybody who watches cable news. I’ve heard of them, of course. Do you think it might be the Rapture, where the non-believers will be the only ones left in this world, all the faithful having left it forever? Maybe there is something about it on Cab1 minute agoT`2015-02-21 10:41:41http://gocomics.com/saturday-morning-breakfast-cereal/2015/02/21w3#!'3_PICTONLoose PartsloosepartsThey just did it to see what kind of a reaction it would get.
Some litmus paper napkins would have been a nice touch.2 minutes agoT`2015-02-21 10:41:41http://gocomics.com/looseparts/2015/02/21c2/+3'3iThirdguyCalvin and Hobbescalvinandhobbes20 degrees? If it ever gets that warm, I’ll consider a run. (no, not really)4 minutes agoT`2015-02-21 10:41:41http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21 6&6#9!]%3]jreckardaSpeed BumpspeedbumpKeeping up with the Neanderthal’s.1 minute agoTb2015-02-21 10:46:47http://gocomics.com/speedbump/2015/02/21g8+'M'3ePICTONThe Other CoasttheothercoastMy dog used to blog on the web but he gave it up and went back to ceaseless, incessant barking.2 minutes agoTb2015-02-21 10:46:47http://gocomics.com/theothercoast/2015/02/2197!'3ULiam Astle cLuannluann“I got black out drunk on just a sip of watered down beer.”2 minutes agoTb2015-02-21 10:46:47http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/216O'3[A MeZack Hillzackhilli thought he was a Boston terrier3 minutes agoTb2015-02-21 10:46:47http://gocomics.com/zackhill/2015/02/21T5%!3'3_jreckardaOff the MarkoffthemarkThis will never.
Come to pass.
A back-seat.
Out of gas.3 minutes agoTb2015-02-21 10:46:47http://gocomics.com/offthemark/2015/02/21Y8{8@HPX`hpx (08@HPX`hpx (08@HPX`hpx!8">#B$D%H&L'P(S)\*^+`,e-j.n/r0t1u2y3{4}5678 9 :;<=>"?%@)A,B.C1D4E9G=HBIGJKKOLUMXN]OcPgQmRrSwT|U~V WXY#Z%['\+]1^7_:`@aFbGcKdNeTfYg\h_i`jdkhllmqnuoyp~qr stuvw!x%y'z) "=-+)'3iuh-oh3The ElderberriestheelderberriesInsane asylum.3 minutes agoTcI2015-02-21 10:51:53http://gocomics.com/theelderberries/2015/02/215<!'3]davidf42dDick TracydicktracyMorning, Tracyville!

Good catch there, Syd!4 minutes agoTcI2015-02-21 10:51:53http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21o;!a93]Arianne Speed BumpspeedbumpYou never know what to expect from those nutjobs. Now there’s one flue over the cuckoos’ nest.less than a minute agoTb2015-02-21 10:46:47http://gocomics.com/speedbump/2015/02/21(:1+=%3imikefive Views of the Worldviewsoftheworld“I wonder if it was intentional having the fire raging over the Americas.”

Probably. After all, in the cartoon he is dreaming.1 minute agoTb2015-02-21 10:46:47http://gocomics.com/viewsoftheworld/2015/02/21  Q3B!'3ULiam Astle cLuannluannSorry, Gunther, this is your problem. We aren’t helping you3 minutes agoTd{2015-02-21 10:56:59http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21IA?'3Udavidf42dAnnieannieMorning, Anniephans!

Yeh, dis Godfadder mope, he’s real serious, see.4 minutes agoTd{2015-02-21 10:56:59http://gocomics.com/annie/2006/02/21'?!y'3ULiam Astle cLuannluann“You know kid I wasn’t always bald.”5 minutes agoTd{2015-02-21 10:56:59http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21->'3Udavidf42dAnnieannieMorning, Anniephans!

Robot warfare!

Here’s the link to the 2006 Annie story, ”Hamlet On the Hudson.”2 minutes agoTcI2015-02-21 10:51:53http://gocomics.com/annie/2015/02/21 2cFG#! 93_Arianne Diamond LildiamondlilTo hear Edna tell it, he looked just like Peter O’Toole.less than a minute agoTd{2015-02-21 10:56:59http://gocomics.com/diamondlil/2015/02/21"E[%3]davidf42dAlley Oopalley-oopMorning, Oopsters.
Indeed, what Wootitoot said. What else do we need to wrap this story up? ‘Course, it’ll take the Benders at least two more weeks.1 minute agoTd{2015-02-21 10:56:59http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/21!D_%3[SueB1863Get FuzzygetfuzzyThey never did answer this one, did they?1 minute agoTd{2015-02-21 10:56:59http://gocomics.com/getfuzzy/2015/02/21HC!)'3]PICTONSpeed BumpspeedbumpFirst it’s fire, then it’s cooking lessons. Where will it all end?2 minutes agoTd{2015-02-21 10:56:59http://gocomics.com/speedbump/2015/02/21 u)K[;'3WPlods with Beer ( did I mention beer? )rBig TopbigtopThank goodness Rob did.3 minutes agoTe2015-02-21 11:02:07http://gocomics.com/bigtop/2015/02/21Jo'3SPICTONShoeshoeDoes that mean it’s going to be a Goodyear?4 minutes agoTe2015-02-21 11:02:07http://gocomics.com/shoe/2015/02/21$I)/++'3iNikola TaschenCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesI like this one4 minutes agoTe2015-02-21 11:02:07http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21;H/)g'3gSueB1863Heart of the CityheartofthecityI wonder if Dean even knows where the ‘drink the Kool-Aid’ phrase came from. I doubt they’ve covered the tragedy of Jonestown in their history classes yet.4 minutes agoTe2015-02-21 11:02:07http://gocomics.com/heartofthecity/2015/02/21 m\O/!;'3_LadyKatDaddy's HomedaddyshomeDelson, Quebec, at the time not even a speck on the map on the south shore of Montreal.2 minutes agoTf2015-02-21 11:07:14http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/21DN+AM'3davidf42dBenitin y Eneasespanol/muttandjeffespanolMorning, Village!

I’ve got my masonic exam today, so I’ll be out most of the day. Warming up, with thunderstorms and showers all day.4 minutes agoTf2015-02-21 11:07:14http://gocomics.com/espanol/muttandjeffespanol/2015/02/21CL!/'3UMordock999 NLuannluannHey, Gunth!

PRESS That “Button” on Mr. Gray’s CHIN and SEE If His Head Flies OFF!5 minutes agoTf2015-02-21 11:07:14http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21 ;spU'3WgrahambhgyHermanhermanIt is a bald faced lie. You are only INCREASING your debt by $5000 plus interest.2 minutes agoTh2015-02-21 11:12:20http://gocomics.com/herman/2015/02/210T'3UEditmanLuannluannI still say that Mr. Grey looks like Billionaire Jimmy Patterson.4 minutes agoTh2015-02-21 11:12:20http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21BQ5%3UEditmanLuannluannThe “boys” need to go to the nearest strip club to blow off some steam.1 minute agoTf2015-02-21 11:07:14http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21?P3/c%3mPocosDadWPearls Before Swinepearlsbeforeswine“Uma…Oprah. Oprah..Uma.”1 minute agoTf2015-02-21 11:07:14http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21 &X[/!'3_Plods with Beer ( did I mention beer? )rDaddy's HomedaddyshomeVT3 minutes agoTiF2015-02-21 11:17:26http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/21[W'%;'3cINGSOCFrog ApplausefrogapplauseWe’re all tied up presently.. We’ll see what we can do for you eventually..5 minutes agoTiF2015-02-21 11:17:26http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21_V'##+93aSusanSunshineCandorvillecandorvilleWaaait a sec…

and I don’t mean jnik….

I thought time was standing still in Candorville, as in most comics….
Relationships, jobs,etc change,
but the passing years aren’t mentioned, so that Lemont et al will stay ageless.

if we acknowledge that “it’s been years” since he split from Roxanne…
how is Lionel still 2?less than a minute agoTh2015-02-21 11:12:20http://gocomics.com/candorville/2015/02/21 RBXR<]%//W'3mDreamScourgeOllie and Quentinollie-and-quentinLooks like a faulty undercarriage ;-)3 minutes agoTjy2015-02-21 11:22:33http://gocomics.com/ollie-and-quentin/2015/02/21>\#! %3_mikefive Glenn McCoyglennmccoyAt one time, our President was giving the appearance of emulating Mr. Chamberlain. Now, there is no comparison of similarity that can be drawn. Mr. McCoy’s cartoon is far behind events.1 minute agoTiF2015-02-21 11:17:26http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/21d[[/! %3_Plods with Beer ( did I mention beer? )rDaddy's HomedaddyshomeSure. It’s good to get stuff out and all over the interweb1 minute agoTiF2015-02-21 11:17:26http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/218Z'3-M'3kSusanSunshineThe Argyle Sweater theargylesweaterThey sell ’em by the yard.2 minutes agoTiF2015-02-21 11:17:26http://gocomics.com/theargylesweater/2015/02/21 kk~c-'3WTom Giordanella`NormanNormanYum!4 minutes agoTk2015-02-21 11:27:39http://gocomics.com/Norman/2015/02/21 b+AW'3davidf42dBenitin y Eneasespanol/muttandjeffespanolI just dropped Ricig’s Toon Trivia and Learn to Speak Cat. They just don’t do it for me.4 minutes agoTk2015-02-21 11:27:39http://gocomics.com/espanol/muttandjeffespanol/2015/02/21e`;3 93qLadyKatFor Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseAnd, as adults, they all succeeded in their chosen professions.less than a minute agoTjy2015-02-21 11:22:33http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/21_'7%3[SusanSunshineFat Catsfat-catsWell, they do say you should follow your bliss…

So…. if your bliss is at the bottom of a glass of heavy cream….1 minute agoTjy2015-02-21 11:22:33http://gocomics.com/fat-cats/2015/02/21 HT/g'%!a'3_artworksmetal[ Off the MarkoffthemarkDating yourself with this gag. Perry Como?4 minutes agoTl2015-02-21 11:32:46http://gocomics.com/offthemark/2015/02/21 f-#%3[Tom Giordanella`GarfieldgarfieldGood point.1 minute agoTk2015-02-21 11:27:39http://gocomics.com/garfield/2015/02/21^e[/!%3_Plods with Beer ( did I mention beer? )rDaddy's Homedaddyshomedoes it have anything to do with the “meet the creator” thing on the right?
Good reading BTW. Thanks for sharing. You did have a choice, yes?1 minute agoTk2015-02-21 11:27:39http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/212d-/+C'3iTom Giordanella`Calvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesThe breakfast of champions.2 minutes agoTk2015-02-21 11:27:39http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21 HlHIm!''3[lukebunkin*Gil ThorpgilthorpLate Feb and the Mudlarks appear to be 4 games into the season!
Tedium5 minutes agoTn2015-02-21 11:37:52http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/218k3-Y%3kDogsniff^The Argyle Sweater theargylesweaterMaybe there really is a city in China.1 minute agoTl2015-02-21 11:32:46http://gocomics.com/theargylesweater/2015/02/21Nj/'3]drbob456xOC'est la ViecestlavieDoesn’t want to belong to any club that would have her as a member.2 minutes agoTl2015-02-21 11:32:46http://gocomics.com/cestlavie/2015/02/19=i%3/U'3mJuice- BrucePearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswinePastis nailed it with this one :-O2 minutes agoTl2015-02-21 11:32:46http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21h-/'3YTom Giordanella`PeanutspeanutsSnoopy has style.4 minutes agoTl2015-02-21 11:32:46http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/21 Zr%#!9'3_Juice- BruceFred BassetfredbassetCareful Fred your ears may give you lift then you will be the flying Basset !………………..An unpowered Fred drone !……..We’ll put a camera on your head for Fred-Cam !2 minutes agoTn2015-02-21 11:37:52http://gocomics.com/fredbasset/2015/02/21wo)}'3[QueenofAmerica2Ten Catsten-catsI think the strip shows up around 11 PM or so in UT.
Is Annie calling Chesneys’ bluff?

I finally had to let Moose out of the bathroom last night. He cried and he banged the door so hard I couldn’t stand it. He used his litter box quite a bit so I know he’s peeing again. He still has to get his meds for a week and he is so not happy about it.3 minutes agoTn2015-02-21 11:37:52http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/21 uuw')''3eSusanSunshineBallard StreetballardstreetGosh,everybody….

Sorry I’m late.

Had to wait till it was quiet at the Tiki so I could come to the party for a while…

But first I had to go back to my salon and pick up my balloon ha…..
my balloo,,,
OH! Bev!

I knew I should have called you before I went to Stel’s to buy my hat…

This is so… awkward…

4 minutes agoToB2015-02-21 11:42:58http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/21ju%#Y'3adrjinxsaxNon Sequiturnonsequitur@ Varnes

I agree, sometimes we need a dose of common sense and intelligence. Get with it Miller.5 minutes agoToB2015-02-21 11:42:58http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/21 RB|-)y'3gmiqq1234>Bound and Gaggedboundandgagged….and why originals since copies would do…2 minutes agoToB2015-02-21 11:42:58http://gocomics.com/boundandgagged/2015/02/21G{!7'3ULiam Astle cLuannluann“Dude, I hope you don’t get jealous but I am totally tapping that.”2 minutes agoToB2015-02-21 11:42:58http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21Iz[-'M'3ePlods with Beer ( did I mention beer? )rDogs of C-KenneldogsofckennelI’ll vote! Where do I go?2 minutes agoToB2015-02-21 11:42:58http://gocomics.com/dogsofckennel/2015/02/21(y!'#S'3aJustjoking Close to HomeclosetohomeI usually use ketchup for my fries.3 minutes agoToB2015-02-21 11:42:58http://gocomics.com/closetohome/2015/02/21 uu&~[!!'3]Plods with Beer ( did I mention beer? )rFree Rangefreerangethat’s just cray-cray
sorry4 minutes agoTpu2015-02-21 11:48:05http://gocomics.com/freerange/2015/02/21Y}39%3wdavidf42dFoxTrot en Españolespanol/foxtrotespanolJudge Parker – Yawn.
Phantom – I don’t know this legendary Colonel Weeks. Is he a character we’ve met before? From what I see in the dialog here, I infer that he is an old character, but retired from the service.
Rex Morgan – That’ll raise a lot of eyebrows among Kelly’s peerage, but will it make her more popular, or make her look like a show-off?1 minute agoToB2015-02-21 11:42:58http://gocomics.com/espanol/foxtrotespanol/2015/02/21 zg z '%%3cPocosDadWTank McNamaratankmcnamaraOuch!1 minute agoTpu2015-02-21 11:48:05http://gocomics.com/tankmcnamara/2015/02/21 #;%3WShadowBeastKF MinusfminusMore like wedgie-pants.1 minute agoTpu2015-02-21 11:48:05http://gocomics.com/fminus/2015/02/21FM'3Oron47 >B.C.bcTo paraphrase an old master, “Math is 90 percent mental, the other half is physical”2 minutes agoTpu2015-02-21 11:48:05http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/21!!7'3_Arianne SpeechlessspeechlessEgads!!! Good thing the bug has such a cute, non-threatening looking face!
I especially love the depiction of the little girl in panel 3, right down to the detail of the shadow on her chin and neck. Beautiful work, very evocative!
And, dad’s eyeballs crack me up.3 minutes agoTpu2015-02-21 11:48:05http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/21 Bjl#k'3[dutchpuppy2Gil ThorpgilthorpAdderall possibilities=heart attack, need for a little blue pill… So when will someone need to call 911?5 minutes agoTq2015-02-21 11:53:11http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/21J'99S'3wDaniel Drazen those
sneaky neighbors.1 minute agoTpu2015-02-21 11:48:05http://gocomics.com/theflyingmccoys/2015/02/21 gii'3WSKJAM!7TarzantarzanRao? The Kryptonian sun god? Crossover time!2 minutes agoTq2015-02-21 11:53:11http://gocomics.com/tarzan/2015/02/21x!'3UJustjoking FrazzfrazzAnother Native American name for March is:
" Ain’t this #%* ever going to !#$%^& go away? Moon".2 minutes agoTq2015-02-21 11:53:11http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/21"!]'3]SKJAM!7Dick TracydicktracyDon’t look at the camera, Vitamin!4 minutes agoTq2015-02-21 11:53:11http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21k[-) '3gPlods with Beer ( did I mention beer? )rIn the BleachersinthebleachersRosy Ruiz immediately came to mind.
Dang, I’m old.4 minutes agoTq2015-02-21 11:53:11http://gocomics.com/inthebleachers/2015/02/21 ~#x~t#)/+K%3ijessegooddoggy }Calvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesMy neighbor grows the variety of plums that are dried for prunes – they are really yummy.1 minute agoTq2015-02-21 11:53:11http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21%"1+9%3imrs1wing Views of the WorldviewsoftheworldDios, nos ayudo…1 minute agoTq2015-02-21 11:53:11http://gocomics.com/viewsoftheworld/2015/02/21N![+)W%3gPlods with Beer ( did I mention beer? )rLiberty MeadowslibertymeadowsHope there’s a vent plug in it.1 minute agoTq2015-02-21 11:53:11http://gocomics.com/libertymeadows/2015/02/21[%#O'3aPlods with Beer ( did I mention beer? )rLa CucarachalacucarachaMcD’s tamales would probably “come back” on me. Is that a thing from the past?2 minutes agoTq2015-02-21 11:53:11http://gocomics.com/lacucaracha/2015/02/21 4$%!#!S'3_Justjoking Loose PartsloosepartsThat will help the Nilsson ratings.5 minutes agoTr2015-02-21 11:58:17http://gocomics.com/looseparts/2015/02/21F$33m'3qQiseto4Glasbergen Cartoonsglasbergen-cartoonsOn the east coast next to Maryland and Virginia.5 minutes agoTr2015-02-21 11:58:17http://gocomics.com/glasbergen-cartoons/2015/02/21 m#'!!]'3_GROG!BgBirdbrainsbirdbrainsYou want wood? Get yourself a woodchuck.4 minutes agoTr2015-02-21 11:58:17http://gocomics.com/birdbrains/2015/02/21 &3/'3mmugensPearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineI notice quite a few snide remarks about Hollywood, the people who work there, and their annual output. Makes you wonder how they are able to stay in business if so many well adjusted rational people have a hate on for them. Just like anything else in life, you have some good ones (movies, actors), you have some bad ones. It all balances out in the long run. I for one refuse to get on my high horse and speak ill of something that is so very easy for me to totally ignore, and I do more times than not.4 minutes agoTr2015-02-21 11:58:17http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21 O+!A'3WBeavisThe DuplexduplexIn my case the judge and a local newspaper reporter on the jury were both dumber than Eno.3 minutes agoTr2015-02-21 11:58:17http://gocomics.com/duplex/2015/02/21*!%#''3aJustjoking Non SequiturnonsequiturWhy do men die before their wives?
BECAUSE WE WANT TO !!!!3 minutes agoTr2015-02-21 11:58:17http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/21S(%#1'3aSKJAM!7La CucarachalacucarachaMcDonald’s really isn’t what I think of for futuristic food. Besides, “Food from the past” usually means “the food you loved when you were a kid” and have again on holidays.4 minutes agoTr2015-02-21 11:58:17http://gocomics.com/lacucaracha/2015/02/21  1E'3WLadyKatTarzantarzanIt’s Skeletor in drag!3 minutes agoTt 2015-02-21 12:03:23http://gocomics.com/tarzan/2015/02/21!0#!Q'3_mrs1wing Glenn McCoyglennmccoyOOh, Hot Water Tub Time Machine!!!4 minutes agoTt 2015-02-21 12:03:23http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/210.#!s'3_GROG!BgCitizen DogcitizendogSome suckers must buy theym, otherwise they wouldn’t make them.

Good morning, cleo, sugar, Fellow Baby & the rest of the CD gang!5 minutes agoTt 2015-02-21 12:03:23http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/21-3/a'3mSandfanPearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineIf you think the show hasn’t been worth watching since Bob Hope stopped hosting it, raise your hand.5 minutes agoTt 2015-02-21 12:03:23http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21 Z0vZ17!'%c%3cJustjoking Reality CheckrealitycheckWell done!
(me? I got nothin’ )1 minute agoTt 2015-02-21 12:03:23http://gocomics.com/realitycheck/2015/02/21!6#!S%3_mrs1wing Lisa Bensonlisabensonnet neutrality—NO-O-O-O-O!!!!1 minute agoTt 2015-02-21 12:03:23http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/2085%%u'3cchithing_Grand Avenuegrand-avenueYeah, better get up before the smoke alarm goes off.2 minutes agoTt 2015-02-21 12:03:23http://gocomics.com/grand-avenue/2015/02/2144-+Y'3iGreyhame`The ElderberriestheelderberriesHair dressers and telephone sanitizers2 minutes agoTt 2015-02-21 12:03:23http://gocomics.com/theelderberries/2015/02/21J3##!'3amugensCandorvillecandorvilleLionel has been growing, albeit slowly, but he has since his introduction.2 minutes agoTt 2015-02-21 12:03:23http://gocomics.com/candorville/2015/02/21 FRF:#!'3_starcandlesAdam@HomeadamathomeIt is none of Andre’s business as to what Adam chooses to eat & drink. Andre can lend a sympathetic ear, maybe suggest low-cal versions, but he cannot cut Adam off, no matter what his personal feelings concerning Adam are. Liberals feel that they can micro-manage your life because they know what is better for you. That is the entire premise of Liberalism. Keep the cattle happy.5 minutes agoTu=2015-02-21 12:08:29http://gocomics.com/adamathome/2015/02/21(9!i93UJustjoking RubesrubesI wonder if he drinks alone, with nobody else.less than a minute agoTt 2015-02-21 12:03:23http://gocomics.com/rubes/2015/02/21 B&@!!_%3]coldsooner0Dick TracydicktracyTalk about your Fifty Shades of Grey!!!!!1 minute agoTu=2015-02-21 12:08:29http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21F?+' '3emugensThe Knight LifetheknightlifeEven Lucy’s price went up to a 25 cents back in the day.2 minutes agoTu=2015-02-21 12:08:29http://gocomics.com/theknightlife/2015/02/21.>!%#a'3aJustjoking Strange BrewstrangebrewJes! my name is Peggy, how may I ahelp ju?3 minutes agoTu=2015-02-21 12:08:29http://gocomics.com/strangebrew/2015/02/218<!'3UmugensFrazzfrazzWell here in the eastern half of the U.S. I believe we will be saying the same thing. Another winter/snow storm is due to hit in just a few hours. It has to completely stop before it can go away (melt).4 minutes agoTu=2015-02-21 12:08:29http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/21 tbF!Y'3_wyoman Adam@HomeadamathomeMaybe Andre wants to be married to the president. That sort of medaling seems to go with the job now.5 minutes agoTvp2015-02-21 12:13:36http://gocomics.com/adamathome/2015/02/21tD%'%O93cMusty RangerFrog ApplausefrogapplauseUsed to live in the Lawrence Ks area for about 7 yrs. Beaker Street with Clyde Clifford, followed by Beaker Theater on Kaay, Little Rock. Great fare for a slow slide back into reality after a hard day and night at the lake.less than a minute agoTu=2015-02-21 12:08:29http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21#B+)?%3gchithing_Liberty MeadowslibertymeadowsI hope there’s not!1 minute agoTu=2015-02-21 12:08:29http://gocomics.com/libertymeadows/2015/02/21]A))7%3gstompsThe Born Loserthe-born-loser“Buy a Jet-Ski. Have you ever seen a unhappy person on a Jet-Ski?”…1 minute agoTu=2015-02-21 12:08:29http://gocomics.com/the-born-loser/2015/02/21 {{G) '3[jessegooddoggy }Ten Catsten-catsA lesson learned for Chesney??? On those rare occasions that I am up late I have noticed that some comics are in by 9 or 10 but I would never read them the night before! Morning coffee, FB, comics and jigsaw sudoku in that order or my morning is shot!! Glad to hear that Moose is getting better. Blue Kitty’s little head is quite often wet which tells me he is drinking from my dripping bathtub faucet, along with Orange Kitty. A friend has offered to replace everything for $20 labor and a batch of cookies (plumbers and other repairmen here charge TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS just to show up!). Looks like I need to buy some kind of fountain for the kitties… Perhaps on Amazon?4 minutes agoTvp2015-02-21 12:13:36http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/21 N(.NZK#)%-'3cdisinterestArlo and JanisarloandjanisArlo gets to look forward to a week full of dirty looks from the general public.2 minutes agoTvp2015-02-21 12:13:36http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/21'Js'3WKnightmanBig TopbigtopOuch! That Smarts! According to Quick-Draw McGraw!3 minutes agoTvp2015-02-21 12:13:36http://gocomics.com/bigtop/2015/02/21GI3/m'3mdoublepawFPearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineWell said Mugens. I never watched the show when Bob Hope hosted it, the most arrogant and lofty actor ever. People used to laugh sometimes because he was alleged to be funny.4 minutes agoTvp2015-02-21 12:13:36http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21RH!73w'3qJustjoking warped & dementedwarped-and-dementedIt only hurts for a second, but it does leave a mark.4 minutes agoTvp2015-02-21 12:13:36http://gocomics.com/warped-and-demented/2015/02/21 iGi'N}%3UEwal DohbFrazzfrazzEscalate snow angels to kids jumping out of second/third story windows- depending on your storm.
It’s all fun and games until they get it packed down for the guy that breaks a bone.
My son’s fraternity actually had a pool for the “time” when they would have to make the call.1 minute agoTvp2015-02-21 12:13:36http://gocomics.com/frazz/2015/02/21+M#!i'3_GROG!BgCitizen DogcitizendogSome suckers must buy them, otherwise they wouldn’t make them.

Good morning, cleo, sugar, Fellow Baby & the rest of the CD gang!2 minutes agoTvp2015-02-21 12:13:36http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/213L'!o'3_richardelguruAdam@Homeadamathome@ wyoman
What a stupid spiteful thing to say2 minutes agoTvp2015-02-21 12:13:36http://gocomics.com/adamathome/2015/02/21 L:LT++'3[Chris KenworthyqGarfieldgarfieldI like that. ;)4 minutes agoTw2015-02-21 12:18:41http://gocomics.com/garfield/2015/02/21XS!A'3]avenger09LDick TracydicktracyAs Sulu would say; “Oh my”! Hopefully Flintstone keeps a defibrillator nearby!4 minutes agoTw2015-02-21 12:18:41http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21\RS'3]GROG!BgOverboardoverboardYou only have yourself to blame, Henry.

Good morning, Crew!5 minutes agoTw2015-02-21 12:18:41http://gocomics.com/overboard/2015/02/21Q#!=%3_BeavisGary VarvelgaryvarvelIs that Chelsea Clinton?1 minute agoTvp2015-02-21 12:13:36http://gocomics.com/garyvarvel/2015/02/20@O#%#%3aKen in Ohio- La CucarachalacucarachaMexican weather report:

Chili today, Hot tamale!1 minute agoTvp2015-02-21 12:13:36http://gocomics.com/lacucaracha/2015/02/21 *d*IY+'3[Chris KenworthyqLucky CowluckycowEnough detergent will get rid of that Clare. ;) (Like soap and shampoo.)2 minutes agoTw2015-02-21 12:18:41http://gocomics.com/luckycow/2015/02/21DX##!'3_starcandlesGlenn McCoyglennmccoyThis needs to be the editorial cartoon of the year! Well put, Sir!3 minutes agoTw2015-02-21 12:18:41http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/21V]'3YGROG!BgThe BarnthebarnWhat you got ain’t worth building.3 minutes agoTw2015-02-21 12:18:41http://gocomics.com/thebarn/2015/02/21U!e'3Otygrkhat405B.C.bc5 out of 4 people don’t get fractions.4 minutes agoTw2015-02-21 12:18:41http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/21 \U\"\//93mGROG!BgOllie and Quentinollie-and-quentinIncoming!less than a minute agoTw2015-02-21 12:18:41http://gocomics.com/ollie-and-quentin/2015/02/21K['/+{%3irichardelguruCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesI’ve never eaten a prune in my life: back in kindergarten they tried to get me to eat a bowl of prunes and custard, and 60 odd years later the b@st@rds still haven’t won!!1 minute agoTw2015-02-21 12:18:41http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21%Z)k'3UfrugalnotcheapJAgnesagnesDead spiders: When I was a kid, we were in someone’s basement and I was so little I don’t remember why; but there were dead dehydrated shriveled up spiders on the concrete floor. Why am I sharing this? I’ve no idea. Reading Agnes often makes odd memories burst to the front of my mind.2 minutes agoTw2015-02-21 12:18:41http://gocomics.com/agnes/2015/02/21 M_+%!;'3_Chris KenworthyqWizard of IdwizardofidNot strictly. I graduated with a lot of student loan over my head here in Canada. Thankfully I got a good job and had it paid off in five or six years.5 minutes agoTx2015-02-21 12:23:47http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/21E^#!'3_Jim Guess ~Henry PaynehenrypayneThe WOMAN wants to see ‘fifty’? The movie about sexual abuse of women?
We are a sick, sick society!5 minutes agoTx2015-02-21 12:23:47http://gocomics.com/henrypayne/2015/02/19-]/!I93_KnightmanDaddy's HomedaddyshomeGrew up in Central California!less than a minute agoTw2015-02-21 12:18:41http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/21  `!!S'3_festinZPhil Handsphil-handsWalker is notorious now. Prominent?
America’s fastest rising young fool.
Really, the People should keep out of politics and let the professionals handle things Stay home, stay quiet and most of all stay powerless.. If you become one of those troublemakers that exercise your Constitutional rights, we’ll all poke fun and the FBI / CIA / NSA will start a file on ya.
Trade Union’s finest hour when Solidarity ended Communist rule in Poland. Not President Reagan. Not a war. Not terrorism. A Union and a newspaper.4 minutes agoTx2015-02-21 12:23:47http://gocomics.com/phil-hands/2015/02/21 eed#!'3_ApikorosThe BucketsthebucketsWell-put.3 minutes agoTx2015-02-21 12:23:47http://gocomics.com/thebuckets/2015/02/21Fc!)'3]TomsDick TracydicktracyHey Kandi, is the office for the “business” called the bedroom?3 minutes agoTx2015-02-21 12:23:47http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21Vb)%#''3afrugalnotcheapJNon SequiturnonsequiturI live with a very picky eater. I should form a spouses’ support group.4 minutes agoTx2015-02-21 12:23:47http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/21_a#57'3]dargonhumanCow and Boy ClassicscowandboyAny time I come back to this comic after a week without Internet and the first question I think of is “What are they doing now?!” I know I’m in for a good time getting caught up.4 minutes agoTx2015-02-21 12:23:47http://gocomics.com/cowandboy/2015/02/21 7rK7h'%%3cEwal DohbTank McNamaratankmcnamaraA very correct observation, Bob.
In 1960, there wouldn’t have been so many to choose from.
So, what’s your point?1 minute agoTx2015-02-21 12:23:47http://gocomics.com/tankmcnamara/2015/02/15!g)!K%3]puddleglum1066nnDick TracydicktracyInteresting that the Gocomics colorist made Vitamin’s eyes the same shade of blue as a certain little pill that just might be coming in handy soon…1 minute agoTx2015-02-21 12:23:47http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21f-'3[LadyKatTen Catsten-catsHappy Caturday, everyone. Queen, hope Moose will be OK. Finished baby blanket for stepson’s first baby. Started knitting an afghan for my great-granddaughter, going to be in shades of pink (multi-colour, dark and pale) and showcase three different cable patterns.2 minutes agoTx2015-02-21 12:23:47http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/21 LSTILL too vivid and a horribly memory.less than a minute agoTz2015-02-21 12:28:53http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21Jr'93YRobert NowallPeanutspeanutsIf you don’t want to read the comments, don’t scroll down.less than a minute agoTz2015-02-21 12:28:53http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/21 3,y%%c'3cLarryWorking Dazeworking-dazeher screen is a lot bigger then Jay’s3 minutes agoT{82015-02-21 12:34:00http://gocomics.com/working-daze/2015/02/21>x##'3aLadyKatTruth Factstruth-factsDessert, on the other hand, is a whole different ball of wax.4 minutes agoT{82015-02-21 12:34:00http://gocomics.com/truth-facts/2015/02/21&w%#U'3agnorth22Bloom CountybloomcountyThe Night of the Mary Kay Commandos!4 minutes agoT{82015-02-21 12:34:00http://gocomics.com/bloomcounty/2015/02/21Wv##9'3aLadyKatTruth Factstruth-factsIt would depend on the size of the serving. A lot of restaurant servings now are way too large for one person, so usually what my hubby and I do is one orders salad and the other orders the main dish and we share.4 minutes agoT{82015-02-21 12:34:00http://gocomics.com/truth-facts/2015/02/21 wg w~;'3YEwal DohbChip BokchipbokFunny, Chip, but you only add to the misconceptions that weather and climate are interchangeable.
World-wide warming provides the extra energy to cause extra large swings in our weather… colder winters and warmer summers, and longer wet/dry spells.
Still funny.2 minutes agoT{82015-02-21 12:34:00http://gocomics.com/chipbok/2015/02/21}W'3YGROG!BgPicklespicklesShrimp Creole is well worth the pain.2 minutes agoT{82015-02-21 12:34:00http://gocomics.com/pickles/2015/02/219|%=1?'3oYokohamaMamarRicig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaWhat’s New Pussycat2 minutes agoT{82015-02-21 12:34:00http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20{=)'3YCminuscomics&storiesr?DrabbledrabbleOoooops…3 minutes agoT{82015-02-21 12:34:00http://gocomics.com/drabble/2015/02/21 KFK !i%3WGROG!BgThe DuplexduplexObjection!

*Objection sustained!1 minute agoT{82015-02-21 12:34:00http://gocomics.com/duplex/2015/02/218=y'3WCminuscomics&storiesr?HermanhermanJust out it on your bank card… and stop complaining.2 minutes agoT{82015-02-21 12:34:00http://gocomics.com/herman/2015/02/21P33{'3qApikorosGlasbergen Cartoonsglasbergen-cartoonsIt’s Down Under. Across the Ditch from the kiwis.2 minutes agoT{82015-02-21 12:34:00http://gocomics.com/glasbergen-cartoons/2015/02/21;%=1C'3oYokohamaMamarRicig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaJonathan Livingston Seagull2 minutes agoT{82015-02-21 12:34:00http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/204)%u'3cKC2Arlo and JanisarloandjanisNo bet. Will they have a 20 something son and a cat?2 minutes agoT{82015-02-21 12:34:00http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/21 fB8fL )''3]HectorGonzalezThe Boondocksboondocks“diverting attention from spirituality to greed” Well put.4 minutes agoT|j2015-02-21 12:39:06http://gocomics.com/boondocks/2015/02/21,%=1%'3oYokohamaMamarRicig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaElephant Man5 minutes agoT|j2015-02-21 12:39:06http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20(!!_'3_aterpsterAunty Acidaunty-acidPoor Auntie, she went and ducked herself.5 minutes agoT|j2015-02-21 12:39:06http://gocomics.com/aunty-acid/2015/02/21$/);'3gApikorosHeart of the CityheartofthecityI doubt they ever will.5 minutes agoT|j2015-02-21 12:39:06http://gocomics.com/heartofthecity/2015/02/218?'[%3eLadyKatKit 'N' CarlylekitandcarlyleMy can helps me knit, crochet and cook.1 minute agoT{82015-02-21 12:34:00http://gocomics.com/kitandcarlyle/2015/02/21 Un/U/!''3_GROG!BgDaddy's HomedaddyshomeMontreal, QC.3 minutes agoT|j2015-02-21 12:39:06http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/21? +'3UCaldoniaLuannluannMaybe Gunther can tell the story all over again. And we all get to read it, too. “I came back to stop you from dating my mom. Be gone, usurper!” And Gray maintains his cheerful silence…3 minutes agoT|j2015-02-21 12:39:06http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21 +3'3[garfieldfan1992M6GarfieldgarfieldAsked and answered.4 minutes agoT|j2015-02-21 12:39:06http://gocomics.com/garfield/2015/02/21! %i'3UGranny Grump8CrumbcrumbYes go help him Moggy he always hurts himself!4 minutes agoT|j2015-02-21 12:39:06http://gocomics.com/crumb/2015/02/21 !C'3UJosh LyonsyfBettybettyA good story arc this week!4 minutes agoT|j2015-02-21 12:39:06http://gocomics.com/betty/2015/02/21 H%b%=1%3oYokohamaMamarRicig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaWings of the Dove – a film that only I seem to have enjoyed.1 minute agoT|j2015-02-21 12:39:06http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20!?%3YJosh LyonsyfBig NatebignateI’m guessing Rhino.1 minute agoT|j2015-02-21 12:39:06http://gocomics.com/bignate/2015/02/21g'3UJ. Short 6AgnesagnesSounds like me going to get something in another room.
Went to the grocery store solely for trash bags. I came back with $50-75 worth of stuff, but alas, no trash bags.2 minutes agoT|j2015-02-21 12:39:06http://gocomics.com/agnes/2015/02/212%=11'3oYokohamaMamarRicig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaThe Rats of Tobruk3 minutes agoT|j2015-02-21 12:39:06http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 0:0e%/+/'3imasterskrain" … health care is broken in this country and we have to fix it … No I don’t have any ideas, just let me see a half dozen plans and I’ll pick one.4 minutes agoT}2015-02-21 12:44:12http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20@%=1O%3oYokohamaMamarRicig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaX Men something – Wolverine1 minute agoT|j2015-02-21 12:39:06http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 #yO!3'3[Josh LyonsyfZack HillzackhillHe is. So therefore if they mate, and have puppies, they’ll be boxer-poodles.3 minutes agoT}2015-02-21 12:44:12http://gocomics.com/zackhill/2015/02/210%=1-'3oYokohamaMamarRicig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaAlbino Alligator3 minutes agoT}2015-02-21 12:44:12http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20$#!]'3_mrsjnsFred BassetfredbassetI think the Fred-Cam idea is a good one!3 minutes agoT}2015-02-21 12:44:12http://gocomics.com/fredbasset/2015/02/21W#A'3[LOLisgood4UjTom TolestomtolesDon’t let any evidence to the contrary fool ya Tommy. You stick by your story, boy.4 minutes agoT}2015-02-21 12:44:12http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20 FKF!## '3afestinZMike Lestermike-lesterHold up, wm. You’re giving Fester a bad name!
Giuliani is just tired and elderly, A has been trying to stay relevant and re-live glory days. They never do, they just get older and sillier.
Obviously, the Giuliani legacy started with Rudi. Trash talking somebody’s family is pretty low. He’s making a fool of himself. No need to resort to their methods.3 minutes agoT}2015-02-21 12:44:12http://gocomics.com/mike-lester/2015/02/21- !-'O'3eJust So So0Dogs of C-KenneldogsofckennelI’ll vote for the dogs. ♡3 minutes agoT}2015-02-21 12:44:12http://gocomics.com/dogsofckennel/2015/02/21|%#'3atwclixSteve BensonstevebensonI know. It’s sad how many folks are held enthralled by revelatory fables of mixed up magical fantasy, isn’t it?3 minutes agoT}2015-02-21 12:44:12http://gocomics.com/stevebenson/2015/02/20 n,%%=1'%3oYokohamaMamarRicig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaJoe Butterfly1 minute agoT}2015-02-21 12:44:12http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20%$%3Um b A;Nancynancywonder if they’ll ever get married and take Sluggo in1 minute agoT}2015-02-21 12:44:12http://gocomics.com/nancy/2015/02/21a"W'3]ApikorosMarmadukemarmadukeIt’s a sunny day in NJ as well. And the glare off all the ^@)&%! snow is blinding everyone.3 minutes agoT}2015-02-21 12:44:12http://gocomics.com/marmaduke/2015/02/21 G5'!!}%3_J. Short 6AndertoonsandertoonsThe Roy Rodgers CEO technique.1 minute agoT}2015-02-21 12:44:12http://gocomics.com/andertoons/2015/02/213&)%#c%3apuddleglum1066nnNon SequiturnonsequiturNo mystery at all, Flo. Half-a-billion years of evolution have optimized males of nearly all species to be efficient delivery systems for DNA. Our evolutionary function is to compete, mate, and get out of the way (some insect species have optimized this to the point where the female devours the male during sex, turning him into useful nutrition once he’s served his purpose). Given this raw material, what’s amazing is not that we’re often self-destructive jerks, but that so many of us live as long as we do.1 minute agoT}2015-02-21 12:44:12http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/21 \\*)%#Y'3aSharkNose˽Bloom Countybloomcounty“I have heard of your paintings too, well enough; God
has given you one face, and you make yourselves
another…” – Hamlet to Ophelia.5 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 12:49:18http://gocomics.com/bloomcounty/2015/02/21n(!u%3[K.C. Fahel|PreTeenapreteenaMy daughter is turning 10 a week from today. We are going to give her a party. When I asked her what she wanted for a theme, we were thinking she’d say “Monster High” or “My Little Ponies”. Her answer: “Elvis & ’60s music!” I even made her a file of music to play during the party, and the “newest” song on the list (with the exception of a few Elvis classics) is “Coconut” by Nilsson, which she specifically asked for.1 minute agoT}2015-02-21 12:44:12http://gocomics.com/preteena/2015/02/21 Bz.--'3UJ. Short 6BlissblissCostco Pharmacy.2 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 12:49:18http://gocomics.com/bliss/2015/02/21F,#)''3eLOLisgood4UjStuart CarlsonstuartcarlsonWould that “Doofus”, be in reference to Carlson or Obama, because I think it could apply to either one. Hell, you could even include yourself in that grouping, masterskrain.3 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 12:49:18http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/20B+!'3[Josh LyonsyfGarfieldgarfieldYet another idea for Garfield Minus Garfield.3 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 12:49:18http://gocomics.com/garfield/2015/02/218*3-W'3kJ. Short 6The Argyle Sweater theargylesweaterIs This guy’s last name Wilson?4 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 12:49:18http://gocomics.com/theargylesweater/2015/02/21 yeyD0#3/e%3mAtariDragoneiPearls Before Swinepearlsbeforeswine@mugens — The TV show “Mountain Monsters” keeps getting renewed. I don’t understand that, either, but I suspect that the two mysteries are related.1 minute agoT~2015-02-21 12:49:18http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21/)'3'3eEwal DohbMike LuckovichmikeluckovichIn a perfect world, or at least in a form of government different than ours, a LEADER would say, “These are the things that are wrong; this is how to correct them; this is how much that will cost; and here is how we’ll pay for it.”2 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 12:49:18http://gocomics.com/mikeluckovich/2015/02/20.Y'3UJ. Short 6BlissblissMuammar Gaddafi stocking up on Viagra.2 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 12:49:18http://gocomics.com/bliss/2015/02/21 X24%#m'3aApikorosPrickly CitypricklycityCelestial bodies are like many cats in this way.5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 12:54:24http://gocomics.com/pricklycity/2015/02/21#3%#U'3aPpreyv6Non SequiturnonsequiturJustjoking hit the nail on the head.5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 12:54:24http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/212-!!%%3_George Alexander pDoonesburydoonesburyFantasizing that he’s the Derek Jeter of his “sport,” which he isn’t. Great seeing how Michael is playing him along.1 minute agoT~2015-02-21 12:49:18http://gocomics.com/doonesbury/2015/02/21a1C7 %3umelki>The LeftyBosco Picture ShowleftyboscopictureshowI’d love to see them all running around playing together.1 minute agoT~2015-02-21 12:49:18http://gocomics.com/leftyboscopictureshow/2015/02/21 ;B;8!/#{'3aJosh LyonsyfToday's Doggtodays-dogg“Please Don’t Whiz on The Electric Fence” – The Ren & Stimpy Show3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 12:54:24http://gocomics.com/todays-dogg/2015/02/21H7'3-m'3kTheTruthHurtsԟThe Argyle Sweater theargylesweaterREALLY an open house !3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 12:54:24http://gocomics.com/theargylesweater/2015/02/21j6)%W'3cbawana HArlo and JanisarloandjanisAs the doctor said to the woman that came in with two shiners: Well, I can see you been warned twice!4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 12:54:24http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/21 m0;%%e'3cJ. Short 6Break of Daybreak-of-dayThat guy is going to have a whale of a tale.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 12:54:24http://gocomics.com/break-of-day/2015/02/21,:y'3[Ppreyv6Fort KnoxfortknoxI don´t think “might” is the correct word2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 12:54:24http://gocomics.com/fortknox/2015/02/21 9#!+'3_festinZGlenn McCoyglennmccoyGood point, m5. Wasted space when they can’t keep up. He is doubtless pandering to his constituency,
When there’s a fire, you don’t wanna fork with the fire chief, even if you hate him passionately.
common ground. Down with isis!2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 12:54:24http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/21 N@'#C'3aJ. Short 6Close to HomeclosetohomeFor that extra salty taste.4 minutes agoT22015-02-21 12:59:30http://gocomics.com/closetohome/2015/02/21b?53/ '3mPuddlesplatt McLearnhPearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineDavid Nivens and the naked runner, with a no attention getter.5 minutes agoT22015-02-21 12:59:30http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21&>%#U'3aJ. Short 6Chuckle BroschucklebrosThat’ll make a fiddler-crabby.5 minutes agoT22015-02-21 12:59:30http://gocomics.com/chucklebros/2015/02/214=%%#k%3aGranny Grump8Chuckle BroschucklebrosFoggy Mountain Breakdown, Wonderful old Music!1 minute agoT2015-02-21 12:54:24http://gocomics.com/chucklebros/2015/02/21r<%3[CaldoniaPluggerspluggersI can’t help thinking it was written over 80 years ago! What IS this couple’s secret? They look so youthful!1 minute agoT2015-02-21 12:54:24http://gocomics.com/pluggers/2015/02/21 t|C'3[CaldoniaPluggerspluggersI’m kidding: This is probably a flashback. But those guys must be really getting up there by now. Even older in dog years!4 minutes agoT22015-02-21 12:59:30http://gocomics.com/pluggers/2015/02/21$B'#O'3aJ. Short 6Close to HomeclosetohomeI am the Walrus koo koo kee choo.4 minutes agoT22015-02-21 12:59:30http://gocomics.com/closetohome/2015/02/21A!!'3_Jeff HPhil Handsphil-handsWalker is currently the most successful governor in America. And unlike the anti-American zealot in the White House, he isn’t attempting to “fundamentally transform” Wisconsin from something the people want into something none of them ever wanted.4 minutes agoT22015-02-21 12:59:30http://gocomics.com/phil-hands/2015/02/21 //4G%3UChuck374LuannluannI remember Mr. Gray as being more portly. Does he have a first name?1 minute agoT22015-02-21 12:59:30http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21KF3!!'3_warped and demented bBirdbrainsbirdbrainsTime for the non eager beaver to move out and get his own place.2 minutes agoT22015-02-21 12:59:30http://gocomics.com/birdbrains/2015/02/21mE)%W'3criverhawk &Arlo and JanisarloandjanisJust a thought, my wife has never ever said " sorry" to me, EVER3 minutes agoT22015-02-21 12:59:30http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/21MD!7'3YK.C. Fahel|PeanutspeanutsTo be honest, Snoopy_Fan and Number_Three have been exchanging correspondence on here for quite a while. (Personally, I don’t mind it.) You’ve never complained before. Why the burr up your butt now?3 minutes agoT22015-02-21 12:59:30http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/21 0dJ#'%93cLOLisgood4UjJeff DanzigerjeffdanzigerReally reaching on this one, Jeff. You could have added a ghostly apparition for Mario Cuomo if you wanted to try for a little even handedness. But nah, that would have spoiled the Republican hating flavor. Besides, the Cuomoes are icons of the left.less than a minute agoT22015-02-21 12:59:30http://gocomics.com/jeffdanziger/2015/02/20FI#3/k%3mTerrBear319YPearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineWow Stephan! Way to call it! Brilliant strip!1 minute agoT22015-02-21 12:59:30http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21JH?'{%3eBIGCHRONOKit 'N' CarlylekitandcarlyleThat’s why they’re banned from sweat shops.1 minute agoT22015-02-21 12:59:30http://gocomics.com/kitandcarlyle/2015/02/21 t<tNA'3[miffedmax|Gil ThorpgilthorpSomebody better call Saul.4 minutes agoTd2015-02-21 13:04:36http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/21{M5 '3UPuddlesplatt McLearnhMontymontyI wonder if this all a Monty “Dream” and talk about a dream, the captain or whatever, is making my heart flutter.4 minutes agoTd2015-02-21 13:04:36http://gocomics.com/monty/2015/02/21'L!))A'3gK.C. Fahel|Peanuts Beginspeanuts-beginsWhen I was a kid, my mother found one of those books at a yard sale. I loved it. I wish I still had it; I think my daughters would get a kick out of it.4 minutes agoTd2015-02-21 13:04:36http://gocomics.com/peanuts-begins/2015/02/21>K)'m93ePpreyv6Barkeater LakebarkeaterlakeAnything with bacon is genius. Especially dates.less than a minute agoT22015-02-21 12:59:30http://gocomics.com/barkeaterlake/2015/02/21 {CQ!)''3elogicalonedStuart CarlsonstuartcarlsonWhy do you think ethnic slurs are okay? Delete this crap.3 minutes agoTd2015-02-21 13:04:36http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/20PK'3WSharkNose˽W.T. DuckwtduckWhat a rude rapscallion!

Hey, fellow WTD fans, should we have a funeral for "whattheduck.net? It’s been down for quite a few days. Has Mr. Johnson hung up the pen and india ink? Hopefully it’s just an ISP glitch.4 minutes agoTd2015-02-21 13:04:36http://gocomics.com/wtduck/2015/02/21cO)%I'3cbawana HArlo and JanisarloandjanisYeah well, don’t hold your breath- I’ve been waiting to hear that for 33 years….4 minutes agoTd2015-02-21 13:04:36http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/21 PdU!)%C'3cjploch5408 KArlo and Janisarloandjanis“Now I’m tellin’ you this one time, Arlo: don’t piss me off!”2 minutes agoTd2015-02-21 13:04:36http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/21T#1+!'3ipuppylover3SpMolly and the BearmollyandthebearOh thanks!2 minutes agoTd2015-02-21 13:04:36http://gocomics.com/mollyandthebear/2015/02/19S91'3oJ. Short 6Dark Side of the HorsedarksideofthehorseI remember hiking through some woods and hearing a piper practicing. It seemed really natural in that setting. It had a really lonely sound; like some kind of strange echoing bird call.
He probably practiced out there so his wife wouldn’t kill him.3 minutes agoTd2015-02-21 13:04:36http://gocomics.com/darksideofthehorse/2015/02/20*R%=1!'3oYokohamaMamarRicig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaCat People3 minutes agoTd2015-02-21 13:04:36http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 U3Y %3YfestinZChip BokchipbokScience is not true. They prove things i don’t like.
I’m not gonna listen to anything i don’t already know. Besides, i’m smarter than those high iq bums anyway.1 minute agoTd2015-02-21 13:04:36http://gocomics.com/chipbok/2015/02/215X#/+S'3iJust JeremyCalvin and Hobbescalvinandhobbes you’re only fooling yourself.2 minutes agoTd2015-02-21 13:04:36http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/1992/09/10DW#/+q'3iVonne Anton Calvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesBetter than “roots and a prune canal.”2 minutes agoTd2015-02-21 13:04:36http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21%V%%S'3cNina K Gray Mattersgray-mattersYes! This when I talk to Mom…2 minutes agoTd2015-02-21 13:04:36http://gocomics.com/gray-matters/2015/02/21 6!r$6h_}'3UChuck374LuannluannGunther – If you want to find out anything about this guy, you will need to ask. Then run it though the internet.5 minutes agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21^e'3Udonwalter cLuannluannOoooooo…THAT’s a good one…5 minutes agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21&]''#793aTheTruthHurtsԟClose to HomeclosetohomeAh, aah, aaah choo !!less than a minute agoTd2015-02-21 13:04:36http://gocomics.com/closetohome/2015/02/21)\!!!M93_jploch5408 KDoonesburydoonesburyAs Bogart and Bergman had Paris.less than a minute agoTd2015-02-21 13:04:36http://gocomics.com/doonesbury/2015/02/21YZ#+)#%3gLOLisgood4UjMichael RamirezmichaelramirezThat appellation of yours obviously refers to the size of your brain, SoaP.1 minute agoTd2015-02-21 13:04:36http://gocomics.com/michaelramirez/2015/02/20 0+b#s'3YJohnniePolo ,DrabbledrabbleWhy was she looking at his junk in the first place?4 minutes agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/drabble/2015/02/21 a-'3[J. Short 6GraffitigraffitiI use to play in a band where the female singer and guitarist were married. The guitarist was in to drugs. The wife always complained about her old car.
The other guitarist in the band said he was going to write a song : Momma Wants a Prelude. Daddy Wants a Quaalude.4 minutes agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/graffiti/2015/02/21J`1) '3gebsanFrank & ErnestfrankandernestListen up, Maggots! Oh, wait. That’s a Drill Instructor.5 minutes agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/21 ..{g%!'3_Jeff HWizard of IdwizardofidHe’ll end up with a worthless piece of paper, living in his parents’ basement, staying on their insurance until he’s 26, yet will for some reason think he has something to say to world via Twitter. Hope he owns a good pair of pajamas.3 minutes agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/21Fe#%# '3aVonne Anton Non SequiturnonsequiturOn a serious viewpoint, I hate this viewpoint. It means as a man, I have no need of virtue, loyalty, justice, morals, love. Just feed me and let me procreate. Ridiculous. Real men know better.4 minutes agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/21d5%#m'3aPuddlesplatt McLearnhNon Sequiturnonsequiturif he would listen to me, but no, he was the big man and knew everthing…now I still have to do everything.4 minutes agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/21 iHi%k#!]'3[JohnniePolo ,Cul de SacculdesacShe’s dripping all over the floor.3 minutes agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/culdesac/2015/02/21Tj/##'3aObserver fo IronyyCAFFEINATEDCAFFEINATEDIf this is the last day what is she going to do for the rest of the year?3 minutes agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/CAFFEINATED/2015/02/21Ti%#/'3aSisyphoskBloom CountybloomcountySome people (…Mary Kay…) think there is no such thing as too much makeup. Only a growth-market!
Watch your back, Opus, ’cause it has a target painted (you should pardon the term) on it!3 minutes agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/bloomcounty/2015/02/212h%=11'3oYokohamaMamarRicig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaWolfman vs Dracula3 minutes agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 5j:o/!!s'3_Observer fo IronyyCompu-tooncompu-toonWas it reported as a UFO?2 minutes agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/compu-toon/2015/02/21,n%=1%'3oYokohamaMamarRicig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaLittle Foxes2 minutes agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20Em7'3UDave.53.Luannluannif he does, he’d move into a different pay scale ( cartoon actors guild rules)2 minutes agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21El7'3UDave.53.Luannluannif he does, he’d move into a different pay scale ( cartoon actors guild rules)2 minutes agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21 (rMs!-%3]donwalter cPooch CafepoochcafeAND all of the other food that you try to mooch…1 minute agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/poochcafe/2015/02/210r5!k%3WPuddlesplatt McLearnhThe Duplexduplexcan I leave early…have a pie in the oven?1 minute agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/duplex/2015/02/21>q9!u'3]Happy, Happy, Happy!!! Skin HorseskinhorseSexuality as a weapon?
Surely, you jest…2 minutes agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/skinhorse/2015/02/21p#!)'3_SisyphoskBroom HildabroomhildaIn panel 2, two of the triffids lean in to observe what is on the little green witch’s laptop! —They need not have worried….2 minutes agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/broomhilda/2015/02/21 Hlv#%#Y'3aVonne Anton Non SequiturnonsequiturWhat is so unhealthy about a burger? Meat with a bit of fat, now declared to be okay. Cheese also okay. Veggies like lettuce, pickles, onions, tomatoes…all good. Ketchup and mustard, both good. New guidelines on bread is a couple of slices a day isn’t bad, so now even the bun is alright. Granted, the mayo probably needs to go, but that’s alright. Why do we keep getting told different dietary guidelines??? Haven’t we figured out this optimum health thing yet?5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:14:47http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/211u/'3SObserver fo IronyyWuMowumoNever heard of it. What does the ‘N’ stand for?5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:14:47http://gocomics.com/wumo/2015/02/212t%=13%3oYokohamaMamarRicig's Toon Triviaricigs-toon-triviaThe Horse Whisperer1 minute agoT胖2015-02-21 13:09:42http://gocomics.com/ricigs-toon-trivia/2015/02/20 aaw!)')'3elogicalonedStuart CarlsonstuartcarlsonWhat slanderous junk. One: This toon is an example of a deluded lefty hearing things that weren’t said or meant. Their brains don’t work right. Hear what you think instead of what was said.

The dumb “intelligence” comments are wrong. Obvious it’s easier to spout the same nonsense you’ve been parroting for years. But……… http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/16/world/cia-is-said-to-have-bought-and-destroyed-iraqi-chemical-weapons.html?action=click&pgtype=Homepage&module=second-column-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0

Guilliani had a long successful career that pretty much helped end the mafia in America. I know, my father spent 20+ years in jail thanks to Ruddy’s help.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:14:47http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/20 *m*[z#!A'3_black dogGlenn McCoyglennmccoyObama isn’t Chamberlain. He’s Churchill! Remember back in WWII when Churchill held summits to explain that we weren’t at war with Germany and that we needed to understand root causes for Nazi aggression, or that time when Churchill compared Nazi atrocities to British atrocities during the viking invasions, or that time Churchill said we needed to find jobs for Nazis or the times he went golfing after every atocity? Me neither.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:14:47http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/21\yK'3]Cap Kidd OverboardoverboardFriends would blame their dog but we knew better. Anyway, there’s more room out than in.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:14:47http://gocomics.com/overboard/2015/02/21 x9#! '3_Happy, Happy, Happy!!! Citizen Dogcitizendog4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:14:47http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/21 [QX@[_/+-'3isamhuffCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesBut “rooting” can be fun, especially if you follow Australian rules.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:14:47http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21#3/'3mVonne Anton Pearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineDid you see that news report that Steven Spielberg gets “thanked” at the Oscars more than God? Cracked me up!2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:14:47http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21s|'3YneatslobChip BokchipbokAs, yes, the old “There can’t be global warming because there is still winter” line. Only shows ignorance.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:14:47http://gocomics.com/chipbok/2015/02/21){9#!E'3_Happy, Happy, Happy!!! Citizen Dogcitizendoggood morning people and pets3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:14:47http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/21 !P$!]/11w93oObserver fo IronyyLearn to Speak Catlearn-to-speak-catThose pudgy cats could use some panic to exercise to.less than a minute agoT2015-02-21 13:14:47http://gocomics.com/learn-to-speak-cat/2015/02/21'%%/%3cTheTruthHurtsԟSunny Streetsunny-streetIs wheatgrass ‘glutten-free’ ? He may had allergies. That would’ve impacted his health, NEGATIVELY !1 minute agoT2015-02-21 13:14:47http://gocomics.com/sunny-street/2015/02/20'%# %3aLogan SackettݶChuckle Broschucklebros1 minute agoT2015-02-21 13:14:47http://gocomics.com/chucklebros/2015/02/21/++%3iLX013Calvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesOut in theatre!1 minute agoT2015-02-21 13:14:47http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21*5!U'3[Puddlesplatt McLearnhCul de Sacculdesacmore like the invisable man,,,snerk!2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:14:47http://gocomics.com/culdesac/2015/02/21 =RB= !%#'3aWaitingManlNon SequiturnonsequiturI’m reading this shortly after having my Saturday breakfast of apple fritter and cola. I know. Walking heart attack.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:19:53http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/21 ))'3gchip42@lThe Born Loserthe-born-loserMoney may not buy you happiness but a lot of it sure as H E double hockey sticks makes being miserable a lot easier to live with.5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:19:53http://gocomics.com/the-born-loser/2015/02/21(!g'3[SisyphoskCul de SacculdesacThe very extensive Wolf Lobby is not going to forget nor forgive your remarks, Alice. "Wolves are boring. They’re just pushy dogs?!
Beware, my child. Even a man who says his prayers by night may turn into a wolf when the full moon is bright and the wolfsbane blooms!5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:19:53http://gocomics.com/culdesac/2015/02/21 m|&m3!'3]Jeff HFree RangefreerangeCronut.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:19:53http://gocomics.com/freerange/2015/02/21, -+#K'3aTom Giordanella`The Vernal Poolvernal-poolThe mole looks just fine to me.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:19:53http://gocomics.com/vernal-pool/2015/02/21 i'3WJeff HFarcusfarcusKinda looks like he’s having a movement.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:19:53http://gocomics.com/farcus/2015/02/21 5E'3SPuddlesplatt McLearnhWuMowumoFrankie baby, was the foist!4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:19:53http://gocomics.com/wumo/2015/02/21d !'3OSo Lonely B.C.bcHe must be on the time he does not understand,when does the times he understands & does not understand go in and out?4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:19:53http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/21 N##!%3_LOLisgood4UjGary VarvelgaryvarvelSign’em up Marie! Give’em one of those Obama recovery McJobs. Problem solved. Just don’t lose you head over it.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 13:19:53http://gocomics.com/garyvarvel/2015/02/20C!%3]Jeff HSpeed BumpspeedbumpYeah, probably a good idea to wait until they invent the fire department.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 13:19:53http://gocomics.com/speedbump/2015/02/21-o'3]CARAPORAM JumpStartjumpstartGreat, more surfaces for bacteria to grow….2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:19:53http://gocomics.com/jumpstart/2015/02/21,5/+/'3iPuddlesplatt McLearnhThe Flying McCoystheflyingmccoysGladys and George2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:19:53http://gocomics.com/theflyingmccoys/2015/02/21 7+!#!_'3_logicalonedGlenn McCoyglennmccoyJustin Beiber wishes he had so many “beliebers” as this president still has. Those that don’t learn the lessons of history are bound to repeat them. You can negotiate with countries of good intent. You must crush those that are evil or they WILL spread.5 minutes agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/21C3/[93mJeff HPearls Before Swinepearlsbeforeswine…because they despise the public.less than a minute agoT2015-02-21 13:19:53http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21 k`))9'3gdkoch59&rThe Born Loserthe-born-loserAs many have said before, money cannot buy happiness, but poverty cannot buy anything.4 minutes agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/the-born-loser/2015/02/21!'3_shellusaAdam@HomeadamathomeM. Obama?4 minutes agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/adamathome/2015/02/21!'3]SisyphoskDick TracydicktracyLike that young rake in the picture above your mantel, Vitamin, raise your sword and get down to business!

Troublesome little thought: is this Kandikane really the same Kandikane we just saw under threat from Sprocket Nitrate? Could Kandi possibly be (physically) identical twins, one evil, one good? —It’s just a far-fetched, but troubling, idea, folks….4 minutes agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21 ddC'3UrshiveAgnesagnesDead spiders tell no tales.4 minutes agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/agnes/2015/02/21[%!A'3_KaputnikWizard of IdwizardofidIf nobody will pay good money for your thoughts, you probably should have learned a trade.4 minutes agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/wizardofid/2015/02/21'%e'3YHabaneroBuckChip BokchipbokIt doesn’t show any ignorance at all, and “climate change” was not the argument we were asked to take seriously. The argument that was posited to us was that the polar ice caps are melting and will result in catastrophe. That is demonstrably NOT TRUE. Sleight of hand says weather is not climate, but the accumulation of weather most certainly IS climate.4 minutes agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/chipbok/2015/02/21 PK3P)%#c'3aekw $Non Sequiturnonsequiturwhen did people start saying “healthful” instead of “healthy”?
does the latter just describe people who eat stuff that’s the former now?3 minutes agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/21. '3UCaldoniaLuannluann2. They were a gift, and Mom displays them just to be polite?3 minutes agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21K'3WJ. Short 6HermanhermanAs Tim Wilson the comedian, said after getting a $35 bank charge for a $5 bounced check, “If I ain’t got 5, I damn sure don’t have 35.”3 minutes agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/herman/2015/02/21/!#!i'3_logicalonedHenry PaynehenrypayneHave you seen it or are you just a hero-hater?3 minutes agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/henrypayne/2015/02/19 Z]"--%'3kSisyphoskDilbert Classicsdilbert-classicsDogbert, iike some politicians, you are not taking the Elf Threat seriously!2 minutes agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/dilbert-classics/2015/02/21b!s'3UBillH77LuannluannI still think “Mr Grey” is Rush Limbaugh. At that point the kid gets a new car & paid for college.3 minutes agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21* 5#!K'3_Puddlesplatt McLearnhDiamond LildiamondlilI’d take a crack at that!3 minutes agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/diamondlil/2015/02/21 ##!I'3_LOLisgood4UjLisa BensonlisabensonBarakolli wants it. Enuf sed.3 minutes agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/lisabenson/2015/02/20 N-TbN&C7_%3uJ. Short 6The LeftyBosco Picture ShowleftyboscopictureshowOkay, all those with horns on this side of the court. All those without horns on that side of the court.1 minute agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/leftyboscopictureshow/2015/02/21l%'3Uriverhawk &LuannluannHey your a ice kid, you have Mom’s permission to get on with your life , don’t forget to call her now and then.2 minutes agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21S$!]'3Obeckinista2DB.C.bcThere are only three kinds of people in the world; those who understand math, and those who don’t.2 minutes agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/21M#73{'3qekw $Rabbits Against Magicrabbitsagainstmagicis that a blindfold with an eye hole, or a domino mask?2 minutes agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/rabbitsagainstmagic/2015/02/21 ?Gg ?G-!)'3[chip42@lU.S. Acresus-acresThe squirting water has to go somewhere. Makes perfect sense in cartoon fizix.5 minutes agoT^2015-02-21 13:30:06http://gocomics.com/us-acres/2015/02/21.,g93[sdebarrAGil ThorpgilthorpI’ll bet it’s not really Adderallless than a minute agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/21!)%![%3_ekw $Rose is Roseroseisrosebut is she stomping on Jim’s lap?1 minute agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/roseisrose/2015/02/21Z(w%3OQuaby5B.C.bcI just typed Ad Block Plus on my google search bar and it popped up 10 jillion sites, but it was within the top five.1 minute agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/213'%3]Jeff HCommittedcommittedBetter hope the company doesn’t activate his webcam.1 minute agoT+2015-02-21 13:24:59http://gocomics.com/committed/2015/02/21 0925u'3[Puddlesplatt McLearnhGet Fuzzygetfuzzymethinks you have your tutu on backwards, my dudeth!4 minutes agoT^2015-02-21 13:30:06http://gocomics.com/getfuzzy/2015/02/2161!'%m'3cMcPheetersDFrog ApplausefrogapplauseHot springs eternal in the heart of Ar-Kansas!!!4 minutes agoT^2015-02-21 13:30:06http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/210K'3[Jeff HCorneredcorneredLoudmouths are in the basement.5 minutes agoT^2015-02-21 13:30:06http://gocomics.com/cornered/2015/02/214/-+['3iesands6The ElderberriestheelderberriesI can think of nothing to dispute that.5 minutes agoT^2015-02-21 13:30:06http://gocomics.com/theelderberries/2015/02/21./!#'3_Lassie1؃Daddy's HomedaddyshomeTo be fair, that kid looks pretty old to fall for magic tricks. Sad, though, when the ‘magic’ of ‘childhood’ ends.5 minutes agoT^2015-02-21 13:30:06http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/21 Sv7%#s'3aneatslobBloom CountybloomcountyIf your first thought when you see a woman is “Look at that makeup!” then there’s too much of it.3 minutes agoT^2015-02-21 13:30:06http://gocomics.com/bloomcounty/2015/02/21A6'3[dmitch65 DAndy CappandycappOnly Andy could wear a suit and still look that scruffy……..3 minutes agoT^2015-02-21 13:30:06http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/215k'3Ufawny^CrumbcrumbMog you’re a wonderful companion…..3 minutes agoT^2015-02-21 13:30:06http://gocomics.com/crumb/2015/02/213#%# '3aLOLisgood4UjLalo AlcarazlaloalcarazSure there are, dtroutma, but the ones that the dems want are those south of the border types that convert so easily into votes.4 minutes agoT^2015-02-21 13:30:06http://gocomics.com/laloalcaraz/2015/02/19 ))S9#!7'3_Jeff HGlenn McCoyglennmccoyYeah, good thing those nice non-Islamic Islamic State folks don’t hate Jews or anything.

P.S. I know this is WAY above your pay grade, but you should have typed “a far” as two separate words, not one. Mean totally different things. But they’ll teach you that when you get to 2nd grade.2 minutes agoT^2015-02-21 13:30:06http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/21x8-)g'3gAliComiBob the SquirrelbobthesquirrelHe’s ‘bouncing-off-the-walls’ now. I can only imagine how sugary cupcakes will affect Bob.3 minutes agoT^2015-02-21 13:30:06http://gocomics.com/bobthesquirrel/2015/02/21 ..&=!!c%3_Jeff HBirdbrainsbirdbrainsHe’s about to become a meager beaver.1 minute agoT^2015-02-21 13:30:06http://gocomics.com/birdbrains/2015/02/21(<)/+3'3iNikola TaschenCalvin and Hobbescalvinandhobbesanother good one :)2 minutes agoT^2015-02-21 13:30:06http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21x;!'%o'3cnighthawksReality Checkrealitycheckalgebra people?Bueller? anyone?—-I just don’t remember how to simplify this equation and solve for x.2 minutes agoT^2015-02-21 13:30:06http://gocomics.com/realitycheck/2015/02/21t:+!k'3_riverhawk &The Dinette SetdinettesetI am a disabled veteran, I use the handicapped parking. The other day two elderly women approached me and said " you shouldn’t be parking there you don’t look like a senior. They actually think those spots are for seniors.2 minutes agoT^2015-02-21 13:30:06http://gocomics.com/dinetteset/2015/02/21Y88@HPX`hpx (08@HPX`hpx (08@HPX`hpx|0}4~8;@CGJNQUY_bgkosvwz "&-279=@FJPTZ]`cgjnpux{~ !$(+ƒ/Ã3ă7Ń8ƃ:ǃ>ȃDɃKʃM˃P̃S̓Y΃\σ`Ѓbуg҃lӃqԃtՃx XX9@!!s93]McPheetersDDick TracydicktracyThose little pills have turned his eyes a big blue.less than a minute agoT^2015-02-21 13:30:06http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21V?51w93oJ. Short 6Real Life AdventuresreallifeadventuresYou need some of those Japanese subway pushers.
less than a minute agoT^2015-02-21 13:30:06http://gocomics.com/reallifeadventures/2015/02/21>+%3[Lassie1؃Get FuzzygetfuzzyThis is one of the most asked questions about comic strips.

The dog just answered.

The answer is, Shakespug wears a rubber dishwashing glove as pants to disguise the fact he has been neutered.

I don’t know why DC came up with this for Shakespug, but he (the dog!) is a hilarious little character and wearing a rubber glove for pants is that extra little special touch! <31 minute agoT^2015-02-21 13:30:06http://gocomics.com/getfuzzy/2015/02/21 BB F%%I'3cJeff HBreak of Daybreak-of-dayGet aweigh from here, whale!!!4 minutes agoT艐2015-02-21 13:35:12http://gocomics.com/break-of-day/2015/02/21LE1'3]Jeff HThatababythatababyNothing’s impossible in the mythical land populated by Apple cultists…4 minutes agoT艐2015-02-21 13:35:12http://gocomics.com/thatababy/2015/02/21ND!K7S'3unighthawksRipley's Believe It or Notripleysbelieveitornotdisagree, uncle Scrooge!
the Beatles ,all of them, with just a few strokes, have been rendered faithfully….at least faithfully enough for recognition.4 minutes agoT艐2015-02-21 13:35:12http://gocomics.com/ripleysbelieveitornot/2015/02/21lC'!a'3]DarwinskeeperSkin HorseskinhorseSo a sphere on caterpillar treads with a hammer for a hand has sexuality? Welcome to robot land I guess.5 minutes agoT艐2015-02-21 13:35:12http://gocomics.com/skinhorse/2015/02/21 nJ3/;'3mRACerri32 Pearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineWell, I guess the PBS movie won’t be happening, again!2 minutes agoT艐2015-02-21 13:35:12http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21BI;3U'3qmasnadiesFor Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseA bit idealistic, but so very sweet.3 minutes agoT艐2015-02-21 13:35:12http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/21ISIL captive. I would love to hear her opinions the next day.3 minutes agoT艐2015-02-21 13:35:12http://gocomics.com/garyvarvel/2015/02/20  ]BP!%3]AnyFaceDick Tracydicktracydicktracy1 minute agoT艐2015-02-21 13:35:12http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21O33 %3qJeff HModerately Confusedmoderately-confusedAlways make sure your kids go far enough away to college that they can’t come home every weekend with a load of laundry.1 minute agoT艐2015-02-21 13:35:12http://gocomics.com/moderately-confused/2015/02/21*N#'%S%3cLOLisgood4UjScott StantisscottstantisThat’s a lot of who ha, SoaP.1 minute agoT艐2015-02-21 13:35:12http://gocomics.com/scottstantis/2015/02/20mL!%!c%3_beckinista2DOff the MarkoffthemarkReally? The Rolling Stones? Here’s the original … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MF_uuHvOz8w1 minute agoT艐2015-02-21 13:35:12http://gocomics.com/offthemark/2015/02/21  .u GT!%!'3_beckinista2DOff the MarkoffthemarkAnd Chuck Berry … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJ1-Ni4aCzs5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:40:18http://gocomics.com/offthemark/2015/02/21S!+')%3enighthawksHerb and Jamaalherbandjamaalhow about not?1 minute agoT艐2015-02-21 13:35:12http://gocomics.com/herbandjamaal/2015/02/213R!!{%3]nighthawksFree Rangefreerangeone’s flakey and the other has a hole in his head1 minute agoT艐2015-02-21 13:35:12http://gocomics.com/freerange/2015/02/21LQ/+ %3isdebarrACalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesAhh, 20 degrees, nice and warm, maybe will get there in august1 minute agoT艐2015-02-21 13:35:12http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21 J?JoZ!/!['3_Shirl Summ IDaddy's HomedaddyshomeDenver, but I haven’t live there since 1977 – - – that tells ya how old I am…..4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:40:18http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/21CY 9'3Ubgz123tMontymontySeriously? All of your main characters are white, and the prisoner is a big black guy?4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:40:18http://gocomics.com/monty/2015/01/18sX'3ULassie1؃Luannluannluann4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:40:18http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21zU+!}'3_mikie2The Dinette SetdinettesetAppearances are deceiving. My 49-year-old daughter has a disabled hangtag and she looks great! But she cannot breathe and is on oxygen 24/7. And believe me, she will tear your heart out and shove it up your… if you give her grief about it.5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:40:18http://gocomics.com/dinetteset/2015/02/21 b9b]/Q'3SSteven Smigielski$=BUNSbunsAnd he didn’t spill a drop..3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:40:18http://gocomics.com/buns/2015/02/214\!w'3_Dani Rice Adam@HomeadamathomeWhy do people always have to drag politics into everything? Especially people who don’t know how to spell? It’s “meddle”, not “medal”, thank you.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:40:18http://gocomics.com/adamathome/2015/02/21A[%%'3cpschearerqBottomlinersbottomlinersOr, just pay for a PRO membership.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:40:18http://gocomics.com/bottomliners/2015/02/20 RcR `#'%'3cLOLisgood4UjNick AndersonnickandersonOMG, you actually watch Madcow. Wow, that’s quite an admission. You belong to a very small club.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:40:18http://gocomics.com/nickanderson/2015/02/19^!I'3YBalto BillVChip BokchipbokWhat’s not true?
The polar ice caps are melting and so are the land locked glaciers which is raising the sea levels.
They already built a seawall that’s already not good enough, so they have to move the launch pad at Cape Canaveral.
What caused that? Magic?3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:40:18http://gocomics.com/chipbok/2015/02/21 +c!!o%3_prrdhMythTicklemythtickleSinging “Begin the Baleen”, no doubt.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 13:40:18http://gocomics.com/mythtickle/2015/02/20Xa!1+'3ilogicalonedViews of the WorldviewsoftheworldAnd the right wing nuts think that it is the end of times too. Just because a book written nearly 2000 years ago accurately predicted that the Jews would some day return to Israel and that they would be surrounded by enemies that wanted them destroyed.

If you ask how a book written so long ago could be so accurate, the answer is ………..Buh-bba-BUSH!!! Faux news!!! Limbaugh!!! You’re a racist!!!2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:40:18http://gocomics.com/viewsoftheworld/2015/02/21 VV#g!_'3[gmartin997 Andy CappandycappI didn’t know he had more than one.5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:45:24http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21"f/##?%3aSteven Smigielski$=Dust Specksdust-specksFor the time being…1 minute agoT2015-02-21 13:40:18http://gocomics.com/dust-specks/2015/02/21Sd3/ %3mjoegeePearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineI’ve never watched in my 56 years but obviously am very aware. You can’t avoid it. It’s always amazed me that the “winners” are usually the “critically acclaimed” (read politically correct-hot button) movies and not the movies that the world actually went to see and spent our money on. Movie critics are just like art critics…and no; hollywood doesn’t produce art. They produce entertainment.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 13:40:18http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21 vvjc'3U31768though I think Hitch, er, Mr. Gray will surprise everyone.
if not now, then soon.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:45:24http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21vi!%!s'3_beckinista2DOff the Markoffthemarkand my favorite, from the movie CARS … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bIq2hiHSPQ4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:45:24http://gocomics.com/offthemark/2015/02/21jh!K7 '3ucomixbomixRipley's Believe It or NotripleysbelieveitornotIt doesn’t say the “music” was banned, but that their “shows” were – presumably, live performances, which, sadly, no longer require “banning”.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:45:24http://gocomics.com/ripleysbelieveitornot/2015/02/21  .n!!s'3_prrdhMythTicklemythtickleAlso available for downloading to your Aye Aye Pod.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:45:24http://gocomics.com/mythtickle/2015/02/20em!!!U'3_Balto BillVPhil Handsphil-hands<a href="Yup, he “fundamentally transformed” a budget surplus into $283 million in debt".

It’s a good thing you fact check what you’re told, or he’d get re-elected anyway.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:45:24http://gocomics.com/phil-hands/2015/02/21ql '3UDani Rice AgnesagnesSounds familiar, but I have learned that going to the store without a list is a fool’s errand. (Count me among the fools.)4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:45:24http://gocomics.com/agnes/2015/02/21 vv)p;3''3qAliComiFor Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseDreamers do not concentrate. Dreamers free their minds to create by ’dreaming, spacing-out as one High School teacher I had called it.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:45:24http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/21Uo-)'3gpschearerqBound and GaggedboundandgaggedHmm. I’ve seen this comment now on two consecutive comics. Are you spamming us, DD? (As I said before, pay for a PRO subscription and you won’t see those ads.)4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:45:24http://gocomics.com/boundandgagged/2015/02/20 &u9'%%%3cHappy, Happy, Happy!!! Frog ApplausefrogapplauseKnot for me.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 13:45:24http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21t+')'3e1Petunia The Knight LifetheknightlifeHA HA good one2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:45:24http://gocomics.com/theknightlife/2015/02/21Es+''3eDiat60dThe Other CoasttheothercoastThat’s what some of those anchors sound like to me too.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:45:24http://gocomics.com/theothercoast/2015/02/21lr!+!Y'3_Shirl Summ IThe Dinette SetdinettesetMy hubby is a 100% disabled vet but you’d never know it by looking. He is terminally ill but we don’t use the plates to park handicap unless he needs to. Point is – don’t judge a book by it’s cover.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 13:45:24http://gocomics.com/dinetteset/2015/02/21 (tx%3UJimT8LuannluannGood one.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 13:45:24http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21w##A%3aTed Lind 0_Mike Lestermike-lesterClearly Giuliani is rapidly moving towards senility. Nobody can be certain of another persons thoughts. Rudy is becoming physic in his old age. When people have reached their peak it would be nice if they would retire gracefully instead of mucking up the memory people have of them.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 13:45:24http://gocomics.com/mike-lester/2015/02/21Rv'=%3YSusanSunshineBrevitybrevitySorry…. I wanted to comment… but my thoughts just wouldn’t koala-esce.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 13:45:24http://gocomics.com/brevity/2015/02/21 bb{!;93YJohn Smith PeanutspeanutsBe careful, @Snoopy_Fan gets really upset when you criticize her & her “friends” for their inappropriate, narcissistic, self-absorbed, juvenile personal communications. My suggestion was that they try using a new fangled technology called “email;” but they would rather be rude and act like they are the center of the universe and the comments section is their own personal chat room. The term I think of when I see their post begins with the letter “A” and ends with the letters “h” “o” “l” “e” “s”less than a minute agoT2015-02-21 13:45:24http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/21 b6zb~%!-'3_TechnojunkieRAdam@HomeadamathomeFat doesn’t make you fat! Sugar does. Introduce Adam to bulletproof coffee. If I were still on caffeine that’s what I’d drink.5 minutes agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/adamathome/2015/02/216}##w'3acanFunny/;Mike Lestermike-lesterAnd the apologists come out in force, how sherpleish.5 minutes agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/mike-lester/2015/02/21D|'93WDarwinskeeperHUBRIS!hubrisThis strip works very well for me because the humor (and the hard work) is in the writing, explaining the zany goings on in a way that engages the reader and causes him to visualize what’s going on. Done poorly (like in “Garfield” this is annoying but Greg’s done an extremely good job of it here.less than a minute agoT2015-02-21 13:45:24http://gocomics.com/hubris/2015/02/19 J-+s'3iAliComiFoxTrot ClassicsfoxtrotclassicsIt was below zero here in Wallingford Conn when I woke up. It’s now exactally zero. I’m sure if the kid made the water baloons the night before and threw them at his sister the next day, they’d be ‘ice’ baloons.3 minutes agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/foxtrotclassics/2015/02/21+#!c'3_Ted Lind 0_Glenn McCoyglennmccoyThe conservatives really become animated when pushing the idea of another invasion or war. It must be something in their genes that dispose them towards shooting somebody.4 minutes agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/210'3UvietLuannluannC’mon Mr Gray, time to give us more than that same half smile.4 minutes agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21 8,#!e'3_jack75287EGlenn McCoyglennmccoyGod it is true, even more than Jimmy Carter.3 minutes agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/21*!+%O'3cShirl Summ IOn A Claire DayonaclairedayYou will freeze to death ….3 minutes agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/onaclaireday/2015/02/21B!))y'3gtoonmasterThe Born Loserthe-born-loserGo over to Barney & Clyde and meet Clyde Finster.3 minutes agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/the-born-loser/2015/02/21   `!o'3Sbeckinista2DWuMowumo“Continental Cop”? All I could find was this … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Continental_Op3 minutes agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/wumo/2015/02/21 !%'3]avenger09LDick TracydicktracyConsidering that these two love stricken teenagers are so wrapped up in one ball of mush it’s probably not realistic that Ms. Kane hasn’t yet told Freddy the name of her new client and what the project she’s working on is. I suppose if she did we’d have to endure another episode of that hit show “MCU – Bungled another arrest”!3 minutes agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21 OO? !'3YJohn Smith PeanutspeanutsIf we ignore them they will continue to believe that their moronic behavior is appropriate and it is not appropriate and they should stop it. But being the morons they are, they probably won’t.3 minutes agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/21f 3//'3mLassie1؃Pearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineThe arty, well-crafted movies with fine acting are always going to win over big loud ‘splosions/robots/superheroes, no matter how much money the latter make. It’s not an ‘I MADE MORE MONEY, I WIN!’ contest. One Mona Lisa hanging in the Louvre is better than a million nekked swimsuit issue covers, no matter how popular the latter is.3 minutes agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21 n6ng%3UJimT8Luannluann“Frankly, I don’t see what Mrs. Berger finds appealing about either one of these guys.”

I hope you approve of Mr. Gray’s sartorial appearance, Seismic.1 minute agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21# !]%3]J. Short 6Scary GaryscarygaryForgot to tip the paperboy at Christmas.1 minute agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/scarygary/2015/02/21D %'3[AliComiGet FuzzygetfuzzyMaybe he’s incontinent and is using the rubber glove for rubber pants.2 minutes agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/getfuzzy/2015/02/21 r%3QDani Rice BenbenThat was my mother. The only time she mentioned anything was when it was incorrect. We were simply expected to do “it” correctly, whether it was making the bed or running the vacuum, even if we did it as a favor.

One time, in a high school class, our teacher listed a number of ways to handle a problem; I don’t even remember now what they were, but I do remember asking “if all of these things are wrong, what are we supposed to do?” He looked startled and asked me why I thought they were wrong. “Well, why else would you mention them?” Tells you all you need to know about my mom.1 minute agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/ben/2015/02/21 2%993[TimeTraveler|Rudy ParkrudyparkHow do I get this job?less than a minute agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/rudypark/2015/02/213/ 93mLassie1؃Pearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineOh, and I will be watching the Fashion Police during the week to gawk at the gowns, that’s the only part I really like. Sunday night is my big TV night and I really don’t want to watch all those people at the Oscars drone on for 4-5-6 hours.less than a minute agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21%%3SprrdhWuMowumoThe first thing they had to fix was the power supply. The tube to the mouth was altered to flow from a pot of bad coffee, and the slot in the belly had to be remade to accommodate donuts.1 minute agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/wumo/2015/02/21 +#W M'3SprrdhWuMowumoDon’t forget the Gamesman.5 minutes agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/wumo/2015/02/21F%73['3qTimeTraveler|Rabbits Against MagicrabbitsagainstmagicEither that or he wants to be a pinata?5 minutes agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/rabbitsagainstmagic/2015/02/2191G93omarketfogMDark Side of the HorsedarksideofthehorseMy only problem with bagpipes is that they are almost always sad: police funerals, Danny Boy.less than a minute agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/darksideofthehorse/2015/02/20O%% 93cp51stregaRWorking Dazeworking-dazeIt’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it.less than a minute agoT&2015-02-21 13:50:30http://gocomics.com/working-daze/2015/02/21 fA'3UJimT8LuannluannI had to laugh, Angelalex.4 minutes agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21!!!1'3_beckinista2DSpeechlessspeechless“…cute, non-threatening face….”?? It’s those QUIET ones you have to watch out for….4 minutes agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/21{'399'3wwoodworker318s*FoxTrot en Españolespanol/foxtrotespanolHe was the Colonel’s predecessor as head of the JP. I think he was Capt. Weeks’ grandfather, not his father. The poor Colonel has him looking over his shoulder as you saw by the Captain’s remarks.4 minutes agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/espanol/foxtrotespanol/2015/02/21  !]'3YJohn Smith PeanutspeanutsIf you can ignore people that abuse the comments section, why can’t you ignore the comments by folks who don’t appreciate it. Why the burr up your butt now?4 minutes agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/21 J9'3YCavanChip BokchipbokBok obviously hasn’t thought through the point he wants to make—-a point which eludes every single reader. On the one hand, he almost seems to imply that global warming is a myth and that the efficacy of vaccines are also mythical, yet, on the other hand, there’s room to argue that he trusts in the efficacy of vaccines, but that global warming might well challenge that trust in the minds (or what passes for minds) of those who don’t really understand what global warming’s all about. The upshot is that the cartoon is poorly conceived, poorly executed, and challenges readers’ faith in everything BOK submits. Sloppy thoughts don’t promote confidence.3 minutes agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/chipbok/2015/02/21 !3'%'3eKayKayJamtwThe Meaning of Lilameaningoflila@hawgowar Annie hasn’t been on since the artist/author made that announcement. Same artwork but different and more up to date dialogue3 minutes agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/meaningoflila/2015/02/217 %+!k'3_Butch GloverThe Dinette SetdinettesetI love it when the comments go off on a tangent that is more interesting than the original subject (senior shopping -handicapped parking). NO political hate, trolls etc…3 minutes agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/dinetteset/2015/02/21 [[=$!-+g'3icjcampbellFoxTrot ClassicsfoxtrotclassicsI don’t think it is funny to hit girls.2 minutes agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/foxtrotclassics/2015/02/21\##!C'3_jack75287EGlenn McCoyglennmccoy“The conservatives really become animated when pushing the idea of another invasion or war. It must be something in their genes that dispose them towards shooting somebody”.

Wow, maybe, must maybe we don’t want it coming here like it has in Europe. Not that it hasn’t already Islamic murders of Military recruiters, Maj. Hassan, the Boston Marathon bombing and a Muslim man beheading of a woman in Moore Oklahoma.
If you want to see a list of Muslim terror attacks from 1972 please check:
http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/Pages/AmericanAttacks.htm3 minutes agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/21 B{(%%y'3cJ. Short 6Soup to Nutzsoup-to-nutzHistory: The only thing true is the names and the dates.
Fiction: Only thing not true is the names and the dates.2 minutes agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/soup-to-nutz/2015/02/21)''3UTORAD_070LuannluannThe look on Gunther’s face in the 1st panel is priceless! :-)

OK, so I guess it’s back to “Zebo” or to the Moony campus next week. We’ll see.2 minutes agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/218&3/W'3mAliComiPearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineThat little rat’s pretty smart.2 minutes agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21 B4+#'%g%3cJoseph Houk/Tank McNamaratankmcnamaraTank hits it out of the park with timeliness.1 minute agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/tankmcnamara/2015/02/21s*+)'U%3emeetinthemiddleStuart CarlsonstuartcarlsonAll those recent stories about chemical weapons in Iraq have been talking about decaying, old stockpiles, not an active current program – which is why the Bush administration didn’t trot them out to prove their case.1 minute agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/20?)3%3UJimT8Luannluann“IMHO Mr. Gray, as the more adult of the two men, should be taking the lead in breaking the awkward silence.”

At least he should second Mrs. Berger’s suggestion.1 minute agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21 f1/+!!g%3_Anastasia Karel ?SpeechlessspeechlessI think the bunny let the bug out of the box!1 minute agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/21h./!Q%3_Dani Rice Daddy's HomedaddyshomeI have lived my entire life in Baltimore County, MD. Moved a couple of times, but never left home.1 minute agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/21*-%+'I%3eRetired Dude %Flo and FriendsfloandfriendsA trophy? What kind of trophy?1 minute agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/floandfriends/2015/02/21,[%3WJoeF MinusfminusStill more fashionable than suspenders.1 minute agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/fminus/2015/02/21 [3))-'3gTXPAScotPeanuts Beginspeanuts-begins“Cat… hat… in French, ‘chat-chapeau…’”5 minutes agoT菊2015-02-21 14:00:42http://gocomics.com/peanuts-begins/2015/02/21W1!E93Uthebigboot]GLuannluannI can’t tell if Gray is Gunther’s dad or Evans just can’t draw new people.less than a minute agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21V0E93Usfreader1 AgnesagnesI have gone without a shopping list only because I forgot it on the counter at home. Sometimes I manage to get everything on that list, but sometimes I miss one or two items. Guess I have forgotten that list too often!less than a minute agoTX2015-02-21 13:55:36http://gocomics.com/agnes/2015/02/21 R7!!'3]p51stregaRSpeed Bumpspeedbumpexcellent!4 minutes agoT菊2015-02-21 14:00:42http://gocomics.com/speedbump/2015/02/21&6!a'3]J. Short 6Speed BumpspeedbumpJust download the latest version of adobe.4 minutes agoT菊2015-02-21 14:00:42http://gocomics.com/speedbump/2015/02/21>5)91I'3oSamuli LintulaDark Side of the HorsedarksideofthehorseMy favorite bagpipe song
4 minutes agoT菊2015-02-21 14:00:42http://gocomics.com/darksideofthehorse/2015/02/20d4!_'3]seanyj NDick TracydicktracyVitamin is my hero! It gives me hope when I reach my 70’s I can still pull a hot 20 something girl!5 minutes agoT菊2015-02-21 14:00:42http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21 Z81+'3ijack75287EViews of the WorldviewsoftheworldYeah but lets look how small the nut jobs are, I am right wing and I don’t know when, or how the so called end times end. Check you bible after the so called end times man will go on peacefully.4 minutes agoT菊2015-02-21 14:00:42http://gocomics.com/viewsoftheworld/2015/02/21 r:))['3gTXPAScotPeanuts Beginspeanuts-beginsSeeing what my students wear nowadays, I rather miss the fedoras and double-breasted suits…"3 minutes agoT菊2015-02-21 14:00:42http://gocomics.com/peanuts-begins/2015/02/21i9u'3YfestinZChip BokchipbokHab sez:
‘The argument that was posited to us was…’
Hearing your opinion. Fine. Who exactly posited specifically what, when and, where? Skepticism is good, but 2+2 really is 4.
All of our collective scientific knowledge points to the same conclusion.
Sure, you can buy a few scientists and have them quoted saying anything, but ignoring published and confirmed scientific fact drawn from thousands of learned scholars, top notch non-partisan institutions and hard data bases is just childish.
What kind of moronic animal fouls it’s only nest? Human.3 minutes agoT菊2015-02-21 14:00:42http://gocomics.com/chipbok/2015/02/21 1N'>+#!Q%3_sphinx wormwoodRip HaywireriphaywireThe wind is holding his eyes open!1 minute agoT菊2015-02-21 14:00:42http://gocomics.com/riphaywire/2015/02/21]=!11'3obeckinista2DLearn to Speak Catlearn-to-speak-catWhy does that ONE cat look like a hot Dog?2 minutes agoT菊2015-02-21 14:00:42http://gocomics.com/learn-to-speak-cat/2015/02/21<)%'3csmoore470Over the HedgeoverthehedgeVerne 2.02 minutes agoT菊2015-02-21 14:00:42http://gocomics.com/overthehedge/2015/02/214;%!w'3_AliComiRose is RoseroseisroseShe’s probably ‘kneeding his lap with her paws’, left over from ‘kneeding’ mom’s belly while nursing. Her tail in his face is probably annoying.2 minutes agoT菊2015-02-21 14:00:42http://gocomics.com/roseisrose/2015/02/21 +[i+5D3/;93msmoore470Pearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineAnd my plastic surgeon.less than a minute agoT菊2015-02-21 14:00:42http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21C%a%3UBuckyKatt999 gMontymontyThis calls for a Jack Kirby control panel.1 minute agoT菊2015-02-21 14:00:42http://gocomics.com/monty/2015/02/21[B]%3YEarlP2ѸPicklespicklesAbsolutely! I would have had what he had, probably followed by what he has. And I’d do it again!1 minute agoT菊2015-02-21 14:00:42http://gocomics.com/pickles/2015/02/21lA+'Y%3egleebxHerb and JamaalherbandjamaalSorry, Hepcat Deacon, but the Rev Mr Crooms is Herb’s brother-in-law. He’s been to church.1 minute agoT菊2015-02-21 14:00:42http://gocomics.com/herbandjamaal/2015/02/21?%!K%3_Dani Rice Dog Eat DougdogeatdougGet that puppy some K9Advantix!1 minute agoT菊2015-02-21 14:00:42http://gocomics.com/dogeatdoug/2015/02/21 h?PhbK%##E'3aDave AlvarezYenny Lopezyenny-lopez@Templo We have from Chuck e’ Cheeses to Powerball.
Puerto Rico is US Territory.4 minutes agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/yenny-lopez/2015/02/21J]'3WJ. Short 6TarzantarzanYou must be this tall to ride this ride.4 minutes agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/tarzan/2015/02/216H! '3Ybeckinista2DBrevitybrevityHe looks thin but thirsty. Guess he’s Diet Koala…5 minutes agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/brevity/2015/02/21 F!!93_shellusaBirdbrainsbirdbrainsTrue. less than a minute agoT菊2015-02-21 14:00:42http://gocomics.com/birdbrains/2015/02/21;E%!q93]thunderbearrDick TracydicktracyLook, Kandi’s half undressed already….less than a minute agoT菊2015-02-21 14:00:42http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21 H,M1+A'3ijack75287EViews of the WorldviewsoftheworldYeah but lets look how small the nut jobs are, I am right wing and I don’t know when, or how the so called end times end. Check your bible after the so called end times man will go on peacefully. So instead of having a default of disrespect & insults try showing some respect.3 minutes agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/viewsoftheworld/2015/02/212LE9''3wgleebxLard's World Peace Tipslards-world-peace-tipsI like signs!4 minutes agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/lards-world-peace-tips/2015/02/21 3aXP###3'3aalangilbertDDust Specksdust-specksVery cute, Tom! But I think Steven’s right. The dust may not settle for long.3 minutes agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/dust-specks/2015/02/21LOC7]'3ustgreer0The LeftyBosco Picture ShowleftyboscopictureshowIt was a quiet, but scintillating party.3 minutes agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/leftyboscopictureshow/2015/02/21GN%%'3YHabaneroBuckChip BokchipbokWhat caused what? Antarctica reached a record in early January for extant sea ice. The Arctic is mostly in an average range for extant sea ice, with mild declines. I don’t know much about magic, but I’m not moronic enough to buy everything Big Brother is selling. http://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/category/analysis/3 minutes agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/chipbok/2015/02/21 ||S#E'3]Starman1948XAlley Oopalley-oopGood morning to all fans.
@Wootietoot: that is a quote by Sir Walter Scott (Marion, 1808). If I remember the whole quote, it goes like this:“Oh what a dangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”,

Both you and davidf42 are probably correct. It will take at least a week to wrap this up. We haven’t seen Stogie and the bad guys appear.
Have a great weekend my friends.2 minutes agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/21]Q'%?'3cAliComiTank McNamaratankmcnamaraIf I never hear or see Brian Williams again, I’ll be happy. He’s lost his credibility. My Mother used to tell us, "Once you loose your good name (by lying or being dishonest), you never get it back.2 minutes agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/tankmcnamara/2015/02/21 iY#M'3WalangilbertDNormanNormanAnd Campbell’s makes that?2 minutes agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/Norman/2015/02/213W%##i'3aBuckyKatt999 gLittle Nemolittle-nemoA little too close to the truth to be amusing.2 minutes agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/little-nemo/2015/02/21-V###_'3aDale HopsonMike Lestermike-lesterWho listens to a lisping serial adultery?2 minutes agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/mike-lester/2015/02/21U!E'3[beckinista2DChan LowechanloweSeasons and cycles. Period.2 minutes agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/chanlowe/2015/02/17AT!)'y'3elogicalonedStuart CarlsonstuartcarlsonThey were old, but are still dangerous and now are in ISIL held territory. I’m sure a dirty bomb made from old stock will still be newsworthy if used.2 minutes agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/stuartcarlson/2015/02/20 WW7\-)e%3gpschearerqIn the BleachersinthebleachersTwo words: Go PRO.1 minute agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/inthebleachers/2015/02/20 [%#%3aZiveronNon SequiturnonsequiturGeorge Carlin: "Healthy does not mean “healthful.” Healthy is a condition, healthful is a property. Vegetable aren’t healthy, they’re dead. No food is healthy. Unlesss you have an eggplant that’s doing push-ups. Push-ups are healthful."1 minute agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/21WZW%3WJ. Short 6TarzantarzanBye Bye Buddha
I’m gonna miss you so;
Bye Bye Buddha,
Why’d ya have to go?
No more sunshine,
It’s followed you away;
I’ll cry Buddha,…

Sung to tune Bye Bye Birdie.1 minute agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/tarzan/2015/02/21 Ui9`! 93Ubbruck1941bGZiggyziggyOr they would be if I could only remember to buy some tickets!less than a minute agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/ziggy/2015/02/21_%'93YHabaneroBuckChip BokchipbokBesides, I’ve said it before and it bears repeating….increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere have hundreds of benefits to mankind.less than a minute agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/chipbok/2015/02/21O^#+#93aalangilbertDThe Vernal Poolvernal-poolHe should wear the mole a little lower to cover up his crack!less than a minute agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/vernal-pool/2015/02/21%]!e%3]joegeeScary GaryscarygaryNah. Leopold ate the paperboy for Christmas.1 minute agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/scarygary/2015/02/21 CC+b'%!E93_Ralph Kramden Dog Eat DougdogeatdougFor some reason this reminded me of the Python bit about treating athlete’s foot with TNT:
“…eighty-four dead, sixty-five severely wounded and twelve missing believed cured. "
http://www.montypython.net/scripts/vicarsales.phpless than a minute agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/dogeatdoug/2015/02/21a!93[Jami Thorp Gil ThorpgilthorpI’m not saying they’ve telegraphed the placebo twist, but even us way out here in the hidden corners of Asia know it.less than a minute agoT萼2015-02-21 14:05:48http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/21 t Vt\g#K'3[Starman1948XAndy CappandycappGood morning fans. Excellent pix and comments beviek and Eldo! Have a great weekend my friends.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:10:54http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/210f%#i'3ashellusaChuckle BroschucklebrosThank you for this. Didn’t get it first.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:10:54http://gocomics.com/chucklebros/2015/02/21e##!C'3_Dale HopsonGlenn McCoyglennmccoyThis makes NO sense….4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:10:54http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/21Kd!1+}'3ilogicalonedViews of the WorldviewsoftheworldI think you missed my point. No one knows when the end times are going to be. I know what happens after the war too. If you think I was disrespecting bible believers, you are mistaken.5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:10:54http://gocomics.com/viewsoftheworld/2015/02/21 %l%8l+)k'3gjrmermBrewster RockitbrewsterrockitAt least his message is simple and unambiguous.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:10:54http://gocomics.com/brewsterrockit/2015/02/218k#'3UgleebxLuannluannIt’s always awkward when your mother tries to fix you up with a date.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:10:54http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21Ej+! '3_Dani Rice The Dinette SetdinettesetWhen my dad had a church in NC, my mom just fumed about the fact that there was sales tax on groceries. (She fumed about a lot of things, but I think she had a point.) Wednesdays, seniors got a 5% discount, so she always shopped that day, because she felt she was “outwitting” the sales tax.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:10:54http://gocomics.com/dinetteset/2015/02/21i'##'3ashellusaClose to HomeclosetohomeMayonnaise?3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:10:54http://gocomics.com/closetohome/2015/02/21  w|q+'q%3eDani Rice Herb and JamaalherbandjamaalYou can be sure Herb goes to church! Mr. Bentley is an Episcopal deacon – one step below full clergy status.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 14:10:54http://gocomics.com/herbandjamaal/2015/02/21p!1'3Uthebigboot]GLuannluannHa! Great comment.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:10:54http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21nK'3Wgarcoa҉HermanhermanThen they will take your house.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:10:54http://gocomics.com/herman/2015/02/21nm#'3UStarman1948XAnnieannieGood morning fans. @davidf42: yes, indeed. Do they come equipped with cameras and weapons? Have a great weekend my friends.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:10:54http://gocomics.com/annie/2015/02/21 Pt%###%3aRetired Dude %CandorvillecandorvilleThe laws of cartoon physics also apply to the cartoon space-time continuum.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 14:10:54http://gocomics.com/candorville/2015/02/21s'%%3cSisyphoskFrog ApplausefrogapplauseLakes? Hills?
Arkansas is favored by abutting Louisiana and Texas (and others), so why stop there? I have passed through, on my way to elsewhere, and lived for a brief potion of my youth in Texas. But there are other vacation planning guides that would bump Arkansas way down from 14th on my prayer list! Must be something about Teresa, or the guy in the body-noose….1 minute agoT2015-02-21 14:10:54http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21r+)}%3gjrmermBrewster RockitbrewsterrockitCompare the body count between lefty and right governments in the 20th century. The lefties win by a considerable ratio.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 14:10:54http://gocomics.com/brewsterrockit/2015/02/21 c!gc~x##!q93_Starman1948XCitizen DogcitizendogGood morning everyone. @Happy3: thanks for the trip down memory lane. Y’all have a great weekend my friends.less than a minute agoT2015-02-21 14:10:54http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/214v%!y%3_ndalaffOff the MarkoffthemarkYeah, just not right to have Stones singing that song.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 14:10:54http://gocomics.com/offthemark/2015/02/21YuK%3[bearwku82!Gil ThorpgilthorpKeep your mouth shut and pop that ZZ Top song in your 8 track., “Mellow Down Easy.”1 minute agoT2015-02-21 14:10:54http://gocomics.com/gilthorp/2015/02/21 {)%'3cAliComiArlo and JanisarloandjanisMaybe, but she’ll be the ‘stupid, codependent in an ’abusive relationship’ in everyone’s eyes.5 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/21hz)'K'3eSisyphoskThe GrizzwellsthegrizzwellsUhh, Pierpoint? Let me explain something to you about the concept of solitaire….5 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/thegrizzwells/2015/02/21iy)K7m93usunrisetrucker VRipley's Believe It or NotripleysbelieveitornotI’d say Paul’s drawing is the best, then George’ next Ringo and I’m guessing the fourth is John because the drawing doesn’t look anything like himless than a minute agoT2015-02-21 14:10:54http://gocomics.com/ripleysbelieveitornot/2015/02/21 x!b+x-)%#W'3aLittleDoggie55 La CucarachalacucarachaMaybe they’re week old tamales.3 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/lacucaracha/2015/02/211~# '3UStarglimmerLuannluannThis strip is really starting to annoy me…Does Mr. Gray have a first name?…why is he in a suit and tie, and she is in a pink tee shirt….sorry, it’s not working for me4 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/219}+'3QSisyphoskLiolioNo bully is safe when Lio is around, even at long range! P-tui, p-tui!4 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/lio/2015/02/21Y|1))'3gKirkFrank & Ernestfrankandernestdurrr hurrr hurrr..

PASTIS! Get out of there!4 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/21 ,+K79'3usphinx wormwoodRipley's Believe It or NotripleysbelieveitornotMaybe if Ringo had chosen a different number of points on his star.
That cello horn with a propeller in the bell and a trolling motor might not scare the fish away as an outboard. You could even experiment with tempo, volume and melody to see what caught the most fish.
As for Iran, its always hard for me to tell what’s fuel.3 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/ripleysbelieveitornot/2015/02/21NK7Y'3undalaffRipley's Believe It or NotripleysbelieveitornotI agree, drawing of John is the worst!3 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/ripleysbelieveitornot/2015/02/21 #!'3]Starman1948XDick TracydicktracyGood morning everyone. WOW! What a change in the story since yesterday! Have a great weekend my friends.3 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21@%#'3aDani Rice Strange BrewstrangebrewWhen I have to navigate one of those “if you want this, press 1; if you want that, press 3” messes, I always ask the person who finally answers if they are hiring telephone operators. “Oh, you have that mess up front. I just figured you were short of help.” When I get to be in charge of the world, I’m going to make those bloody things illegal. A capital offence, if anybody wants to vote for me.3 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/strangebrew/2015/02/21 '_ #-'3Yafficionado Peanutspeanutsshut up you face2 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/peanuts/2015/02/21BK7A'3undalaffRipley's Believe It or NotripleysbelieveitornotVery strange folk in Iran.2 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/ripleysbelieveitornot/2015/02/21S!O'3Uthebigboot]GLuannluannMy date has a first name it’s O-S-C-A-R, my date has a second name it M-E-Y… oh wait.2 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21 Q /!-'3_BobDaddy's HomedaddyshomeGrew up in Wisconsin. Been on the move since 1956. WI, IL,FL. LA and back to FL.2 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/daddyshome/2015/02/21o %#i'3ajoegeeStrange BrewstrangebrewWorking in IT I often end up calling support for various hardware/software problems.

When I’m in an evil mood and the support answers the phone with; "Hello. I am being Susan. I am liking to give you service today. May I be asking your name? I respond; Hi. I’m Ramachandra.(A co-worker’s name). If they question it(I am an American from Pittsburgh) I just tell them; “If you can be Susan then I can be Ram” (Pronounced Rom BTW)2 minutes agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/strangebrew/2015/02/21 ;,;<##%3aCARAPORAM Yenny Lopezyenny-lopezParadise with benefits. The best kept secret of the U.S.A.1 minute agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/yenny-lopez/2015/02/21)C7%3uCarolG+[The LeftyBosco Picture ShowleftyboscopictureshowLook at all you get to eat on a typical day with NutriSystem — each entree is guaranteed to give you the craving-crusher shakes.1 minute agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/leftyboscopictureshow/2015/02/21)w%3[gleebxPluggerspluggersPluggers don’t need to queer folks around them.1 minute agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/pluggers/2015/02/21 #/?%3]Starman1948XC'est la ViecestlavieGood morning everyone. Can this comic get any weirder? It’s time to get back to Donna and her Eco-guy. Y’all have a great weekend my friends.1 minute agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/cestlavie/2015/02/19 )R+#%'3ar2varneyMutt & JeffmuttandjeffHow many plates, knives and forks? Do any of the men have false or no teeth?5 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/muttandjeff/2015/02/21,%S93]instigator203OverboardoverboardGood Morning Crew,
Do you want some wine with that cheese?
Have a GREAT DAY MATIE’Sless than a minute agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/overboard/2015/02/21)' %3eiammuBallard StreetballardstreetGood morning everyone. Weekend,time for some snow.Below zero temps. Sigh. Stay safe and warm,i’ll try,also,too. :) Peace.1 minute agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/21Q'%!%%3_Sharon HayesARose is RoseroseisroseCats only knead with their front paws so it’s probably the tail thing.1 minute agoT 2015-02-21 14:16:00http://gocomics.com/roseisrose/2015/02/21 e:%#{'3adavid_42;Non SequiturnonsequiturWhich doesn’t explain why the majority of clinically obese people are female. Had a friend (f) who started to eat low-fat and “healthy”; she gained 60 lbs in a year.4 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/21RK7e'3ugleebxRipley's Believe It or NotripleysbelieveitornotEspecially Ringo Starr playing a cello-horn.5 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/ripleysbelieveitornot/2015/02/21''3[goweederEAndy Cappandycappthey’re5 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/andycapp/2015/02/21C'3[CARAPORAM Zack HillzackhillIs mutt making time….5 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/zackhill/2015/02/21 2P%p2!!'3]SallyLin3Stone SoupstonesoupYep!3 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/stonesoup/2015/02/212 ! '3Uathomas917&RubesrubesLooks like that middle bird is chowing on the “Bone”4 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/rubes/2015/02/21/'3UGorgaSLuannluannI wonder if Mr. Gray owns any sunglasses.. . oh, like fifty or so?4 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21%a'3]IndyMantMarmadukemarmadukeIt’s not sunny in the Midwest but the snow is still blinding(as in seen TOO MUCH of the #@$%! stuff) ! ! ! ! ! !4 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/marmaduke/2015/02/21*9!M'3]Three Steps Over Japan 8Skin HorseskinhorseAre you arguing with the hammer?4 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/skinhorse/2015/02/21 X4%3/S'3mKirkPearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineOK, Pastis. You’re forgiven.2 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21)$!))G'3gdheine1971+Peanuts Beginspeanuts-beginsIt is amazing, Charlie Brown.2 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/peanuts-begins/2015/02/21Z#3/'3mgarcoa҉Pearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineBut rat is watching it, despite his understanding of their zero value.2 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21")'''3eiammuBallard StreetballardstreetHey,how come my balloons froze? I tapped ’em and tinkle,tinkle,snap,crack;no more. SS how do you keep your headwear looking so nice? :(3 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/ballardstreet/2015/02/21 g{+(%3Ur2varneyBettybettyWe can only imagine what the inside of those suits are like.1 minute agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/betty/2015/02/21f'99%3wT_LexiPhoebe and Her Unicornphoebe-and-her-unicornWalking on Sunshine… (I’m sure Marigold can actually do that.)1 minute agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/phoebe-and-her-unicorn/2015/02/21&!%!/'3_dheine1971+Off the MarkoffthemarkKicks! What else?2 minutes agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/offthemark/2015/02/21 "9"Q,%#93adabuggerNon SequiturnonsequiturWhen something good thwarts stupid indulgence it reveals true status.less than a minute agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/21+-'%93eKirkDogs of C-KenneldogsofckennelGot my vote!less than a minute agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/dogsofckennel/2015/02/21*!!E%3_gargoilsyzSpeechlessspeechlessMust have been a bed bug !!!1 minute agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/21A)c#!K%3_Vice Admiral Allan | youtube.com/iamallan2The BucketsthebucketsI believe there are aliens – the outer-space kind – there can’t be trillions of planets, and not another like Earth, that’s too random.
We were God’s first draft, other planets came after. That’s MY theory, and I’m stickin’ to it!!!1 minute agoTR2015-02-21 14:21:06http://gocomics.com/thebuckets/2015/02/21 PPx/'3USisyphoskLuannluannMa Berger has prompted Gunther to open conversation with the taciturn Mr. Gray, but Gunny seems nonplussed, and so far Mr. Gray has not even so much as opened his mouth. The mute Mr. Gray may have a tale to tell, but we have no hint what it may be….3 minutes agoT蕄2015-02-21 14:26:12http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21,-'3UDave.53.Luannluannmen of a certain generation dress formally when invited to dinner. It was considered “proper”. The current “dress casual” trend is relatively recent historically.4 minutes agoT蕄2015-02-21 14:26:12http://gocomics.com/luann/2015/02/21   Z0#!E'3_festinZGlenn McCoyglennmccoyJust incredible in 2015 that Americans would stoop to religion baiting. The link you posted is to some lame, non-accredited hate site.
Their chart looks like something al-qaeda would post about us.
isis is our common enemy, not Islam.
There are five times more Islamic people in the world than there are Americans. For some reason they don’t despise us for the destruction of Iraq, why should we despise them for coincidentally having the same religion as a few thousand murderers?
Are ya really so scared of these thugs? If it weren’t so serious, I’d laugh.3 minutes agoT蕄2015-02-21 14:26:12http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/21 12'3[T_LexiTen Catsten-catsI think Annie knows these kitties better than they know themselves…
@LadyKat – Your pink afghan sounds lovely; I’m a knitter too. (Cables and other textures are my faves!)2 minutes agoT蕄2015-02-21 14:26:12http://gocomics.com/ten-cats/2015/02/21%1'+A'3woodworker318s*Benitin y Eneasespanol/muttandjeffespanolAyre Uygur: Send me your address as I have lost it. I have some pics I want to send to you. You have my address.
Arthur3 minutes agoT蕄2015-02-21 14:26:12http://gocomics.com/espanol/muttandjeffespanol/2015/02/21 c_=cT5#!7%3_david_42;Broom HildabroomhildaThose look more like Boojums. http://www.mexonline.com/amigonews/images/catavina3.jpg1 minute agoT蕄2015-02-21 14:26:12http://gocomics.com/broomhilda/2015/02/214!!M%3_EarlP2ѸDoonesburydoonesburyRealistic follow up in current strips would have Zonk being treated for skin cancer — his complexion and this history has him in the high risk population.1 minute agoT蕄2015-02-21 14:26:12http://gocomics.com/doonesbury/2015/02/213U'3YDani Rice PicklespicklesMy husband is a very adventurous eater, and I love him for it (late and unlamented was so picky I often wondered how he got off mother’s milk) but he once ordered calamari because it “sounded interesting”. I asked him if he knew what it was. Oh. And ordered something else.2 minutes agoT蕄2015-02-21 14:26:12http://gocomics.com/pickles/2015/02/21 '('{8'3[IndyMantPluggerspluggersIt was written in the 1890s to early 1900s but became popluar in the latter 40s and early 50s. It was the theme song of a movie(with the same title with Doris Day and Gordon MacRae) plus ‘The Chordettes(from the Arthur Godfrey Show)made a ’45’ record of it. My Dad purchased it (because he liked the song)and it is still in my ‘45’ record collection ! ! !5 minutes agoT薶2015-02-21 14:31:18http://gocomics.com/pluggers/2015/02/21Z7c93WVice Admiral Allan | youtube.com/iamallan2HUBRIS!hubrisAh yeah … the ‘good ol’ days’. LoLless than a minute agoT蕄2015-02-21 14:26:12http://gocomics.com/hubris/2015/02/19r6%1-193khariseldon59 YThe Fusco BrothersthefuscobrothersJust because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.less than a minute agoT蕄2015-02-21 14:26:12http://gocomics.com/thefuscobrothers/2015/02/21 FQ<+'3WSallyLin3SylviasylviaWorth the wait.3 minutes agoT薶2015-02-21 14:31:18http://gocomics.com/sylvia/2015/02/212;'3USisyphoskMontymontyThe general’s order is going to backfire! MontyHulk (thank you, Doctor Toon, for the term) smash!
Better to offer a bribe, maybe beer, and buy off MontyHulk!4 minutes agoT薶2015-02-21 14:31:18http://gocomics.com/monty/2015/02/217:/+]'3idavid_42;Calvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesYes, we have an Italian Prune Plum tree.4 minutes agoT薶2015-02-21 14:31:18http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/2149'##i'3asuperpositionMike Lestermike-lesterhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fallacies4 minutes agoT薶2015-02-21 14:31:18http://gocomics.com/mike-lester/2015/02/21 :Bx:A!'3YLingeeWhiz The Barnthebarnthebarn2 minutes agoT薶2015-02-21 14:31:18http://gocomics.com/thebarn/2015/02/21@1)''3gr2varneyFrank & ErnestfrankandernestThe threads are reversed. This must be an extractor.
He turns both ways.. EEK a gay drill2 minutes agoT薶2015-02-21 14:31:18http://gocomics.com/frankandernest/2015/02/21?#!5'3_dwpbikewLoose Partsloosepartsharry would approve?3 minutes agoT薶2015-02-21 14:31:18http://gocomics.com/looseparts/2015/02/21D>/+}'3iJamesq Calvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesI like working out too, but Calvin’s Dad is crazy.3 minutes agoT薶2015-02-21 14:31:18http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/218=/+_'3idavid_42;Calvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesJogging is a hobby, running is a disease.3 minutes agoT薶2015-02-21 14:31:18http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21 U4&UKD+Ac%3dkram=Benitin y Eneasespanol/muttandjeffespanolHowdy Vagabonds.
It’s Starting out to be a good day, but I gather there will snow this after noon.
The thermometer hasn’t been above freezing for quite some time, I’m starting to get a little num.
Y’all have a nice warm day. ;-)
ttfn1 minute agoT薶2015-02-21 14:31:18http://gocomics.com/espanol/muttandjeffespanol/2015/02/21C!+'3[T_LexiCul de SacculdesacOh, Alice!
2 minutes agoT薶2015-02-21 14:31:18http://gocomics.com/culdesac/2015/02/21FB''3[Already FuzzyuGet Fuzzygetfuzzy… it is the yeast, and his nether regions will burn like the sun!2 minutes agoT薶2015-02-21 14:31:18http://gocomics.com/getfuzzy/2015/02/21 BDBWJI'3[david_42;PluggerspluggersWe used ‘Shine on’ as background for our high school goodby skit. It was old then.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:36:24http://gocomics.com/pluggers/2015/02/21:I/+i'3ik9macICalvin and Hobbescalvinandhobbesnow i see where calvin gets his sense of humor5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:36:24http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21H));'3gT_LexiRaising Duncanraising-duncanAnd he does it so well!5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:36:24http://gocomics.com/raising-duncan/2015/02/21:F93Ysandflea BrevitybrevityThey should move to San Diego and live at Koala-com stadium.less than a minute agoT薶2015-02-21 14:31:18http://gocomics.com/brevity/2015/02/216E))e%3gpoodles27PRaising Duncanraising-duncanDuncan to Big Daddy and Adele: Jealous Much?1 minute agoT薶2015-02-21 14:31:18http://gocomics.com/raising-duncan/2015/02/21 -Oh-$O)%I'3cARLOSDAD FArlo and JanisarloandjanisCheck out her knuckles….3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:36:24http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/21YN#!E'3_iammuCitizen DogcitizendogGood morning CD’rs. I’m cold.Teens now,heading up to freezing. :) Ha,haa. Peace.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:36:24http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/21,M!s'3]Jamesq Dick TracydicktracyI don’t think Vitamin is up to the challenge.3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:36:24http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21aL'#K'3aT_LexiRed and RoverredandroverRed is SO excited about that – I’m sure the moon buggy has a doggy seat for Rover, too!4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:36:24http://gocomics.com/redandrover/2015/02/21+K!!g'3_mikefive Phil Handsphil-hands^ Budget surplus and debt are not equivalent.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:36:24http://gocomics.com/phil-hands/2015/02/21 l=R'3]Kab BuchnJumpStartjumpstartBad idea for hospital or more operating room has to beyond clean.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:36:24http://gocomics.com/jumpstart/2015/02/21]Q'#C'3acluckyClose to HomeclosetohomeKnew a kid who put 30 kernels of corn in his father’s ear while he was passed-out !!2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:36:24http://gocomics.com/closetohome/2015/02/21P?'3YfestinZChip BokchipbokWell that certainly settles the issue. Man does not cause harm to the Earths climate. We are helping it. Thank you for setting me straight. All the worlds scientists working on Big Brother’s conspiracy almost had me fooled. You are smarter than the rest of us. Thanks again.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:36:24http://gocomics.com/chipbok/2015/02/21 6Uc=%3]Vice Admiral Allan | youtube.com/iamallan2Overboardoverboard
It’s better out than in, I always say.1 minute agoT2015-02-21 14:36:24http://gocomics.com/overboard/2015/02/21AT!'3]T_LexiPooch Cafepoochcafe: D Poncho hanging on the edge of the porcelain bus is something else!2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:36:24http://gocomics.com/poochcafe/2015/02/21qS;31'3qpoodles27PFor Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseTalk about veiled insults! One is not, “born that way,” Brian did it the old fashioned way, he worked hard to achieve these grades, he earned it. And his so-called friends were just plain jealous.2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:36:24http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/21 "X#'%{'3cJohnnyDiegoFrog ApplausefrogapplauseJohnnyDiego’s unanswered prayer #587009732650811084544800943675432098768543546….

Oh the heck with it.5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:41:30http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21qW#%%M93cpatiodragon }Bottomlinersbottomlinershttps://politicalmemestoday.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/working-to-pay-off-debt-freedom-meme.jpgless than a minute agoT2015-02-21 14:36:24http://gocomics.com/bottomliners/2015/02/21aV3/%%3mSisyphoskPearls Before SwinepearlsbeforeswineI will cheerily watch a Man from U.N.C.L.E. rerun Sunday night, followed by a newscast. The Oscars are boring, pretentious, inside-Hollywood politics, made solely to please Hollywood and the deluded few who still believe in the Magic and want to be told what is “good” in disregard of their own opinions….1 minute agoT2015-02-21 14:36:24http://gocomics.com/pearlsbeforeswine/2015/02/21 c |d]!['3]SisyphoskScary GaryscarygaryYeah, that’s it. He wants an autograph.
Besides, it missed, Gary! Cheer up, and take cover!4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:41:30http://gocomics.com/scarygary/2015/02/21 \'#'3aJon Hra One Big HappyonebighappyOh yeah!4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:41:30http://gocomics.com/onebighappy/2015/02/21F[%%'3cJon Hra Luann Againnluann-againnIt’s trying to crawl out onto the floor and out of the room.5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:41:30http://gocomics.com/luann-againn/2015/02/21Z!!'3[CrosspatchzTom TolestomtolesDamn Ipad!5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:41:30http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20Y+%+'3cp51stregaROn A Claire DayonaclairedayKlondike Klaire5 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:41:30http://gocomics.com/onaclaireday/2015/02/21 6y6 `9'3Ywilly52Big NatebignateMaybe Boa Constrictor?3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:41:30http://gocomics.com/bignate/2015/02/21,_'3Or2varneyB.C.bc3/5ths is close enough if it was my share of some dinosaur we found3 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:41:30http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/21^;3Q'3qpoodles27PFor Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseTrue, however, but in order to be mechanical you have to be proficient in Math. My Dad was a race car driver and mechanical and also worked on airplanes in the Air Force. And you can’t be stupid if you work these jobs.4 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:41:30http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/21 __!d!!!Q%3_LingeeWhiz SpeechlessspeechlessI wonder when bug is going to pop!1 minute agoT2015-02-21 14:41:30http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/21c!Q'3]aicarrie1 YiSpeed BumpspeedbumpThe grass is always greener…2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:41:30http://gocomics.com/speedbump/2015/02/21Oa!!1'3_T_LexiSpeechlessspeechlessThe last panel cracked me up – I love the look on the face of the bug! And I see my favorite dinosaur hiding behind the empty fish tank, too. (Now, maybe those poor displaced fish can have their home back…)2 minutes agoT2015-02-21 14:41:30http://gocomics.com/speechless/2015/02/21 ^g%/+!'3iGaijinrabbitCalvin and HobbescalvinandhobbesThat earned a spit-take onto the monitor. (squeegee, squeegee, wipe, wipe)5 minutes agoTL2015-02-21 14:46:36http://gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2015/02/21Of1'3]aicarrie1 YiMarmadukemarmadukeSunny days coming my way. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?5 minutes agoTL2015-02-21 14:46:36http://gocomics.com/marmaduke/2015/02/21pe!%%_'3cjohnzakouryWorking Dazeworking-dazeSpeaking of being boxed in, this week’s Raven Haired Rogue. Zach is getting closer to the potential killer.5 minutes agoTL2015-02-21 14:46:36http://gocomics.com/working-daze/2015/02/21 ,V,Ik!+'3]HAL69Dick TracydicktracyI concur…remember the good ol’days, Vitamin, you swashbuckler, you!4 minutes agoTL2015-02-21 14:46:36http://gocomics.com/dicktracy/2015/02/21Uj#!7'3_Perkycat=Citizen DogcitizendogI have had that happen where you finally find something right and then you find out there is one thing that isn’t right. Frustrating. At least Mel seems to be totally ignoring Fergus’ snide comments.4 minutes agoTL2015-02-21 14:46:36http://gocomics.com/citizendog/2015/02/21#i')%='3cRichard Roush Over the HedgeoverthehedgeIt’s a turtlecoon.4 minutes agoTL2015-02-21 14:46:36http://gocomics.com/overthehedge/2015/02/21{h)!!y'3_Plumbob WilsonKDoonesburydoonesburyHis complexion is a result of the cartoon colorist using only “Scandinavian Pale Pink” for all Caucasians.4 minutes agoTL2015-02-21 14:46:36http://gocomics.com/doonesbury/2015/02/21 xn#Y'3WclayusmcretF MinusfminusSound like a product of the northeast.2 minutes agoTL2015-02-21 14:46:36http://gocomics.com/fminus/2015/02/21m!5'3[CrosspatchzTom TolestomtolesI like being able to go skiing for lunch, Lake Tahoe is sooooo low we can’t launch our Colbalts this summer ramps are all to short.
Oh well back to fishing from my canoe.
Sorry about the mis-spelling this damn Ipad keeps auto correcting at the weirdest places.4 minutes agoTL2015-02-21 14:46:36http://gocomics.com/tomtoles/2015/02/20ll'3Qr2varneyBenbenA kiss and cuddle seems fair. No doubt she expects something for her unpaid involvement as well.. to be noticed for what she does.4 minutes agoTL2015-02-21 14:46:36http://gocomics.com/ben/2015/02/21 r7(rr%#E%3ar2varneyStrange BrewstrangebrewHard to tell a lot of times.1 minute agoTL2015-02-21 14:46:36http://gocomics.com/strangebrew/2015/02/21 q+#%3]sphinx wormwoodAlley Oopalley-oopI smoke old stogies I have found
Sh(n)ort, but not too big around
I’m a woman o means by no means
Queen of the cavemen1 minute agoTL2015-02-21 14:46:36http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/21 pA%3UPerkycat=AgnesagnesI hate when that happens….. and it happens all too often these days. One of the funniest things I say is – ’I’ll remember’.1 minute agoTL2015-02-21 14:46:36http://gocomics.com/agnes/2015/02/21Co+)'3gwbbh=Brewster RockitbrewsterrockitHate is poison, read some history and improve your outlook.2 minutes agoTL2015-02-21 14:46:36http://gocomics.com/brewsterrockit/2015/02/21 j8+j;u! '3]Perkycat=Pooch CafepoochcafeDRAMA DOG!5 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 14:51:42http://gocomics.com/poochcafe/2015/02/21t'%}93cSisyphoskFrog ApplausefrogapplauseLakes? Hills?
Arkansas is favored by abutting Louisiana and Texas (and others), so why stop there? I have passed through, on my way to elsewhere, and lived for a brief portion of my youth in Texas. But there are other vacation planning guides that would bump Arkansas way down from 14th on my prayer list! Must be something about Teresa, or the guy in the body-noose….less than a minute agoTL2015-02-21 14:46:36http://gocomics.com/frogapplause/2015/02/21Bs%%3]Crispy Bacon {Alley Oopalley-oopThe Benders wrapping this up in a week or two? Good luck with that.1 minute agoTL2015-02-21 14:46:36http://gocomics.com/alley-oop/2015/02/21 nw#'3OVegas Viper B.C.bc60%5 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 14:51:42http://gocomics.com/bc/2015/02/21ov%#m'3aWiley Non SequiturnonsequiturSo you’re saying she was able to defy the laws of physics? Amazing. So I guess in order to lose weight, she should have gone on a high fat diet, right?

Or perhaps she didn’t stick to her diet and went back to her old ways.5 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 14:51:42http://gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2015/02/21 #z##U'3aGokie5 ,CandorvillecandorvilleOr maybe Lemont had a brief relapse?3 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 14:51:42http://gocomics.com/candorville/2015/02/21Dy!99M'3wsiggygirl2vPhoebe and Her Unicornphoebe-and-her-unicornYou Are the Sunshine of My Life?4 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 14:51:42http://gocomics.com/phoebe-and-her-unicorn/2015/02/21ix##!['3_HarleyquinnGlenn McCoyglennmccoyI have been saying since day 1. The man is the spawn of Nev and Carter. That by the time he gets out of office we in the USA will have a reputation worse then after war France.
Churchill is Benjamin Netanyahu.
After that last summit it shows how clueless Obama is. And the only thing ever truthful from Obama is when he told Egypt, Obama backed the lost year of the Muslim brotherhood, But he told Egypt and Jordan he had no intelligence to spare.4 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 14:51:42http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/21 ?5?V}%C'3YHabaneroBuckChip BokchipbokThe problem with your statement, festin, is the word “harm.” Assuming man’s activities had a significant effect on the earth’s climate, that still would not result in de facto “harm.” It would merely be “change.” The question I assume we are to ask is whether the changes in the environment are “harmful.” Are they? To whom are they harmful? Increased CO2 certainly does not harm the earth’s vegetation.3 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 14:51:42http://gocomics.com/chipbok/2015/02/21|I'3Ygameguy49XDrabbledrabbleHey lady, my eyes are up here!3 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 14:51:42http://gocomics.com/drabble/2015/02/21E{)+'3UPlumbob WilsonKMontymontyHate to be a buzzkill, but, why are the Army personnel wearing Air Force blues?3 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 14:51:42http://gocomics.com/monty/2015/02/21 KK5//['3mJoe9dThat is Pricelessthat-is-pricelessyou beat me to it! The perfect comment!2 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 14:51:42http://gocomics.com/that-is-priceless/2015/02/20T%;3q'3qRebel StrikevrFor Better or For WorseforbetterorforworseJoke from Saturday Night Live:
“Recent international studies have concluded that Asians outperform whites and blacks in all areas to include math, science and geography. Saturday Night Live did their own study which concluded Orientals are nerds, while blacks and whites get all the babes”2 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 14:51:42http://gocomics.com/forbetterorforworse/2015/02/21~##!;'3_clayusmcretGlenn McCoyglennmccoyTo those who know their history and see the world with eyes open, this makes perfect sense. Another one dead center of the bulls-eye. Bravo! (sadly)3 minutes agoT~2015-02-21 14:51:42http://gocomics.com/glennmccoy/2015/02/21Y838@HPX`hpx (08@HPX`hpx (08@HPX`hpx׃؃كڃ ۃ ܃݃ރ߃!%(,/0258<ADJORUX]`dgknruwz}  "& ( + - / 25679=ADHKPVYZ]`cf k!n"p#v$y%}&'() *+,-./1!2$ 6}M)%%3cjbmlawArlo and JanisarloandjanisJanis rarely flashes such humor – Arlo usually gets the good lines.1 minute agoT~2015-02-21 14:51:42http://gocomics.com/arloandjanis/2015/02/213'3[SallyLin3Ten Catsten-cats